The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

We Are One Family

Hyun Jin Moon
February 25, 2007
Cheungshim Youth Center, Chung Pyung, Korea

Anyeang haseo. Konichiwa.. Good afternoon. Bonjour. Hola. Gutten Tag. Which language have we missed today? Nihao. Sawatdi. Who else? Who else? ... (Konichiwa.) I already said, "Konichiwa."

It's good to see all of you here today. You are here as one family; I'm very happy to see all of you here together as one family. Let's think about it -- in the whole world, the Unification Church is in the Abel position, so we should show the path for Cain to follow. All our leaders are here from the whole world; we should he united in front of God and in front of True Parents. We have to work to achieve a true family. We should show a vision to the world. What would the world he like if we gave it a vision? Please participate with that heart, at the Cheon II Guk Leaders' Assembly; become leaders throughout the world. Can you do it? (Yes!) I can't hear you! Can you do it? (Yes!) I can't hear you! Can you do it? (Yes) Wow! Good.

I don't have a long time. I've reported to True Parents. I write a report to True Parents every month. I have so many responsibilities, so I have a lot of assistants. Every month I have so much to report, but I can't give every report myself in front of you guys. I lived in America for a long time, but I don't think as Americans do. I'm more familiar with Koreans and am closer to them. So, if I make a decision, I only see what I've decided -- like a cow. I cannot listen to others. If I make a decision, I stay on that path. My personality is very... A man should be like this, have masculine characteristics. If I didn't have to speak, I'm not a person who would speak a lot. If I have to speak, especially with Unificationists (You are my family; we are here today as a family.), I want to share what I do with you guys. Do you want to know? I prepared a report; Kim Young-jun, the vice -chairman, who is a handsome second-generation member, will read the report I gave to True Parents. It's edited, and I rearranged it. Please listen closely. (The vice-chairman reads the report.)

Hyun-jin retakes center stage. Pointing to his watch and referring to the time limit given to speakers at the Assembly; he resumes his message. I have only fifteen minutes, right? I can see you so closely I'm so happy to see you here.

I don't have much time, and I want to speak faster, so I'm going to speak in English. It's good to see all of you from all over the world! Blessed central families! Citizens of Cheon II Guk gathered here in Chung Pyung today. This is the hour where we substantiate God's sovereignty on earth. We have entered the seventh year of Cheon II Guk. The number seven represents the number of completion.

Although many of you look at me as being in the second generation, I have more affinity to the first generation, because -- (Applause) Wait! Wait! ... It's because from the day I was born until today, I have witnessed the trials and tribulations of my parents. Not from some far-off distant corner of a stadium but from the middle of the fight, on the frontline with no mask to hide behind, internalizing, experiencing together the tremendous sacrifice -- blood sweat and tears -- that was sown on the hallowed ground, this hallowed earth that had lost God, planting the seeds of hope for humanity so that humanity could be saved, to be united once again with humanity's original parents, God.

I have witnessed the life of a filial son -- not just a filial son -- a patriot -- not just a patriot -- a saint -- not just a saint -- a holy son and daughter of God. Someone who had God's dream etched deep in his heart, going back to the beginning of Creation, the beginning of time, unlocking secrets behind God's agony as mankind fell away from God, realizing that his dream was to realize in the world, a kingdom, where God could dwell as the parent of humanity.

Actually; the age of Cheon II Guk should not have started in 2000; it should have started in 1915. Gathered here are the blessed central families, the founders of Tongil Gyohae; in one sense, our history was not the original history intended by God for the work of True Parents. As a son, as I stand here before you to proclaim the age of Cheon II Guk -- the seventh year, the year of completion -- I realize that this is the culmination of a large detour because of the failure of prepared Christianity and the nation of Korea in not uniting with the will of God. And the precious life and years that should have been spent in the building of Cheon 11 Guk -- in the building of God's substantial kingdom and sovereignty -- were wasted in the wilderness because of the failure of humanity to receive True Parents.

Therefore, as we stand here today, gather here today; you stand as members of the extended family of True Parents, sons and daughters, Cain and Abel, as we celebrate the eighty-eighth year of True Father's life and the sixty-fifth year of True Mother's. Eighty-eight -- eight, eight -- representing a new beginning. This should be a time of new beginning, where the dream that was etched in the hearts of True Parents should be realized within the time frame ending in 2012. As the sons and daughters of True Parents, you hold the key to unlocking the tremendous burden that is on the shoulders of True Parents as you inherit God's dream of one family under God and substantiate His sovereignty on earth. Aju! (Aju!) Aju! (Aju!) Aju! (Aju!) Aju! (Aju!)

That is the conviction that we have to have in this hour. Aju. Can you do that -- yes or no? (Yes!) Can you do that -- yes or no? (Yes!) Can you do that -- yes or no? (Yes!) This is a time when we have to be reborn again like a young man or a young woman -- burning with the passion to realize God's dream on earth as owners that have inherited the dream of God, True Parents and the ideal family. Aju! Aju! Do you want to be young people again? (Yes!) Do you want to be young people again? (Yes!) Do you want to be young people again? (Yes) Do you want to be reborn again? (Yes!) Do you want to find that old self that had the passion to give up everything for the fulfillment of God's will on earth? Amen? No men? Aju! Everybody stand up and say Aju! (Aju!) Aju! (Aju) Aju!

It is said that Tongil Gyohae has found the fountain of youth. Let the message go far and wide that as the sons and daughters of God, whether you are the Cain-type or the Abel-type, you will he born again to carry out God's mission and his dream. Aju!

Before you wonder what all these young people are doing here -- these are ones I've trained. You go in here and you come out (through an arch formed by young members standing opposite one another with their arms outstretched and touching over the front row). You have to be reborn again as a young person, a teenager. (Singing lasts for about twenty minutes) Work hard. Number one! Number one! Number one! Number one! Number one! Number one! (Handing the microphone to Chang Shik Yang) Lead us in mansei. All of you are young people again.

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