The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

The Providential Course That Leads To Jesus

Hyun Jin Moon
February 1, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Seattle , WA

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Every time I read this message (No 13) I keep getting new inspiration. Even the title of this message of peace is really emblematic or symbolic about what must be done to usher in the era of the Pacific Rim. What is the title of this message of peace? ("A providential vision of the Era of the Pacific Rim in the light of the Will of God: the United States and the future direction of the United Nations and the world.")

One of the things you have to understand is that this historical narrative is a reference to the hope that God had for the course of Jesus and even the history of 2000 years later, in a very short and concise, but captures much of the story providential course that leads to Jesus. It is about even with the founding of America and having a providential role in this era of the Pacific Rim, of course, consistent with the mission of the Lord's Second Coming.

In other words, I have explained how important is faith in the Judeo-Christian understanding of the providential perspective, the importance of understanding not only the historical role of Jesus, but also the role of Christianity and the direction in which Christianity is advancing after Jesus, the understanding of the mission and the role of the Lord's Second Coming -- the mission of Father. Understand in this context, the role of the United States in connection with the construction of a new world order focused on the vision of "One Family under God."

I do not know how many of you are students of history, but when I was a younger man, and went to school, I was a student of history. Who created the United Nations? Of course it was the international community, but whose was the idea and inspiration? What nation promoted the concept of the United Nations? (United States). What about the League of Nations? What nation promoted the idea of the League of Nations? (USA) What nation in the last 300 years, i.e. the modern age presents universal concepts such as human rights and religious freedom? (United States), the United States.

If you understand the history of the United States, what is the history of the United States? Basically, the first settlers -- immigrants who settled here -- who came here to make your permanent home, came for religious reasons within the Christian faith, because they had been persecuted in Europe. The more tradition Abel came with the settlers, right? The reason that the Pilgrims are really emblematic of the birth of this nation of America because, although it came after the Jamestown colony in Virginia, that colony was not successful. Failed.

The pilgrims were very different from the settlers of Jamestown. In fact, the Jamestown settlers were mostly young men in search of fortune, taking advantage of this land. They were planning to return to Europe. The difference between this colony and Plymouth was that all those who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower and the vessels connected to the Mayflower, they came with the mentality that this would be their new home. They brought their families. They brought their children. They had no intention of returning to the old world. This was the place to build the "city upon a hill."

This is the symbolic story of this nation of America. The first building they built was a church. It was the community center. It was a place to govern the colony, where he had to deal with differences among the colonists. At the same time, it was a place of worship. I can go on and on. But that is the nation's founding spirit of America -- the birth, the true spirit of Christianity.

What do you think I do when talking to Christian ministers? Do you think that I'm educated, I am challenging, right? Even in the understanding not only of their faith, but their role as Americans in this age.

Even yesterday I spoke with several representatives in Southeast Asia. They were saying that above all the nation of Indonesia, has a very open mind as to receive other religions.

Especially now I know that is a very narrow perspective of Islam because fundamentalist terrorists are at the center of the world's eyes. But if you understand the history of Islam, Islam has been one of the most tolerant religions. Even when the Crusaders were European Christians that began in the Middle East, and Muslims fought back and took control of Jerusalem -- they went back and forth, back and forth. When the Christians took Jerusalem, no other religion could be practiced, but would receive a strong persecution. In Islam, all religions were allowed.

When Europe was in the Dark Ages, Muslims were the ones who kept all the classic texts, knowledge, technology, etc. It was only later in the Renaissance centuries later that Europe was capable of receiving the classical information that led to the Renaissance, etc. So if you do not understand the historical context, and only understand what is happening today, have a very warped perspective.

America really captured the true spirit of Jesus' message, recognizing the universality of his message and his mission -- to save not only the chosen few Jews who settled in a corner of the Mediterranean Sea, but all mankind. Now think about this, without going into depth, since, in this era of Cheon Il Guk, I continually talk about the need to find and establish the sovereignty of God on earth. In other words, all we are also people who are looking for a new nation, who are seeking a permanent home in which God can be your center.

Although the U.S. national model is not complete, there are lessons that you must understand in terms of how we see the formation and the creation of this nation restored. I will not go deeper into that. Maybe I'll talk about this at a future date. But you really need to listen carefully and understand this message of peace. Every time I read or hear, I'm inspired.

I have to say this: the early church was not like the church in modern times. There was no concept of separation of church and state. The church also was the courtroom, was the administrative building, was the place where civil society revolved, was the center of the community, and so on.

In some way by the way we are educated here in America, we like to compartmentalize things and dissect things. Religion, as many people as we understand them today, mainly rooted in faith, was not the experience of the first Pilgrim Fathers. This is an important point that must be understood especially when we consider the creation of a nation.

If you have the point of view of a narrow religious perspective will not be able to find this nation. It has to be multi-sectored, but rooted in a spiritual center. That's why multi-sectored program of the International Leadership Conference was so important, though not completely. Because education -- the final vision -- was to establish ownership of the dream of "One Family under God" in all sectors. Those who are leading their fields can then extend the principles, values and above all the aspiration into the sectoral level.

This is something you must understand to develop our curriculum. One of the things I want to do is get the best people in your area -- in economics, political science, academia and media, in each field. Do you understand what I mean? And from the perspective of "One Family under God" and the principles rooted in the Divine Principle, and values rooted in the True Family, the ideal of True Family -- focus on these issues. This will be exciting, but this type of structure that must be done as a foundation for a restored nation.

Do you know why especially in Paraguay I told them create a group of research and thought? This is the reason. This should be connected. They do not realize how late it is. I do not know how many times I told the leaders to do this. We have to do now.

Do you believe that the actions we take today will also have historical significance? We are people of Providence. It will have historical implications much larger proportions and greater than any other.

The role of America at this time is absolutely necessary. However, even if we look at America today, I am deeply worried. America has lost.

I have to start to finish this meeting and clarify.

There is meaning in the fact that we met in Seattle on the western edge of this nation of America, that Father considers an important connection to transform the world connected with the UN. The values and principles that have been fed through the Christian experience and history of this nation of America need to be transplanted to overshadow all the challenges that lie ahead across Asia.

This has huge implications for the reunification of North and South Korea. That means that the foundation of the country, as well as enormous implications for the role of Japan and China, Korea and other Southeast Asian nations and island nations -- the Philippines, etc. -- the continents of Australia and New Zealand, etc.

What is fundamental to lift America to its rightful state -- the way God wants this to nation lead the world in this moment? However, when we look at the current circumstances, there are so many things not going well here in America. Can you believe the current administration -- the key people who are actually devising policies for the United States in all sectors of this nation, whether in education and economic reform, etc., many of them are actually fans of Mao Zedong.

This is what is happening under their noses. Especially in this nation, which is so important at this time that once again, find its original core values, based on its founding spirit. Not be violated in such a way, taking the fundamental essence of what made this nation great. How many times have I told you that the battle here in America will be a battle for the values, principles and aspirations? However, this battle, if not won, will alter the fate not only of this nation but the world.

If people do not really understand the full context and take things out of context, they would probably say that I am the defender of the United States. But I'm not. The current situation here in America is very, very disturbing. Very worrying. Who do you think you can wake up this nation of America again and restart it? Do you think Republicans are going to do it? Do you think it will be political parties? Democrats or Republicans? Do you think it will be just the conservative movement? When speaking of the conservative movement is not really defined. It is divided into several different groups. It is not really defined. There are a visceral reaction -- especially with the movement Tea Party. You know the movement Tea Party, right? What is a Tea Party movement? They are more conservative than most people? Is that true? Why get angry? (They are angry about government spending, are concerned that the government becomes too large and oppressive ...)

So they are fiscal conservatives and political conservatives are. They believe in small government and individual freedoms. What else? (They are promoted and supported by very conservative spokesmen in the country as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.)

Have you heard of Glenn Beck before? Or is someone new who has come to the scene and propelled the national level and now has tens of millions of people that follow him? Did you hear of him two years ago? I did not hear about him two years ago. He is one of the most influential person in the U.S. now. How old is Glenn Beck? (40 years.) He is not much older than me. We are of the same generation.

In reality, what inspired the creation of the Tea Party Movement. Now, some say the Tea Party Movement is a group of Americans who are more conservative than most. But if you asked members of the movement Tea Party, would probably say: "I'm just an average Joe." Most of them would probably say: "If you know the pulse of America, the pulse of America that it is right or center, meaning the U.S. is more conservative. Some talk about fiscal conservatism and political conservatism, the ideals and its roots in conservative circles. But more than that. These activists are actually reacting to a perceived radical agenda. A program is anti-American radical. What does anti-American mean? Do not you think it's an opportunity for us to speak with them?

People can say in general that is what appears to be anti-American, but you must specifically articulate what it is. When I thought about it, I knew that something would happen. And when I think about 2008 I remember the speech I gave at the front of the Capitol building. The content of that speech, the message there... would have resonated with people like Glenn Beck. With the advent of Obama, this message is very important, this vision for America rooted in their spiritual heritage, the adjustment to the founding vision of a spiritual nature is the recognition that America is a nation that recognized the sovereignty of God. Since many people in America today believe that only a democratic nation. But they do not truly understand the history of this nation.

This would have been the time to recover the momentum of 2008, throughout 2009, in the transformation of the national reality, political, economic, but more importantly, spiritual life of this nation, which would have allowed us to find the greatness of the USA. They have no idea how much was lost in 2009.

In fact, in 2009, at the beginning of the year Father asked me to do a world tour -- and I was not planning a world tour. I started the world tour because Father asked me. I wanted to concentrate on the key countries, of which America was one. Because I realized that would be a tremendous transformation here -- that this post hit a nerve in this nation of America.

When I think of this missed opportunity will not return again. Now this movement has already begun. It would be very different had we would have met and worked together since 2009, since late 2008, throughout 2009, from now to 2010. This time will not come again. This could go in many ways ... I've been watching this continuously for the past months.

When we were working with the research groups (think tanks) we gave no instruction to work with research and thinking groups from 2007, 2008? Did not I tell that the conservative movement is lost, they have no sense of direction? 2008, 2009, 2010 will be fundamental years, and threw it after a start so amazing. You had no idea how sad I was throughout 2009. It had nothing to do with domestic politics, but with the fact that we have completely lost this year due to internal conflicts.

If I explain each of these missed opportunities you will be depressed too. When I think about it now, it saddens me greatly. We must connect with this movement. I have to be imbued with a spiritual vision. At this time, only fiscal and political... And that's one of the reasons why I'm saying that we must connect with the mega-churches.

But I'll tell you what we have to do with these mega-churches and why I am pushing in that direction. For if these mega-churches are aligned with this vision of "One Family under God," we can move this administration and the nation and infuse this new movement here in America, rooted in the principles and conservative values, and infused with the spiritual life and direction and that this country can find its soul again.

That message will be "One Family under God." And under this big umbrella, I will give a message to enlighten the Christian leaders about the true meaning of the universal Christian spirit that America stands for. Not only in the modern era, but for the world. And that has to be something that is born and is the focus in this time of tremendous tribulations, when we're on the cusp of a religious conflict potential.

America was the first nation to recognize the sovereignty of God, as written in the Declaration of Independence. Why is the recognition of the sovereignty of God is so important that should be in the first document? Did not the Declaration of Independence is the document of birth? Is the Constitution, the document of birth? No. It is the framework that could build this nation, but the Declaration of Independence was the document of the birth of this nation. And there was no need for them to be put in that second paragraph, "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." Since its inception, the United States recognized the sovereignty of God.

In a sense, it was complicit, these founding fathers did it on purpose, making a statement to the world -- a world that was full of totalitarianism or monarchical regimes centered on human beings -- we are a nation different from all other sovereignties of monarchies and world. We do not believe in humans, we believe in the sovereignty of God.

Now, when Father is talking about the sovereignty of God, in this era of Cheon Il Guk, do not you that think a nation has been prepared to help usher in this era is the United States of America? But not in its current state.

There is a specific message that these leaders of the mega-churches are eager to listen to. It is a message based on a vision connected to the providential goal of this nation of America and the importance of the true message of Jesus. Surely the Abel type Christians have been prepared to receive and fulfill its historic role at this time. But if we do not harvested this, then it will be a tremendous travesty, not only for America but for humanity and for the age of the Pacific Rim. So they have to understand why I ask to go to the mega-churches. America must be awakened and they can do that are these leaders of the mega-churches.

Do you think that I too must follow a higher purpose? Do you think I debate with this greater purpose? Or am I following this greater purpose? And the larger purpose tells me where to go. Where are all providential opportunities to be harvested.

When I see the Tea Party movement, it is rooted in fiscal and political issues. But the implication of including the use of the term "Tea Party" actually comes from the "Boston Tea Party," when the United States revolted against Britain and threw all their tea into Boston Harbor. It is the connection to that feeling. But embedded in that they are trying to return to the founding vision of America. But look at it from a political and fiscal. That is why it is absolutely important to instill a spiritual message, as I have given here. They were willing to listen. That's why right now is a little late, but the only way this will happen is through the mega-churches.

Do you think we should prepare the ground in Kenya, with the omission of things that are happening here in the U.S.? Or should it be connect with what is happening here in the U.S. and the concerns I have here in the United States for the GPF in Kenya, what do you think? (Of course the connection.) That's exactly right. There is a reason why I was planning to do the GPC in Kenya.

When was my tour of Heritage and Development? That was in 2000. So we really started to invest heavily in the Philippines since 2000. And when was the Tour of Service for Peace? 2001. "There was not much processing time, in terms of the Philippines?

How about in Malaysia and other parts of Asia? Were you at meetings and incorporation strategic alignment, not just the education system I created, but all content, etcetera, etcetera. It's almost like the air we breathe there now.

In fact since 2000, I started taking great interest, especially in the Philippines and the Malaysian people, the mainland and island nations in the Muslim and Christian world. What nation is a Christian nation? (Korea.) Korea is a peninsular nation, right? What is the only other Christian nation in Asia? Philippines? Are the Philippines are a peninsular nation, a continental nation, or is a island nation? (Island nation.) How many islands is the Filipino nation? 7107. It is the island nation of island nations, the 800-pound gorilla of the island nations.

I can go on and on, but keep in mind Indonesia. I told you that there are two regional GPFs this year that are connected to the United States -- Kenya and Indonesia. The father of the President of the United States is Kenyan, and his stepfather is Indonesian. He is with this war against terrorism is a conflict between religions that have their roots in the Abrahamic religions between Christians and Muslims, especially connected with the foundation I built in the Philippines.

So do you think the Mindanao Peace Initiative in which we focused in 2009 was Indonesia? What do you think? Do not you think that all the major Muslim leaders met there in Indonesia? And all the great Christian leaders should meet in Indonesia? What did I tell you? It is the leadership of the mega-churches and Christians here in America that will help the United States administration to find their spiritual center and center, right? Do you not think that Christian ministers need to experience Kenya and Indonesia?

There is a reason and a purpose behind it. This is no accident. Let us seize the abundance of the fruits that Heaven has prepared. But it must be done correctly. The future of this nation of America really depends on our ability to align and inspire Christian leaders. And most Christian leaders, Abel at the moment, are the pastors of mega-churches. They are seeking how they can contribute beyond the scope of their particular faith or even their church in particular. We must allow them to dream the biggest dream of all -- the dream of building One family under God. I'll turn the things we lost in 2009 around through these regional Global Peace Festivals.

Does South America also depend on the Americas? What is our medium-term vision for South America? What is our vision in the short term, medium term and long-term vision for the American hemisphere? (One Family under God.) [Laughs] As of now all I have to say is "One family under God" and will have 50% of the correct answer! (Laughter). But I said, we must begin moving toward the idea of a Latin American union. Of course I'll be focused on establishing the foundation for national rebirth, but I want to start promoting the idea of a union of Latin America, which has to be based on principles, values and aspirations. Of course, therefore, you are correct by 50% to say "One Family under God," but if you know the classification system, 50% is still an F 60% is a D.

So the short term, medium term and long term, we must achieve a great awakening in the hemisphere, because this are the only two continents that are mainly Christians. This will be crucial, especially in the era of the Pacific Rim.

Let me ask. Do you think the U.S. can only deal with China? Let me ask some of these Americans. Do you think the U.S. can only deal with China? Consider the facts. China has 1.5 billion people, America is a nation of 300 million dollars. What happens once the Chinese economy becomes more and more mature? Do you think the U.S. would be able to keep up? Do you believe that American ingenuity and entrepreneurship will be able to keep up? At this time, America is failing in all industries, right?

This war against terrorism that is now costing a few billion dollars is in fact bankrupt this country, right? The financial crisis really began the erosion of values within the capitalist system. The message we continually have taught, is that it is capitalism that has made America great, and not democracy that has made him great. It is the fact that this country recognizes the sovereignty of God., The United States became the kind of democracy is, and America became the kind of capitalist nation that became due to their spiritual heritage and Judeo-Christian displaying moral culture. Once you lose that moral culture, then they have what they saw with the financial crisis. It was basically a moral nature. Taking into account only the economy, the U.S. debt has built up -- of course the real debt is in the hundreds of billions -- but the U.S. debt will actually surpass the cumulative GDP. In other words, domestic production will be overcome. When you lose that economic engine, you can not support the military, can not stand all these types of things, and you will see an erosion of U.S. influence in the world.

Where did it all get started? It started from its moral decline -- the loss of its spiritual framework. So how can we awaken Christians and religious leaders of this nation, but especially Christian leadership. This will be absolutely crucial for the construction of a Great Awakening hemisphere.

The forecasts say that within the next ten years Brazil will be one of the top five most influential and powerful nations in the world. They have a great opportunity, where we have an owner who made a tremendous offer its foundation, but we have not taken advantage of it.

Therefore, each and every one of you has to have that level of commitment, if you really will be able to meet what must be done to build a foundation on which to establish an era of Cheon Il Guk. Can they do that kind of commitment?

Now, the fact that you are here, have spoken not only with words but with action. This is something I take great pride, but not enough. They have to understand what is really needed. Must be willing to put his neck on the line without mutated.

You must be 100% clear as to the direction, regardless of what kind of opposition they may face and be absolutely clear to the point of even giving life, this is the direction in which I go and nothing will stand in my way .

What about Nepal? Nepal will host another of our regional GPF. Why do you think I like both the nature and creation, especially the great mountains? In Nepal are the world's highest mountains -- the Himalayas and the Everest. The Himalayas, right? The roof of the world.

Why do you think I like to visit the creation, especially before making any major tour? This is a tradition that I share with you and I encourage them to also have it. Before making any big public event, usually I go to nature, because I know that I set the absolute total victory I have to be absolutely aligned. When they go to nature, can set the terms of Jung Sung.

When I go to the mountains or the desert, it's basically just me and all creation, and most importantly, God. And I challenge the establishment, internal challenges. However, in order to establish the appropriate Jung sung, spirit, mind and body, require absolute alignment.

Usually, if I think I'm going there for a week, and I feel that it is not hard enough, I'm going for two weeks. People think, "How is that Hyun Jin Nim stays so long in the mountains?" I know how much I have to prepare for this kind of victory to come, because in nature one can not lie to yourself.

Who believe I learned this tradition? I used to remember when I was young, every summer were spent in Gloucester, because at that time we were doing the Ocean Providence. Remember? Ocean Church every summer -- go to sea at 4:30 in the morning, maybe even 4:00, 3:00 in the morning and sometimes not returning until 11, 12:00 pm . Sometimes Father even slept on the boat. At the moment they pass through more struggles, experiencing many more challenges there. That was the kind of Jung Sung where we had to put our neck on the line all the time. But now, I believe our movement has lost such a strong spirit.

Perhaps only those who graduate at a certain level can follow me, I do not want any of you get hurt. But do not you think that when I go to the desert I'm putting my neck on the line? Some people might say Hyun Jin Nim is unwise. But if you do not have that kind of spirit they believe that victory can set the total? The first victory is within you, the level of commitment and level of Jung sung defines you.

When we went to Paraguay, there was the cattle drive, right? Many people thought it was a crazy idea. I know that the children of VIPs thought it was a crazy idea. What happened to our key personnel as well? They thought it was a crazy idea. Maybe it's just because Hyun Jin Nim loves horses or this or this or that. But did not realize that a large classroom building is to get rid of all the junk and get right to the crux of the matter. What happened to the kids who were they? (All of them were inspired to work hard for their country.) It was not only inspiring, but actually transforming.

Everyone he had a trail like crazy at the end of Cattle Drive. There were all kinds of wounds, sore legs and hurt backs. Did I say, "My back hurts and my butt hurts"? Even if they wanted my pity, do you think would give me grief? Or they had been kicked in the ass. "Come back on that horse." Because it is necessary to establish Jung Sung. Yes, it's painful. Yes, it's uncomfortable. Yes, it is a challenge, but that's the point. They must establish their Jung sung properly before they can go out and get the great victory. They must have the right mentality.

Many of you who have played sports know exactly what I mean. You know that when they enter a competition, competition is determined even before entering the stadium. Everything depends on the mentality they have, in other words, the lineup they have, if you really want that victory. Those with a weak-minded resolution and have already lost. Never mind the talent they have. I do not care about the resources they have. I do not care what kind of background they have. They are lost.

We are in the process of moving out and say, through our biggest dream, we want to really change the world. Do not you think they need to have the right mentality as they progress in their mission? You can set the appropriate Jung Sung without waiting for the spirit world to do everything for you, but it will be the agents that will bring fundamental change. Establish the right mindset to fulfill its mission, regardless of the difficulty, regardless of the challenges, regardless of the discomfort.

He could go to Mongolia for a couple of months and make a cattle drive. Would you like that? These Mongols can sleep on their horses and can go miles and miles. Do you know how great that nation is? They are nomadic people. I love to ride with them maybe a year, but probably my back would kill me, my tail would kill me, but never would tell. And I would come back with that optimism, that kind of positive spirit of one-day-we-go-forward-again. You probably will never know the difficulty.

When I look at every one of you, do you not think I would like to see that kind of spirit? And if you saw, do you think I would have tremendous confidence in you? What about our Heavenly Father? Do you believe that Heavenly Father can have enormous confidence in someone who stifles or ducks or moves for each occurrence of any problem? In fact many times the way to our Heavenly Father is through education challenges through difficulties that we may become the owners of this challenge and stand strong pressing forward. How many people are shying away from that? Therefore, in order to educate and train, most likely, if someone comes to me and complains, I would say, "Go, get back on that horse."

What do you think? Who will be the owner of such cattle drive? [Yo!] That's the kind of spirit I want to see. You must all be masters. But owning is not easy. This means they have to be willing to sacrifice. They should be able to bear. They should be able to digest. They should be able to overcome whatever comes in the way and move forward. Owning one hundred percent of the dreams we have, one hundred percent of the goals that they intend to achieve one hundred percent of the route traced in the world.

As I said, I've decided. The time to look at my face, my right to my left and behind me is over. I'll go ahead. The question is, can I continue in this great cattle drive? [Yes!]

Think about it. What is leadership? Leadership is guiding by example right? What about creation? Let's say you ride horses. You want to go a hundred miles a day. They know their horse can only go about twenty miles a day. What happens to the rest of the time? You have to get off the horse and pull it. They may have to walk for ten or twenty miles and then up again and ride the next twenty miles at a faster pace. So might have to get off of it. But that's leadership. That is the nature of leadership. Who sets the pace? Is it still or is the leader?

What do I want to see in each and every one of you? Yes, I will be setting the pace in the world, but what I can expect from each one of you here today representing the regions and nations? They need to be those setting the pace. And it is not necessarily setting the pace by telling people what to do, but to show by example, with the commitment they have, the will of those who are willing to spend. That's leadership. That is the lesson I learn from these difficult experiences.

One of the things that they will realize that whining is that it will delay the entire group. Therefore, the true nature of teamwork is really self-sacrifice -- sacrifice for the good of the larger team. It is primarily rooted in the impulse of true love. True teamwork can only take place when each team member is willing to sacrifice for the good of the team. And if he or she is not up to par, then he or she feels a moral obligation to push more, even before the team pushes. Not satisfied as well as teamwork? A lot of people who have never played sports not realize this. That's why we always encourage my children to sports. If you wish to pursue excellence and if a member of a team, then each of the members of that team has to strive for excellence.

Are you self-motivated engines that are moving in individual addresses, which are only doing things for themselves, or are you self-motivated engines are moving in the same direction, they are willing to live and sacrifice for the While your computer?

You must be united and move. Those who are not aligned, will naturally ...

And believe me, once the momentum and leaders take over and move on, everyone else will follow.

The fact that some of those who think they are leaders have done, for example what happened in Asia, do you think that this kind of person is a leader or follower? Is that kind of person a self-motivated motor, a single body of truth from a perspective based on the principles that are following their own conscience and Celestial Law? Or is it just a follower, like a machine? Although the person commits crimes and inexcusable actions and at the end of the day, never takes responsibility. He says he received instructions to do this. Do you think that is the beginning? Do you think this should be the culture of our movement? Do you think that is the cultural paradigm of leadership that has taught Father and Father gave as an example in your life? Is that the kind of leadership to expose? Every time I make a decision, should I say it was the decision of another person, or I am responsible for my decision? Are we not individual bodies of the truth?

In the same vein, you have started a cattle drive. Or maybe not started. Someone started well. And guess what? Now that we're at it, let's finish it. You started. You do not go down the middle. Get up the horse.

Leaders must emerge and make the cattle drive move at a faster pace, is not that right? That has always been my rule.

What about other nations? Especially everyone in this room should be aligned to move in the same direction. What do you think they should be doing in other nations? If all we are a global team to fulfill the vision of "One Family under God" to justify the vision of "One Family under God", do you think we should move at the same rate? And yes, even in this global level, the cattle drive is started. Do you think they end up? I know I will finish it. We started this cattle drive. Come again. Let's finish it.

Those of you that make the promise to drive the cattle to the end, as real leaders please stand, raise their hands and say Aju! Aju!

Thank you very much. 

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