The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Hyun Jin Nim in Brazil, May 2010

Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças
May 31, 2010

I was the one who was in the all white suit with the dotted black blouse inside, who was helping in the reception and serving everyone during lunch after the Sunday Service (May 30, 2010) in the 5th floor of our National headquarters building here in São Paulo, Brazil with Hyun Jin Nim continuously speaking, explaining most of the time of him being a son of the True Parents, if he is disobedient or not and constantly attacking our Continental Director and other leaders here who are occupying current positions in our church, saying to them "idiots!":

I am Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças, blessed to a Brazilian brother in 1989, 1275 couples, living presently in Brazil. I cannot tolerate anymore to just keep silent because I have witnessed a terrible happening such that I have never seen inside our church.

I would like to write what happened today before, during and after the Sunday Service in response to the email below written by a person of Hyun Jin Nim's group spreading lies again!

Yesterday, May 29, 2010, Rev. Shin called up me and my Blessed Family Department Director for a meeting to finalize the plan for our future seminar in July. My Blessed Family Department Director told me that Rev. Shin had not so much time because of some appointments in relation to Hyun Jin Nim's coming. That means Rev. Shin was expecting Hyun Jin Nim's coming and wanted to talk to him and his people.

We did our meeting and after that I saw Rev. Shin all afternoon and evening in the headquarters. Next day, during Hoon Dok Hae, I felt much the heart of God through Father's words, I just cried the whole period of Hoon Dok Hae, feeling much the tense atmosphere that something could happen bad.

Then Rev. Shin began to speak from his heart, expressing his heart how he wanted to just embrace and love those who are talking bad about him and how he truly desires to embrace Hyun Jin Nim, that's why he gave us direction to prepare Hyun Jin Nim's reception and lunch at the 5th floor of our national headquarters here and for us to receive Hyun Jin Nim. He has this heart even though already True Father gave a direction for Hyun Jin Nim not to make public appearance and to be with Father for at least a year.

He said that he was waiting the whole day yesterday for the Board members to come to headquarters so that they can talk and make together preparation for Hyun Jin Nim's coming but only one of them came, but not to talk but to give a direction to him! For him to give the microphone to Hyun Jin Nim the next day (today) for Hyun Jin Nim to speak 5 to 15 minutes only just to greet the members.

Those words from this Board member didn't convince Rev. Shin because Rev. Shin very well knew that Hyun Jin Nim won't just speak for that short a time (15 minutes?). Rev. Shin knew that Hyun Jin Nim will give a sermon not just short but long one, and knowing the direction of True Father to Hyun Jin Nim not to make public appearance in the church, that's why Rev. Shin said, no, he couldn't do that.

But if all Board members (5 of them) came and humbling themselves to the real representative of our True Parents here (our Continental Director, Rev. Shin) per organization of the church then maybe it could have been agreed for Hyun Jin Nim to talk freely to members but they didn't do that, they even gave direction to our Continental Director!

One more thing, two of these 5 Board members are elders of the Brazilian church, who were former national leaders before, how can they not respect the real representative of our True Parents here, our Continental Director and our National Leader? It's not Hyun Jin Nim! True Parents didn't give direction to follow Hyun Jin Nim, instead even saying not to support him, his activities (GPF) and his group! In this case, how can these elders follow Hyun Jin Nim and not our Continental Director! For me, this is unacceptable.

My question is: Will the position of being a True Child of our True Parents already qualify a True Child to do what he wants, just like what Hyun Jin Nim is doing? We have organization and hierarchy of our church. If truly one is True Child, I understand that he is to be an example to respect whatever one assigned leader is occupying in certain position of the church, if not, if one True Child will dominate and use his position as True Child (as what Hyun Jin Nim is doing to our Continental Director here), then he himself is not following the heavenly order and provokes chaos which was happening today! Where is one "Family under God" here, that Hyun Jin Nim and his group is preaching?

Also, if truly our Continental Director personally would like to make conflict with Hyun Jin Nim, then for what purpose? Our Continental Director, according to what Hyun Jin Nim's group is spreading, is afraid of losing his position, his big wealth here as being branded of receiving a large amount of tithing from different countries of Latin America? All this is contrary to reality, most countries in Latin America aren't giving tithing, most countries are poor.

About the Sunday Service today (May 30, 2010)

The sermon today started exactly at 9:00 am today (May 30, 2010) with the normal proceedings. We sang two holy songs, then everybody greeted our True Parents by bowing, then family pledge, choir presentation, opening prayer then the sermon of Rev. Shin.

The sermon's title is "True Treasure". Our Continental Director was focusing and emphasizing the importance and the value of our True Parents. Explaining in detail the importance and great significance of the 8 textbooks of our True Parents and the 9th book now which is being launched today, the Autobiography book of True Father. The sermon was so powerful and so important, it was centered on our True Parents, that's why it took long.

Hyun Jin Nim's group became so impatient most especially Rev. In Don Kang, who completely was out of his mission, he was formerly the assistant to the Continental Director, but he betrayed and made that very intolerable, unacceptable and ungodly act, invading the stage and disrespecting the true representative of True Parents at that time by interrupting Rev. Shin's sermon and expelled Rev. Shin from the stage!

One member of Hyun Jin Nim's group even sent an email to a public website saying that Hyun Jin Nim cried a lot after this. This is a lie! Hyun Jin Nim wasn't crying at all! And even Hyun Jin Nim shouted to our Continental Director, "Get out!" What an act of a TRUE CHILD OF OUR TRUE PARENTS IS THIS?

Why did this happen, why was Hyun Jin Nim so furious? It's because of the people that surround him giving negativity about our Continental Director, most especially Rev. In Don Kang (a former assistant to our Continental Director who was fired from his mission but continuously acting as if he's still occupying the same position). That's why that bad and violent scene happened. This is still so vivid in my mind, couldn't believe what I saw.

Hyun Jin Nim's group made the aggression, is this what is "One Family under God"?

Even our National Leader's wife was hospitalized because of what happened. One blessed sister was even like possessed by spirit, became so confused, she was not understanding why that absurd scene happened and many church members cried a lot including me. Is this "One Family under God" that Hyun Jin Nim and his people are promoting? I could not find this being practiced that very day, May 30, 2010.

The Sunday Service was enough for him. Hyun Jin Nim continued his speech in the 5th floor before, during and after lunch, saying undesirable words against our Continental Director and those who supported him, saying that he is idiot and those others, too. And everyone who were present were laughing and applauding!

Everyone was asked to stand up and pledge to Hyun Jin Nim, most did, I didn't because only I can follow our True Parents and those True Children and leaders who absolutely follow our True Parents.

I am writing this not hating Hyun Jin Nim and his group but to make clear to whom I stand and to whom is my center.

I am asking heaven to intervene and to make clear things vertically and horizontally to this most shameful moments that are happening in our church. I am most sad in my heart now and couldn't stop crying up until now. (written May 31, 2010)

I remain.


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