The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

When Father Was Preparing Our Movement He Knew The Time Would Come That He Would Not Be Here

Hyun Jin Moon
June 3, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Asuncion, Paraguay

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Translators Note:

Dear brothers:

You can then read the words Hyun Jin Nim offered during Hoon Dok Hae in Paraguay, on 3 June. I must warn you that the English transcript had some ambiguities, and the score was also questionable, which is totally normal when things are running a race with time.

I'm totally grateful to the person who made the transcript in English, because the desperation to bring truth to the Hispanic world is large and we can not wallow in being perfectionists there is no time to polish and repolish editions. I should clarify that the Spanish version was prepared with prayer and with deep sincerity, but it is far from perfect, since it is only the first draft. However, I thought it was very important to produce a result quickly so that as soon as possible to our Latin American brothers can read the contents of the Hyun Jin Nim and receive words of inspiration and leadership vital that the content I offered to me.

My position in the last two years has been one of "not get involved" in this dispute in the real family. First because I was convinced it was not my position to talk and get opinions, and second because it lacked sufficient information to understand the whole situation. However, the "explosion" of the facts of Brazil, I had the opportunity to visit a blog and see the full video with the message of Hyun Jin Nim, not just six minutes of "violence" that showed us the official website. I thought that Hyun Jin Nim, like any human being under the sky, has the right to offer his version of events. I had noticed heard much negativity and never hear his side of the situation. I must say that when I heard the message Hyun Jin Nim, when I saw his body language, voice, and, once more, the content of his words absolutely clear, I felt fire in their bellies, and decided to immediately translate from English to Castilian transcription . I felt that the brothers needed to be exposed to the message, vision, and the power of God that I experienced in my own skin and not be limited to hearing only one side of the argument.

Reading the message in Paraguay, I felt the same urgency to translate those words. These words resonated with the core of my own existence. So I have to admit that I now no longer the person who simply Hyun Jin Nim was giving the benefit of the doubt. Today I am a partner goals with my brother, my Oppa. That's right, mate goals. I am not a fan of Hyun Jin Nim, or any true son. I am a follower of my own conscience, which is precisely the clear direction that my real father gave me when she told me to pray on my own behalf, and to live under the midday sun in the era after the advent of the sky.

This is a time trial. It is not true any children who are on trial, not us. This is the time when the sky will see the reality of our heart. We fool each other with our appearance, but we can never fool God or our own divine consciousness. He who is without sin, cast the first stone.


Yolanda Watanabe

Content of Hoon Dok Hae with Hyun Jin Nim on June 3, 2010 (Asuncion, Paraguay):

Every time I hear this Peace Message I feel that I could give a sermon of several hours on each line. But I do not have much time this morning. We have many meetings ahead.

This Peace Message is too long. This paragraph speaks of the development of divine providence through civilizations. It talks of civilization centered on the rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) in Asia Minor, civilization centered on the Mediterranean Sea, civilization centered on the Atlantic Ocean, and today it is centered on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. This has tremendous significance, and the type of work to be done in this era is of paramount importance. This is what Father is trying to make us understand, because as we know, there is no perfection in ignorance. The more ignorance we have, the easier it will be to become victims of demagogues who want to control us. These messages represent the Word of the Peace of Heaven, which is rooted in God's providence.

When Father was preparing our movement he knew the time would come that he would not be here. There are many who do not understand, and even criticized Father when at 90 he offered the blessing to many people, people who were not even able to maintain the standard of the Blessing. At the same time he said we did not need to pray in True Parents name, but on in our own name, that we should make a report to God and True Parents in our own name. Today we seem to have forgotten that.

In almost every session Father told the leaders that in the approaching the time there should be a heavenly constitution, a constitution that established the heavenly laws and regulations for citizens of the heavenly Cheon Il Guk. So, if some demagogues arise, the light of the Word of God can dispel the darkness and ignorance, and that the citizens of Cheon Il Guk may rise as men and women of conscience.

Did you read the Peace Message in January before coming, as Father instructed you to do? Hands up those who read it. Just one or two? That means your are not doing your homework. What is the title of the Peace Message in January? No, do not look at your book now. Reading without attention to content is an empty gesture. When you do something you must do so with a purpose. If you have your mind and your body aligned, then the action serves a purpose and has a sense of direction.

I want you to tell me, without looking at the book, what is the title? It is "The ideal family and the kingdom of God's ideal of peace." This is the message that Father gave around the world in 120 countries after the inauguration of the UPF [Universal Peace Federation], since September 2005 until the end of that year. There were two tours to the True Family place to bring this message to the world. The first tour was conducted by the True Parents and True Children, and the second tour was held even by grandchildren. Three generations of the True Family took this message to the world. On this basis Father gave him the blessing to four grandchildren. But we seem to have forgotten all that.

Due to the time of confusion we are experiencing, many, many things are proclaimed, and many decisions are made in the name of True Parents, especially in the name of Father. But you must understand one thing: God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and His Providence, which has spread over thousands of years, is also absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

The mission that Jesus came to fulfill as the first son of God, as the second Adam, fulfilling the role of the second Adam, (and expectations for this mission) has existed even before the beginning of human history, and has its roots in the will of God, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

For this reason a young man in our age, which is my father, announced to Christianity that Jesus could not complete his mission, and focused on the text of the New Testament, where Jesus spoke of the need to return.

Christians believe that Jesus is God and cross themselves in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit right? They have been trained for two thousand years in some theological perspective, which didn't come from the teachings of Jesus, or from his legacy, or the expectations of Heaven. Rather, this perspective came into existence after the death of Jesus when the disciples tried to understand about this great person. But if you look at Jesus from a purely human perspective, without the prospective of God and His will, you can never understand the meaning of his person and mission.

When Father in his youth came to Christianity and said that Jesus had not fulfilled its mission, from what perspective you you think he said this? It was from the point of view of Heaven and the immutable will of God and His providence of salvation and restoration of humanity.

We must be careful, because in the future we can not escape, because there is no perfection in ignorance. Everything you say now will be recorded, not only in the minds of those around you, but etched forever in Heaven, because Heaven is watching every move that every one of you is doing.

This is an era in which I will have to properly educate our movement. Believe me, my word is like fire and will burn any claim they may have. And he will listen to my words because his conscience will recognize the truth of the words that come out of my mouth. This is a warning. And (my word) will move faster because it comes from God and will expand. If you are confused or feel enslaved, God's light will shine and all the deceit and machinations will be exposed for what they are.

Before coming to Latin America, someone accused me of having a mask. Although I know very well what is happening, I'm being very careful. Care "by whom, for me? No, actually I'm taking care of those who are slandering me because I know they will forever regret what they are doing. If I had to punish them according to the level of evil that they have used towards me, they would be doomed forever. But when I think of their ancestors, who prepared both for them to understand this historical moment, but right now they are failing, these ancestors are not to blame. I also think of their future generations, and I have to be careful.

Just like when Jesus said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone" How many sins do you believe that those who are throwing stones have? All that throw stones, you'll see, I will go back (to beat them), and they cannot escape. This is a warning.

(Continue reading Hoon Dok Hae)

If you want to understand what I'm doing in Latin America need to understand this point (of Hoon Dok Hae). I am amazed to see how people will read this content and it enters one ear and out the other. When I read this Peace Message, I see it as a plan, a plan that must be met in this age. Here Father speaks of how God founded the United States to be the Second Israel.

What did Israel represented for the Jews? If we really understand the promise of Israel to the Jews, we need to first understand the meaning of the Jewish people. When they settled in the promised land they started building the base of a nation, and perfected the covenant of this new nation, Israel, has with God.

What accounted for the temple? The temple did not represent the ideal of Israel, nor was it for Jews only. Rather, it represented the ideal of anyone who wanted to worship God – they could do in the temple, God was available to whoever would like to meet him in the temple. Apparently this was lost, although that was the pact between the nation of Israel and God, Heavenly Father, in a historical time when people believed in many gods. Why was it so important that pact at national level? Because it held a promise of restoration and salvation to the national level.

When studying the modern era, in the text of the Peace Message and in this narrative, Father speaks of how God has brought to the United States as the Second Israel central in Christianity and democracy, as a champion of religious freedom and human rights. To understand the context of the birth of the nation of the United States, it is necessary to understand the historical context.

United States was a nation challenging. Do not just cut the chains that bound her to England, but through this action made a bold statement to the world! At that time the world was full of governments that believed in the divine right of kings. But the United States, the preamble of its Constitution, with the world as an audience, recognizes the sovereignty of God, who is the only true sovereign of mankind, and who has given each individual certain inalienable rights. That was a fundamental revolution to the world at that time, and became the essence of American character and spirit. And that is why this nation has champions, as Father says in the Peace Message, succinct, but very content.

I am sure that many Americans believe their nation's greatness is due to democracy or the free market. But if someone has some understanding of the history and lessons of history, they may find that there is a deeper reason. Without going any further, yet just over half a century ago, Nazi Germany came to power through a democratic process. And here in Latin America, many nations have danced the tango with democracy, but have also created many dictatorships and regimes are also many atheists, communists, which led to these nations to ruin.

When I talk with the leaders of Latin America, I say, "His nation 50 years ago (Korea) was one of the poorest in the world, but today is among the ten most successful economies in the world. And here in Paraguay you are last in the list, when 50 years ago we were richer than Korea."

It was not democracy or capitalism that made it big in the United States. Rather it was the pact that the nation made with God at the beginning, which recognized the sovereignty of God as the basis for his people. It was this pact which gave its citizens the inalienable rights to Heaven. That nation knew that it was important to dispel the ignorance and build citizens capable of taking responsibility, and that was the only way to realize the blessings of liberty for all. In this way a culture was created in which citizens should practice these principles and values. This was the spirit in the founding of the United States, which permeated and took the essence of the foundation of this nation. That is the spirit that made American democracy work, while others failed experiments in democracy and capitalist.

Today is a time of trial for the United States, because if America loses its soul, the essence that made possible its greatness, inevitably decline. That is the warning that Father gave the United States. I could talk about this for hours ...

But you have to understand why I'm here in Latin America. If you remember the tour I did in 2008, before the GPF [Global Peace Festival], I gave the same message. Many members of my team were sad, they said, "Hyun Jin Nim, please do not talk so much of the United States. Latin America does not like the USA." All I did was talk about the birth of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, the covenant between God and that nation, and how that is the secret behind their greatness and prominence in world. And Latin America must wake up to the truth if you want to receive blessings from heaven, and align yourself with such key points that have made America great: recognizing the sovereignty of God and recognize God's providential vision for humanity "One Family Under God."

I explained that the mission, the purpose of the contents of the famous American phrase, One Nation Under God, is incomplete, and continue educating the world on this point. For the promise of the United States must be the promise for all mankind, not just one nation. So, this was providential have a more universal than just One Nation Under God, we have a vision that can embrace and digest all mankind without distinction of race, religion, nationality, etc.. And that vision is One Family Under God. And that was the shared vision in 2008, and that is the message given here in Paraguay in 2010, as we prepare for the GPF in Latin America.

Those of you who do not understand what I'm doing here in Latin America, perhaps because of this or any other reason, reason as follows: If I was a simple person, moving behind the simple goals, do you think that world leaders would be supporting me? At the end of this year will have a great festival, one GPF continental level in Latin America. We will bring this region a dream and that dream will stimulate and energize this region, and give them the faith they need to align with the plan of God in this era. So it will be. Be aligned with God.

We have many meetings to attend... please continue reading

(Continued Hoon Dok Hae)

Please read it once more:

"The mission of Jesus was not come to establish Christianity."

Especially in our international community appears to be a little confusion as to what is the Providence. The word "Providence" is used freely, and yet there is no clear understanding. The Providence of God has not changed since the beginning of human history. Providence actually existed before the creation of mankind. Expectations have not changed. Providence is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

Father has proclaimed that Jesus came with a messianic mission for the salvation of all mankind. The creation of the Christian church after Jesus' death did not mean the fulfillment of his messianic mission. So those who believe that God's providence is to create the Unification Church, that the legacy of Father is only for the Unification Church and are dedicated to that vision should be very careful. Those who are accusing me, using their power through threats, manipulation, must be very careful.

At the beginning of Christianity, it was said that Jesus did not fulfill its mission. When Jesus realized that he was dying, he gathered his disciples and told them about the situation. I ask you now, do you believe that God has been anxiously watching what is happening now?

Do you believe that Heaven is following events?

I do not want to overburden Evaristo, he is in a difficult position. You should not see them as leaders of the church, but rather as children of God who represent His dignity. His position is not defined, define God! Each of you must be men and women of conscience...

What kind of place would a world based on charges, what kind of world would it be? What kind of government would it have? Would it be like North Korea? The real Cheon Il Guk does not need lawyers and judges. The only way to bring deliverance and freedom is dispelling the ignorance of humans, so they can rise to the dignity of sons and daughters of God.

Men and women of conscience!

The reason I asked to read the Peace Message 1, entitled "The ideal family and the kingdom of God's perfect peace" is because that message emphasizes the importance of the fundamental relationship between God and humanity as Father and sons. And Father says that God speaks through our conscience. Therefore you must be men and women of conscience who follow the will of heaven, and govern their own actions. Only then can there be total liberation and total freedom. Sons and daughters of conscience.

But to reach this level need to mature and leave ignorance. Do you think that those who are acting irresponsibly in the end will take responsibility for their actions? Probably not. When suddenly everything falls apart, probably they will go down accusing each other. "This person said ..." or "That person said ..."

I can tell you right now that I take full responsibility for my actions. I know exactly what I'm doing. I do not need anyone's approval, nor need anyone to understand me, because the truth is that while I remain aligned (with Providence of God) great blessings will come.

I did not come to Latin America as a politician who comes to meet with voters! I came to lay a foundation for the era of Pacific Rim, and use the opportunity to teach my brothers and sisters, Central Blessed Families. And I follow the tradition established by my Father, the Hoon Dok Hae. Although it seems that I need permission to enter my own home ... Evaristo truth? Do I need permission to enter my house? So if you need permission to go there, do not to go. For the creation of God does not recognize any of these limits. I will go to Leda. Do I need permission to go to Leda? (Absolutely not). Are they going to make conditions for my visit?

Look at the irony and contradiction: Father came not only to liberate God's heart, but to free all humanity from the bondage of suffering and ignorance. How can we cause the same suffering to our brothers in the name of Father?

Do birds and bees need permission to go to Leda? You have to understand the heart of Jesus when he lamented that all creatures have a place to sleep, but the son of man has a place to lay his head. Is it that the world of Cheon Il Guk? Is that the world of the ideal family and the kingdom of God's ideal of peace, where the son of True Parents do not have a place to rest your head?

(Continued Hoon Dok Hae)

You should understand what he means when he says that his words are not simply the words of Sun Myung Moon but are a heavenly decree. Why do you say that? For the Providence of God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and the words of Father are expressing the expectations of Heaven as Providence advances. This is something you have to be clear.

There are many who claim to know how to think. Not only are putting words in my mouth, thinking they are psychiatrists and understand my psychology but also know how to process my thoughts and what motivates me. This kind of stupidity can never convince anyone outside our movement, because anyone outside our movement would be so naive or allow themselves to be manipulated so as to believe such a thing.

The world outside our movement is filled with people who have much experience in detecting demagoguery. So they are skeptical to believe in someone purporting to speak on my behalf, believing know my psychology. The world outside our movement will not fall into the trap of being manipulated when they know that I'm still alive in this world, and I have enough own eloquence and clarity of mind to express what I feel and what I think for myself. It is totally ridiculous to try to smear me in front of the world.

Remember, I am not in the spirit world, I'm alive and I have the ability not only to communicate my thoughts and inspirations, but my purpose. One thing you have to understand is that it is the neck of Father that is in play. There is a messianic mission which must be satisfied, there is a providential expectation on us all. That is something that Father has clearly expressed in this Peace Message. That's where the mind, the goals and direction of Father.

Are you saying that I am not aligned with Father? Are you saying that I am the wayward son? You mean the only reason why I am doing what I'm doing is because I want a position of power? I never said anything when I was stripped of my position in CARP with machinations, manipulations and political maneuvering. Neither have I said anything when I stripped of my position in FFPM or say anything when I took FUP.

You can take a look into a position, and if they feel trust and legitimacy in front of heaven and earth to lead all Central Blessed Families using the church as a tool, just do it. But remember this, that the expectation of Heaven is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. And if you truly knew his brother would know that he has twelve years of public duty under the microscope, there is not a minute of your life that has not been recorded, which has no witnesses. So any effort made to characterize it as a different person than he is, will have no fruit, because you can not change the merit front of heaven and earth. That will never change.

You have everything, why are they trying to stop the work I'm doing with the Foundation of GPF? GPF Foundation and the work I'm doing are designed to meet this providential Peace Message, which you have forgotten, which you have left when you should be those on the front line. Why are they trying to stop me?

And in the process of five years in which he has been trying to assassinate the character and work of his older brother, have I criticized? Have I come to defend and protect my honor and my legacy in front of the movement? Or have I bitten my tongue, and although numerous crimes have been committed against me, I quietly and simply followed my conscience course, heaven and God gave me?

Do I need permission to talk to my younger siblings? Do I need permission to enter my house? You have to understand what were the key points in the fall of the original True Family. God lost three positions: the position of parents, the position of eldest son and sovereignty.

The struggle of Cain and Abel was a struggle for the position of eldest son. Like Adam and Eve formed a four position foundation centered on Satan, Satan claimed the elder son, Cain, and therefore only God could work through the younger son, Abel.

Are you insinuating that there is a True Family Cain and Abel type fight? Are you insinuating that the True Parents established a four position foundation centered on Satan that requires the resolution of the dynamics of Cain and Abel? It is better to be careful what you say! Beware of the lies used to justify their ambitions, because every lie will have a consequence!

The True Family should represent the victory of God, i.e. a four position foundation centered on God. Although he aspires to be the older brother, I bow my head before you and I say take that position freely. But the truth is that this position is not mine to give, nor is yours to take. You can say you were given this power through a ceremony, and there are photographs that show such proof, but eventually the truth will be complete, and the meaning of all will be made clear.

Be careful what you do, I pray for you. Everything you want, everything you want to have is yours. I have no desire to stay with anything, but please note this: I was brought up by my Father, not only throughout my 41 years of life, but through my 12 years of public ministry, and if something I learned is that everything that exists in our Unification movement does not belong even to Father, but belongs to God and His Providence. So I will take responsibility for everything that heritage to be used for that sole purpose.

Next, do what you want. In the future we may not become a church.

(Continue reading Hoon Dok Hae)

Or is that a life of true love is the prerequisite to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That's something we understand very well.

Evaristo, can you recognize the difference between true love and acting as if you have love? What is the difference between true love and false love? Let me tell you... let's suppose for a moment that all the lies that are being said about me were true. Suppose I am the son of the True Parents satanic son, how should a church leader relate to me then? How do you express the culture of true love in that situation? How would someone who embodies the true love act in that situation? Establish "conditions?

There was a time when I had more responsibilities than the current regime. I was responsible for all the movement under Father. Do not think that I never had to face this kind of situation (where a leader is still offline). But never in the history of our movement have we used special meetings, meetings on holy days, to attack any leader, much less a member of the True Family. The culture among our leaders was to take responsibility. If we did something it was not in the name of Father, because if it did not work Father would not take responsibility for the failure. But today it seems like every little thing is "the direction of Father."

Before there was trust between us confidence that came from the sincerity of the leaders of our movement that sought to align with God's providence and will of Father, and so there was some confidence, so we did not need to display credentials endorsed by Father. The legitimacy and truth of the position speak for themselves.

This type of negative culture that exists today in our leadership came when irresponsible people, who were not expressing the ideal of true love, used his position and opportunities to advance their agenda.

If you want to use the name of Father you had better to know this: Hoon Dok Hae -- Father has been doing for about ten years, and he can punish anyone, from any level to the level of True Mother. Never before have Father's words been used and so politicized against a member of the True Family. And you swallowed that hook?

I do not know much, but if I were in your place and someone comes to make bad propaganda of Hyun Jin Nim, which I would answer the following:

"Is this a direction of Father?"

And when I say yes, probably I would say:

"Do not use the name of Father in this way. I joined this movement because I thought it was a providential move, because I thought that Father is the third Adam fulfilling a messianic mission... I understand his words which are recorded in the Peace Messages and over 3000 volumes, because he represents the son of God who is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

I also understand that we as Central Blessed Families have our roots in the vertical axis of God, True Parents and True Family, and we are responsible to live by the highest ideals. I do not know what is happening in Korea or anywhere else, all I know is that my conscience should dictate my life and I am the owner of true love, and therefore I represent real life and my family must substantialize the real line.

I must follow the example of the True Parents and hug my enemies. So I can not do what you ask it to do, because it violates my conscience. It also would violate Father's messianic legacy, and violates everything Father has taught me through my life of faith. I will do exactly the opposite of what you ask. Hyun Jin Nim, I do not know, but if what you say is true then he is an enemy of the True Parents and True Family, so I should follow the principle that governed the life of Father, and he taught us. In the same way that Father Kim Il Sung hugged and opened the possibility of salvation for the worst people in history, I'm going to hug his son. He is the son of True Parents and nothing you say about him that could change my position. You should be ashamed for the things you're saying it."

... That's probably what I would say. Maybe I'm the worst person, I have no idea. Judge me.

This is something you need to understand. You may not believe what I'm doing here in Latin America affects the reunification of Korea but you'll see how everything is connected.

(Continue reading Hoon Dok Hae)

You must understand how dangerous is this moment of history. It is a very dangerous time. If God's expectations are not met we will face tremendous difficulties. That is something you must understand.

(The Hoon Dok Hae reading ends.) 

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