The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

The Providence Of God Has Moved In History

Hyun Jin Moon
January 29, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Seattle , WA

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Reading the message of Peace No. 13

They know that this message of peace is really a road-map for the construction of this era, the era of Cheon Il Guk.

One thing so powerful in this reading is that it is clear that the Providence of God has moved in history, rooted in the expansion and growth of all large and major civilizations. And that was Pacific Rim is an era in which a new civilization, a new world order should emerge. This is fundamental to the belief system of our movement. This is what I mean whenever I talk about God's providence.

Who is the protagonist of this reading? The main figure in this story behind human history, behind the role of civilizations and even be behind the center, which is the human being who substantialize the will of God on earth, is our Heavenly Father. This is something you have to understand very clearly. Thus, the center of the Providence of God is our Heavenly Father.

The reason we are doing Hoon Dok Hae is because you must understand this message of peace as well as all other messages of peace.

Also one of the things you begin to see developing in this reading is that although the culmination of the expectations of God for human history or development from the point of view of providence is focused on the birth, development and growth of this country called America, the Father soon after, said: "However, this nation has a certain responsibility." In other words, despite the blessing has been granted, with the blessing comes responsibility. And that responsibility is set in the context of God's expectation from the point of view of this decision. This is something we begin to see. Therefore, begin to understand all this. Do not take this for granted. Because these are fundamental principles which should be treated. And the fundamental principles, so you understand what I'm doing, should be of utmost priority for you - understand what I'm saying?

... The coming of the Pacific Age means many things:

They should understand that even the condition is considered that this was a jubilee year, there are conditions to be met. There are expectations that must be met. This is the main and fundamental message that the Father is emphasizing this part of his message of peace. Somehow, our movement seems to forget all this. And that's one reason why I keep saying that the key to our purpose as a central blessed family, and especially for our Unification movement is central fundamental. In other words, we must be masters of this decision and we must comply.

(Reading the Message of Peace continued)

... A small nation situated in a corner of the Mediterranean. At this time Rome -

This has huge implications for Korea, the Father Nation and the Pacific Rim. I will not go on geopolitics and the challenges that face Korea in terms of reunification, and the implications this has for the entire region of the Pacific Rim. But the work I'm doing, especially through the Global Peace Festival Foundation, is crucial to establish the proper foundation, not only the role of the nation, but also to safeguard the region of the various forces are also increasing in today's world.

The worst that can happen to our movement is complacency, taking things for granted. Failure to recognize that we substantialize the foundation of faith and substance, more important than faith alone at this time. Due to the entry in this era of Cheon Il Guk or was after the arrival of Heaven, God's sovereignty must be rooted substantially. This is something we can not forget.

If I were to speak even just of Korea, Korea's future really depends on what we do. Whether we realize it or not, the onus is on us as Blessed Central Family, as real family members, and as the True Parents. Be aware of it or not, have a responsibility in the context of God's providence. Therefore, simply by talking to members, without explaining everything, I explain that this is an era, this is a time when I have to appropriate the legacy to substantialize the providential Father. This will have enormous implications for the leadership of our Movement and the purpose of our central blessed families, etc. This will have enormous implications, especially, in line with God's providence. The Heavenly Father is the principal agent. We must align ourselves with that.

God is in the center. It is God, True Parents and True Family. That is the vertical axial line. So, if you really think about the beauty of the vision of the three kingships and the four realms of the heart, this sets the correct order, set this precedent in the first human family, with our Heavenly Father in the center. The True Family can not be justified on the ground without your heavenly Father in the center, the providence is running like blood in our veins, with God's running like blood in our veins. That's why we also have consequences for the precedent of what it means to be a real family or a member of the real extended family, and even substantial responsibility True Parents. Everything is in the context of God's providential vision. This is something you must understand.

Someone whose paradigm exists around, say, the most important thing for that person is money, accusing others from the perspective of money. Those who covet the power to accuse others of being hungry for power or what they think. Those who lust after, say, position, are going to make accusations based on the position, etc., Etc. In other words, the fact that the ideal of true family and God's providential vision for humanity, which should have been somewhat elevated, has been degraded to such level, demonstrates what the prosecutors considered important. At no time have I accused anyone of anything. Everything that comes out of my mouth has been focused on the Father's providential vision brought to humanity, and that the Father, as the ideal Adam, is trying to substantialize on earth. And the constant reminder that I've been giving our leaders and our central blessed families is that we can never lose sight of this. Because this is the heart and core of our being.

Many times our leaders are wrong, because somehow believe that the Confucian ethic of filial piety means absolute obedience to somehow be a robot following directives. I believe that filial piety is based on a much deeper level. It is the fulfillment of that resolve providential that God has given to the Father and the default is the responsibility of the real family. And, by default, as central blessed families, such as real family members extended to the grafted onto the tree of life, it is your responsibility as well. And what I'm doing now is to remind everyone that this is our responsibility. This is the way that the release of our Heavenly Father and his will substantialization can be justified, as well as the fitting legacy of the Father, the fitting legacy of the Fathers, and the appropriate legacy of the True Family can be established. This is the providence.

In terms of direction and purpose in terms you should understand clearly what this message of peace and the implication that has for each and every one of you. That's why I'm explaining, giving short explanation this time.

(Reading the Message of Peace continued)

The U.S. mission is to achieve harmony and unity of Christianity, as soon as possible. And in the 21st century to meet the responsibility that had been the Roman Empire -

This is something we should understand very clearly, because you do not know that the American people are ready for this message now. Father says here that the vision for America is to achieve unity of Christianity. This can be extended further when we look at the First Amendment and religious freedom that America flag. The clearer concept of religious freedom came with the creation of America as well as the clear concept that human rights are innate given by the Creator, which means God. That's why the creation of a nation under God has huge implications.

So if you think about the vision we are now spreading around the world through GPFF [Global Peace Festival Foundation] of one family under God, one way is to build on the legacy providential creation of this nation that is predominantly Christian, but while capturing the most noble and generous Christian spirit, which is to embrace all people of faith. This was in essence, the mission of Jesus, right? Was not the mission of Jesus, or the second Adam, not only save the Jewish people, but to bring all mankind back to the family of God -- the God within? Therefore, if you think of the idea of one nation under God, this captures the essence. What I'm doing, especially around the world with the vision of One Family, I am expanding worldwide, rooted in God's providential vision. That is why this vision of the GPF [Global Peace Festival] of one family under God, in this time -- at this time, has captured the imagination of all major Christian leaders, and all the great religions of the world.

One of the things that will happen through these key leaders is a rebirth of Christianity in its essence, which is deeply rooted in the original mission of Jesus. If that happens, then opens the door for a better understanding of Christianity to the Father.

I'm just picking. As I explained, the seeds were sown are now bearing fruit, and this is like the harvest season. Our movement actually came from a deep winter, so we have entered a time when the abundance of the harvest is before us. However, one thing if you're not a farmer may not realize is that this is the time of greatest risk. Because the crop is determined in how the harvest, when crops are collected or lost. That's why management is so important in this era. That's something we need to understand. All this foundation to be missed.

Right now I'm very concerned about Korea. China will play an important role in the reunification of Korea and the United States. China does not want Korea, a unified Korea, exists in the orbit of the United States. Many people here in the United States believe that China is not as big a threat as it actually is. Since naively think that China will become a democracy and China will become a capitalist nation. So what? Maybe that's true. However, the foundation of the subject matter is that democracy does not change the world order or changing the world capitalism. Is the system of values, principles and values and aspirations of a nation that dictate the actions of these nations. There is a difference in American democracy, and there are many democracies in the world who are not American style democracy.

American democracy is so different because it is fundamental to the Judeo-Christian spirit, recognizing that God is the sovereign of the nation, and understanding that our rights are granted by God. That is what makes the difference between the U.S. and all other democracies around the world.

One of the mistakes of many people is that they believe that the political organization of democracy somehow brings transformation. It's just an empty shell. These are the values, principles and aspirations of the people and the nation that determine the type of Democracy that is raised and the type of capitalism that arises. Yes, the more likely that China will become a democratic type state. China will probably become a capitalistic nation. But that does not mean that atheistic secular humanist vision, values and principles in China -- Communist China today -- is attached, will change, or that leaders will change. Neither will change China, with its grand ambition to influence not only in the Pacific Rim, but on the world stage. And the influence they exert on their values, principles, and aspirations atheists where the state is the sovereign, not God. This has enormous implications. Now, imagine if North Korea and South Korea, through a democratic process, become a nation. The issue is not the reunification of Korea, the question is what kind of nation will be the result of reunification? Would it be a nation that recognizes the sovereignty of God? Or would a nation that totally denies the existence of God?

(Message of Peace, reading continues)

... Nothing can compare with the value of true love. It has the power to dissolve the barriers fallen people have created, even national boundaries and barriers of race and even religion,

How much more explicit could be the father, from talk of true love is the spirit to embrace -- not hitting, not to attack? Embracing and digest. But that is happening now? And then, especially Father concluded by saying that true love has the power to even go beyond the divisions that separate humanity. Father speaks about race, nationality, and then concludes, even with religion, with the emphasis on religion. How many times the father said that the era of religion has ended? So what kind of contradiction is being created now? The purpose of this movement should have been providential that aligned to the Providence of God for the fulfillment of his will is soon to become a new faith only perpetuates the divisions that have plagued humanity in human history since the fall of Adam and Eve . How many times do I have to explain to you that the management is so important? Providence moves, when we realize it or not. It is a question of whether or not we fulfill our responsibility in this context. The most important thing you must understand now, being aware or not, he will become historical. You could say that even in his personal history is his destiny.

In a sense, I feel very, very sad, and even sad for people who are carrying out this sort of thing because history will judge. There is a total contradiction. And this brand will be -- can not be the final story of the True Parents and True Family. So I have to do what I do. In other words, can not be the end.

(Message of Peace, reading continues)

... Where people governs itself according to the path of heaven and heavenly laws, without lawyers, prosecutors -

The people govern themselves by the heavenly laws and the way in Heaven. In other words, becoming people of conscience based on divine principles, fundamental values and aspirations. This is a top-down type of totalitarian communist structure mentioned here that the father? What the Father says is the original expectation of God for the original family of Adam, and the precedent that should have been set for mankind.

(Message of Peace continues reading)

... The current conflict in the Korean peninsula transcends religion and politics, which are responsible for solving world problems. From a geopolitical point of view -

Once again, in particular, "transcends religion and politics." Just this statement alone is very, very, very important for Korea and reunification of Korea. If religious communities in South Korea do not join but are divided among themselves and think of a democratic process of reunification could be a possibility that Korea -- the unified Korea "does not become a God-centered nation. So the make up of our movement in Korea will have enormous implications in the proper environment of South Korea to really align with the sovereignty of God and lead a nation that is united, that is aligned to accept the sovereignty of God as also the vision and the providential mission of Korea. That is one reason why I wanted to bring this vision that challenges the religious leaders out of their boxes and join based on something bigger, Korea. Without it, not going to unite the religious factions. In fact, if we become only a church, we will be the promoters, not unity, but in reality we would instigators of division -- to make religion the issue, even in a political platform. That will fragment their religious community and will lead directly to the worst situation, if reunification happens soon enough. That is one reason why I am anxious that the reunification happen soon at this time.

(Message of Peace, reading continues)

What will happen is that if the Unification Movement enters the skin of the Unification Church, Christians enter into the skin of Christians, Buddhists come into Buddhists skin, and Muslims come into your Muslim skin. And instead of changing the debate based on the values of universal principles that can unite all people of faith, is to bring the discussion to that element that has divided people of faith throughout the history rooted in theology, rooted in specific traditions, etc. which is basically a small portion or fraction of what people of any faith of any religion believes. Eighty percent to eighty-five percent, ninety percent is common. Ten percent is different is what religions throughout human history have been fighting, killing each other. And in the process, losing credibility.

So I have been changing the debate in the vision of One Family under God and the vision of the GPF Interfaith, which has focused on identifying universal principles and values that have come from our Heavenly Father must be the central unifying force of all people of faith. And we were successful by changing the debate, changing the circumstances in which people of faith can come together and unite.

However, even though we were winning this debate, has now changed again. And when you move in the direction of a church, begin to see the walls go up. This will have enormous implications for Korea. I am very worried.

That's why I'm very worried. Now one of the things that you do not realize is the work of the fate on the Korean GPF aims.

(Message of Peace, reading continues)

... Human beings are grafted to the true lineage of God. Real families are the source and foundation of true love, true life and true lineage. Through real families the true nation, the real world and can build true Queen

This is very important. Listen carefully. Thus, the precedent is so important.

(Message of Peace, reading continues)

Then, when Father says this, do you think there is a Blessing just to be a ceremony of the Unification Church? Is it a rite of passage for the conversion to the Unification faith? Or is the Blessing one way in which God's providential purpose for humanity can be fulfilled grafted onto the True Tree of Life -- the construction of a new God-centered world, rooted in our consciousness and be people of character and maintaining high integrity of truth and justice, and therefore able to govern ourselves, because we can govern ourselves through our conscience?

For this reason, without truth and justice, there is no legitimacy. You will see. The fate that I see in the future, I feel sorry and pray for those who are following this course because it will not end well. Basically, it goes against everything that is of Heaven, the Heavenly Father, God's providence and universal principles of all creation. It is against this. The entire universe and humanity to reject. These are not my words. These are the words of God given to humanity through the Messages of Peace from Father.

(Message of Peace, reading continues until the end)

I know I must walk the course, almost by circumstances beyond my control, while the destination... I will not be dictated or driven by circumstances that are below the major issues that have meaning and enormous implication, not only for the life of my parents, but more important for the precedent of the True Family, and have implications on how you'll see the formation of this era of Cheon Il Guk. This is a responsibility as a member of the True Family that I have no choice but to defend -- focused on the guidelines issued the providence of God, as indicated in this message of peace. I think that is the way to meet their responsibility. "Affiliate" is the responsibility to give life and birth, not to another generation, the next generation, but proper inheritance of the True Parents, real family. As well as being owner of the Providence of God. This is a crucial moment. I'm not going to explain myself. I know what I have to do. I've talked to all leaders and somehow, having this first Hoon Dok Hae and this first meeting this year is good, because it will set a precedent for this year.

From this year will see high quality, in other words, it's almost like when God asked Jesus, when Jesus spoke of the possibility of being crucified and was asked by his disciples, "If you come back my lord, how will we know who are you?" Jesus said, "know me by my works." You will begin to see the works that theories represent fundamentally if very, very different from God's view. This will be a very crucial year. I know that great blessings are ahead. And we will reap the harvest for the good Providence of God, the proper legacy of the True Parents, and the precedent for the establishment of True Family, and the advent of the era of Cheon Il Guk.

I want to read the message of peace No 13. In fact, all messages of peace that the Father has given. And owning them. That's why I explain that is the culmination of the work of his life. And then ask yourself is the course of filial piety. What would a truly filial son, which is what a true filial daughter should do, what their responsibility from the vision of Heaven, Heavenly Father, as the world judges, as Heavenly Father will judge us, as history will judge this crucial moment? Why not be judged by what it says, but will be judged by what he does. It's like Jesus said, "I know what I do."

(Hyun Jin Nim spoke in Korean) 

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