The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

In An Ideal Family All Must Be Masters Of True Love

Hyun Jin Moon
January 31, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Seattle, WA

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We are about to read the message of peace 1. Remember that this is the message of peace that was read throughout the world after the founding of the Universal Peace Federation. This is the message of peace that the True Family, three generations, as well as Ambassadors for Peace, read in each nation.

(Reading the message of Peace No 1)

... When God created humans, He made Adam representing all men and Eve to all women, with the intention that they become owners of true love. The quickest way for them to cultivate a character of true love -

All in a True Family or an ideal family must be master of true love.

(Reading the message of Peace No 1)

... The quickest way for them to cultivate a character of true love was to ensure a father-son relationship with God

In other words, here, Father explained that in the True Family, God is the center of that family. Each family member must have a vertical relationship or a parent-child relationship. Now, there are some who are trying to say, "Oh, Hyun Jin Nim is receiving revelations from God," as if it were a bad thing, as if the only relationship within the family in terms of a relationship with God can only be through the True Parents. And there are some who say that this is the reason that through this defective revelation, that Hyun Jin Nim is creating a splinter group.

This is a fundamental truth and fact about the relationship in the True Family with God at the center. Why do you think, even in the Garden of Eden, God was involved not only in the first generation of Adam and Eve, but also with the second generation? When Adam and Eve failed, why believe that God wanted to work through Cain and Abel to restore the family? Because in a True Family, everyone should have a vertical tradition.

God is in the position of grandparents. When one thinks of a family, do you believe that my children only have a relationship with me? Or do you also have a relationship with their grandparents and vice versa? In that family where everybody owns real love, true love is the equalizer. Although there is a clear vertical relationship, as you begin to hear Father explain, even with the relationship of man with God, based on the foundation of true love may be so, well, well ...

That is why Father even said that though he is standing in front of our entire Unification Movement as Lord of the Second Coming, the Messiah, or before mankind as the Lord of the Second Coming, the Messiah, or whatever we refer to him in his family, can still learn from Jung-Jin, the youngest member of my family. In other words, in the realm of love, though structurally within a family is a vertical relationship.

Therefore, what should have been the focus especially in terms of our relationship with Heavenly Father? Even within a family, I as a father of nine children, my wife and a mother of nine children, do you think I should raise my children like this: "I am the only one who has a relationship with Heavenly Father?" Or should I encourage all my children to establish that relationship with God? Because God is the center of the family. When you look at our Unification movement, I see you as members of the True Family extended far into the tree of life from God, True Parents and True Family. What has been my goal through the STF program? Let each and every one of His children have a direct relationship with our Heavenly Father. Because this is not the culture? Is not that the focus should exist in the True Family of God being the center of that family?

Then go back and read that again

Reading the message of Peace No 1)

... The quickest way for them to cultivate a character of true love was to ensure a father-son relationship with God by living to attend to God

Who are "they" to which Father refers to here? They are members of a family centered on God.

(Reading the message of Peace 1)

... Nothing is more important or more valuable than the relationship between parents and children. This is because it defines the fundamental relationship between the Creator God and human beings.

Even within our movement, sometimes, when they hear it they think of it in the context of Confucianism, which is perhaps 80 percent true. However, the relationship of father and son that Father is referring here, is a father and son relationship with God. In other words, like the vertical axial line, as I explained, the root of the vertical axial line are not the parents, the parents are the trunk. The root of the vertical axial line is God. So when Father is talking about True Family and the relationship of father and son, you are actually saying that all of the True Family members must have a vertical relationship of father and son. Because that's the only way they can become owners of true love and therefore be a person of character.

Confucian ethics does not include this divine relationship with heaven and God. Sometimes, because our roots are in Asia, especially in Korea, somehow all this was mixed up. But in a pure sense, what Father is talking about here is the vertical relationship with the Heavenly Father to all mankind must have if you want to be an owner of true love and a person of character.

(Reading the message of Peace 1)

... Do you think that when the omniscient and omnipotent God created Adam and Eve, He secretly kept the top position for himself and created Adam and Eve to be only the second best? We can not imagine that God would do that to his children, his companions who all share the love with him. As our true and eternal Father, God himself invested 100 percent in the creation of human beings and endowed us with the right to have equal footing with him, to participate -

Do you believe that God from His perspective is concerned with the position, money or power? I explained that generally those who throw the first stone in his accusations reveal what they really covet. If you covet money, they accuse others of misdeeds do with the money -- in other words, embezzlement, etc. If you covet power, accuse others of abuse of power. If you covet the position, accuse others of not fulfilling its responsibility, etc. Here, as Father is talking about this vertical relationship with God, the Parent-Child God -- God's intention, as Father explains, is that God wanted that humanity is equally love mate. God did not mind the position. He was not standing there, guaranteeing and ensuring that mankind knew his place. He was standing as an omnipotent, almighty and omniscient.

What was the vision that Father gave to our members and all of you for the first time, or even to Christians, Muslims and Jews, who did not have before? Father says that God -- the relationship, the true relationship between God and humanity is the parent-child relationship rooted in true love. If you go to the Divine Principle, or to the eight civilizations spoken by Father [in the Message of Peace 13] -- Father speaks first of his vision of God. God this is not omnipotent, detached, all powerful, but God is in the position of Father and that we, as humanity, we are in the position of children. A relationship rooted in true love. Now, what happens then, within the human family -- because the family is a true human family, "what kind of relationship should exist there original?

(Reading the message of Peace 1)

... God is all powerful. It was due to a deficiency or lack of capacity has been jailed in great pain and immense suffering endured behind the scenes of history. On the contrary, there are provisions in the beginning of the Restoration, which he failed to report freely, which called him to wait patiently until the positions of Adam and Eve lost in the human fall, recovered with the emergence of the "Second Adam perfected. "Although God is omnipotent, He will step aside laws and eternal principles.

Before, the idea of establishing the reign of God, restoring the position of the reign, the restoration of the position of True Parents, the restoration of the position of the firstborn, these concepts are ideas that brought Father in terms of providential plan of God. These ideas did not exist within the Judeo-Christian tradition. Why do you think this is? This is a fundamental point which must be understood. In other words, there is no concept of the True Parents, there is no real concept of family in the fall tradition or tradition of the past. So, those who think that somehow we can learn from the traditions of the past to this new tradition are very, very wrong. There is no precedent.

If you look at things from the perspective providentially the beginning, there are three Adams in providential history. Of course, the original Adam represented in the Genesis story, in other words, the ancestor of mankind. The second Adam who would be Jesus, as Father is referred to in the Peace Message 13. And the third Adam, who is Lord of the Second Coming, not only carrying out the mission of the second Adam, but the first Adam. In other words, goes back to the original expectation of God, which has its roots in the vision of building one family under God. In other words, the religious tradition that has been captured this providential history through the Judeo-Christian faith. From Adam and Eve, as representatives of the Genesis story, the Order proceeded through the lineage of Abraham, the birth of Jesus, and through the Christian foundation in preparation for the Lord's Second Coming.

If they can not understand this clearly, do you think they are capable of explaining the providential perspective? If you do not know the providential perspective, if you do not know the direction of Providence, how do you know where to go providence? When will it end? Or that should be the fulfillment of that Order?

What am I saying? What did I say? Continuously, has been my point of view or has been the point of view of the providence of God from an early point of view? You should have historical vision of God's providence, meeting the expectations of God. However, losing their identity, are losing their direction, they are losing their true legacy.

People may say "Hyun Jin Nim, oh, he says he has a relationship with God. And he brings this new revelation in which he is trying to become the new True Parents, teaching a new kind of theology." So let's treat it one by one. First, the first message of peace, and encourage everyone to read every message of peace -- the taproot of the providence of God is God. True Parents are doing the will of God, will call the True Parents. The original framework of a True Family should be one in which each family member truly has a vertical relationship with God. So this idea that someone else besides the parents have a relationship with God, the person making these accusations do not know anything that should be the True Family and the expectations that God has to be the central being of the family. Then there are those who say, "Oh, Hyun Jin Nim is giving a new theology, a new perspective." However, what I have been talking continuously has its roots in the words and teachings of the True Parents.

(Reading the message of Peace 1)

... God is like a father who worked and sweated his entire life to accumulate assets for their children, only for a thief to steal it all in one night. Who can understand the sadness, the painful heart of God? God lost His lineage, lost her children, and was forced to hand over ownership of the nation and world to Satan. There was only one way to recover this lineage and property. This was the silk of the natural subjugation Satan -

So-consistent even with the message of Jesus, if you are hit on one cheek, then you must offer the other. That's the way of natural subjugation. Natural subjugation is through true love, a love that has its origin in God who has the ability to eventually open the cruel heart of Satan and forcing him to subjugate naturally. So, as Jesus said when his disciples asked, "When the Lord returns, how will we know you?" Jesus said: "Know me by my works." It's not what I say, but what I do what I represent, reveal who I am.

Therefore, regardless of what type of confusion exists in our movement, the true measure of where you stand is based on what you do. And that this decision will be made by a few who seem to know, but for all mankind, by the very history, our Heavenly Father.

(Reading the message of Peace 1)

... No one knows why God and humanity are in such tragic circumstances. The biblical story of Cain and Abel, reveals the origins of human conflict in the same family of Adam. It provides the archetype of the endless story of the struggle of humanity, war and conflict -

In what was the fight of Cain and Abel If Adam and Eve had not fallen, there would have been a struggle of Cain and Abel? Why? What was the fight? Because Adam and Eve fell, they formed a basis of four positions centered on Satan. Naturally, primogeniture had to have been in terms of Satan having love, life and lineage. Therefore, God had to claim the other child. But God wanted another child naturally who could subjugate Cain, Cain is recognized as the oldest son. What happened in the original family in terms of this conflict was actually a struggle for the birthright. You understand what I'm saying? Therefore, there are some who are saying that there is a struggle of Cain and Abel in the True Family. Somehow I am Cain, and there are some of my younger brothers who are Abel. In a True Family, truly a True Family, that is, a God-centered family restored, there must be an investment? If you understand the point of view of principle, do you think that the model of Cain and Abel struggle must exist in the True Family?

Some people tell the story of Jacob and Esau. Again, the reason for this was necessary, from the perspective of the providence of God, because Satan had established the basis of four positions, where he was the master of false love, false life and false lineage. In order to reverse this and prepare the foundation for the coming of Jesus through the lineage of Abraham, the story was necessary once again to invest. But bear this in True Family What does that mean? Are we making another investment?

(Reading. 1 Message of Peace)

... And on that basis, the January 13, 2001, dedicated to heaven "Coronation Ceremony of God's reign." At that ceremony I freed God, the true vertical Father has taken responsibility for the Providence of Restoration. Throughout history, this was the highest blessing and greatest that humanity has ever received. This victory was absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Through this absolute providential victory, the body and mind of God were fully released,

They must understand the meaning of this. And why I have tried so desperately to meet the goal of January 13, 2013. To be substantialize the providence of God -- the substantialization of the sovereignty of God -- we have to find a nation.

Reading the Message of Peace 1)

... But I'm still not satisfied, because I started my life's work under the direction of the sky. I came as the True Parent of humankind with the anointing of God, and I am determined to fulfill my promise to him. I am determined to erase all national divisions and barriers that have poisoned the land and establish the kingdom of the ideal world of peace where all people everywhere can live hand in hand -

This is the vision... to which Father has given his life that can build a peaceful, ideal world where all can live hand in hand. Nowhere in this vision is an idea of who are being saved and those who are convicted. This comes back to even the struggles within the early Christian church. This should be no history or legacy of our movement, nor the mission of Father.

The idea that through a democratic process, converting half the population of a nation can find a restored nation, the idea that if we mobilize half the world's population then we can set this through the power-on majority party in a democratic process has the power, right? And through economic means, in other words, while having the largest economy, more money, they can influence. Or through the position. Never, ever going to establish the sovereignty of God for that. The only way, the only way is to have the ability to digest all of humanity. The only way is to remove humanity from the boxes of separation, whether national, racial, cultural, ethnic, and most importantly, religious and align them with a greater vision for humanity rooted in God's dream.

Now here in the United States is giving advice to our members, "Do not continue with Hyun Jin Nim. If you really love to Hyun Jin Nim you must leave him." What kind of methodology is that? That is a type of methodology to use the so-called power and position within our movement. Do you think such an approach will facilitate the submission of a personal nature?

If I have to explain the culture of our movement, although in the past there were many feelings among our leaders, I never exercised this blatant abuse of power in the history of our movement. Because it is fundamentally against this message and mission of Father as Lord of the Second Coming, the Messiah, like Adam, as True Parents of all humanity, as a representative from God to continue his legacy, which means that when I say "Your" mean the legacy of God-restorational history, has been to embrace and pursue natural subjugation of Satan through true love. The fact that such actions are taking place is a black mark on our movement, which only diminish the legacy of the True Father.

Let me give you a contrast. When I was responsible for everything, never even once, although there have been difficulties in my family, especially with my brothers and sisters, not once, publicly or privately, did we encourage our families not to participate with a Blessed Central Family, I've worked to love, to support all of my brothers. Not once. Nor, even once, as leader of our movement, did it occur to me to tell any member of our Blessed Central Families not to participate, not to try to restore someone who eventually backed out of our movement. In other words, the door of our movement was always open, although there was a clear rule that we had to follow, and great expectations that we aspire to. I never closed the door of our movement. It has never been closed. Now some people are saying that I am the source of division.

In the past there was a genuine concern, I mean there was a genuine effort from our leadership -- and this is the culture that I really tried to establish, protect and serve the interests of the True Parents and True Family. Unfortunately, this paradigm of leadership has been expelled. There will be a time when the movement comes to think deeply and will be forced to ask the question of who they are because of these circumstances. And in a sense, is good because it will force them to try to understand who they are as Central Blessed Families, and families that are truly providential, in the light of all this confusion that is happening.

(Read the Message of Peace 1)

... Science and technology of the 21st century make it possible to build a tunnel under the Bering Strait. Construction costs are also not a problem. Think about how much the world is losing the war. Mankind needs to realize that we are committing terrible sins in the presence of history and of our offspring. Take an example. How much money has the U.S. spent on the war in Iraq over the past four years? It is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This budget is more than enough to complete the Bering Strait project.

It is now in the billions of dollars. This war on terror will cost U.S. several billion dollars. And if you think about the number of terrorists there, probably a handful -- perhaps no more than a thousand. The most powerful nation in the world with the mightiest army, the largest economy, has spent billions of dollars to fight this war on terror. And guess what? They will not win. GPF [Global Peace Festival] is why it is so important. The only way we will win this war on terror or achieve peace in a potential conflict between religions is to unite religions. Only in this way. And the vision of "One family under God" and the interfaith work of what GPF is going to cost is a drop in the bucket compared with billions of dollars. But it is the solution.

At this point in the U.S., the amount of debt the U.S. is accumulating, which is estimated for next year in something like 14.5 trillion dollars. The entire U.S. GDP is 13 trillion dollars. In other words, the debt service alone will be greater than the U.S. economy. America, if it continues in this direction, will fall. Even the most powerful nation in the world that uses money and power will not end its military. Nor is through a diplomatic solution. This is why GPF is so important. You may not realize how important it is, right? That's why many of these members who think, "Oh, Hyun Jin Nim's father told him not to do GPF. Just do not help GPF." Do you think that someone who not only understands the principle and the providence of God, but also the historical circumstances and context in which we live, knows that danger? So this calendar is not only providential. In the circumstance of the world today, we are in great danger. In other words, the "free world", which represents the hand of God is in great danger.

What if the U.S. collapses? Through its own demise, who will be the next emerging power? Have you ever thought about what the world would be if China was the world's superpower? Because a superpower influences the rest of the world in terms of economy, in terms of culture, etc. Do you think China is a nation that recognizes the sovereignty of God? Do you think it's that simple? Although there might be internal nonsense that could lead to such simplistic conclusions or decisions, as in the broader context, is not so simple. It is not even an option that may be considered. Let's go ahead, they know it or not. And we will build a foundation through which the world really find peace.

And I will commit to move forward, creating the path and foundation necessary to achieve peace in the world that is so necessary. And comply with the appropriate legacy.

(Reading the message of Peace 1)

... I ask them to devote their best efforts, as have the True Parents, to the development and success of the Universal Peace Federation, and to the creation of the ideal family of God, the nation and the ideal realm of peace. Please convert in the princes and princesses who can come and live with God, the King eternal peace and true Father of mankind. We will fulfill our duty to family and devoted sons and daughters, patriots, saints and members of the family of God, and create the ideal world the eternal kingdom of peace. May the blessings of God be with you, their families and their nations. Thank you.

This is the message that three generations of the True Family was truly worldwide, and this should have been the model on which the True Family should join. This was a huge symbolic victory, especially in 2006. And this was an offering to Father in Heaven, where three generations have inherited the work of God or God's vision for humanity. That's the kind of gift that Father, now with this platform Father speaks about the vision he has for the UPF, or Universal Peace Federation, which is the culmination of the work of his life. Yet it defies those who gathered there on the opening of the UPF to leave the barriers, or tear down walls of religion, nationality, etc. And this is the legacy of the True Parents which is inherited by the True Family.

There were those who told me at the end of last year, "Please, Hyun Jin Nim, do not make the Global Peace Convention. Please, please, please," it would create political unrest both within our movement. When I left I was asked this very clearly, I left very clear what the purpose of all this is. If we lose the momentum we established in 2008 then, unless we set the foundation for the beginning of 2010, we will lose the blessing that awaits us all for that my father has worked for. Although I explained, I'm sure that probably they did not believe me. Maybe they thought that the basis that the UPF, the foundation or created in the UPF victory in the last two or three years was because of them! And, if things happen suddenly, this will be a total failure, Hyun Jin Nim's folk will learn their lesson and come back with their tails between their legs and ask for forgiveness. Despite all efforts, these efforts were the first to stop the GPC [Global Peace Convention] were a complete failure. The only credit I can give to protect this foundation is the Heavenly Father. That's why I will carry on this foundation.

Those of you who will own the vision of "One Family under God" and get a great victory in this year 2010, which will build a foundation for the establishment of the sovereignty of God on earth through the national restoration and the creation of a new world order focused on the vision of "One Family under God, stand up, raise your hands and say Aju!.


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