The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Brazilian Leaders Try To Prevent Hyun Jin Moon From Going To The Pulpit During Sunday Service

May 30, 2010

I am a Brazilian member, and just now, a Sunday Service in Brazil is under way. A Strange happening took place when the Brazilian leaders tried to prevent Hyun Jin Nim to go to the stage, the members protested and protecting him and forced his way up to the pulpit. The continental leader then tried to jump on Hyun Jin Nim, he was being held by the members. Hyun Jin Nim then expelled those leaders out.

It was really very sad happening inside our church.

Now he is speaking to members.

As far as I know, his authority prevailed after some scuffling, then he gave a speech (I do not know the contents yet), promising to do Hoon Dok Hae Monday morning with members.

He appointed a Rev. Kwak son as a new leader for Brazil by the time being (I guess).

That issue really divided members in Brazil, since they respect both sides, but after that extreme behavior from them, almost all sided with Hyun Jin Nim, just a handful still continue to disobey the true son. 

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