The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Another Report Of Hyun Jin Moon' Activities At Sunday Service In San Paulo, Brazil

May 30, 2010

I just want to inform you that today while Rev. Shin was giving his sermon at the Church, he was abruptly interrupted by Dr. Hyun-Jin Nim's local committee who took away the microphone from Neudir who was translating and Rev. Shin was pushed and asked to leave the temple; seconds after, Thomas Field's "security members" took Mr. Ferabolli and Rev. Shin out of the temple, the most disgraceful act. Much confusion and chaos was created; while Dr. Hyun-Jin Nim enter as a conqueror in the temple and address the audience.

After this I was able to rejoin Rev. Shin again since he was taken out through a different door and conducted to a separate room with Mr. Ferrabolli.

Minutes after we went to Rev. Shin's office with other members of the local Brazilian Church. And I spent all morning and part of the afternoon with Rev. Shin, Mr. Ferrabolli and other members making an analysis of what happened. Some time after, a Korean gentleman came to speak with Rev. Shin and they spoke long in Korean; minutes after Ferrabolli was asked to appear back in the temple and asked for advise and I told him that it was not convenient to appear back in the audience and serve Dr. Hyun-Jin Nim's theater; I asked him to send a message to Dr. Hyun-Jin Nim, explaining that he was more than willing to meet in private, but not in front of audience, specially after what happened. Since Ferabolli's wife ended in the hospital with all this chaos; he had to leave to go to the hospital and I stayed for some time with Rev. Shin and then the Korean gentleman he was speaking to asked him to ask me to leave, and so I did at Rev. Shin's request.

This incident is terrible since many people in the audience were confused, some other screamed and other started crying while giving evidence of support to Rev. Shin and Ferrabolli.

Sorry to bring this news to you.

I am returning back to Costa Rica tomorrow and will bring all the new documents I obtained in Brazil and Paraguay.

Based on this "peaceful demonstration" and knowing that Rev. Shin wants to travel to Paraguay tomorrow; I strongly asked him not to go in the present moment as it is my belief that since Thomas Field has his contacts and based on today's demonstration, I am concerned about Rev. Shin's safety and well being in Asunción or else where in Paraguay.


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