The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Ambassadors For Peace In Action

April 13, 2007

Peace Tour IV participant:

I used to have a dream when I was a child. I imagined a gigantic, heavenly, gentle tornado sweeping around the world mixing everyone up and plopping people down in places completely foreign to their original home. This was my childish solution to having us realize that we are all basically the same internally, all having similar hopes and desires in life.

I was very excited to participate in the recent Peace Tour IV because it seemed to be the fulfillment of my dream! 174 American Ambassadors for Peace traveled to many parts of the world assisting Father and Mother Moon to disseminate their peace message.

The Ambassadors for Peace came back as different people. That was essentially the testimony I heard over and over again, amongst the Ambassadors for Peace (AFPs). The simple words "global family," came to have a more profound meaning.

Father Moon asked his son, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon to journey across America to 12 major cities, on a speaking tour and to gather these stories of transformation and reflection on the AFP"s overseas travel. This was yet another sincere gesture of caring from Father Moon that many AFPs acknowledged directly to Rev. Moon’s son. The AFPs said that the 12 city Tour gave them a sense of accomplishment and closure to their experience, helping them to further digest their experiences and determine the direction of their future peace work. The AFPs were further energized and transformed, the tour instilling new energy into their lives and missions.

In each city, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon gave a public speech after which he honored the AFPs who had traveled on behalf of peace, presenting them with a beautiful memento. The next morning in each city Dr. Hyun Jin Moon shared breakfast with the AFPs, listening to their stories and encouraging them further in their work for peace. Here are some of those stories. 

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