The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Testimony of Hyun Jin nim's 12 City Tour

February 21, 2007

Hyun Jin Moon – June 6, 2012

Following Hyun Jin Nim's speaking tour was an amazing experience.

Before STF I didn't have any relationship with True Children, I never knew much about their life and what they've been through. To prepare for this tour I took time and made effort to study and pray to understand more about the True Family. Then, following Hyun Jin Nim, I could see substantially how he and the rest of True Family really do want to liberate God and their Parents' Hearts.

Meeting Hyun Jin Nim for the first time I felt inspired but also kind of scared. I think because it made me reflect on myself. How much do I really want to bring One Family under God? Do I have the passion that Hyun Jin Nim has? Or the strength to really bring about God's Will?

Looking into myself I realized that no matter where I'm at in my life of faith, I do believe in bringing about one world family under God and it's what I really want the most to do. In that sense Hyun Jin Nim is like the role model for my life. I want to grow to be like him. To not only just say I love True Parents and Heavenly Father but to take action in liberating God's Heart and bring True Parents joy. I want to inherit HJN's passion and also action to fulfill what he feels.

Seeing Hyun Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim everyday helped me to realize how much True Father invested into God's Providence. Even though they could be doing everything else that they want to do, they are here because they really do love God and True Parents. Seeing how busy their schedule is everyday and nonstop for 12 days, I just wanted to give Hyun Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim energy to keep going.

Our goal for attending Hyun Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim was to understand their heart more and to give them joy. To bring them all this spiritual energy so they can continue doing God's Will. I'm glad we were given the opportunity every morning to serve them, I'm sorry we couldn't do more. We always went to the event to HDH with the intention to serve and give to Hyun Jin Nim but as we leave each city I always felt that he gave me more than I gave.

I felt like after each event Hyun Jin Nim sparked a bigger fire in me to really want to bring one family under God!

I don't want to let HJN down. I want to make him proud and feel hopeful for 2nd Generation. That he doesn't have to do this alone. That he has us, that he has me to help True Parents and help God.

The day after an amazing day with Hyun Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim at East Garden, I was on a blitz and I was just thinking about the night before and that whole week before and how I missed it and I miss being with Hyun Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim. I realized that it was an amazing experience being together all passionate over one dream (God's Dream) but even when we're not together, that vision doesn't change and I said I believe in One Family Under God and now is the time to put it into action and practicing giving true love to all people no matter who they are or even how they act towards me.

I'll always remember yelling "One Family Under God Aju!" with all my heart with everyone and with that same passion I want to substantiate it. Even if it's tough, if I can think of how much Hyun Jin Nim, Jeong Sook Nim and True Parents are working for this I know I can keep going and keep striving go give true love. Thank you Hyun Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim! 

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