The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

God Had Protected True Parents

Hyun Jin Moon
July 21. 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jung Gung
Chung Pyung, Korea

Greetings from Rev. Kwak

True Father has just called me. Hyun Jin Nim just arrived from America yesterday evening. Father told me Hyun Jin Nim will be coming up to lead Hoon Dok Hae and so through him we should hear an important message and declaration related to this providential moment. So let us welcome Hyun Jin Nim and listen to his words. Please welcome him with a round of applause.

Words from Hyun Jin Nim

Good morning. I know you've been worried about True Parents a lot, but I want to tell you not to worry so much. God had protected True Parents and therefore they are doing well. This morning True Father wanted to come to Hoon Dok Hae. Because today, the 21st is a very important day, he wanted to gather all the Boon Bong Wangs and have a special meeting with them, but since he needs rest more than anything else at the moment, I came up instead of him.

Especially in this era, when Heaven is moving with us, if we, Blessed Central Families, can align to God's Will, it is a time where amazing things can happen. I'm sorry my Korean is not so good. You are all Blessed Central Families, right? What does Blessed Central Family mean? This morning we read Father's words about the 'Family Pledge'. I thought it was the perfect subject for today. Blessed Central Families are extended members of True Family. When you look at the entire providential history, God had a dream. He had a dream centered on Adam and Eve. That dream was to build a true family.

A family would have been established centering on Absolute Faith, Love and Obedience and through that family true love, true life, and true lineage could have been established. Centered on three generations representing the past, present and future, this family could have represented the entire humanity. However, Adam and Even did not understand God's will and fell. From that time the providence of restoration began. What was the restorational era seeking to establish? It was a True Family. Because Jesus could not establish a True Family before he died, God had to send True Father on earth to build that family. And as Blessed Central Family, you are all the extended members of the True Family. But just because we are in the position of Abel, we cannot move forward only centered on ourselves. This is the time when we must eliminate all relationships to Satan and we must bless all mankind. This is the age in which every human being must move forward centered upon God. That is why we have a big responsibility.

True Father explained to me especially how important the blessing providence is. There is only one way True Family can be united. There aren't two, three, four ways. Only one way. We cannot decide the path; God has already determined everything. Centering on True Parents this course has been established. If we want to realize this dream and providence, we need to be owners. We, Blessed Central Families, need to become those owners.

Before I came to Korea this time, I had a huge event in Paraguay. This nation tried to kick us out of their nation and tried to take away the foundation that True Parents built. But through this event, centering on the vision of 'One Family under God', everything changed 100%. True Parents took the central role and have suffered a lot to pave this road. Then, especially in this age, who should become their hands and feet? We, True Family and Blessed Central Families, should become their hands and feet. If we only think about ourselves, and if we are divided amongst ourselves, how can we substantialize this dream? The Unification church was not established for our own sake. We should become the owners who work hard centering on God's providence. God's blessing cannot come if we forget God and True Parents, and only think about ourselves.

Especially in this era, for Parents to have to undergo another indemnity condition like this, instead of us, for me, as a son, I feel so sorry to them. As an elder brother, I am so sorry. Father gave us guidance this morning, and I could strongly sense that Father was very worried about us because we are not united. Until now, Father has suffered a lot while leading this providence and he has built all these foundations. But I felt it is not God's Providence that is worrying Father, he is worried about us. Father said especially today myself, Kook Jin, Hyung Jin, Rev. Kwak and the Boon Bong Wangs must all gather here. The 21st is a very important day and Father has laid much jungsung and has great interest in this day.

This morning I went up to Father at 4:30 and offered jungsung. I told him that I wanted to stay with him. Then he stood up and said "Today I must attend Hoon Dok Hae." But he should rest. The helicopter accident was a major accident, so I told him that he should rest more. Usually in that kind of accident people don't survive. However, Father said I must then go and make sure everyone goes forward all together as one. Hearing his words, I felt deeply sorry to him. Because I'm his son and have been working in the church for 10 years, I know our situation. We have not become one. Even when we speak about the Divine Principle, one person thinks this way and another thinks that way. We have not become one. I felt so sorry in my heart. My poor father...

As a son if I want to be filial, what must I do? Even if I haven't been able to substantiate, my father has suffered so much to fulfill the providence and has walked this type of course for God. As a filial son, what is the course I am to walk...? (Hyun Jin Nim is crying) I believe there is only one way: That dream -- the dream that God could not realize. The dream that my father has taken responsibility for and has gone through so much suffering to realize... (Crying) We must become the owners of that dream.

Today Father will perhaps be giving special directions once again, so I will not go into this so deeply. In order for this providence to be realized, we should make all mankind into our true family. We have to remove Satan's lineage and with attending Heavenly Father as the owner, parents need to be able to take their position as True Parents and True Family need to be able to settle in their rightful position. For Blessed Central Families our responsibility is not only about receiving the Blessing ourselves. We must become owners of God's dream. We should be the owners of our True Father's dream. It has to become our dream as True Family.

I usually do not show my emotions in front of people, and today I did not want to come here like this before you. I just wanted to be with parents. Actually, when I travel the world so much and speak a lot in front of people and also take on large responsibilities, the time I get to spend with my family becomes so precious. But what my father taught me was not to live for the sake of myself, but to live for the sake of others. He said I am not to think individually, but to think of the greater purpose and I should set my goals in that same way, and that this is a true man.

I have tried to follow Father's words though I may not be good enough, but today after spending time with Father I have became more determined to do better. I think because Father cares about you and is always thinking about you, he sent me here to give you some words in his place. You are so precious as Blessed Central Families, but we should not keep that blessing to ourselves. We have to move all the people in the world. If you truly want to live as filial sons and daughters, as I felt this morning, I believe there is only one way and this is the path we must go together. The dream of God and True Parents should become my dream. Even if Parents lose their strength, we should become their hands and feet and fulfill that dream. What do you all think? (Aju) I think there will be special directions from Father especially for the Boon Bong Wangs. 

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