The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Strange Things Are Happening In Our Movement

Hyun Jin Moon
May 30, 2010
Sunday Service
San Paulo, Brazil

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Attention, everyone! Let's Kyung-bae to True Parents! You (speaking to the security brothers and the Reverend [Dong Mo] Shin and [Neudir Simão] Ferraboli) Offstage! Get off the stage! What is this? A circus?

Strange things are happening in our movement, things that I never saw in my life. You misuse of the name of Father, you rogue! At the same time, they were saying many, many nasty things about me, pretending to know what's on my mind. I do not know much, but this I know for sure: God is absolute, immutable, eternal and unique. God has been directing human history with a single purpose, seeking to establish what? One Family under God. There are some who say they understand my father better than me.

How old do you think that I am? I'm 41 years old. I became 41 just five days ago. (The audience sang "Happy Birthday")

Since God is absolute, eternal, immutable and unique, do not you think that the son of God, is also absolute, eternal, immutable and unique?

When I was very young I frequented the headquarters of Brazil church, but even before coming here, indeed, no sooner than I was old enough to listen and understand Father's speeches, every Sunday I was there. I never heard him say that the providential mission for which he came to this world was to establish Gyohoi Tongil (Unification Church), or Gyo Tongil (Unification). His providential mission was to restore the original real family, so that the tree of life that had been banned after the fall of Adam and Eve would be the basis on which the salvation of humanity could be realized. The vision of salvation that Father had in mind was not an exclusivist vision, where were those saved on one side and those who are convicted of the other. His was a vision of restoring the family of God, because the culture that was expressed through the original family would be a culture rooted in love, made substantial through life, and established through the lineage, the domain which represents the sovereignty of God.

I remember the first time I went to the Unification Theological Seminary [UTS] was when I first heard a term that had never before heard. Did you know that is unification?

I attended UTS because Father wanted me to go, and once I was there I learned that we are Unificationists. I also heard many of these aspiring future pastors talk about the Augustinians, dietitians, as well as how in future the most important issue of our movement will be who will be saved and who will be condemned. Some of them said we need to study different world religions and their institutional structures to build our model for the Unification Church.

I had no idea that this was the reason I was born in this world that the reason I was born in my family was to join the church of my father! Is it possible for us, we would have to be Central Blessed Families, an extension of the True Family, we are reduced to the point of not recognizing our providential dignity, and ourselves to be members of a church? The moment you lose sight of the meaning of the Providence of God, and lose sight of its identity, you will lose the opportunity to work with Heaven. Do not think that the spiritual world is not active even now as we speak. No matter how much political machination, and how much human effort is put into play, they can never fool Heaven.

I want someone to read Hoon Dok Hae, but before that, I want to warn you about the meaning of this era. This time is like the last days. In all the sacred texts of all religious traditions and cultures, the last days are a time of trial. But do you think that on that day of trial the judge is going to be Heaven? Do you think God will judge you? Or maybe you think parents are going to judge? Or do I?

No. This was the time when the True Word of God is going to spread across the face of the earth, and His culture and His Will will be highlighted. When that truth is revealed, all of you, whoever possesses an original mind, whoever has a conscience, will be shaken to the core, and be their own conscience who will judge.

Do not think that what is happening today in our movement is terrible or tragic. Hope is happening in recent days. What you do not understand is that you can lie to others, one can deceive others, but you can not lie and deceive your own conscience. This is the era in which our movement and all of you as Central Blessed Families, has to grow. You have to grow. Grow!

Did you know that each individual is an embodiment of Truth? And because they are individual embodiments of truth, Providence has been so difficult. Given that, [start the Hoon Dok Hae reading]. Who is a good reader? Who can read English, so that I can understand what is in the Peace Message? Can you bring that chair? "Okay, everyone sit down.

Do you want to read a long speech or short? (Long!) Do you know that when I was on my way over here I was told that I could only speak for fifteen minutes? I still have said that some do not want to come!

As someone who loves creation, when I share the wonder creation Do the birds and insects and all animals that walk the face of the earth recognize national borders? Or is that every creature looks to the rest of all creation as a whole, moving freely from place to place wherever desire takes them?

I never would have imagined that our movement which has been trying to break down all barriers that divide humanity, would declare that a son of True Parents can not come to talk! What kind of trick is this? Do you believe that God approves of such a thing? (No!) Do you believe that Father approves such a thing? (No!)

However, Father's name is being used [to handle the situation] But what does their conscience tell them? This time of confusion is the time when every one of you can display the absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience characteristic of a Central Blessed Family through their actions. At a time when the prevailing abuse of authority, abuse of trust, and abuse of privilege... their conscience must be the one that dictates their actions and their conscience shall be determined by their level of faith, love and obedience to the Will of God, for it is God who is the center of Providence. That should be the natural and proper legacy.

Many have been talking about me, like they know what I think and what I have to say. Similarly, they seem to think they know very well what goes through the mind of my father, and are speaking on his behalf. And because they have certain "position" believe that you are all whiny sheep, and their words to you are like the words of God themselves, and therefore their will should be carried out. Their will, not God's will, will should take place.

Well, remember two things: First, I'm alive and I have the ability to speak for myself. Second, Father is alive and can speak for himself!

Why am I saying this? I pray, I pray for those who are acting so stupidly, because they have no idea they are playing with fire. The reason not to punish that guy standing in front of you [Rev. Dong Mo Shin] before I came is because I have to be careful what I say, it could condemn him forever. Although their actions have no excuse before the heaven and earth, their ancestors and those who are being led astray by following him are not to blame. So I'm careful what I say. But let me tell you this: It is time that I, as an elder brother, our movement educate you properly.

Mark my words today. This is my first public speech after my 41st birthday. Before heaven and earth I set the condition of filial piety to my parents and my family. However, this farce [that is taking place in the movement] may not continue, and the Central Blessed Families will be realigned with the direction of the Providence of God. Aju!

Let's do Hoon Dok Hae. Go ahead. We will read the 13th Peace Message. Listen carefully. Know that the 13th message has been the most reviewed and corrected by Father.

It is no coincidence that I came to Brazil. While he wanted to meet you all, that is not the only reason I came. To understand why I came to Brazil, you have to understand the 13th Peace Message. I also read the English version, that way I can also hear.

Okay, all attention.

(He begins to read the 13th Peace Message)

Moonda, you can read with the loudest voice, but more slowly. This message has much content. I want everyone to pay attention. There is no need to hurry, we have all day. Why do not you come up here, instead of staying down there? Read strongly and slowly.

One reason why Father emphasizes the importance of Hoon Dok Hae is that your message is the center of our lives. Father began to give messages of peace after the founding of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). The first message is that I personally read in the morning... Then continue with the 13th message. In the first message Father discusses many issues involved but the key ingredient, and pith of the message is the fundamental relationship between God and humanity as a relationship of Father and sons.

In preparation for Hoon Dok Hae morning, I read the first message. I would also like to read the 4th message, and the 5th message. Can you? Yes or no? (Yes!) If you do not do that, you cannot participate in the Hoon Dok Hae this morning. So listen carefully. Continue.

(Continues with the reading of 13th Peace Message)

Stop here. Every time I read this Peace Message, the narrative turns to the beginning of human history. Each message that Father has given him clearly articulated who is the center of Providence. Father, when speaking about the center of Providence, who do you think is the center? (No answer)

I think it is in the 4th message that Father says "There is no perfection in ignorance." That is, if you do not know who is the center of the Providence of God, if you do not understand what is really the legacy of the True Parents" and how they align with the Will of God and True Parents as Central Blessed Families?

Please continue.

(Continues with the reading of 13th Peace Message)

This point is very important to understand, why did I come to Brazil? Although Father is talking about America, or the United States, if you look to the western hemisphere, the hemisphere of the Americas, you see a hemisphere that is predominantly Christian. I know you are Brazilian and do not know much about U.S. history, but in the history of the United States every major historical movement began with a Great Awakening. In 2008 a spiritual renaissance began here in Brazil, especially in collaboration with my good friend, Bishop Emanuel Ferreira, in line with this view of providence, not only for an American nation, but to the American continent.

At this time, through the Foundation for Global Peace Festival, I'm building a foundation in which another Great Awakening may take place not only in the United States but in the Americas. As you know Abel America represents the field of Christianity, Protestantism, while South America represents the field Cain, or Catholicism. This is the time that Cain and Abel must unite for a new dawn of Christianity, rooted in the vision of One Family Under God! (Aju!)

What you must understand is that all those Christian ministers are now taking responsibility for realizing the vision of One Family Under God. They have taken a giant step in terms of theological understanding, and even in understanding Jesus and his mission. The power of the vision of One Family Under God has inspired them to participate in the activities of the Foundation of FPG [GPF - Global Peace Festival), and accept that Jesus' mission was precisely to establish One Family Under God. Second, they have accepted the fact that in this modern era the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the one who has brought this vision to humanity.

When I was a child and throughout my life have I heard that the Christians are our enemies, that Christians persecuted and attacked us. But look now! Leaders not only Christians, but Muslim leaders, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., i.e. all the leaders of the great traditions of faith with whom I have met and who have educated, accept the fact that the only way to bring peace to humanity is through the vision of One Family Under God.

I heard some say that I am creating a dissident movement, an anti-church movement! Well, you hear the truth straight from my lips.

Let me begin with an anecdote. This time in the Philippines we had a tremendous victory in front of heaven and earth: the First Convention for Global Peace Festivals. Did you hear about that? Yes or no? If you do not hear anything, you should know it. At the convention was the senior leader of the Anglican Church of Kenya, the senior leader of the Anglican Church in Africa! Today, anyone who understands what is happening with churches known to be declining, but in the Anglican faith the only place where things are going up is in Africa. So within the community of the Anglican Church facing Africa with new hope. The leader of the Anglican Church attended the Global Peace Convention, but their bishops and others in the ministry were negative and asked him not to go, but rather attend a conference taking place in Helsinki. "Please do not go to the convention, go to Helsinki."

But you know what I learned, again and again, and saw over and over again? I learned that this is a time when heaven and earth are moving, and really the sheep are being separated from the goats. The sheep are being separated from the goats. In other words, those who are really true men and women of God are rising in response to an inner call stronger and more powerful than the voice of their constituents or their religious institutions, they are being mobilized by their own conscience and the deep desire to serve only one master and that master is the Heavenly Father. Thus it was that this leader of Kenya, instead of going to the Helsinki conference, came to the GPF Convention.

The first time we met, he was very quiet. He asked me some things, and I answered. When our conversation ended, came to me and said, "Is it possible to have a private conversation with you?" -- Because there were many people in that room. I said "Yes, sit with me."

And there I was, sitting in front of the Christian leader, and he said, "I researched a lot before I came [to the convention] received much criticism from my constituents, my own ministers and pastors. Everything you say is great, but I want to know what you agenda [i.e., your intent] is. Then I looked into his eyes and said, "As a man of God I have only one agenda, and fulfill His Will. My agenda is: Building One Family Under God! "

When he heard that, he became the owner [of his destination]. Today he is the vice-president of the Foundation of GPF in Kenya and is working together with the President of the nation and the Prime Minister, Global Festival for Peace at the national, regional and continental levels this year in Kenya. That is, he became owner and took responsibility, risking his position for the Providence of God.

I want you to listen carefully this Peace Message because it will help to understand the basis of the greatness of our movement. For those who are still in kindergarten in their knowledge and spiritual depth, for those who still base their greatness in numbers, or how much money they generate, or in the position held, I say they should learn where it comes from true greatness. We were a movement that was the owner of the Providence of God. Instead of advocating for a new church should be advocating the divine providence and the providential mission which must be satisfied through the third Adam and the True Family he came to establish. Provided that our movement is aligned with its greatness shine Providence, but when we lose sight of this point, begin our fall.

I came here today as the big brother. I'll tell you what your responsibility is. The time will come when each of you needs to meet your 5% responsibility. Do you think you can hide behind the "Oh, I did what I did because someone told me what to do" or "I did it because I saw that the others were doing it?" NO.

You, as individual embodiments of truth have your 5% responsibility in front of heaven and earth, and will face the consequences of your actions. So listen carefully.


(Continue reading Peace Message 13)

Stop here.

Jesus came to bring salvation to all mankind. He did not come to save the Jews only. In the words of Father, Jesus came as the second Adam with providential responsibility before heaven and earth to save not only the Jews but to all humanity.


(Continue reading Peace Message 13)

So what is Father saying? What is it?

What was the name Father decided to use for our movement in 1954? Holy Spirit Association for Unification of World Christianity. Was it "Unification Church"? (No!) Was it "unification"? (No!) The first official name represented something when Father was beginning his movement, he was thinking that this movement was a partnership that would bring new life to Christianity. Is this not consistent with the providential narrative that God had prepared Christianity for two thousand years to meet the Lord of the Second Coming?

When they hear this Peace Message, do not believe that Father has great plans for Christianity? I do not know what you think? You are smarter than me!

You know that in the Korean tradition a younger brother is irrelevant, right? (Audience laughs) You know that tradition? I do not know in Brazil, but it seems that Brazilians are very passionate people, and probably have the same tradition. If a younger sibling in the family is irrelevant, the older brother has the right to put him in place (Hyun Jin Nim makes punching gesture.) What do you think?

Let me tell you something: The blessed 36 couples in our movement, the children of Cain type, the elders, who have known Father when Father was a very young, many of them come from the best families in Korea, and were raised in the best universities. These people are not stupid, but if you ask them how they understand the words of Father, many answer that they understand a 50% or less.

It requires tremendous honesty and sincerity for a person to admit such a thing. But the funny thing that is happening these days, especially in our movement, is that there are some young people who not only believe that my father knows more than me, but I understand him and his words more than anyone else! Well, my friends, you can look in the mirror and look at your reflection clearly.

If you are people of conscience, with an original mind, and read this Peace Message with sincerity, and recognize God's expectation, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and think that because you hold a certain position, without going on to consider how you acquired your position; can you trample on the laws of heaven, the celestial standard, and the purpose for which my father has spent his entire life. Do you think that I was born yesterday? I did not show up on the stage suddenly, like other members of my family. Will I allow this?

I am the eldest son of True Parents on earth. Father was going to... We will see what will happen in the future, but clearly I am not a newcomer, I was responsible for virtually all movement in the last ten years. Father educated and raised me as the representative of his family, and educated and raised Rev. Kwak as the representative of Cain children.

I started my course 12 years ago. The great victories of the Global Peace Festival Foundation is the result of tremendous sacrifice established by the True Parents, and my course of 12 years is part of that foundation. Suddenly say, from day to night, a 40 year old man, who walked a public course for twelve years, with absolute faith, love and obedience for the sake of the Will of God, is now the leader of a movement opposing Father. I this a joke! You have no idea that they are playing with fire.

They may be able to cause confusion and deceive the people of this world, but they can never fool the heavens and the earth. God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. The address of the Providence of God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. My father's legacy is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. The course that I undertook in my public duty is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

The snake has two tongues and speaking in a half truth. However, you'll see, no matter how much effort is made to hinder my work using the name of Father, I know that as a child who knows the heart of his father, who recognizes the importance of this era, which recognizes that before heaven and earth Father who has lived his entire life as an offering, while others are seeking their own benefit, I know that history will tell the truth. The Providence of God will tell the truth (Hyun Jin Nim sheds tears), that those who were kept as worthy sons who will take ownership of God's dream to liberate God and True Parents.

You will be judged by what you do. This idiot who said I have a mask, eh? Shin Dong Mo! Where are you? (Speaking in Korean) He has to be careful what he says for its own sake. He has no idea who is playing with fire.

Do you think for a minute, no matter what move you make, what will be able to stop the work I'm doing this in accordance with the will of God and True Father's legacy? Absolutely nothing. You face failure after failure in your work, your words and actions. Especially in this era of Internet, believe me, anyone acting with impudence will regret everything he said. I pray for them, because they have no idea they are playing with fire.

As I said before, my 41st birthday was five days ago. This is the time when I will have to properly educate our movement. You need to understand something clearly: With the declaration of the Age after the Coming of Heaven, Father and can not take responsibility for you. You are responsible for your own actions. Therefore, this time will be like the last days, when you face trial. I am not the one who will judge. I will teach the law of heaven. It is your own conscience and works who will judge you. So we'll see who has a mask.

I can tell you that anyone who knows me knows that I was never motivated by money, power or position. But there is one thing that motivates me, there is a secret, if you want to know the heart of a person, she will tell you in their own words how he sees world, what is really valuable for her. That's why a person who wants money is always going to accuse others of misusing money. A person who wants to position and authority is always going to talk about disobedience and how to align with its authority. And a person who wants power, will act as a politician, as the wind changed according to popular opinion, or in vogue.

Do I have a mask? If I have a mask, come see my mask, you idiot! (Speaking to Rev. Dong Mo Shin)

Of all the speeches I gave -- lectures -- public or private, there was no point in my life where I was alone, because what I said was recorded. My life is an open book! And you think I have a mask? (No!)

What have I talked about to educate our Central Blessed Families since 1998? Maybe some of you who missed the opportunity to listen do not know, but those of the second generation or first generation whom I educated and prepared know exactly what has been the focus of everything I've said and done: the fulfillment of Providence of God, and the establishment of the legacy of Father.

Now I come to find out that, like the Catholic Church, we can now excommunicate members. Never in my life have I seen anything so strange. Listen, I want to heed this Peace Message carefully, because in this section shall hear how it should be a culture centered on the True Family. Please listen carefully.

(Continue reading Peace Message 13)

So tell me, what is the driving force behind the culture of the True Family or the Family Ideal? (True love) True love! And what is true love? You live for others, service to others.

Do you think the paradigm of a culture of true love – a child of the True Parents can not come home to talk to his brothers? Who is making this up? Do you believe that God is behind it? Do you think that this type of arrangement will receive the blessing of Heaven? (No!)

Want to know something interesting? When I was educating the leaders of our movement, I discovered that there was a dominant culture in our movement, used by our leaders, which was to obtain authorization from Father, and thus hold the legitimacy or credibility of any plan that they were hatching. If you have the authorization of Father, we can consider that the idea comes from Father, or as is so common to hear "Father said ..."

One of the reasons why I am finding so many difficulties, especially with many of the leaders, is due to that culture. Do you think that culture is a culture true or false is a culture? (False!) So, if the plan lacks legitimacy hatching it is for nothing. So what do they do for you to accept their ridiculous plans? Use Father, "It is the direction of Father."

What do you think? Do you think I'm smart or stupid? (Smart!) I'm pretty smart, and very fast to realize what is happening. Some may advise, as this culture is there anyway and I am a leader, "Hyun Jin Nim! Why not take advantage and do the same? "Maybe that's the difference between you and me, because I am a direct son of the Father. That means that my relationship with my parents is absolute, eternal, and immutable. Even if someone wanted to convince me to act this way, for me, I live according to the dictates of my conscience, that conscience would not let me do that, it would be a form of deception or manipulation.

More importantly, as leaders, whether their responsibility is to guide others appropriately in the direction of the Will of God, one must ask whether they are fulfilling their responsibility. Believe me, whoever is in the position of leader will have to face that question sooner or later. Do you think I would know something is wrong simply because others do it? Or do they think rather that it is my responsibility to set the right precedent for changing the direction of a new culture in our movement, where there is total alignment between words and deeds? Absolutely!

And the course of action is so clear, so indisputable, and has much merit, that everyone will follow their own natural course. Because this is a culture of true love, a culture of life in the service of others, establishing cultural paradigm must be rooted in a kind of leadership that inspires people to follow of their own will. "Father passed what I'm doing" ... for me this kind of leadership is violating the trust of Father and violating the trust of members.

In the history of our movement I've seen so many plans, dreams and hopes smashed. Who takes responsibility for that? 90% of waste dreams were the result of malicious actions by leaders, yet who gets to face the blame? Father? At the end is always Father, and our movement as a whole, the "Moonies." This is the time when true leadership of our movement, rooted in genuine sincerity to fulfill the Will of God, must come with power. Now we'll see who has a mask.


(Continue reading Peace Message 13)

Woaah. "A life of true love is the absolute precondition to enter the Kingdom of Heaven"

(Continue reading Peace Message 13)

Wooah. Do you think this vision of Father is describing, a structure, a system, which controls our minds and thoughts and tells us where we can or cannot go, or is it a place where the individual embodiments of truth are naturally aligned with the will of God, govern us through our conscience, and freedom to move in?

You, there! What is your name? "Simao? [Neudir Simão Ferraboli] What is your name? Stand up! You, with the pink tie! Who is the president of the church here? (Simao) Simao Where is he? I have a question, if he is the president of the church here in Brazil. Where are you? (Left) What do you have to hide? I thought that was you and [Dong Mo] Shin and all the others who were saying that I have a mask. This is your chance to take off the mask and reveal who I am! (Applause)

Who do you think is dividing our movement at this time? These people are ridiculous to think that leaders of our movement are saying that I am dividing the movement! In the last three years, or even five years, in fact, these lies have been brewing throughout the length and breadth of our movement. I never say anything in my own defense. When these supposed leaders came to tell you what I'm doing, all I'm doing evil things, never came in front of you defend myself. Why?

Is it because I'm a superman? Am I not sensitive to injustice? Is it because I have no feelings? How is it possible that there is a systematic effort to destroy my character using the apparatus of our church? There may be those who think that your opinion is of great weight, and that if they can change your opinion with these lies, they can get away with it! But anyone who thinks that way does not understand heaven and how God works.

Never looked at this situation from the standpoint of politics. These problems began in my family, so I kept my mouth shut. It is the dignity of the True Parents and True Family. And while all of you have been moved by these lies, I will not go down to that level. And we'll have to pay indemnity for all this mockery. And if it means I have to pay indemnity for my family, so I will. But remember this: I will take responsibility for my family, but whenever a member of True Family tries to live up to the highest ideals of God and humanity, dignity and integrity my family will be intact. At some point I will seek to each of them, but that time has not come yet. When will it arrive?

What I can say is this: Where are those leaders who call themselves leaders of the church? You have no idea how many have brought shame to our movement in front of heaven and earth. The time will come when those leaders will come before you and repent for what they have done. Where's Simao? Bring him here.


(Continue reading Peace Message 13)

I want you all read this Peace Message over and over again, because it has tremendous importance for Brazil. Why do you think I'm working so feverishly? I want to prepare the foundation for the restoration of a nation, because to establish the sovereignty of God we need to restore a nation. We are currently building the nation of God. Father has committed his life for this. It must be fulfilled in 2013, January 13, 2013.

What do we have now as Central Blessed Families? Are committed to meeting this goal, or are more concerned with personal issues, or even the affairs of the church with the internal nonsense of our movement, completely forgetting the goal, i.e. turning away from the Providence of God and Father's legacy? This is the distortion of reality!

Are all these kids sitting here, with their Global Peace Festival shirts with the logo of One Family Under God, are all members of a breakaway faction of the church? The logo is the providence God. The will of Father is one.

Who is creating a division or a new direction? I have no idea. You have to understand that this is a life or death. Unfortunately many church leaders are inflicting great damage. Do you think it would be good to give them a good kick to these leaders? This is the time when we must move in the same direction, united in that direction. It is not the drive itself that is most important, but rather the way in which we operate. But that will be done, our movement has to move in unity! Can they do that? Yes or no? (Yes!)


(Continue reading the Peace Message 13 until the end)

Father established a condition for this particular message. This is not the final review. Perhaps one of the things you all do not understand is that with the arrival of the era after the advent of heaven, Father has been preparing men and women of conscience who can govern themselves according to the laws of heaven according with the Will of God.

Tomorrow probably will read the 5th Peace Message, which was featured during the opening of Cheon Jung Goon (the Palace). Once again, you will see the standard Father expected of our Central Blessed Families. With the creation of a nation, Father has been preparing a heavenly constitution, precisely for these situations, where people in positions of authority and power abused that position and authority, against the will of Heaven! The only way to safeguard this after the arrival of heaven is you Central Blessed Families, fulfilling your 5% responsibility, act like men and women of conscience. Conscience is the window, the door that God uses to speak.

When I was bringing all this youth, I told them that true leadership has nothing to do with position, power or money, that true leadership can only be established if the leader walks the course of True Abel. Then, of course, I started to explain about the vertical axial line, and then on the importance of the real family rooted in love, life and true lineage.

Today I have no time to talk in detail about all this, but the fundamental lesson is this: that true leadership can only emerge only when a man or woman of conscience, who has the indisputable, immutable laws of heaven... Because God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and His providence is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

If you are men and women of conscience and govern themselves according to the will of heaven, then will become the fundamental building block on which to build the new era after the advent of the sky. Aju! (Aju!)

This is the level of maturity that I see in all Central Blessed Families. Can you do this, yes or no? (Yes!) Those who undertake to do this, raise your hands, please stand up and say "Aju" (Aju!) Aju! (Aju!) Aju! (Aju!)

Thank you very much. 

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