The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

One Family Under God

Hyun Jin Moon
February 25, 2007
Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly, Chung Pyung, Korea

Distinguished Cheon II Guk leaders: we have gathered here as representatives of the blessed central families of the world to offer congratulations to our True Parents on their birthday, True Father's eighty-eighth birthday, and to participate in the Cheon II Guk Leaders Assembly to clarify our direction, our guidelines for the remainder of 2007 and 2008 and to set our strategy and goals in order to fulfill the will of God and True Parents.

From the time of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God in January 2001, until now in the seventh year of Cheon II Guk, our True Parents have accumulated numerous accomplishments. Of these, the most meaningful have been the Entrance Ceremony of the True Parents, the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace, into the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace and the world blessing and speaking tour carried out by the three generations of the True Family.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer to all leaders and blessed central families my heartfelt gratitude for your tireless efforts. With hopes that all of you will make a new beginning, aligning with the providence to fulfill the dream of God and True Parents, I would like to introduce, briefly, my activities that have been reported to True Parents thus far, and the providential tasks that need to be accomplished. Before I begin, please understand that the content I will cover does not include the entirety of True Parents' providence. For security reasons, some details cannot be fully explained.

God's dream and True Parents' legacy

All of my public talks begin with God's dream and conclude with that same dream. This is because God's dream is the purpose of our existence and is also our ultimate goal. God's dream is the original ideal of creation that God wanted to accomplish through Adam and Eve at the outset. It was also Jesus' dream, which was only finally brought to fruition through the establishment of True Parents. If we were to sum up this dream in one phrase, it would he "One Family under God, Aju"

We introduce the many accomplishments of our True Parents before the world, but I will not hide that the True Family itself is indeed the greatest legacy of our True Parents. This is because, with the settlement on earth of the True Family through three generations, God and humankind can have true hope that the ultimate dream of God will be fulfilled. Therefore, the ideal of the True Family; which our True Parents have established, is our vision of how to substantially realize a world of One Family under God, Aju.

Our mission until 2013

What must we do to transcend the individual, family and tribal levels and substantiate God's dream in your nation and worldwide? To accomplish this, what have our True Parents promised in front of Heaven to accomplish by 2013?

Our first mission, inherited from True Parents, is the establishment of the substantial sovereignty of Cheon Il Guk. We need to take the lead in bringing about the unification of North Korea and South Korea, and establish sovereignty based on the ideal of God on the Korean peninsula. Centering on True Parents, we absolutely must take the lead in bringing about North-South Korean reunification and establish the sovereignty of God on the Korean peninsula. If we cannot establish God's dominion on the Korean peninsula, we must fulfill God's will even if it means we must raise up the most prepared nations in place of Korea in order to establish the sovereignty of God.

Our second mission is to build a substantial United Nations foundation centered on God, through which the establishment of Cheon Il Guk can spread to the world. Centering on the Universal Peace Federation, the existing secularized UN must be transformed into a God-centered UN so that it can contribute to the realization of eternal peace.

Our third mission is to accelerate and fulfill the ongoing endeavors of our True Parents' providence, including the establishment of the four Cheon Jeong Peace Palaces, the World Culture and Sports Festival and International Cross-Cultural Marriage Blessing, the spirit world providence centered on Chung Pyung, the establishment of the Yeoido World Headquarters, the Bering Strait World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel and World Peace Highway project, the Yeosu ocean project, the Gimpo Aviation project and others.

First and foremost, I am asking all of you to focus on these missions, demonstrating leadership and bringing about organizational teamwork. All our blessed central families, wherever they go, should unite their three generations and live focused on the following three missions.

Three overall strategic initiatives

Distinguished leaders, in order to accomplish the mission True Parents have given us to fulfill by 2013, we must advance centering on the following three strategic initiatives:

The first strategy is the movement for the unification of North Korea and South Korea unification through the Northeast Peace Initiative.
The second strategy is the interfaith peace movement through the Middle East Peace Initiative.
The third strategy is the movement to empower the United Nations to help bring world peace through the accomplishment of its UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Why do we need to effectively focus on these strategies? At the present time, the division of the Korean peninsula and the Middle East conflict has become the most significant barriers to the realization of world peace. More fundamentally; the Middle East conflict is rooted in the fact of Judaism and Israel not having received Jesus. The result has been division and fighting between the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. That Christianity and Korea have not received True Father has also, providentially speaking, been the cause of the South-North division of the Korean peninsula. Therefore, it is no coincidence that today these two regions have become the two major axis that shake the foundations of world peace. Providentially, these issues must be resolved in order to establish peace on earth.

The beginning of the United Nations, it was something sacred, yet God was excluded. The UN then took on a secular perspective and has been controlled by the powerful nations and conflicting national interests, causing more disorder. The MDG that this UN is championing can only run into those same secular limitations. The UN MDG is a program for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), managed by the UN. Centering on UPF, every providential organization and every ambassador for peace should become an owner of the MDG. If we can substantially help the UN and the world to attain these goals, centered on True Parents' values, we can influence a renewal of the UN into a God-centered body that can finally be effective for world peace.

Providential focus for the remainder of 2007

This year, 2007, is a watershed year in the providence this is the year God and True Parents' liberation will begin. As blessed central families, you are all members of the extended True Family. Therefore, you must have ownership over the responsibilities our True Parents have shouldered thus far, and you must liberate our True Parents by inheriting their burdens as your own. Especially, we must unify with the marching order of "One Family Under God, Aju" and by 2008, prepare a solid foundation in order to successfully establish the sovereignty of Cheon II Guk.

I hope all of you will align with the three strategic initiatives and accelerate the establishment of the Peace Kingdom. With that, I would now like to explain the future direction of the Unification Movement and its providential tasks, centering on the areas I have been responsible for until now.

1. The role and functions of the International Foundation

In order to establish a global organizational system for Cheon II Guk an international foundation is being prepared that will manage and support all providential organizations. Furthermore, True Parents have given me the responsibility to ensure that all providential activities are aligned and advancing toward one goal.

Until now, our representative activities have been too separated by regions and as a result have not moved aligned as one. However, with the proliferation of the internet and advancements in means of transportation, we have entered an age where the walls between regions and nations have disappeared. It is necessary -- and now possible -- for the initiatives within our movement to move as one body. We need to do this not only to achieve our goals efficiently but also because the mistakes of one region can immediately have a destructive effect on the movement worldwide.

The foundation must assume the functions of clearly defining our representative activities and systematically consolidating and coordinating them. For this, I will be establishing strategy-planning meetings among our key leaders. Furthermore, I will improve our system of reporting from each nation, region and key providential organization and check the progress in each locality.

On one hand, even though we live in an environment where internet access is possible anywhere in the world, our internet sites have been scattered here and there, and we have not been able to consolidate or manage them. Moreover, we have not been able to utilize the opportunity to effectively create our image as an international Unification Movement through this new medium. In the future, the foundation's headquarters must enhance its IT systems and manage all the providential organizations' web sites.

We will develop a communication package so that our representative activities -- such as the movement for personal purity, the blessing and establishing true families, the culture of heart and living for the sake of others, the ambassadors for peace, and other activities -- can emerge as an integrated peace movement and take the lead in making cyberspace the place for proactive communication.

2. The Family Federation

At the time of my inauguration as the international vice-president of the Family Federation of World Peace and Unification in 1998, True Parents directed me to guide the second generation and establish the foundation for the youth and student movement. First, I established the internal leadership pipeline to align the second generation to the vertical axial line and to make them owners of the will of God. Namely, I created a system where the second generation will go through I-STF and Jr. STF and continue on to challenge the seven-year course that combines STF, CARP and our Missionary Training Program.

I have moved second generation education into being experience based education, not just a cognitive education. I have bequeathed our True Parents traditional training methods such as fundraising, witnessing, pioneering, etc., for their education and have developed experience based programs such as adventure workshops. From there I have invested in witnessing and outreach through CARP and Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) in order to go beyond our church dimensions and build a worldwide foundation of youth and students.

I will continue to guide CARP and YFWP to focus respectively on student and youth activities centered on witnessing and outreach, and now, I am also directing the Family Federation to clearly focus on witnessing by core members and the ambassadors for peace centering on the Hoondok Family Church activities. In particular, I will guide the settlement of the Hoondok Family Church Movement with special interest.

The Hoondok Family Church should become the vehicle for the Ambassadors for Peace Movement and for witnessing to build core members. However, like a double-edged sword, risk is involved. If, the Hoondok Family Church activities cannot he standardized, they will become a string of separate, individual movements created by members who haven't been trained. If that happens, we will not be able to carry out consistent strategies and policies, and the strength of the movement as a whole will weaken. Therefore, even as the Hoondok Family Church spreads in each region, our educational content and programs for church activities must be quickly and thoroughly standardized.

With the approval of True Parents, the existing Second Generation Department was changed to Seong Hwa Department in order to collectively educate and train all the young people of the Family Federation, not only the second generation. Furthermore, the which was a means of bringing together blessed children, will be reactivated; and I will guide to go beyond bringing blessed children together to socialize. It will instead become a means for blessed children to become owners of Father's dream as members of the extended True Family and to inherit the tradition of the True Family.

3. The Ambassadors for Peace Movement

For the past few years, under the direct leadership of our True Parents, the ambassadors for peace foundation, which has taken root throughout the world, has become the new force of the Unification Movement and has stimulated a great vision. Through the world tours, I have witnessed the ambassadors for peace from throughout the world respond to True Parents' vision and express their respect for True Parents.

Last October 22, with a Youth Federation rally held in Korea, True Parents expanded the scope of the ambassadors for peace to all ages, including elementary school students and gave me the important responsibility of the entire foundation of ambassadors for peace. Initially, I have directed that the Student Ambassadors for Peace Program be organized under CARP, and, eventually, they will be managed through the Student Federation for World Peace (SFWP). I have directed the YFWP to take responsibility for educating the youth ambassadors for peace and to organize programs for them. In the future, programs for middle and high school ambassadors for peace and kindergarten and elementary school ambassadors for peace will also be developed, centering on the Seong Hwa Department.

If all levels of ambassadors for peace are to align as one with the vision of One Family Under God, Aju, this base can become a tremendous foundation that can realize the dream of God.

3.1 The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Helping America to fulfill its role as the elder son nation

America, as the elder son nation, is directly responsible to support the entire worldwide providence. In particular, America is responsible to restore the UN, which is being reduced to a secular organization, thereby transforming it into a God-centered organization. In order to fulfill this mission, America must first be able to take the lead in making real the ideal of One World under God, Aju, based on its founding spirit as a Christian nation. With this goal in mind, I received the direction from True Parents to speak in twelve cities in the U.S. Through this speaking tour, unity was achieved, and we created the momentum to expand the activities of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC).

The ACLC must be a movement existing for the sake of revitalizing the Christian foundation of America. To do this, the ACLC should extend its foundation of faith and support in the black community that has been its heart and soul. It should also expand its foundation by working with the independent mega-churches. Ultimately the ACLC must find its audience in all the mainstream Christian churches. As with Korea's twenty-five thousand ambassadors for peace, if thirty thousand American Christian ministers can he organized as active ambassadors for peace; we can create a grassroots foundation that can move America. If we can move America like this, then we can build a substantial foundation that can move the UN and the world, and ultimately move Christianity in Korea.

3.2 The International Leadership Conference (ILC)

The reason for holding an International Leadership Conference (ILC) following the activation of the ACLC was to create the foundation for the American Leadership Conference (ALC) to revitalize America's political leadership. The first ILC, which was recently held in Washington DC, supported the Northeast Asia providence and became an effective starting point to re-launch the ALC in America. In the future, the participants who took part in the ILC will organize the ALC and counterparts in Japan (WC), Korea (KLC) and other counties.

These various national leadership conference groups will grow into a foundation of leaders from each nation that will be able to renew their country.

4. Global youth and college campus movements

4. World CARP (W-CARP)

Last year and this year, centering on the annual mottoes given to us by our True Parents, I presided over the kickoff for the year of the second generation. On January 10, at the forty-first anniversary celebration of W-CARP's founding, I made it known that we are ending what can be equated to our forty-year wilderness course. W-CARP was founded in 1966. With Cheon II Guk in its seventh year, and with forty-one years of W-CARP's existence, we are now at a point of new beginning. From this year, W-CARP will work together with the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), the Teachers Association for the Research of Principles (TARP), and other organizations to mount a full-scale challenge to the pioneering of chapters and campuses in order to find a nation and move out toward the world.

To accomplish this, at a meeting of W-CARP leaders from around the world, four core goals were established to be achieved within the next 3 years:

First, W-CARP chapters are to he pioneered in all UN member nations and we are to build the largest student organization, which will move the world.
Second, each nation's W-CARP chapter will pioneer W-CARP centers in all the nation's college campuses.
Third, W-CARP will standardize the witnessing-education system according to the seventy-day education system developed by True Parents. In other words we will adhere to the two-day, seven-day, twenty-one-day, forty-day system and will multiply core membership.
Fourth, W-CARP will raise campus ambassadors for peace and will create a mass foundation for the Student Federation for World Peace.

4.2 Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP)

From its founding, the Youth Federation for World Peace was the vanguard for our True Parents' providence, created with the mission to create new breakthroughs. In 1994, when South Korea and North Korea were bitterly confronting one another,

True Parents held a seminar in Russia for youth and students from North Korea, South Korea and their surrounding nations -- six nations in all -- launching YFWP and opening the way for reconciliation between South Korea and North Korea. From now on as well, the Youth Federation will be the emissary organization for our True Parents and must boldly carry the mission to pioneer new ground for the providence.

Since True Parents appointed me as the international president of the YFWP last year, I have been busy reestablishing the Youth Federation headquarters and the international foundation for its organization. Despite the fact that, in time, the Youth Federation will have to play a central role in the UPF providence, aside from Korea and Japan, its foundation had been nothing more than a name. However, the last Korean presidential election verified that the youth are determining the future by playing a deciding role in influencing politics, economics and society as a whole. Therefore, in order to accelerate the establishment of Cheon Il Guk and in order to advance our worldwide providence, we must have a world-wide foundation of youth.

In order to achieve this goal, I established an international headquarters, and on August 12, victoriously held a rally of twenty-five thousand international youth leaders in the Philippines. This launched the building of the organizational foundation of youth worldwide. In particular, I held this rally under the theme of the UN Millennium Development Goals, which are managed by the UN for the benefit of society

Through this rally I proclaimed that in 2008 a Million Youth Rally will held on each continent to build the momentum for the substantial restoration of sovereignty on the Korean peninsula centering on our True Parents. From the momentum of these 2008 million-youth rallies, we will go on to hold rallies of a hundred thousand ambassadors for peace on the Korean peninsula, in Seoul and in Pyongyang, thus opening the gates for the reunification of South Korea and North Korea. Already, concrete plans for the Million Youth Rally are underway centered on the Philippines, and they are attracting deep interest from various leaders, such as Philippine Speaker of the House Jose de Venecia.

To create this kind of change, and to organize the core youth leaders and educate them, I appointed youth ambassadors for peace at the October 22 Youth Federation rally last year. From there, youth VIPs were organized into think tanks within each nation centering on the three strategic initiatives, and the International Leadership Conference was held in Washington, DC, in order to begin renewing the nation and the UN.

4.3 Service For Peace (SFP) activities

Service For Peace has seen substantial growth during the past year in various countries. The Korean chapter, for example, has been registered as a non-profit corporation and we are seeing its rapid development as a member organization of the Korean Council of Volunteerism. In America as well, Service For Peace has developed to the point where it has been recognized as one of the six top service organizations living the ideals of civil rights pioneer Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.?

When True Parents launched the Middle East Peace Initiative, Service For Peace played a behind-the-scenes role, deeply touching the local leaders and opening their hearts. In the Philippines, Service For Peace greatly contributed to the Youth Federation rally last August by mobilizing the presidents, professors and students of the local universities. It is currently deeply involved in promoting the 2008 Million Youth Rally in that country.

5. Human resource development and scholarship activities

In 2007 and 2008, we must develop a comprehensive proposal for the management of human resources and leadership development and must consistently invest effort toward this development. Currently our institutions for developing talent, especially Sun Moon University; Chungshim Graduate School, the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), have been decentralized. I will help these institutions specialize in order to match their qualities with the tasks to be done. UTS in particular, must be renovated centered on the new vision of becoming an interfaith seminary,

5.1 A new vision for UTS: becoming the first interfaith seminary

True Parents have given the direction that UTS is to become the "Mecca of the interfaith movement" and must influence the religious spheres of the world. This "interfaith" toward which UTS will be aiming, does not come from the existing concept of recognizing the diversity of thought within each religion and, all together, learning and understanding them. True Parents' vision of "interfaith" is focused on God's universal will and uplifting the shared principles that God has pursued through each religion. In other words, True Parents' vision of interfaith is recovering the vision of One Family Under God, Aju from within each religious tradition, transcending the walls between religions, aligning to the will of God and standing at the forefront of substantializing world peace.

UTS, centering on this vision, will develop into an interfaith seminary for the people of the world, where religious leaders of every faith can come, receive an education and become interfaith-oriented ambassadors for peace who will be active in realizing religious harmony and peace for humanity In the future, UTS will expand branch schools into each continent and these will become the vehicles for the global interfaith movement.

The world will open its eyes to see and understand True Parents' vision of interfaith and will take an interest in an educational institution that raises true interfaith leaders. Therefore, UTS must be quick to prepare for this new providential time.

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize one more important role for UTS. In order for the Hoondok Family Church movement to spread, one of our pressing tasks is to develop standardized educational programs and content for our Hoondok Family Church activities, centered on the Family Pledge and True Father's peace messages, and to reeducate our field leaders and educators. UTS will work with the Family Federation, UPF, International Education Foundation (IEF) and other organizations to fulfill this role.

5.2 Reviving the Heung Jin Moon Scholarship Fund

The memories of my older brother Heung-jin nim are still alive in my heart. Raising those of our second generation to become leaders like my older brother is, I feel, a deeply meaningful project that will honor my older brother, who is actively working in the spirit world and will connect the second generation to him in heart. True Parents created the Heung Jin Moon Scholarship Fund for this purpose. This year, I will revive the Heung Jin Moon Scholarship Fund. It should not only provide monetary support but must raise and support the character and values education of the great second generation members who are inheriting the tradition of the True Family.

6. Media-related Issues

With this new year, we will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Washington Times and the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of UPI.

6.1 The Washington Times

Particularly at this time, the Washington Times has a great opportunity to build a significant media enterprise both in the U.S. and abroad.

Moreover, with our True Parents' investment over the past twenty-five years, the Washington Tunes has acquired a national brand that other local newspapers do not have and enjoys a solid reputation overseas as well. If the Washington Times can increase local distribution by improving its quality and can increase readership both nationally and abroad through an effective internet strategy the Times will uncover completely new opportunities. On the internet, the Washington Times regularly records 30 million hits a month. It has been recognized by the Newspaper Association of America, which monitors newspaper internet trends, as being among the newspapers showing the fastest online growth.

Now marking its twenty-fifth anniversary, the Washington Times will take its place as the leading newspaper in America and throughout the world.

6.2 United press International (UPI)

United Press International is a news agency with a long history, of bringing international news to America. Many of the most respected names in American journalism got their start at UPI. The existing brand of UPI as a general newswire agency has been in the process of being transformed into a digital media brand. We have access to a great depth of global news and information sources, through our network of affiliated organizations such as the UPF ambassadors for peace and CARP on the college campuses of the world.

The vision for UPI is that it be a definitive, one-stop source for unprocessed, first-hand news from all corners of the world through utilizing our movement's worldwide foundation. In terms of the demand of news today; there is a growing desire from media outlets for direct, unfiltered information from primary news sources as readers tire of processed and overly commercialized news. The internet site YouTube, which was recently purchased by Google for $1.6 billion, offers unpackaged, unprocessed video content and it has been tremendously successful. Likewise, UPI will become a major newswire agency based on direct news gathered from all corners of the world.


There are still many areas of my responsibility that I have been unable to cover in detail today. Distinguished Cheon II Guk leaders, we have entered the age of Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon II Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace. As you have been born anew through the grace of our True Parents, go back to your youthful spirit, full of conviction and ambition, and go forward courageously to substantiate God's sovereignty on earth. Aju! Thank you very much.

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