The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Members Invaded The Temple Yelling The Name Of "Hyun Jin Nim"

May 30, 2010

Below is a brief report to the World Mission Headquarters by a Brazilian member.

Dear brothers in the World Mission headquarters

I'm a 30,000 blessed living in Brazil, Province Parana, City Curitiba -- South Garden.

I'd like to report that I saw today during the Sunday Service in Sao Paulo, Brazil headquarters Church, live on the internet. May be this headquarters could request the images, if the equipment wasn't broken, from the national mission to clarify this sad episode that I'll try to report.

Rev Shin (South America Leader) was speaking and president Simao Feraboli (national leader) translating a message about Father's event in Las Vegas (USA).

Almost in the end a big group of members invaded the temple yelling the name of Hyun Jin Nim. They pushed out of the pulpit Rev Shin and P. Simao with a violence, ending abruptly the Sunday Service. Hyun Jin Nim ordered to take out both leaders because he will show who really is in charge of Brazil's Providence. Valdir Cipriani (former Church President) took the microphone and start to translate the orders of Hyun Jin Nim. Another former Church President, Mauricio Baldini, and a lot of people were pushing Rev. Shin and P. Simao out of the temple.

I hope they are not physically injured (our brothers Rev. Shin and P. Simao and those that support them). Hyun Jin Nim and his local group using Father's words starts a Hoon Dok Hae to justify the "God's presence" and that he is sent by the heaven to remove fake leaders from the church. They physically broke down the vertical hierarchy of church, breaking down the vertical alignment using intolerance, violence, disrespect of one person, insulting an older brother (both, Shin and Simao, have a long public life). I think that Hyun Jin Nim is putting in a coup (coup d'etat) in Brazil. The most important thing is he is promoting a division of Brazilian members and families, using the name of True Family to disagree our movement at this important point of history.

These things that happened were so pitiful and hurt our hearts so deeply.

I'm reporting this to headquarters about these unpleasant facts because I saw that we Brazilian members, are in really dangerous position.

May God and True Parent's grace and love take care of our nation and Latin America region.

Just a report from a Brazilian brother 

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