The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Family Relationships Are Not Established By Choice But By Blood

Hyun Jin Moon
January 30, 2010
Seattle, WA
Hoon Dok Hae - Ahn Shi Il

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(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

... On the other hand, relations heavenly God gave us from the moment of our birth, are outside the scope of choice. These relationships are formed by blood connections. Although they do not like their parents or siblings, for example, can not be changed by election or vote. This is because you are connected through blood ties. Once they are born in the family with the surname Kim ... ...

They must understand fundamentally what Father is saying: Family relationships are not established by choice but by blood. You can not change them by election or vote.

What is the main focus of the peace message of Father here, when talking about the True Family? True Love. The love of living for the sake of others. Love that can embrace and digest everything, even the enemy. This is the first condition. Why? Because a real family must settle in Love, Life and True Lineage. This is the first condition: The first condition is true love.

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

... It is a relationship that came to be gained by the violation of the principle. Was caused by human error. In other words, even though humans have been reduced to the position of orphans who have lost their parents through the fall, the fundamental relationship of father and son with the sky remains intact .

What Father is saying here? That despite the fact that humanity has abandoned God, the fundamental relationship between father and son remained intact. These are eternal relationships. They can not be changed by human artifice. So what is the responsibility of those who claim to represent God's side? Is to achieve the restoration of those who have fallen. How can they do that? Through persecution? Through the kind of methodology they have seen in human history? Or the fundamental truth of true love that has been advocated by all the great saints and sages, in particular that which has been defended by those who have realized the true mission of Adam?

That's why Jesus two thousand years ago, represented a revolution, a spiritual revolution. When he told the world that if you are hit on one cheek, you must offer the other cheek, included the concept of love even loving the enemy. Is not that what Father used continuously as an example of the highest representative of a paradigm of true love?

So when they understand that the principles that exist in a family are absolute and eternal, and can not be changed, even by force. They must be based on and rooted in trust and respect instead of bringing depressing. You can clearly see, as these principles are absolutely immutable. Are unchangeable. They are universal principles eternal. You can clearly see who represents the side of God or who represents something else.

(Read Message of Peace No 4)

... Is there any other way to free this world of war and conflict we see around us? Is there a way that would be more secure than through the creation of a global family, where there is hatred between members family through marriage intercultural exchange "between enemy clans or, going one step further -

Do you think it is heavenly laws and expectations, even within a family? That a family is governed, or should be governed by universal principles and expectations? Why is it that when we look at the original family of Adam, we say that this family was not a real family? Because there were expectations, there were banners and there are laws and universal principles that should have ruled that family.

If the family does not fit within that framework, do you think that, in truth, peace be achieved? Do you think you really can achieve unity? What are the issues we are addressing in our movement at this time? They are not personalities. They are not individuals. They are the guiding principles in reality, what are the universal principles with which we should be governed? As Blessed Central Families, should have known they are, or should know they are. It is a tremendous disappointment, to observe, and many do not know what it is.

If you read all the messages of peace, the issues are consistent and themes, especially in this era of Cheon Il Guk, the era after the advent of Heaven, they're really focused on the ideal of true family and the family rooted in love, life and true lineage. Of course it has to be absolutely governed by the laws of heaven, the expectation of the sky which was from the beginning of human creation. There is a 5% responsibility for everybody.

This is something we need to understand. The things that are happening here in America, I'm sure our American members intuitively realize that there is something wrong about this. But if you really want clarity in terms of knowing where to go, read this message of peace.

Those who have authority and claim to represent the will of heaven should know better, they will be judged on the basis of this standard. Perhaps, even if they are ignorant ... Father said that there can be no perfection in ignorance. Although our community today can be ignorant, mankind will not remain ignorant. God and the spiritual world are not ignorant.

That's why Jesus said with enthusiasm: "If you have no sin, cast the first stone." The ignorant, who unknowingly is led to believe that he has no sin is the fool who will cast the first stone. However, he is reflective and who is responsible for all the things you can not throw a stone -- although he or she does not have guilt -- not as long as humanity is in the grip of this sinful world. He or she knows, as a member of humanity, who are members of that family.

That is why Jesus took responsibility for all humanity. And so, Father, in the position of Lord of the Second Coming, has to take responsibility for all humanity. That's why, in the creation of true family where even the real family, they know it or not, has to take responsibility.

I am assuring the legacy of the True Parents and True Family. And read what I say about God's providence, and the centrality of our Heavenly Father, and the responsibility that must be met by the True Parents and True Family.

It has been said that I am the instigator of a new movement and that I am dividing the movement. Whenever I have I said that in public, when did I said something like this? Have you ever said I wanted to create a new movement? Or that's what I'm talking all the time? Every time I talk, I start with Hoon Dok Hae with the message of Father, no? And above all these messages of peace. I am using the pulpit, only to have my words be heard? There can be no perfection in ignorance. There can be no clarity.

That's why at the end of the day, it is not what you say that is important, but what you do. That's why even Jesus, when he pointed to his disciples and asked about his impending crucifixion said he could lose his life and might have to come again. They said, "How will we know you Lord?" Jesus said: "By my works you will know." At the end of the day, know them by their works.

That's why the chapter has not been completed in this tale of the True Family, especially the mission of True Parents. However, the story has to end in victory. There is no other option than that. Or the consequences will be terrible for humanity.

(Reading the message of Peace 4)

... It is truly regrettable that they can not perceive with his own eyes this beautiful Revolutionary Era after the arrival of Heaven "never before seen and never repeats. The reason for this is that they are relying solely on their five senses. It is my sincere hope that they can open the spiritual senses as soon as possible so that definitely can perceive how the providence of Heaven is being developed at this time. However, one thing they need to know with certainty -

If you read every message of peace, parents spoke of the providence of God, centered on True Parents. In other words, it is the providence of God. It is the providence of the True Parents, is not the providence of the True Family, and is not the providence of humanity. It is the providence of God. What does enter the era after the advent of Heaven? What does restore a nation? Building a nation centered on the sovereignty of God.

What was Father's explanation about Jesus, and the course of Jesus which was the basis of the fundamental belief system of Christians?

Do we believe in the resurrection of the body? Father even speaks of Christian belief about the virgin birth? Do we believe in that? Christians believe in this kind of mystique surrounding the birth of Jesus. Do we believe in that? In other words, everything that Father taught them about Jesus was based on, of course, the beginning and the expectation of God, but with a pre-understanding that Jesus was human. However, he was special because he had a divine mission, God had ... to do that, Father speaks of the conditions to establish a lineage and, finally, someone who could represent the Heavenly Father, without the stain of being the property of Satan. However, the mission and the role that Jesus had to play is something that happened in the area of our human experience, right?

What Christians were more upset about was when Father said that Jesus did not fulfill its mission. What perspective was Father taking when he said that Jesus did not fulfill its mission?

Was it from the perspective of Jesus? Was it from the perspective of the faith of Christians? In other words, Christianity determined the role of divine providence and the expectation of Jesus? Who sets the expectation and the role of divine providence? Heavenly Father. It has to be within the scope of the principles that had developed since the beginning of Creation.

I'm sure many of you do not realize how I'm moving to these Christian leaders. Do you think that when I move these Christian leaders that this is rooted in this kind of mysticism or embodied in the fundamental principle that Father brought? How do I move these Christians? By saying that the final mission of Jesus that has not been met. That mission is to establish a family under God. You, as Christians who believe in Jesus, should recognize that it is their divine mission is to complete this mission. It's the same message I give to the central blessed families.

If there is someone, you should be the central figure of history at this time -- the providential history at this time. That means being in charge. Because there can be no perfection in ignorance.

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

... Our ultimate goal is to find and establish "the nation" and "will", as we serve God as the center. What nation would be "the nation"? It refers to the realm of Peaceful ideal world, similar in shape to a real family with three generations living together in harmony, trust, respect and support each other and becoming one in love.

Ideal world peaceful. What was that?

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

Similar in form to a real family. (Similar in shape to a real family.)

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

With three generations living together in harmony. ("With three generations living together in harmony.")

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

Trust. Trust, respect and support each other.

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

And becoming one in love.

Therefore, everything that exists on the precedent of the True Family -- need to understand that through this sentence here, from the perspective of Father, Is symbolic is not only symbolic but it is representative of how peace human can be established.

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

In summary, the kingdom is one in which God is sovereign. Heavenly Father is sovereign.

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

So what is meant by justice? It means the way of Heaven and the heavenly standard. What symbolizes justice? What was that again?

(Reading the message of Peace 4)

Justice -- the standard on which to establish justice is rooted in .... The law and the expectation of heaven. So I mean when I say "no legitimacy without truth and justice?"

We have been mandated to judge here on earth with heavenly authority of true love, this evil world suffering under traitors scheming schemes, and establish a peaceful world ideal of true love, a world liberated and free, based on justice and truth.

This is amazing. Read it again, from where they left off.

We have been mandated to judge here on earth with the heavenly authority of true love.

We have been mandated to judge here on earth with the heavenly authority of true love

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

... And to establish the ideal peaceful world of true love, and released a free world based on justice and truth. After all, humanity is destined to be one family. The remarkable advances of modern science are contributing greatly to make this world a global world -

If you read these messages of peace, not once did Father said the goal of humanity is to establish a church. Father continually said that the goal of humanity is the establishment of One Family under God.

(Reading the message of Peace No 4)

... The day is approaching when the beautiful land will be the original Garden of Eden, where we can enjoy peace and eternal happiness and where for countless generations, our descendants will shout "Hallelujah! for Cheon Il Guk. That the great blessings and grace of God be with you, their clans, and the Korean people. Thank you.

(End of Message of Peace No 4)

No, we're not done yet. Let's read the message of peace number five.

(They start to read the Message of Peace No 5)

... For thousands of years, God had endured an existence full of tears and pain, even as he held his Providence, to the heart of Father. When offered the coronation ceremony, this marked the moment of his long-awaited release. On that day, providentially, we declare to all Heaven and earth that we would see God as the vertical True Parent and the great King of Heaven and Earth

This is of enormous significance, especially for the January 13, 2013. What did he offer Father Father in Heaven? This proclamation may have been just a proclamation. But, to be substantialize celestial sovereignty on earth, this should stand on a national basis. So I have been working tirelessly to try to restore a nation. That's why I created the Global Peace Festival. So I've been using the instrument of the UPF [Universal Peace Federation] to educate through the ILC [International Leadership Conference] on the vision of One Family Under God.

As I explained yesterday, we had gone through a dark winter and we have entered the time of harvest. The question is how can we harvest? And that really is the most crucial, because if not harvested properly, you could lose all the fruits of their labor. The error was committed, has jeopardized the objective and goal of Father. If I had to stop GPFF, do you think I would have even a chance to achieve this objective?

Let's say that everything that is said about me is true. And say that being a person who wants to vindicate himself go to Father at this time and say: "Father you're telling me not to support GPFF. You're asking me to leave all positions. Go ahead and take it. Leave me alone. I'm going to the mountains of Montana and communicate with nature and build a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. Do you think if I do that, I am fulfilling my responsibility as a child? Fulfilling my responsibility as a member of the real family? Fulfilling my responsibility to all of you who are members of the true extended family? Fulfilling my responsibility to the Heavenly Father? When I know that ...

On a personal level, when all these allegations have been scattered and one faces the question of personal vindication of all this nonsense -- but in a larger scheme of things, this would not be seen by humankind and history as a act of selfishness? There can be no perfection in ignorance. He who knows to do the right thing... How would you feel Heavenly Father? As Blessed Central Families, say that even in this life, do not know, but eventually their children who read the Principle, who understand the principle and who have been educated by Heaven, who were touched by these messages of peace, will see what they have done? As I would judge them?

What is it here? It is truly the Providence of God and Father's proclaimed goals, by which Father puts his neck on the line? Father proclaimed to the world that by January 13, 2013 he will have a restored nation and build the foundation for the peaceful establishment of the Heavenly Father.

Having made this proclamation Father -- I do not -- whose neck that is at stake now?

(Reading the message of Peace 5)

... Shake all their concerns and celebrate this day with joy while attending your Heavenly Father and True Parents with all your heart. The sincerity and dedication expressed by each of you brings even more glory to this day. The beautiful mountains, streams, trees and flowers here in Lake Chung Pyung are pouring his blessings upon you as they prepare to embark on their ambitious trips. His descendants, too, have the pride that you participated in this long-awaited day, and I honor and praise forever. I pray that the abundant grace and blessings of God in Heaven be upon you and your family. Thank you.

(End of Message of Peace No 5)

(Hyun Jin Nim was choking with tears)

This is the expectation of this era after the advent of Heaven. On January 13, 2013, Father wants to make an offering to Father in Heaven. Do you think this will substantialize, representing substantial sovereignty of God?

One thing the you do not realize is that Father has a responsibility to our Heavenly Father, too. He has a responsibility. The proclamation that Father made about 2013, not only mankind, but to our Heavenly Father. Who is thinking about this?

(Hyun Jin Nim continued crying)

If this is the end of this decision ... It means 2000 years of preparation for the Lord's Second Coming, means that the life that Father has led -- the foundation that Father created and the proclamation, the promise of Father did ... At the end of his life that should have been the time was to be glorified by fulfilling all its promises to Heaven - Heavenly Father -- and humanity, was not fulfilled. Who is thinking about it? You think this will happen only?

The course I set for the GPF did not begin in 2010. It all started when I began my public duty. And I started building the foundation since 2000 because that was when Father set the goals for 2012. How many of you were leading the movement at that time? How many of you were giving their lives to meet the goals of Father?

Now who will protect Father? Who will make the offering to Father can be offered before the Heavenly Father, in front of humanity?

While there is air in my lungs I will not stop. Even if I have to go it alone and die ...

(Hyun Jin Nim can not speak for her tears)

One thing you have to understand is that it is not. The consequences are not just for the True Parents and the True Family, but for all humanity. For the mistakes you make now, humanity will face problems and they will be a great burden.

I do not usually show my emotions. Somehow, when I think of these things I can not hold back tears.

Is this the risk that I take as time flies away, now that we have entered 2010 and we approach 2011, 2012 and January 13, 2013? It has nothing to do with human capacity, has everything to do with adapting to the will of God. That's the only way that all the blessings of heaven can be channeled. This is something that many people do not understand. The reason I bring great blessings, great victories because he was aligned with the Providence of God, so I came across the heavenly fortune, and providence of God ... and the victories of the True Parents and True Family ... Otherwise, I could not follow it properly. So I had the great victories in 2008, mobilizing all these great leaders was based on the alignment

Have I ever told you what I'm doing is based on me? What I have always taught? That these great victories I could get are because I am aligned to the Providence of God and, therefore, the enormous Celestial Fortune follows. I'm using that blessing. At the end of the day, when I return, I give full credit to our Heavenly Father and to the condition and the victory that True Parents have established through the creation of the True Family.

As I explained, I will not be judging them. I will not. Because, if I do, it will probably be the day I die, I'll have my share of faith in each and every one of you that are going to do the right thing. At the end of the day, you will be moved by God's principles and the consciousness that they have been given by our Heavenly Father for making precise judgments that can move the providence of God and show forth the true legacy of the True Parents and True Family.

But one thing you all have to understand is that there is no option for me. There is no decision for me, especially in the context of what I understand of Peace Messages of Father. For someone who has laid out a public course and moved in this direction, has mobilized thousands of people to be masters of the providence of God and God's dream, the construction of One Family under God, that has mobilized not only within our movement, but tens of thousands of people around the Cain type world, who is moving all the great leaders who can make a difference in the world, I have no choice. If I was too arrogant and too selfish to think that I had a choice, then, it would be my death. But I have no choice.

(Hyun Jin Nim spoke in Korean)

Because I follow this path? Money, position, power? I'm not interested in it. Why go down the path of suffering? If this path then I would not have to deal with this opposition. Does it seem wise, because going down this path?

You see people who are interested in talking all the time. Not once have I spoken of power, position, or money. Have I ever spoken about this? Have I accused others of this? Have I ever done that? You would not know that because they are new.

How many times I've given talks? Everything has been recorded. Not once have told you this. I have mentioned it? The Providence of God, the legacy of the True Parents, Our Responsibility.

Through what a person speaks you can see what this person values most. So that is what I value most? Some speak of transparency, transparency. They really know the meaning of transparency?

But the conclusion is this. You must own the dream of building One Family Under God. Because it's not just my dream or just his dream, nor is it only the dream of the True Parents. Finally is the dream of God. Which is aligned with this dream and who directs the course of life towards the fulfillment of this dream is the one, who in the end, is aligned with God, True Parents and True Family vision. So I encourage you all to be masters of this dream.

The direction I have to walk, is evident. The promises I made to all the leaders around the world are not going to be bait and switch. They are absolute commitments in terms of what I said and in terms of what I do. I'm committed. If you want to have transparency as to the direction of Hyun Jin Nim, then I say clearly now which way I go. As the owner of this dream of One family under God.

I'm still going to remain committed to finding a nation by 2013, but I know the challenges we are facing. And now I can not promise. But if we continue on the course, then eventually we will find nations and establish the precedent for mobilizing the world.

As far as I'm concerned there is no "if" or "buts" about it. I charted my course and this is the way to go. But at your level, you can follow their consciences and do what we believe is necessary. Understand? I will not force you.

So those who want to swear to own this dream of building One family under God, stand up, raise their hands and say Aju, Aju! Aju! Aju!

Thank you very much 

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