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Report Of The Coming Of Hyun Jin Nim To Brazil Between May 29 And 1 June 2010

Clovis da Silva
June 4, 2010

This is from a Blog in Portuguese. (Very roughly translated by a Google translation tool.) Here is the original link:

Report of Pastor Clovis da Silva

The report that I present serves a request made by Dr. Hyun Jin Nim, on the afternoon of May 31, 2010, during a luncheon hosted for some members of the Authority, after the terrible incident that occurred within the Central Temple Unification Church of Brazil.

How is a report, I will describe the facts as I was asked, leaving aside the emotions and viewpoints, which always complicate the understanding of others and ends up becoming a test of truth in a simple rant.

I arrived in Sorocaba on May 28 evening and the morning came to Sao Paulo along with Mr. Baldini, for joining with a meeting being held at the hotel they were staying aides of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim, who prepared for his arrival next day, which happened the Sunday sermon.

Where before the arrival of a member of the True Family, only those who participate know how difficult, stressful, and these preparations should be professional, so that no fault occurs and that everything can elapse well. During our meeting in the afternoon, I realized (because until then nobody had reported everything that was happening, I began to understand slowly) that was occurring some difficulties between members of the Headquarters centering on Rev. Shin / Pres. Simon and Hyun Jin Nim's aides and Mr. Baldini / Waldir.

In fact, there was a white spot where it had reached an agreement: Dr. Hyun Jin Nim was coming the next day, certainly talk to the members, but on the other hand, Rev. Shin, Pres. Simon were determined not to allow the entry of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim and the temple to speak to members.

At about 6 hours (can not specify the time), I was asked to accompany Mr. Baldini to go to headquarters to "negotiate" the entry of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim at Headquarters and a time for him to speak to members.

On the way I was thinking. Intrigued me that the mission had received, but had to devise ways to resolve the impasse. Needed to get out of there with a guarantee that Dr. Hyun Jin Nim would speak to members. Once there, we found already waiting for us masters Rev. Shin, Pres. Simon and Dr. Carlos Gustavo (who in another moment I'll be releasing a report on what he has done) is a Costa Rican lawyer hired by the Korean Foundation of Missions and accompanying Rev Shin.

The meeting began a little truncated, because when we receive the agenda for the Sunday sermon, we saw that was not mentioned the name of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim in no time. (Any member can ask for whom there was a copy for confirmation.) Strange fact, asked about the possibility of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim enter the temple and to address the members and were immediately challenged by the Rev. Shim, dressed in a strange cloak that made him the master of justice, saying he had "orders from our Father" to meet, since a circular came from Korea stating that Dr. Hyun Jin Nim was banned from performing in public and address the members.

As the discussion between Rev. Shin / Pres. Simon with Mr. Baldini has worsened, I tried to go the "way" of common sense, arguing that we simply members whose titles do not make us more important and even more special we should follow what we learn: to respect every member of True Family. Dr. Hyun Jin Nim should be welcomed as a member of the church as a family member because this is the real heart of the majority of Brazilians, after so many years absorbing the tradition and teachings of other Korean leaders. We should not argue at that time the personal and family problems that involve real family.

We won then five minutes! 5 minutes. Rev. Shin / Pres. Simon agreed to give him five minutes to introduce himself and greet the members. Nothing more! I argued that at least 15 minutes should be granted because it was ridiculous that a man could be to limit the importance of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim a 5-minute speech to members. But to save the day, I thought we should do that, knowing that after Dr. Hyun Jin Nim catch the microphone he would talk as long as desired, because the members wanted to hear him.

After lengthy discussion, where many voiced their wounds, their "sense of justice and their commitment to providence," we got the 15 minutes of speech. But it should be conducted as follows:

Rev. Shin normally gives the sermon, which should end (like all Sundays) between 10 pm and 10:30 pm;

Dr. Hyun Jin Nim arrive at 8:15 in Guarulhos and should come and wait Rev. Shin to finish;

When finished, Mr. Waldir announce Dr. Hyun Jin Nim members, a bouquet of flowers would be delivered and he would talk with members.

After would be lunch.

Despite the intense meeting, we came back happy because we have an agreement and that we had finally fulfilled our purpose: Dr. Hyun Jin Nim enter the temple and greet members. We discussed how to bring more members to the headquarters and informed that the members would come from Santo Amaro in weight and that many people (including Mr. Leo) had helped in calling members to be at headquarters on Sunday. We review the latest requirements of the day and prepare for Sunday.

On the morning of May 31, a part of the group was Dr. Hyun Jin Nim welcome at the airport (I was in this group) while the other would prepare the site for welcome. The flight was delayed about 1:15 minutes which left us even more relieved, because that Dr. Hyun Jin Nim not have to go through the ridiculous to wait almost two hours to enter the temple.

Already on the way to headquarters, we began receiving several calls from members saying that Rev. Sin and Pres. Simon had prepared various securities (including foreign) to prevent Dr. Hyun Jin Nim to enter the temple and at the same time safeguard their physical integrity, since they themselves have thought to use force to stop Dr. Hyun Jin Nim.

I was a little apprehensive, not by me or Dr. Hyun Jin Nim, knowing that the integrity of it many members would die, but by the history of the Unification Church. But follow up there. At the door were about 150 members waiting outside and huge line of members would lift up the gate of the temple and stage: awaiting the entrance of Hyun Jin Nim. I was more relaxed after I saw that, but also noticed some familiar faces expressing dissatisfaction that we are supporting the entrance of the temple Hyun Jin Nim (a pity about those brothers)

Knowing that he still had time, Dr. Hyun Jin Nim rose and went to 5th floor. Walking as agreed when it was 10:30 and he fell ... members waited for him the same way: in the corridor to the temple: Dr. Hyun Jin Nim stood outside the temple and waited. The minutes passed, members were waiting impatiently, but Rev. Shin / Pres. Simon even seeing the excitement of seeing Hyun Jin Nim members at the door kept repeating the same words more than half an hour (I invite everyone to watch the video of the Sunday sermon for Sunday, May 31) to confirm all this. The minutes passed and was reaching a total level of discomfort, because members have not heard more Rev. Shin, because most of them could see Hyun Jin Nim outside.

Realizing he had lost control of attention from members, the Rev. Shin ordered that the members return to their places, we need not wait for Dr. Hyun Jin Nim, and that he would participate in a lunch on the 5th floor. Outside, Dr. Hyun Jin Nim heard the Rev. Shin say it in Korean and not waiting, entered the temple and went straight to the stage.

Entering the temple, a volley of fireworks was released by members outside a living manifestation of appreciation and love that Brazilians have for the True Family. Inside the temple, members applaud Dr. Hyun Jin Nim and let loose a cry of relief and justice for what was happening.

Then the unthinkable happened, and immeasurable!

The video can confirm that Rev. Shin / Pres. Simon remained static in the pulpit of a clear statement of defiance to the True Son and as he handed the microphone, Mr. Waldir took the initiative to get him out of the hands of the Pres. Simon and announce Dr. Hyun Jin Nim.

A small riot started on stage behind Hyun Jin Nim, around Rev. Shin because he refused to leave the pulpit. I rushed to help and was well on his side when he throws himself on the floor as if she had fainted. I held him by the arm to lift it, but to my surprise he pulled his arm showing well be agreed. I asked him to get up (I know this from MS and he respects me too). Then he sat up and tried to walk toward Hyun Jin Nim, but their own security and some of us took him to the back room of the stage. I closed the door and stood behind the curtain with Mr. Giuliano (Argentina) and Mr. Orlando, to ensure he did not return.

From there, I could see several things that went unnoticed by the majority. For example, I get a sister with a white plastic bag at the supermarket with two bottles of water and two napkins and handed to Mr. Giuliani. They were for Dr. Hyun Jin Nim! Later, Mr. Baldini told me that a sister was the 5th. Walking for a glass of water and "sisters" who were there said that it had no water glass for Dr. Hyun Jin Nim.

Upon finishing his sermon to the members, as they do not prepare the lunch, Dr. Hyun Jin Nim welcomed everyone and left the temple. Went to the hotel, because that day would still have several meetings to address issues related to problems in Brazil that are under their responsibility.

On Monday morning, when we prepared to leave the temple, someone receives a call (can not remember if Mr. Baldini or Waldir) that were intended to keep the doors locked to prevent entry of Hyun Jin Nim for Hoon Dok Hae. This again caused tremendous discomfort at all, but still went to the headquarters. It found the doors open and members who did not know if obeyed the order from headquarters or the Son of the True Father When arriving at 5th floor the room was filled (the members are resident at the seat?) and found Mr. Waldir already discussing with the Rev. Shin, who insisted on entering the room for Hoon Dok Hae. I approached and he told me it would not cause any problems, he just wanted to go there and listen ... (Already, we knew this would never happen, he would do anything to attack verbally Dr. Hyun Jin Nim)

I asked him to accompany me to the couch in front of the elevator and stayed with him, trying to make him understand that he is not the right person to prevent is the right person to prevent Dr. Hyun Jin Nim to present himself in public and Brazilian members were watching and could even lose respect for him as a Continental Leader. Again ... he seemed to understand what I said. I explained to him that until his letters were scattered across the internet, the majority of Brazilians even had any idea what was going on within the True Family. He even said that could even make a public letter dispelling the misunderstanding, it would not be a problem for him. As my witness, Mr. Giuliano Argentina had all the time sitting on the side. I came to ask him also because he was so interested in fulfilling that order, Our father gave many and countless others that we should get us one step and most often we did not. Because this order he was so interested in meeting? In response, I received that I do not understand.

About an hour later Dr. Hyun Jin Nim asked him to report to the room of Hoon Dok Hae. And there was several times asked the Rev. Shin because he was doing those things and he replied that he was only following orders of the Church in Korea.

Soon after, we went to breakfast where Hyun Jin Nim gave us more words with an internal guide lines so that we could not think about them. Asked on numerous occasions that church members should never interfere in the internal affairs of the True Family, failing to attract to itself tremendous damages that could put their own spiritual lives at risk.

During this time, Pres. Simon sat next to me and a clear manifestation of my heart to a brother, asked him a second out there to tell you some words that were attached ... I needed to tell you something. He accepted and went outside. We sat us on the stage of the prayer room of 5th Floor and told him what was done was not to undo, but it could be repaired. I told him that he had taken a decision before heaven was the decision of the Brazilian nation, but an apology and recognition of their grave error should be manifest at that time. He even pondered a lot and asked me if I could for him, at least five minutes with Dr. Hyun Jin Nim. Gave me the opinion that he understood his mistake. I committed myself to him and on Tuesday I informed you that Hyun Jin Nim had accepted his request, but he had to fulfill the agenda and Paraguay who talked to Mr. Jin Man Kwak (sorry, this is the pronunciation, do not know how is written), it would be like if he had spoken to him.

After coffee with Dr. Hyun Jin Nim I came out because I had a meeting with authorities.

In the afternoon we had a meeting with Dr. Hyun Jin Nim and his aides, with the presence of Messrs. Baldini, Waldir and me. We discussed several strategies for church growth in Brazil where the characters should be particularly the Brazilian members. Then he had another meeting with authorities in Brasilia and deans of faculties.

While all this was happening, the headquarters of a series of "strategies" was also being put into practice. To my surprise, Rev. Shin reports sent via the Internet on how aggressive and brutal that he was thrown off the stage in front of members and masters (he and Dr. Simon) had been victims of the wrath of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim.

Since then I have heard or read absurd things that pose as the victims in this shameful episode that no one now wants to be responsible. Information and misinformation began to be scattered frequently in clear attempt to confuse even more what was happening, leaving some members totally bewildered. For this, we used the "machine" at Headquarters to convince members to see the culprit of all.

On Monday night, a dinner was offered to Dr. Hyun Jin Nim in a restaurant and about 100 members attended. Again, after dinner, we received word of life that made us renew the commitment to carry forward the divine providence, whatever the cost. In this fellowship, several brothers offered up songs and he sang at the very end.

On Tuesday morning, took him to the airport where he left for Paraguay.

Note: Since this report, I looked into my emotional limits not to express opinions, but I confess to be very difficult to report things like that, since it involves ourselves. This report aims to inform the brothers who could not attend, what really happened that day because of irresponsible and thoughtless transmission was cut from the words of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim.

I strive also to make explicit that Note that when reading, the brothers should not judge but to understand what happened step by step until the arrival of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim on stage.

Soon I will also be sending a letter, express my opinions about what happened, because I feel entitled as a member, to express myself. By choosing the president of our nation, we all hope that he represents us, he speaks on our behalf what the majority thinks or feels. At this point, we were also violated our rights. And I think that the Brazilian nation should not pay for this insane act that unfortunately is the simple desire to satisfy the ego of a handful of individuals committed to failure. 

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