The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Preparing for the Months Ahead

Hyun Jin Moon
February 13, 2008

On February 13, the day after True Parents' Birthday, UPF held a one-day World Leaders Meeting at the Chungshim Youth Center, situated in the valley below the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace not far from Chung Pyung training center. Many of the leaders attended Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents at the Peace Palace at 5:00 AM, and the leaders meeting began as soon as they had returned to the youth center. One important focus of the meeting was preparation for the Global Peace Festivals. It was Hyun-jin nim's impassioned speech that opened the meeting and we are pleased to include here a major portion of it.

The word I use often is alignment. If you are aligned with God's providential timetable, the timetable of the age in which we live no then you will have the motivation to fulfill this dream of building one family under God. Recommit yourself.

Have that absolute alignment! Spirit world will use you as a channel through which that blessing can be given. That is your 5 percent responsibility.

The best way to have that kind of alignment is to get rid of all the baggage. What do I mean by baggage? All the doubt, all the reluctance, all the calculations, all the misgivings. Come to a zero point, being willing to put your neck on the line as an absolute owner of this dream. Then let's see what happens. Let's see the kind of miracles that you can bring. I have seen it over and over again. Why don't you determine to become like that? This is that kind of time.

The world needs leaders, not followers. I always wanted to be a leader of leaders, not a leader of followers. Giving directions is too much work! Imagine if we could all run together, move together in leaps and bounds, with that one single-minded focus of establishing one family under God. The Ambassadors for Peace know the age and the time in which we live as well. They realize it's something historic. Well, shouldn't we be the ones to lead the way? Do you want to follow, or do you want to lead the way? I can't hear you! [We'll lead the way!]

Maybe one of the things we need to do first is become young again, to dream again, to hope again, to see the possibilities again. It's that time. We need to adjust ourselves to fit this age, to fit this time. You know, when I speak to many of you older guys that I grew up with and who are approaching middle age-forty, fifty or even inching toward sixty-they say, "Hyung-jin nim, I only have ten good years left in me" or "...five good years." My goodness! If you are fifty or sixty and you say you have only ten good years left in you, what about Abba, at 89? And he's still committed to the realization of the goal. Even more so.

That example aside, even if it is true that you only have five or ten good years left in you, do you want to go out with a sputter, or do you want to go out with a bang?

Do you still feel like a teenager? It seems like yesterday when I was seventeen. I feel no different. I might be older in actual age but my spirit is still seventeen. What about you?

People's original minds are young and youthful because they are looking to the future and the possibility of what can be. It is our original mind that needs to guide us so that we can accomplish what we need in the new age. There is nothing in the past that decides what will be in the future! We are charting a new course. What should be our guide? What should be our vision? What should be our dream? Shouldn't it be like the time in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of creation, when history was dawning, and Adam and Eve had one thing to hold on to -- the dream of God? Don't you think that this should be the age when we cling to that one dream and bring it into reality in this age?

This is what the Global Peace Festivals are going to be all about. We are going to have a Global Peace Festival on every continent. The Global Peace Festivals will show our movement and our True Parents to the world from a different perspective.

We misrepresent True Parents if we think that they are just our personal messiahs, or simply the founders of the Unification Church, of which we are members. The perspective that we built of Father as the founder of the Unification Church, a religious man that kind of breaks the mold, needs to be changed.

Religions must cooperate, not divide people

We need to let the world know about the providential role of True Parents and the providential age in which we live. Thus, through the International Leadership Conferences, I have been reintroducing Father as the owner of the dream of God, one family under God. He was the one who brought that dream to all of us. The Global Peace Festival will take it one step further. It will be a venue for the world to latch onto this dream. It is not just for a select few.

The vision of the GPF is to build "One family under God, One family at a time." What do we mean by one family at a time? The Global Peace Festival will highlight the vision of the blessing as the way to build this one global family, one family at a time. Throughout the world there are prepared young leaders now rising up who embody the vision of the blessing. Those of you at the ILC probably heard Rev. Paul Murray speak just two days ago. His father is black and his mother is white. This is the time when people will be moved by the vision of UPF, the vision of building one family under God. It is a vision whose time has come! We need to believe in it!

Even if I have to get on my knees and beg or pull you along, I want you to know that this is indeed the time when we must mobilize an entire movement to realize this dream of building one family under God! We are the ones who should stand in the forefront! We have to be the ones who are able to lead this world to realize this dream of building one family under God. We need to have that type of dedication, that type of urgency in this age. Then we will see a tremendous victory by the end of this year!

Global Peace Festivals are not going to be just stand-alone events. You'll probably hear more about it from other leaders, but I am giving you the vision. We plan to hold the Global Peace Festival every two years, in 2008, 2010 and 2012. And if need be, if the world has still not changed, we will have it again and again until the dream that can bring humanity together is made real.

United Nations renewal

The United Nations was created out of the ashes of World War II for the purpose of ensuring peace. The founding vision of the UN was rooted in the same dream that inspired the formation of America. The first and foremost rights in the Declaration of Independence are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which the declaration insists are endowed by God. These rights are called inalienable, that is they cannot be abridged by human beings. In other words the most fundamental rights upon which America was established came not from a human institution but from God. That is what made America great. And that was the initial impulse that originally inspired the creation of the UN.

However, many people, even within the UN itself, agree that the UN has been less than fully successful in bringing about a peaceful world, and that the member countries are mired in their own political self-interests.

One reason for this may be that, unlike those of the United States, the founding documents of the UN make no mention of God, nor does the UN make any formal recognition of the existence and primacy of God. How then can we expect that God will sanctify this institution with His blessing? Not only that, but the UN is clearly out of sync with the entire world on this issue. If you took a worldwide referendum on the existence of God, we would probably find a reverence for God in 90 percent or more of the world's people.

The United Nations needs to recognize the sovereignty of God. Although the UN is working hard and doing many good things, it cannot be ultimately effective against the roots of conflict with only a secular humanistic, anti-theistic perspective. The United Nations needs more than a political face lift; it needs spiritual renewal as well. In biblical terms of Cain and Abel, the UN needs to be more Abel-like in its motivation and its structure.

The Global Peace Festival is ideally suited to help with this. The festivals attract top leaders in every nation and region who are aligned with the idea that humanity can and must overcome all the barriers of nationalism, racism and religious intolerance. We will hold them worldwide every two years -- and what better way is there to build an Abel UN?

Imagine if we had a Global Peace Festival in every single nation! What if each country, large or small, takes the initiative with the vision of bringing people together to build one family under God, letting that seed germinate and blossom?

How can we create peace? Foundational values and beliefs are not incidental. They are pivotal. If you want to talk about absolute principles and universal values, which are keys to establishing everlasting peace, you first have to acknowledge the eternal creator of whom we are the extended family.

In the future you might see, in the leading newspapers and publications, a challenge to the UN and to all the governments and citizens of the world about doing a referendum on the existence of God, and the need to establish eternal absolute principles that can only come from God. How do you establish peace if you do not acknowledge an eternal Heavenly Father who not only gives us our existence but the values that we cherish?

Massive social problems worldwide

Our world is faced with massive social problems such as incurable sexually-transmitted diseases, hunger, poverty, geopolitical problems of genocide and terrorism against civilians, and so many more. These problems are well-documented and addressed in the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals.

The world is still much further from achieving these goals than it should be. We are not going to find a solution if we do not bring the discussion back to the importance of the existence of God as the basis of our eternal values and principles. This is an opportunity and time to seize the moment. The time will not come again. This foundation was created because of the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents.

In one sense, this is very similar to the time just after World War II. Imagine what would have happened after World War II if Father had been able to inherit the foundation of Christianity. Do you think Father would have been known just as a religious leader, the founder of one religion? Or would he have stood on the world stage, straddling the religious, political, economic and media fields? In that case, the UN would not have become just a secular institution.

We have come to that point where we can set the record straight, and fully substantiate what was expected those many years ago. This is the time in which we are living. The Global Peace Festival will be a conduit to allow that to happen. It is time for "One Family under God." And believe me, people are waiting for it.

I first announced the vision of GPF in the Philippines in 2006. I said that one day we would bring more than two million people together in the Philippines. In 2007 we launched the Global Peace Festival here in Korea during the World Culture and Sports Festival. From the beginning, we wanted that festival to be owned by as many partners as we could bring in.

Global Peace Festivals -- a vision of youth and volunteerism I want you to bring young leaders that can move society -- the political, media, and social sides -- and I want you to bring them to the International Leadership Conferences for training and education. That's how we began bringing young business leaders, social leaders, media leaders, to the first International Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. And we explained our vision to them there. These leaders were all around my age -- in their thirties and forties.

Young people -- whether out of ignorance, or exuberance and energy, and the willingness to challenge and to face new challenges -- are willing to try when others do not dare to. I want to encourage you all to be young people again. Young people are different from old people. But it has nothing to do with chronological age.

In contrast, old people have a tendency -- regardless of age -- not to believe anything is possible! Is that a fair assessment? They say that their past experience showed them that although they did something, it didn't work. Why would we do it again?

I say, "Look, young people, you can be audacious; you can get away with it!" I want you to get these Ambassadors for Peace that we educated, and have them get fully involved, and put their skin in the game. Once they know about this vision, I want them to invest! Everyone should invest their resources, their time or their energy to fulfill this dream.

This is exactly what happened in Korea. Two Korean woman congressional leaders caught the vision. They offered their whole staff to help organize a conference at the Korean National Assembly Building, with three hundred members of the National Assembly and ambassadors to Korea from other nations. The conference was televised. Several presidential candidates came and gave presentations. This was purely on vision, dream, alignment... ownership.

In the past when we held events at the National Assembly Building, the next day, there was usually a litany of attacks in the media. But this time, there was none. The media in Korea is changing. There is a revolution happening in the media world today. That revolution is the internet. It is totally changing how news is being read and digested, especially by the younger audience, who are the ones driving this. We are re-shifting our media strategy to embrace this new paradigm.

Slowly but surely, the owners of the dream of one family under God will come. Do you believe me? It's okay if you don't believe me. We'll just see what happens.

Now, through the Global Peace Festivals, we have the keys to move nations. We have the keys to establishing the debate on any international issue. We hold the keys, and we have the determination. The time is now! 

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