The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Report to Parents

Attributed to Hyun Jin Moon
March 23, 2008

Dear Parents.

Although I had this report prepared earlier to send to you, due to the length of what I had written in English, the translation to Korean had taken longer than I expected. More importantly, I withheld sending this report due to the painful, sudden seunghwa of Hyo Jin hyung. Parents, when I have trouble sleeping at night from this recent sacrifice. How much more difficult would it be for you? With Shinyea's seunghwa I came to know all too well, the excruciating and agonizing heart of parents who have to send their child to spirit world ahead of themselves. It was hard to bear this experience for one child and my heart is full of pain thinking of you, who had to endure this over and over again throughout your life course. My heart and prayers are always with you, and my only desire is to be a more filial son to bring solace to Parents. Please regain your strength and please take care of your health.

Father, even as you approach your centennial year, your commitment to bring about the realization of God's dream is an inspiration to us all. I know that this charge has been the motivating factor throughout your colorful life and, through all the trials and tribulations, your steadfast determination to this dream is what allowed our movement to flower in an environment with countless droughts.

Looking forward, I know that Parents recognize the challenges in front of us but, at the same time, realize the possibilities that are the product of decades of blood, sweat and tears. We stand today, on a worldwide stage very similar to the Christian foundation at the end of the Second World War, when humanity could have built a world of peace centered upon God's dream of building One Family Under God. That is why it is even more important for our entire movement to seriously look at the direction and goat of divine Providence, not only over the next 5 years, but beyond -- to truly fulfill the dream of One Family Under God.

As parents are fully aware, we are at a crossroads. The direction our movement takes today will determine the future. Father, in 2005, Father confided in me how dangerous and important the next three years would be. That would be 2007, 2008 and 2009. I, too, have felt the importance of this time and the urgency of building the right foundation and setting the right direction to align properly to providence. If we do, then the providential goals of restoring a nation and the eventual creation of an Abel UN are possible. However, if we don't, then we may be doomed to remain a cult or a small denomination of Christianity

With the end of the 40-year Wilderness course centered upon the Unification Church where the 6,000 years of lost Biblical history could be restored through a suffering path of indemnity. Parents ushered in the Age of Settlement and, later, proclaimed the era of Cheon II Guk where our movement could focus on the providential goal of building One Family Under God. Starting from July 30, 1996, you have been slowly moving our movement out of the Unification Church skin and into a broader movement engaged with changing the Cain-type world.

In line with the Principle of Restoration, Parents focused on eradicating Satan's blood lineage and ownership over humanity through the Blessing Movement starting from 1960 after your Holy Blessing. However, throughout the 40-year wilderness course, this movement was extended to only those disciples within the Unification Church. Starting from the early to mid-1990s to this day, it has expanded on a global scale to all qualified couples and families of the Cain-type world. With the subsequent creation of other Peace Federations, such as WFWP and YFWP, and membership organizations, such as the Ambassador for Peace movements, you started engage all races, nationalities, ethnic and professional groups etc. -- the broader human community. Finally with the coronation ceremonies of God and True Parents and through the creation of the Family Party and establishment of the Abel UN, you have prepared the stage for the "substantial" sovereignty of God and the Kingdom of a peaceful ideal world.

The steps that you have taken were methodical and in alignment with the direction of providential history. Yet, I know many leaders questioned the aforementioned initiatives raising concern over losing our 'church' identity, traditions and foundation. Not seeing the broader vision and goal of building One Family Under God, they mistakenly saw the foundation you created throughout the Age of Indemnity as your legacy and enduring purpose. Thus, jeong sung, as a son or daughter, meant worshipping the institutions and traditions rather than the dream which inspired its creation, namely the dream of building One Family Under God. Instead of moving forward towards the goal that God and True Parents outlined and, thereby, expanding our base and foothold in this fallen world, we have been looking to our past and focused on securing our established foundations.

Over the past 10 years, I have been guided by that dream of building One Family Under God and have led our movement, especially the 2nd generation and our 'young people,' with a consistent principle and view point to always align to this providential goal. As Parents announced at the beginning of this year, 2008 will be a critical year in determining the future of God's providence and the speed in which it is realized. As our movement launches into this year; I would like to report, from what perspective the Unification Movement will need to reposition, and with this in mind, I would like to briefly report the key activities of 2007 and what I am planning for 2008.

1. Parents' Legacy

The most important and pressing issue I see today is the legacy issue concerning the mission and purpose of Father's Life. It will not only determine how future generations will perceive Parents but will also guide the current generation. There is no doubt in my mind that the greatest and most enduring legacy of True Parents is the fulfillment of God's original dream of creating a True Family, where True Love, True Life and True Lineage are substantiated This has been the purpose of Creation and the goal of the Providence of Restoration and Recreation Representing the central, ancestral family of all mankind, the True Family is to set the model of aligning to the Will of God and leading humanity to realize the dream of creating One Family Under God. Not only was this God's original purpose but also the way in which the substantial restoration and recreation of humanity could come about through the expansion of the Blessing, eradicating Satan's ownership over humanity. Parents have stayed true to this divine revelation and thus guided our movement upon the foundation we stand on today. It is important to note that Parents' legacy, although including the creation and formation of many organizations and institutions is rooted in the "providential purpose" of realizing and expanding God's dream of building One Family Under God. The formation of those organizations and institutions were a means to which God's dream is to be fulfilled and not an ends to themselves.

It is important that our movement and the Cain type world recognize that the scope of Parent's work is not limited to the case of the Unification Church but is providentially based going all the way back to the beginning of human creation. Parents are the owners of the "unfulfilled" dream of God to build One Family Under God centered upon Adam's family. Father has inherited the Original Dream of God and is the one who perfected the three generations of True Family and its tradition which is the substantialized fruit of God's Dream. In addition, Father has lived to establish the word into 'One Family Under God' transcending all barriers centering on the truth that came as a divine revelation from God, namely the Divine Principle. Thus, the Divine Principle reveals the universal, absolute laws and principles embedded in the act of Creation of not only the physical universe but the human family itself. This is the most important legacy that will have history forever remember Parents as the True Parents of mankind and the True King of Peace.

The True Family, leading the Blessed Central Families, as the basis of the Unification Movement, needs to understand that it is God's dream of building One Family Under God that we must inherit and eventually become the owners of in order to legitimately stand as the heirs of Parents' legacy. For, the True Family has the responsibility to carry out Parents 'correct' legacy, not just as a religious leader and the founder of the Unification Church, but as the owners of God's dream to eventually realize One Family Under God. If we do not, then this dream rooted in providential purpose, will end within the second and subsequent generations. It is important to understand that the resources of our movement need to fulfill this end and not overshadow this purpose. Thus, position and authority should be utilized for the public and providential purpose of fulfilling the dream of building One Family Under God. Without this clears perspective, then the basis of unity and purpose for the current generation will be lost and Parent's true legacy forgotten. More importantly the True Family will not be able to fulfill its responsibility before history and providence to expand and substantiate this 'dream' to the rest of the Cain-type world.

2. The Need for Repositioning the Unification Movement

The mission that Father was charged to fulfill by God was originally to begin on the Christian foundation, prepared for the Lord of the Second Advent after the death of Jesus. Although rooted in a spiritual, religious core value system based upon True Love and a theology centered upon universal salvation through faith in Jesus. Christianity expanded to the level of nations and the world, touching upon the religious as well as the political, economic, media, academia and social-cultural spheres, becoming the cornerstone of the modem word. In other words, the Christian foundation, which Father was to stand upon, represented the world in 1945. After the Second World War, the United States, representing the Christian world, became the only super-power in the world and, shortly thereafter, initiated the formation of the United Nations. This was before the rise of atheistic communism on the worldwide stage and the beginning of the Cold War. However, Christianity was not able to receive the returning Lord and Father had no choice but to enter the course in the wilderness and create a separate foundation, the Unification Church, in its place in order to move providence forward..

Being the central person in God's providence, Father needed to establish a spiritual root to the movement to restore God's original dream so it was natural to establish the Unification Church when the Christian foundation failed to receive Parents. Yet, upon entering the Age After the Corning of Heaven, we have entered into an age where our movement has to work beyond just the religious field into all the other spheres such as politics. academia, media etc., especially if we are to eventually restore and find a nation and, more importantly, legitimize the Abel UN. Father, we stand today at the critical juncture of history very similar to the prepared foundation of Christianity in 1945. You were never meant to be "just" a "religious leader" but the King of Heaven and Earth just as Jesus was never meant to be the founder of Christianity but a divine son who tried to fulfill the dream of God. Had he accomplished this mission he would have become the King of Heaven and Earth, moving human history toward the direction of God s ideal Kingdom of Heaven. I believe this is the true meaning behind your declaration of the Age of Cheon Il Guk and the formation of the Abel UN.

However, our movement has misrepresented Fathers work by validating the false perception that Parents are the founder of a new religion and are narrowly focused on furthering the aims of the Unification Church. More importantly, the Divine Principle, which you gleaned through the study and communion with God's Created Universe and through direct revelation are misunderstood, not only by our movement but those in the Cain-type world, as the specific doctrine or theology of the Unification Church. I have been trying to correct this misperception over the last ten years, facing the greatest resistance from our own leaders who naively thought they were protecting and maintaining Father's legacy. In other words, they were unwilling and unable to come out of their 'Unificationist's skin." They did not realize that Father's legacy should be so much more nor did they understand the course of providential history. But, Heavenly Father was there to always counsel and consoles me. He made me realize that I had to pioneer this path in order for the correct legacy to be inherited by the True Family and the Second Generation, the fruits of God's blessing.

I know that I have not been good at reporting to Father but I knew if I spoke of such things it could have been misunderstood. I have always believed that God will reveal the truth through time since He is the force moving through providence and, therefore, continued in the work He charged me to do. I am glad to report that, through the International Leadership Conferences (ILC), our leaders are beginning to realize the potential of our movement to work on a totally new level than before. I know that much of that is due to the blood. sweat and tears of Parent's foundational work but another par, of it is through representing Parents in the appropriate light as the owners of Gods dream to create one human family-One Family Under God. This new direction is in alignment with providential Will since it correctly represents Father as the King of Heaven and Earth by being the true owner of God's dream and it correctly sets the issue of legacy and inheritance for the second and subsequent generations. In other words, what the future generations of Blessed Central Families should be are the true owners of God's dream of creating "One Family Under God." In addition, it correctly establishes the Divine Principle as the universal, absolute divinely-inspired truths, standing above the realm of theology and tradition, which can ultimately be the basis upon which the world's religions and people of faith can come together to realize tie dream of creating 'One Family Under God.`

Although, I created the ILC to educate the leadership of the Cain-type world, I am glad to report that its greatest impact is among our own Blessed Central Families. Many have mentioned that for the first time our movement has a clarity of direction and purpose, inspiring those who have drifted away or who were 'sitting on the sidelines' to be reengaged in God's providence. This momentum is now being felt throughout our worldwide movement. Our Ambassadors for Peace are even more energized and have made greater levels of commitment to further our work in their respective nations. Most importantly, the Cain-type world is beginning to understand and appreciate the true purpose of Father's mission and works.

Starting in 2006.I began creating the foundation for the creation of the Global Peace Festivals through the ILCs and through Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP). We actually started to roll these festivals out in 2007 by launching the first event in front of the Capital building in Seoul, Korea, during the World Culture and Sports Festival (WCSF).This event set the precedence for a new relationship with the Korean media, especially "new media." and with various other 'partners' who were committed to the vision of creating One Family Under God. Later, we held these festivals throughout Europe and culminated in the Philippines, where more than 250.000 young people and all the dignitaries and VIPs of islands were gathered. By any measurable standard it was an unprecedented event and a great success for God's providence as the message of One Family Under God was received and owned by all those who participated in the festival.

However, holding a great festival is not the sole purpose of the Global Peace Festival (GPF). The true purpose is aligned to providential Will in eradicating Satan's lineage through the expansion of the Blessing ideal and through mainstreaming the global peace vision of creating One Family Under God, especially in these troubled times where a potential religious conflict is imminent. The vehicle in which these festivals will be expanded throughout the globe is through partnerships where our partners firmly own the peace vision of One Family Under God and are willing to commit their own resources to help realize this dream. Already, I'm sure Father has already heard, in the Philippines. 90% of the total $4,000,000.00 plus cost was paid by our partners and they are even more committed to the upcoming event in 2008. This level of commitment was unprecedented, yet establishes the real basis in which God's great dream could be realized by 2012.

As Father can see, I have been leading the Unification Movement in a clear methodical manner, aligned to the providence of God and your legacy, and it is now bearing fruit. It was my hope and desire to offer the GPF to Parents after the Philippines event so that this great victory could set the stage for this historical year of 2008, which represents the first step forward into creating the world of Cheon Il Guk.

Therefore, I would like to explain in detail how we must re-align the culture of Blessed Families and the Unification Movement as a whole.

1) First; repositioning the Family Federation for World Peace and our Blessed Family Culture.

As I explained previously, the true legacy of Parents is being the owners of God's original dream and, therefore, it is the mission of the Blessed Central Families to be its owners as well, especially if we are to be the true heirs of Parent's legacy. It is important to note that there is a providential, historical imperative with this charge that can not be realized with the establishment of a mere church. However, for many Blessed Central Families, their life of 'faith' was molded by the experiences of the Wilderness Period centered upon the Unification Church With a narrow viewpoint rooted in these experiences, many Blessed Families have not been able to see the true legacy and ultimate mission of Parents in its entirety. As a result, a true family tradition rooted in the dream of creating One Family Under God has not emerged, leaving our families without providential purpose or mission orientation.

The reason our Family Federation foundation has stagnated is due directly to this fact. It lost its "providential mission focus" as it transformed its skin to reflect more mainline established churches. Unfortunately, different from Fathers original expectation, the Family Federation, which should have represented our transformation in the other direction toward a broader movement surpassing the religious spheres to all areas of human endeavor centered upon the family, went backwards to ´ consciously copy the failing methods and strictures of the mainline Christian Churches. In other words we became a church, focused on 'ministry to our congregations' instead of being a providential movement fulfilling the dream of God. As all things are connected, this led the Cain-type world to view all our efforts to lead them toward God's dream as self-serving and a direct threat to their faith traditions. As they saw it, we were a church and Divine Principle our particular theology which was in direct competition with them and therefore they attacked us. I know that is not what Father intended nor wanted. However, this has been our enduring 'false" legacy up until now.

Even more disturbing, our Blessed Central Families lost their sense of providential mission focus as the 'institution" of the church became the center of their lives of faith. God has been moving humanity to realize One Family Under God, where mankind doesn't need institutions, religious or otherwise, to be a conduit in which He could freely commune with them. That is why Father instructed the formation of the Hoon Dok Family cell church providence to begin upon the creation of the FFWP. But, once again, we did not align to this direction rooted in providential purpose and maintained the current existing foundations. As a result, a culture rooted in a sense of purpose and mission has been lost and a culture of mere survival and comfortable coexistence has emerged. More importantly, how could the Blessed Central Families, who should be the true heirs of Parent's legacy of creating One Family Under God, realize their providential responsibilities if they do not align themselves with the direction of providence and not with an institution? What about the True Family? Are we helping this confusion and lack of focus and direction or are we leading in the right direction? Are we to establish an institution or fulfill the dream of God?!!!

After being appointed the International Vice President of the Family Federation in 1998, I clarified, Parents´ legacy and providential mission and emphasized that all Blessed Families were extended members of the True Family. I have guided Blessed Families to align to the Vertical Axial line of God-True-Parents-True-Family and to live as owners of the Culture of Heart by focusing on the providential mission of realizing the dream of God.

It is important to note that this Culture of Heart be rooted in a God-centric love focused on his original purpose of realizing One Family Under God and not a humanistic-type of love which seeks to maintain co-existence and is without purpose. As I visited the field, although I know the suffering and often miserable state of our members, I encouraged them to work harder for the fulfillment of God's dream because I know it is the only way our Blessed Central Families could be truly liberated and inherit the 'true' legacy of Parents, especially at this critical juncture of providence. I have urgently tried to convey, to them that we stand at a 'tipping point' where our efforts could change the tide of history to align with the Will of God. For this could be a time of great leadership and self-sacrifice for a greater prize to be had in the future or, at the same time, could be a time of appeasement and self interest to maintain our current foundation and forever doomed to be a pariah, lost without direction in other words shall we lead the world back to God or shall we forever remain a cult or new religion? No matter where I remain, whenever I ask our members this question, they answer with a resounding yes to "Lead the world back to God." Therefore, I know that our Blessed Central Families Still have the ideal, visionary desire to fulfill the Will of God but they have been terribly misled, misguided and misdirected, and frankly misused.

Father, the problem was not with our members but our leaders. Our Blessed Families still recognize and have a desire to be aligned to God's providence, but our church leaders, especially in the FFWPU, want them to be members of their church congregations very similar to mainline Christian Churches. In the end, both the church leader and the congregation looses sight of the larger providential purpose for becoming a Blessed Central Family in the first place and focus on maintaining one's daily life and most of all "their" congregation. In other words a life which could have been devoted to the greatest of purposes -- the realization of God's dream -- becomes trivialized to the point of daily survival.

As an elder brother, how can I stand idle and let this go on? That is why I have challenged our leaders not only to rethink their lives or faith but also how they have "led" our members to this point and how they have used their 'authority' over the lives of our Blessed Central Families. I am glad to report that dramatic changes have happened in those nations were the leadership of the FFWPU has heeded my call to refocus our movement to the providential rather than ministerial leadership paradigm centered upon building One Family Under God. In America, Japan, Europe. Southeast Asia and Northeast continent and now Latin America, our Blessed Families are on fire with a clear purpose and great sense of mission.

However, Korea, the central nation, of God's providence, where the root of our movement lies, is not only maintaining but actually leading our Blessed Families in the opposite direction. That is why although we have the greatest internal foundation our movement has stagnated over the last 10 plus years. Father, this is where our movement's problems persist and multiply. I humbly suggest you look into the matter and give it serious consideration. Given the Important providential age and the need to urgently move forward, it is more important than ever to align our Blessed Central Families to the peace vision of One Family Under God so that they may become its true inheritors and substantiate Parents legacy. Our Blessed Families need a forward-looking vision and direction toward the dream of building One Family Under God.

As we move toward the ultimate goal of realizing One Family Under God, a true culture of heart centered upon God and not humanistic tendencies needs to arise. Until this problem is resolved. I am saddened to state that we cannot move forward.

2) Second, UPF and the Abel UN, Owning the Global Interfaith Movement centered on the vision of "One Family Under God"

Father, you were a visionary when you first founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity in that your message was not only inter-denominational, as the name limply suggests, but inter-religious as well. At a time when most religious leaders were focusing upon growing their own denomination and faith traditions and most did not even know or not endorse an inter-denominational or inter-religious message, you were the lone voice that called for the people of faith, regardless of their faith traditions, to come together centered upon absolute values derived from divine, immutable principles. You have stayed true to that call and the world finally caught up.

It is important to note that your inter-faith message is different from others who eventually jumped upon the inter-religious bandwagon. Others have professed the need to "tolerate and peacefully co-exist" with those of other faith tradition, practicing their customs together and establishing fellowship. However, this approach, although establishing a veneer of peaceful co-existence, is a band-aid solution since those elements such as theology and tradition which define so many religions today are still intact as the dominant source of spiritual education. So, although one may worship together one still believes in the tenets that divide and factionalize the human family of faith, Needless to say, many of these tenets came after the death of the founders in the form of theology and religious tradition and in many ways distorted the original message of its founders.

Your approach has been very different. Instead of focusing upon theology and religious tradition, you focused upon the absolute, universal truths which God adhered to from the beginning of human creation to the present day. That revelation, allowed you to see that God moved throughout all the Great Faiths and thus his fingerprints like DNA were embedded in the values of all the great religious traditions. This focus on shared principles deriving from a common divine heritage has been the primary approach to your inter-faith vision and has been carried out to great success in the ILS over the last year.

However, like all things, our movement did not know nor recognize this important and very critical difference in your inter-faith message and, up until the end of 2006, followed the established trends in inter-religious activities with little to show for. I am glad to report that, slowly all the major leaders inside and outside of our movement are beginning to recognize the difference and are beginning to see the great opportunity to lead the global inter-faith movement which has always been Father's unfulfilled dream. As I reported to Father in my last report I have guided UTS to be the academic vanguard, in spreading this vision and would like to align our Sun Moon Theological School and the Chung Shim Theological School to follow suit. But more importantly, I have been leading UPF, as the foundation for the Abel UN, to own this inter-faith perspective and brand it uniquely to our work.

Father, I know that it was your desire to see this inter-faith vision realized when you made the proposal for the inter-religious council to be established in the UN. Nevertheless, the UN, being an atheistic institution unrepresentative of the world's theistic population, has not fully supported this bold initiative. But, God moves in mysterious ways and in one sense it was good that the Cain-UN did not take ownership over this vision. With the creation of UPF and the formation of the Abel UN, our Unification Movement has the vehicle to lead the global inter-faith movement. As we position UPF to own the global inter-faith initiative centered upon the dream of creating One Family Under God given the current state of global crisis rooted in a potential conflict amongst faiths. UPF's unique perspective of inter-faith will be highlighted for all the word to see. Most importantly, the world will also know where this vision originated.

Once again, there are tremendous possibilities if we are to move in this obvious Providential direction. However, things never seem to be that simple. Although the Cheon Il Guk Year of Jubilee is a time when God's dream is inherited and we move toward bearing fruits, the same issue I raised easier is holding our forward momentum. For, how can we be the leaders of a new inter-faith movement based upon "shared principles" if we are one of many churches? More importantly, if these shared principles are the Divine Principle, then, how could it be the theology of one religion? The Divine Principle should stand above the realm of theology to the level of universal absolute divine truths which a person of any faith could own as the basis of his/her own values.

As I educate religious leaders, I emphasize that we, as religious leaders are the problem for we have lost sight of God's original ideal of building One Family Under God. Instead, we focus on enlarging our own denominational and faith foundations and falsely think that we are the servants of God's Will. Then I explain that your founders, let them be Jesus or Mohammad, never taught of establishing another faith tradition but were furthering Gods providence to ultimately realize the dream of creating One Family Under God. This fundamental message attired the hearts of these lofty religious figures to rethink, not only their own life's mission but what it truly meant to serve God and humanity. No one, could deny the truth of this message nor its implications for world peace and that is the reason for their renewed interest of our movement's activities. That is why I reported to Father after the first mega-church tour that we have the foundational vision to lead all the great religions. I believe the mega-church phenomenon in the US has been cultivated by Heaven for such a vision, since the original Christian message was universal in spirit. Right now, these churches are leading the Christian reformation in America and the world and if we can lead this change centered upon this vision I'm sure greater blessing will be realized.

In order for our movement and the Blessed Central Families to actualize the blessings of this age and realize the dream of creating One Family Under God, we must set the precedence as Father has continually taught to breakdown the walls dividing the human family, especially the religious walls. That is why it has been a mystery to me that there are those who continually cling onto the institution of the Unification Church, thinking they are realizing Heaven's and Father's original purpose. Entering this age, we must reposition the culture of the Blessed Families and at the same time, reposition our entire Unification Movement. We should breakdown the walls of religion, especially or own walls, and take on the challenge of a true inter-faith, movement that could unite the body of faith throughout the world centered upon the peace vision of creating One Family Under God, rather than trying to protect and grow the institution of the Unification Church. If we do, then, naturally, the world would recognize Parents as the ones who transcended religion and lived to fulfill the dream of God and all humanity. In addition, the Divine Principle would be perceived not as the theology of one religion but as the universal principles which came as a revelation from God and are the fundamental truths embedded in the teaching of all religions.

Parents' worldwide interfaith movement must, in the end, bear fruit in Korea, since Korea is a religiously plural nation. The power of this global interfaith movement will not only be the basis of uniting the many religious faiths on the peninsula but would be the force that protects South Korea from any atheistic influences as the nation moves toward reunification with the North. The current mindset of our leaders in Korea of competing against Korean Christianity by creating a mega-church foundation of our own is childish and myopic. In the end we need to absorb and digest those Korean Christians like I am doing with the American mega-churches. The reason I am approaching them is not to create a mega-church for myself but to lead them to a greater vision that is aligned to the mission of Jesus and all greater religious founders' efforts to realize God's dream of creating One Family Under God. This dream is bigger and more powerful than any Church for it is rooted in God and not a human institution.

If, however. Korean Christianity remains narrow-minded and self-serving. Then, it will be isolated from the greater community of faith and crumble from within. Just, as we are breaking down the doors of the mega-churches in America. Korean Christians in the end must support the Providence of God. For this our entire movement has to break down the walls of religion by first coming out of our 'church' skin and lead a larger inter-faith movement to bring about world peace and realize the dream of One Family Under God, laying the foundation for the Era of the Pacific Rim and Cheon II Guk

3) Third, Building the UPF brand and a Global Peace Movement through Focused Strategy, Integration, Cooperation, Coordination and Teamwork

Centered upon the umbrella organization of UPF, all the major providential organizations should be subordinate and align their activities and initiatives according to the global goals and aims of UPF. This will include all the Peace Federations, such as the FFWP YFWP, WFWP, etc as well as other providential organizations actively employed as an affiliated organization of the Unification movement. This issue becomes even more serious as we are to engage our Ambassadors for Peace and outside partners to play a larger role in fulfilling our providential objectives. Since we are looked upon as all being part of the same group by the Cain-type world for our various parts to have a separate heads and directions is both foolish and irresponsible. It is absolutely important for us to create a clear line of command and structure of authority as well as be aligned to one clear purpose and direction. In addition, each nation or region should not be allowed to choose their own strategic objectives although they should have clear autonomy or, tactical initiatives to fulfill globally agreed-upon goals.

In this age of the global economy and the internet, national and regional boundaries are no longer impediments to organizational development and therefore should not hinder larger goals. This really is such that all globally-inclined organizations in both the for-profit and not-for-profit fields have already made the necessary adjustments to deal with a technologically and geographically smaller world. We need to do the same if UPF, as the flagship of our peace movement, is to secure a recognizable, clear and enduring brand identity. As I have mentioned above. I propose that UPF own the inter-faith field centered upon the peace vision of creating One Family Under God. However, organizationally, it has to have the structure to enforce and lead all our other efforts to be in alignment with its stated mission and objectives, especially since these other activities would shine either positively or negatively to UPF.

As the co-chair of UPF, I have made great strides in aligning all entire activities center upon three strategic initiatives which Father has instructed our movement to complete. The first is North-South Korean Reunification. The second is Middle-East Peace Initiative (MEPI) and the third is the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDG). I have guided our international movement and all providential organizations to support these three major activities. It is these three areas that will have the most decisive role in realizing world peace and in having UPF officially recognized by the UN and the world. Once again, we need to bring together all the providential organizations that have been scattered until now to focus on common global, strategic objectives and organizationally center on UPF. the Abel UN I know that this is what Father envisioned upon creating UPF and with your blessing and support I know, that this could be accomplished in short order

However, through meetings with the Regional Chairs and Providential Organization leaders centered on UPF, I have been emphasizing this and working to realize this.

4) Fourth, Building a Global Economic Engine centered upon the

Very much like the need to organizationally build a global movement centered upon UPF, the international Foundation (IF) should also consolidate all of our for-profit activities worldwide. From the purely strategic perspective of supporting UPF, an equal global organization with the explicit purpose of financially supporting UPF is needed. Without it, UPF and all its providential activities will not be sustainable. For this very reason, I believe Father gave me the charge to create the IF, based upon the already existing foundation of the Unification Church International (UCI). Although UCI has some benefits, eventually, we will need to create a true IF which truly manages and controls all our business and for-profit activities. Once again, all national and regional economic foundations should become subordinate to the authority and management of the IF. In addition, clear controls and lines of authority should be established and legally supported so that organizational structures, guidelines and policies can be maintained.

As Father is well aware, money and the power garnered from controlling its use and disbursement is a powerful tool which could subvert, cajole and even threaten the recipient not for-profit organizations to succumb to the will of narrow-minded or providentially-uninformed money men. Therefore, to make sure that the Foundation does not lead our providential organizations and reverse the 'right ' order, controls of oversight and an independent committee on funding grievances needs to be established so that providential money is not used for personal gain or undue influence.

In short, the businesses that were established with a providential purpose cannot be separated from the non-profit sector. Therefore, they must align to the overall international providential direction and must fulfill their mission to support UPF, the Abel UN, and its peace movement and educational institutions. In order to fulfill their providential purpose, … should manage all the existing individual … businesses:, property and economic foundations that we have invested in, in accordance with the nations and international regulations. It also has the responsibility to economically support the world's providential activities. Moreover, … should fulfill the function of guiding and auditing the financial operations and management of the providential organizations and key providential activities according to their Providential value and strategic priority. One of the most important missions of …, is to create a worldwide economic foundation that can be self-sustaining and support providential activities without depending on Japan as soon as possible. The and key businesses of Korea, Japan, America and each nation throughout the world and the key providential activities must respect this role and mission of … and must move with the same ownership over the world's providence following the basic direction.

Dear Parents,

I have already been investing my utmost for the past 10 years to create a Blessed Family culture and Unification Movement foundation that could take the lead at this historic moment, in order to fulfill our stated goals by January 13, 2013 and beyond.

I thank you for your attention and I apologize for the length and level of detail in this letter. I, personally, prefer short and concise reports, however, in the case of this report, although it seems lengthy. I had to leave a lot of content out to summarize the core message for new direction in order to realize the blessings of this age I thought that it was especially important to convey "why" I came to move in this direction and 'how' important it was to maintain this direction. I told Father at the end of last year that the future of our movement and our family rests on the 'direction' that we take today for we stand at a crossroads.

Father, as a son, I have never wanted anything from you but to aid you on your life's mission. I know that that attitude must have led to many misunderstandings and even a feeling that I was arrogant and unappreciative of your work. This could not be further from the truth. Living in an environment where people will say what they do not mean as well as embellish and distort the truth to curry favor from you had, in my youthful sense of principled idealism, led me to do the exact opposite of what I had despised. As a result, I had often, been too honest and too blunt, often hurting you and creating undo anxiety for myself. I know now that truth and honesty is important but that in familial relationships the sword of self-righteousness needs to be sheathed in understanding and patience.

Father, your example has taught me much. Standing at my vantage point today you, of all people, should have questioned why I came back from the proverbial mountaintop and reengaged in my public mission. In 2005, after Father had given directions in the beginning of the year, I know in my heart that I had lost the strength and desire to continue in my work, knowing all to well the problems which would arise. Because I knew the realty of my own family all too well, I was most concerned about the thin veneer of credibility which limit our family as being the model True Family, especially when presented upon a public stage. I had committed my entire public ministry up until that point in educating and guiding our Blessed Central Families on the importance of True Family and, now, before I even had a chance to care for and educate my own siblings, we were going to be presented to the world with all of our flaws.

Knowing the factional political inner workings of our movement's Korean leadership all to well I knew it would be a matter of time before those elements infect our family. As 'birds of a feather flock together' and "water seeks the paths of least resistance," I knew it would be a matter of time before the existing dividing lines in our movement formed within my family as people of similar interests ally with each other to attain common goals. To me, this was an anathema to the ideal of the True Family. I had not found God in self-serving, political processes or systems but through seeking Him out at my moments of desolation and despair. It has always been in Creation, my 'true church,' where I could directly experience His presence in me and guide me to see the path that I must take. It was there, in the mountains of Alaska, where God told me to return and aid you: for, He said you needed my help more than anytime before.

However, when I came back, the situation was worse than I could have ever imagined. The work I sought to carry out thereafter was misunderstood and even I, myself was misunderstood within my family. False perceptions were construed to be reality and I have been the victim of accusations ranging from my trying to control everything out of greed without consideration of my family to my collusion with the people around me. My brothers unite around these groundless fabrications and I became perplexed at times when it seemed Parents heart wavered and accepted these accusations. Without giving it any more consideration than this garbage is due. I would like to say that these accusations are a sign of the accusers' total ignorance about my history and my character. Although it may seem that people change with age, people's innate characters do not change but becomes tempered with life experience. That young boy, which Father acknowledged, who volunteered to stay behind to let his other siblings go out on the boat with Parents in Chung Pyung more than 35 years ago is the same man that those lies have been thrust upon.

Father, without a common purpose and direction rooted in Providential Will, this confusion will persist into the future generations. I have honestly told Parents this many times in the past. Like the inter-faith example I gave earlier to distinguish your perspective of inter-faith with others. I explained that others who tackled this issue settled upon the 'band-aid' solution of Peaceful co-existence although fundamentally all the different faiths still clung to their dividing doctrines and traditions. While on the other hand, your vision of inter-faith is different. You focused upon the "shared principles' which came from God and not a humanly contrived state of detente. I believe this analogy holds true in the case of our family. The only way true unity can come about is through recognizing Father's "true" legacy and inheriting the dream which had been the driving force behind your colorful life. I have always believed that God's dream, which you had brought to light through the Principe of Creation, should be the guiding light not only for our movement but especially our family. Being members of your immediate family doesn't automatically mean we have become the True Family. Just as you had to toil under immense scrutiny and hardship to earn the right to obtain the authority of being a True Parent, so do we have to raise ourselves to become the True Family that God and humanity would like to see.

Father, don't worry about me. No matter what difficulties and defamation obstruct the path that I have chartered, my determination and life course for Father and God's Will, will continue. I want to assure you that Father, your dream and your legacy will continue will continue to flower throughout the world through us. I believe that God moves in mysterious ways, for, you had once told me how important it was to have Father and Son cooperation, during these final days of Providence. I did not understand it then but through all this I understand it now. You had taught that Satan stole three positions of authority in Adam's family -- the position of elder son, of parents and of kingship. In doing so, he robbed Gods authority over lineage and the inter-generational relationship between father and son. In order, to restore this ideal you had wanted me to be in absolute alignment with you ever since you gave me my public mission. However, although I had sensed this, I did not truly "know" until now. I have only Heavenly Father to thank for this realization and your eternal understanding and patience. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration. I will strive to become a filial son who can bring solace to Parents.

Your loving son,

Hyun Jin
Cheon Il Guk 8th Year, March 23 

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