The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

I attended Sunday Service in Sao Paulo with Hyun Jin Nim

Enrico Quijano
June 3, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Unfortunately, I attended the Sunday service last May 30th and witnessed the horrible and absurd situation that as a member would have never expected that to happen. Members received a circular stating that, since there was no official letter from the General Headquarters as to Hyun Jin Nim's visit to Brazil so we weren't expecting him. As to our surprise when we arrived at the church we were told that Hyun Jin Nim was coming. Then, I started to get in doubt about the situation.

As I had been aware about his situation, I thought to myself that everything had already been settled and resolved. So I opened my heart to receive him and that even my daughter wanted to climb on my shoulder to see him and I asked her to go through the line. I thought that he would sit down and wait to be introduced or wait until the Sermon was over. But to my surprise it was not that I was thinking it was extremely shocking.

They went directly to the stage, stopped the sermon, drove away the Continental Director and the National leader, started shouting like activists and took over the podium. From that time on I couldn't bear the situation, the environment changed there was a spiritual battle, most of the members were shocked and couldn't do anything including myself, we were not expecting those things to happen, we attended the Sunday Service to receive the words from God not to witness a coup d'état.

Then members started crying while the others were rejoicing and shouting. I was extremely disappointed and even furious that I had to hold on to myself and decided to go out and just kicked the wall outside the temple to burst out my anger. Let this be a lesson to each and everyone of us that no matter what happened our faith has to be in Heavenly Father and True Parents not to anyone else. My questions:

Would it have been good if they had waited until the sermon was over? After all they could have had all the time they wanted. (This would show their humbleness and respect to all members leaders and blessed families/children)

Would it have been good if instead of justifying your deeds you had given an apology or embraced brothers and sisters and showed love instead of accusing them? (True Father conquered Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung by TRUE LOVE)

Would it be good if instead of dividing the members asking them to unite to True Parents?

Would it be good if instead of kicking and questioning to forgive those who offended?

Is it right to claim that "I belong to the messiah's family that you must obey me"? (You must follow what I say but not what I do!)

What would happen to us or the federation if True Parents are no longer here in the physical world, since this problem is not yet solved?

Who will judge are the future generation, just the way we talk about Adam and Eve's disobedience, just like Cain's disobedience, just like the failure of Noah's children, but there was a victory on Jacob's part and after that failures started again in Moses time and Jesus time.

May Heavenly Father gives us guidance to see what is right or what is wrong.

I am sorry to write this long letter but I can't just be silent. This is too serious!



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