The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Global Peace Festival 2007

Hyun Jin Moon
December 12, 2007
Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines
Courtesy of Dr. Jimmy Vergara, President - FFWPU-Philippines

Good evening Philippines!

Welcome to the Global Peace Festival 2007! We are celebrating the festival here in the Philippines because the Philippines is a nation of peacemakers, is it not? (Yes!). I can't hear you! Is it not? (Yes!).

Let me look at the audience tonight. I see a lot of young people in the audience tonight. If there are young people in the audience, do we need to dream big, yes or no? Do we want to dream the biggest dream? Yes or no? (Yes!). One of our dreams can move this nation and eventually move the world. What about that dream? Yes or no? (Yes!) Do you want to hear what that dream is? Yes or no? (Yes!).

It is a great pleasure and honor to be here. I was told not to come down here tonight (near the audience), but I cannot hold myself back. I want to look at all your faces. We are starting a revolution, but do not worry, it's not a revolution of guns but is a revolution of heart that will move people to live for the sake of others.

For if you want to change the world, you first have to change yourself. You have to be a peacemaker, do you not? (Yes!).  We want to bring change to the Philippines tonight with a contingent of world leaders -- we are going to make a change!  And that change is going to happen within us first so that we can become the aegis that can move our communities, our neighborhoods, our families, our nation, and eventually, the world.

Before I can even talk about that dream, the biggest dream of all, we have to first start with a narrative because it starts somewhere many, many years ago. As I look at the audience, I saw a lot of young people.

There was a young man at a tender age of 15, that went up into the hills behind his home in North Korea on a cold winter on Easter Sunday. He went there with a mind and heart to liberate the suffering heart of God.

He was taught in Sunday school that God is an almighty God, an all-powerful God, an omnipotent God. But he knew looking at the human condition for he lived at a time when he saw evil committed by one man towards another. He lived in a nation at a time when it was dominated another nation.

He lived at a time when he cannot even speak his own language and cannot express his own cultural tradition. Yet, he had faith in humanity, he had faith in God, and with that spirit he went up in that hill deep in prayer. And when he was praying, sweating, yearning to find a way in which he could liberate the heart of God. He received a revelation, God spoke to him, and then Jesus spoke to him, and all the saints and sages spoke to him. And say that the way to liberate the suffering heart of God is to build One Family Under God, Aju!

Now the reason why God's heart was suffering was because as a parent of all humankind, he lost His family. He lost the human family. God is a God of love, of peace, and of unity. Yet the history of humanity has been a history of hatred, war, bitterness, and conflict: a total antithesis of what God represents.

Yet, God had absolute faith, love, and devotion for humanity. He believed that eventually humanity, who stood in the position of lost sons and daughters, will come to him and rejoice with him and celebrate with him in creating this eternal family.

There were many saints and sages, men of God throughout ages and histories, founders of great religions that taught the fundamental message, the key universal message of true love, living for the sake of others and building a community of faith. Yet, overtime, that message got lost, got forgotten, and what came up was tradition and dogmatic point of view?

It lost the fundamental core message of building a human family under God. We have to find love, a True love. I defined love as living for the sake others.

For that young boy who made a promise on that hilltop that night. He made a promise to God on that hilltop on that Easter Sunday. He pledged that he would be the one that shares that peace to all humanity and plants this seed in the hearts of men by making them the owner of this dream. That young boy that went up to that hilltop on Easter Sunday was none other than my father, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. (Applause)

As you can see, there was a lot of seed-planting, planting the seeds of peace that was done in the many years that followed that promise that was made on that fateful night. The seeds that were planted were raised with sweat, tears, and even blood. They were faced with persecution and misunderstanding.

Yet, standing true to that promise that was made on that night, with absolute faith, love, and obedience in the goodness in humanity and the possibility that this dream can be realized, he overcame all those mountains.

And today, as the son of this man who made that promise, that dream is alive! Not in one generation but in the next and that dream is alive as we plant the seeds of peace in the hearts of all that are gathered here!

First, it starts with a dream and today we are here to dream the biggest dream of all. For if we are committed, if we are determined, if we make our pledge and our promise just like that young farm boy made many years ago, here today in Manila, in the year of 2007 with the numbers that are gathered here, then that dream will be multiplied and it can spread across the world fostering a new age as we enter the era of 2008.

Now I want to give you a story that is rooted in the Good Book. For this nation of the Philippines is a Christian nation. In the Good Book in the book of Genesis, it is said that God created all things and humanity in six days, and on the seventh he rested on the holy Sabbath.

It is fitting that we are here in the Philippines on this last day of the World Peace Festival in 2007. We are gathered here to launch the beginning of Global Peace Festivals 2008. For this might be the end of one year, but it means the beginning of a whole new year. This era of 2008 is not just one year in waiting it represents the beginning of a new history. You are gathered here having the vision and the dream of building one family under God deeply in your hearts as young people looking forward into the future.

A new covenant has been written, a new promise has been made that will carry on the hope of humanity in building One Family Under God, Aju! Let's say it again: One Family Under God, Aju!". Let's say it again, "One Family under God, Aju!".

That is what I'm talking about. Amen? (Amen). Amen? (Amen). Aju? (Aju). Now what is Aju? My goodness, what is Aju? We got this crowd steered up saying Aju, Aju. But I don't think they even what that means! What Aju means is that, "I will do it". It's a Korean word. It starts with A and J and U, AJU. It's not AeJU, it is AhJU. (AJU).

Now what Aju means in Korean is that, "I will become the owner and I will do it!" So more filial exclamation point is there than the word AJU? So when we say, "One Family Under God", AJU!" It says, "One Family Under God" is my dream and I will do it! Yes or no? (Yes!) Yes or no? (Yes!) Yes or no? (Yes). Hoooo.. It's Providential and we haven't even started yet.

This is a Global Peace Festival of 2007. We are here to celebrate a vision for peace; my vision for peace. Not somebody else's vision for peace but my vision for peace. For it should be... your vision for peace.

This vision that was received by this farm boy many years ago was not the vision solely for that farm boy nor was it for that farm boy's family. It was a vision for all of humanity. It should be our dream as we have the same Heavenly Father.

Not as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Baptists, Catholics, Pentecostals, you name it, whatever box you are in. Before we are Korean, Filipino, Japanese or whatever we call ourselves, we are first and foremost the sons and daughters of God and members of His eternal family. (Applause)

We have to break down the wall first within us and become divine creation of God and is an extension of my eternal family. For we all share one God as our Eternal Parent. We all share one humanity as our eternal family and one whole planet as our home. Let us break down the walls that separate us because those walls are not erected by a God of love, unity, and peace.

Those walls were erected by us and it is in this age, in this new millennium, that we need to go back to God, back to his original dream and ideal that he had for humanity. Let us make a sound pledge tonight as we share in this festival, in this event here in Manila, let us make a sound pledge that we shall become the owners of this "One family under God". That it will not be my cousin's dream, my neighbor's dream, my parent's dream, my brother's and sister's dream, a Korean dream, a Filipino dream, but it will be my dream as a member of God's eternal family, as a member of God's eternal family, Aju.

We, the young people. That dream, if you can plant that in your hearts and become the owners of that dream with true love power having a dream of building One Family Under God; with the power of true love! With what kind of power? (True love power!) What kind of power? (True love power!)

Now, what kind of love is True Love? True love is a divine love of living for the sake of others and as Jesus taught on that hilltop, many, many years ago, and he said, "it is said an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; it is not about getting retribution or getting the unrighteous doomed and if you are hit on the cheek and you shall offer the other.

It is about true love! For it is only through true love that we could find true freedom and true salvation! No matter what harm has been done to you, if you exact that same harm on your fellow human being you will not bring back that which you lost.

The only way that you will find true freedom is to able to forgive and to love even those who do injustice to you. That was the message that Jesus taught. That was a message of true love, living for the sake of others even loving thy enemy.

Imagine if we check this true love power that has the ability to transform men and women, to move mountains and nations -- imagine what can happen in terms of building a culture for peace in our lifetime in this world.

We are gathered here to celebrate the vision of peace that is rooted in "One Family Under God", but what shall we carry to fulfill that vision? It's true love power! Can you say that with me? True love power! What kind of power? (True love power). What kind of power? (True love power).

Those of you who want to check this vision, plant it in your hearts and go to the world with true love power, stand up and raise your hand and say AJU. (AJU) AJU. (AJU) AJU (AJU) -- with what? (True love power!) -- with what? (True love power!)

Let us make a new world order, a new revolution, creating One Family Under God with true love power, AJU!

I can't hear you! (True love power). I can't hear you! (True love power). What kind of dream? (One family under God!) I can't hear you! (One family under God!) íŽ with what kind of power? (True love power!)

I've got a 20-minute speech but you know what? You fired me up! Whenever we talk about a dream as big as building "One Family Under God", there's no way you can stand still, for that was a dream that I inherited when I was a young boy. But every time I heard of this dream, it pressed a nail into my heart.

I could not stand still! For as I look at the human condition it allows me to become a historic figure that can make a difference in the world. It allows me to align myself to the will of God and to the purpose of humanity going back to the original dream that God had from the beginning of human creation. That's why, you can't stand still.

That's why the fever pitch of "One Family Under God" is a contagious fever. And the ability to be able to realize such a dream is through true love power. This is the truth and cannot be denied. That is why, whenever we talk about this big dream, "One Family Under God", Aju. And true love power, how can you not -- how can you not but be in a fever pitch, Aju. (Aju)

What are we creating, what is our dream? (Our dream is One Family Under God) And with what power will we realize this dream? (With true love power) And what is true love power? (The dream of every Filipino here in the Philippines) That's true, but it is the power of living for the sake of others, and it is the aspiration of all Filipinos. Is that right? Give her a round of applause.

HJN continued talking, interviewing the audience, including Manny Pacquiao, Chairman Bayani Fernando, etc.

Amazing things are happening tonight. God works in mysterious ways. The dream of building "One Family Under God" is being planted in the hearts of those gathered here. As you live forth from this second, let this big dream be not someone else's dream but my dream and then usher in a new age of peace through true love power.

Thank you very much.

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