The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Living For The Sake Of Others

Hyun Jin Moon
December 2009
Global Peace Association

The reason why I am working for you (and the Unification Church) is because of "True Love" that means the impulse to want to live for the sake of others -- not justice, or sense of getting self-righteousness, self-vindication; in other words, the willingness to live for the larger good or whole. If one works under that paradigm, one's viewpoint is outlined from that paradigm, one's actions are outlined from that paradigm. You have the substance to overcome whatever personal crisis you might have, with an individual or even a group in this matter.

I touched upon this, especially in a lot of my public speeches, and it really goes back, harkens back to Father's core message. If you read Father's speeches back in 1950 when he was first starting his public mission, he was constantly talking about True Love. The most quoted biblical statement that Father has is the quote, "love your enemy," which reflects this paradigm in its most profound form, does it not?

Now, why is it that this power has the power to digest all? It is rooted in a value-creating proposition. "Living for the sake of others" creates value. It does not destroy value. Somebody who actually lives in accordance to this paradigm is somebody who will be willing to have his mind overcome his body; somebody who is willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of his family; somebody who is willing to make familial sacrifices for the sake of the nation; somebody who is willing to even sacrifice his own nation for the sake of the world; and, somebody who is even willing to sacrifice the world for the sake of God. Thus, if I have to go back and outline or characterize this person by a certain word, we are talking about someone who has the qualification to be a filial son, to be a patriot, to be a saint and to be a holy son. It is rooted here.

I am going to be explaining to you how important I look at this. If W-CARP as an organization, if you as individuals, or if you as Blessed Central Families want to be in alignment with providential history, it all starts from here -- HEART. Your motivation has to be right. The reason why you are doing what you are doing has to be right.

Let me qualify all this. It always starts from "I," doesn't it? Do you think when God started the providence of restoration, God said I want to restore them because I want to have a love partner? Yes, that might have been His original impulse for the creation of humanity. But that was not it. It's just like when a parent has a child. If the child goes astray, the parents' impulse is not to save the child for the sake of saving his or her name, is it? It is because the love for that child moves that parent, is it not?

So what was the impulse that prompted God to start the providence of restoration, and to save humanity? It was not even centered on God. This is something you don't understand. So, your motivation has to be right. That is why I have said so many times that the reason for you to do what you are doing should be the life for the greater good. That should be your motivation.

Not what can I get from it; nor what can come to me from it; not what benefit can I get from it BUT what can I contribute, what can I give and what can I share for the sake of the whole. The fact of the matter is that there is a certain leap of faith here. If I live like this, I will create value on every single level. Yet, that is not the reason why I am doing it. I am doing it because this is the original impulse. It touches my heart, it resonates within my heart. This is the right thing to do. 

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