The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Hyun Jin Nim Speaks In Kodiak Alaska

August 29, 2007
Kodiak Alaska
Unofficial Notes By Michael Lamson

Hyun Jin Nim has been raising up members, AFP and friends of our movement with the true heart of an elder brother. Seeing him interact with others is a learning experience in itself. He is always focused, respectful and concerned while at the same time pushing his father's vision and empowering others to join him. While he is doing all this work he is also hunting and fishing with the same focus. I wish all of you could be here to have this experience and I can only pray that I can inherit something and bring it back to the district.
Rev. Lamson

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon

I can tell you that as a young boy I used to follow my father and we would fish early in the morning. We used to go out around 4:00 or 4:30 am. Back then, we were fishing for Blue Fin tuna in Gloucester.

We used to go out for 2 hours and fish. My Father always believes that the early bird gets the worm, so before anyone is even awake we would get in the boat and go out there. I was still in grade school. In the beginning I would get seasick.

Weíd get in the car and drive toward the wharf and your stomach starts grumbling. Its pitch dark and you smell the heavy diesel fumes and the rumbling of the boat. You start feeling the breeze as you go out and it takes the rumbling in the stomach away.

Once we get past the breakwater, then the excitement begins because we would go out even when there were small craft warnings. I remember going out in those rough seas and the boat going "bang, bang, bang"Ö if I got to all the details it will take all day.

Those memories are so vivid to me. In the beginning it was rough and it was hard, but those experiences, I believe, not only planted the seeds for the love of creation and nature, but of character to be able to challenge ones own fears and limitations.

Whenever I have the opportunity to interface with creation I look at it as a spiritual, internal experience. Nature pushes you to examine yourself. I would like to encourage you. I know all of you are pioneers in spirit like my parents and family. I encourage you to expand your horizons and come out of your box. This s the best placed to do it.

I have the great fortune to travel the world and testify to my parents' dream of One Family Under God. I canít believe how well it's accepted.

The world has changed from 20 years ago. People need euphemism. When you add faith and fanatical belief to conflict, people will do the most unheard of things. Thatís why the message of One Family Under God will bring all the faith traditions together; living for the sake of others, loving your enemy, viewing humanity as one family.

This is putting the human family within the familial context. The family is where you will find the most intimate relationships. When we talk of a friend, say a man to a man and you want to say heís more than my best friend you say "that person is like my brother". It means heís as intimate as my brother.

In the same respect, if I was friends with a woman, I would say she is "like my sister," or "like my father," "like my mother," "like my son," "like my daughter". I use the simile of the familial relationship because it is most intimate. So what is revolutionary is my Fatherís teaching, especially in the Principle of Creation which outlines Godís dream for the first human family.

The first book of the good book is the book of Genesis. What is discussed? Creation! It says that God wanted to give men three Blessings. How does one become fruitful and multiply children?  -- The divine gift to give life -- to participate in the divine act of creation, and have dominion.

As the family expands to cover the earth, then humanity would be the true masters and have dominion. Godís dream is One Family Under God. But, the dream was dashed as humanity went a direction 180% different from Godís expectation. So History is a history to rectify this error and to realize the dream.

My Father received the mission to testify to this dream long, long ago. It wasnít through the study of scriptures, or of theologies, but it came to him as a young 15 year old boy. He earnestly went into the hills of North Korea and prayed fervently to know how to liberate the aching heart of God and humanity from the trappings of suffering, conflict, remorse, battering, hatred, etc. etc.

On those hills, Jesus anointed him and God gave him a revelation: The way to relieve God and humanity was to establish the One Family Under God. All of this might sound esoteric and transcendental. But, usually it starts from there. But he had a mission and he had absolute faith, love and obedience. He made a promise and has stayed true to it.

There is a saying. "If there is a will, there is a way;" especially if itís the "Will of God". Imagine how daunting that challenge must have been for a 15 year old boy. Imagine how throughout his life the course he had to walk.

I am deeply moved when I think about when my Father was born and the tremendous historical period in which he lived. In 1920 Korea was a colony of Japan and Koreans had no freedom. They were like the blacks of the south. In one sense it was worse, because they were 2nd class citizens in their original homeland. In their own ancestral homelands they were enslaved.

I donít think we can understand it in western terms -- they were like dogs or slaves. He grew up in a nation oppressed. Yet, he carried no bitterness. My Father was involved in the Korean independence movement and imprisoned and tortured.

One guard tortured him in the most demeaning and horrendous of ways. When the Japanese lost in WWII, my Father aided this very guard because he knew that if other Koreans knew where he was that he would be killed.

It's amazing that this man lives until today and some of our members tracked him down and he testified that he was amazed; he testified that he owes his life to Father although he had been the source of so much torment. He was in tears when he met our family. He was contrite and repentant.

My father was incarcerated 6 times because of the promise he made to God and Jesus many years ago. Yet he stayed true to that promise when anyone else could have easily given up. The fact that we as an international community and come to the understanding of One Family Under God is due to the over 50 years of blood sweat and tears of my parents and those who followed them to invest in humanity.

They invested so that this could be the dream of all humanity, not just one man or family. Nothing is more powerful than a message whose time has come. The message of Building One Family Under God is a message whose time has come.

The world is embroiled in a potential war of religions that could lead to the most horrible and violent of wars. Wars rooted in religion and ideologies cause the most cruelty and destruction of all wars. The 20th century is unparalleled in war deaths, an estimated in 100 million deaths.

Yet we started this century with potential religious war.

This is the time when humanity has only one direction. The vision of One Family Under God is our salvation for people of conscious, truly religious people are first devout sons and daughters of God -- before being followers of denominations or theologies.

I toured for 12 days and visited to churches and shared the One Family Under God vision. I also chastised those churches because religion hasnít realized the dream of the founders of the faith traditions. Yet, we narrowly focused on our own faith and the salvation of only our people.

In Isaiah it says that when the temple is built, all gods can worship there. Jesus said to offer the other cheek if hit one. His ministry went out to all of Godís children. The same is true of all faith leaders, yet humanity lost sight of this original goal as men and women of faith.

I looked them in they eye and said we have failed because we failed to see from the perspective of God, the entire human family failed. God wants to bring to his bosom. The message of One Family Under God is imbedded in all our faith traditions.

Three generations represents the past, present and future. If three generations do that we can bring the continuum of humanity together.

Establishing ideal families to the larger role of One Family Under God.

Then, we can touch humanity where it counts on every level. The 21st century can be a century of peace, not war. This is the noble task and the vision to be embedded to our hearts today. If so, then true hope can germinate. You all are Ambassadors For Peace. An ambassador in his position advocates for the nation. You are Ambassadors For Peace; you represent the vision of One Family Under God.

Dr. King talked about the Beloved Community. Thatís great, because I believe in One Family Under God, which is more intimate.

A community is made of neighbors that you tolerate. A family is made of love, and thatís how you bring peace. Martin said to me, "You are Right"! Why do I follow it with Aju? It's Korean but means many things. But, itís a testament that "I will do it" it also means "this is great"!

One Family Under God! This is Great! I will do it! Please enjoy Alaska and open your hearts and minds. You are a family now. Let your hair down. Strip yourselves of pretension and open your hearts and minds.

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