The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Rev. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in Brazil - Sunday May 30, 2010 - Brief Transcript

Transcription: David Payer
June 5, 2010

I listened to the video from Brazil done last Sunday when Hyun Jin took the podium to speak.

I took some notes and they are at the end of this post. My characterization of the encounter is this:

1) Hyun Jin is a very powerful individual. I see much of Father's zeal in him.

2) He is absolutely confident he is following God's providence

3) He resents other people characterizing what he supposedly thinks or is doing.

4) He believes Father should speak out but is kept from doing so by others.

5) He asserts he has the right as a son of True Parents to speak to members anywhere in the world.

6) He indicates he believes it is a new era, after his 40th birthday (5 days prior to this event) whereby he has shown filial piety to True Parents and now is a time for him to assert new leadership over the movement.

Feel free to distribute this. It is brief and incomplete notes but cover the time Hyun Jin Nim went to the stage until he sat to do Hoon Dok Hae. It was a bit muffled but the transcription is fairly accurate. The video will confirm it and I encourage everyone to watch it.

David Payer

Hyun Jin Moon - Brazil - May 30, 2010

'Get him out of here' (referencing the Continental Director) ...

I was told that some church leaders didn't want me to speak at all (in Brazil).

Our movement has to fight against all barriers separating mankind. To think that a son of True Parents cannot speak before you, what kind of travesty is that?

Do you think Father approves of that? Father's name is being used. What does your conscience tell you?

This is a time when your conscience should dictate your actions.

There have been people who have been speaking "for me". Acting as if they know what I think. They think they know what is in my families' head.

Because these people hold positions . . .

Two things to remember.

1) I have the capacity to speak on behalf of myself.

2) Father is alive and will be able to speak for himself.

I pray for those who are acting so foolishly. They have no idea what fire they are playing with. The reason I did not chastise this individual standing before you (Continental Director) I have to be careful of what I say.

The time has come when I as an older brother must lead our movement properly. Mark my words today. This is my first public speaking engagement after my 40th birthday. Before heaven and earth I have set the condition of filial piety before my parents and my family. However, this will no longer continue. The movement and the blessed central families will be realigned to the direction of God's standard.

We'll do Hoon Dok Hae. Read the 13th Peace Message. 

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