The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

World CARP 40th Anniversary Celebration

Hyun Jin Moon
October 21, 2006
General Assembly and Award Ceremony
Sun Moon University, Korea
Keynote Speech of World CARP President
Unofficial notes by Mark Bramwell

If we look at who the CARP Presidents were in the past, we realize that the most important elders were the presidents. They are the root of the Unification Movement. (Former CARP Presidents of Europe, for example, include 36 Couples, such as Rev. Young Hwi Kim (one of the first 3 Couples), Reverend Chung-Goo Park, Rev. Byung Wooh Kim). Looking at all these major leaders, I think that God must have truly blessed CARP.

Looking at where we stand now in providential history, we observe that there are many similarities to the year 1945. In 1945 there was a completely new start to God's providence. (After the victory of the Abel camp in WW II, the Christian nation of America stood as the uncontested superpower, prepared by God to bring the message of the True Parents to every corner of the globe and bring about the eternal Peace Kingdom. Today, a parallel situation exists once more.)

The dream that drove God's will and Providence was the same dream as at the beginning: to create the True Family. True Parents teaching has always been:

1. to live for the sake of others
2. to create the four position foundation.

These two purposes are the core of True Parents' message, that is, to build a world of peace centering on the True Family.

Why should we build the ideal family? Because through the family, true love, true life and true lineage can come to exist. You feel love through your partner. Families include older people. However, God does not look at physical age, rather at the spirit and shimjung. (Hyun Jin Nim often mentions that the youngest person he knows is True Father.)

The judge of your life will be your conscience. Restoration has been so difficult because you have to get rid of all the baggage of history before you can unlock the door of your conscience. Will accusation unlock the door? The only way is through cham sarang (true love).

Jesus taught this essence. Does the indemnity course originally have anything to do with God? How do we unlock the door to the conscience? First by unlocking the door to the heart. Therefore, to become the True Adam, True Father first had to walk the path of true love in the fallen world.

The year 2006 is the 6th year of Cheon Il Guk. Creation was created in 6 days. In the same way, the world is to be recreated in 6 years. With the birth of Adam and Eve's grandchildren, the ideal of God would have been realized. 2007 should be the year of God's settlement. The vertical axial line should be settled.

In order for true love, true life and true lineage to be established, there has to be three generations. This family represents the Tree of Life. (The Tree of Life has been the central goal of humanity throughout history. The root of the Tree of Life symbolizes God, the trunk is the True Parents and the branches are the True Children. At the same time, the root represents the True Parents, the trunk the True Children and the branches the True Grandchildren, depending on whether we consider it from the vertical or the horizontal perspective. The fruit that the tree bears represent the multiplication of this family and at the same time the gifts of God to humanity through the True Family.) The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the potential for love to develop into true love or into fallen love.

Absolute love, faith and obedience -- these are what the parents have practiced, starting with God. So not only the children practice this. Centering on these three, God and the True Parents have raised each and everyone of us. The filial son would return all of this to the parents. A central theme of True Father in his Hon Dok Hae speeches is the theme of parent and child, the vertical axis. The horizontal axis is the love between man and woman. The love act between man and woman is so important because it confers upon humanity the creative act through the creation of new human beings. Thus parents creating true children is the most perfect image of God. The Fall is the antithesis of this: false love substantiated false life, which substantiated false lineage.

The Tree of Life represents the three-generational family. For the sake of restoring this, three generations of True Family united around the common purpose of bringing God's love and truth to the world and conducted the three world speech tours.

This is the age in which we all need to become teenagers again. How do you want to go to heaven, as a teenager or an old decrepit person full of depression? The most beautiful woman is a woman whose heart, shimjung and spirit are young.

Rather than living for the church, live for a dream, which is: Build God's Kingdom of Peace, God's worldwide family, on earth centering on the True Family. Your eternal mission is to create one family of God.

Our whole movement needs a revival and to have the Dream. Get rid of the baggage! The world is changing in such a way that tremendous blessing can come upon our movement. We need a new vision and spirit that can unite us. This vision is the one of True Family.

God lost the positions of Kingship, Parent and Elder Son. In the first family there was murder in the second generation -- the beginning of all human conflict we see today. The Cain-Abel conflict was the product of the Fall when two owners came to exist. The war against terror is a conflict among the Abrahamic faiths. Yet neither Christianity nor Islam would have come to exist if Jesus had been accepted. Religious leaders and academics know that the only one doing real interfaith work is True Father. Interfaith is something natural to the CARP movement. Even though possessing the root of God, fallen humanity has lived in the home of the enemy and so does not know its parents. So God has used religion to help mankind to reconnect. Center your investment in the Unification Church on a higher vision, then we will be able to connect religions and realize the world family. This is the age of interfaith.

The current explosion of nuclear bombs by North Korea has again brought Korea to the center of the world stage -- interestingly after the completion of the True Family's world tours. It has also brought the Pacific nations and the USA as well as the United Nations onto the scene. The resolution of the conflict on the Korean peninsula cannot be accomplished by Korea alone -- the conflict can only be solved internationally.

The youth component will drive the engine of change on the world stage, which is now prepared for this movement. Why is a youth base so important and why does it have to be connected to UPF? It is like four people in a bean-sack -- all have to jump at the same time if they want to move and arrive at their destination. We all have to move in one direction in unity and consistency.

Once a CARP member, you are always a CARP member -- you can't get away! Those who do not like nature are not true church members. Nature did not fall. Those who love nature and creation connect to God and have their spiritual senses opened. I befriend people who love nature and creation. Those who love creation are never atheists. The natural world is very vertical. For example, horses find their pecking order automatically. The only way to control an animal is through your true subjectivity. They do not recognize a subjectivity that someone tries to achieve through beating, rather through your aura and the way you carry yourself. Animals use body language to show subjectivity and objectivity. Horses look at you and weigh you up.

I sometimes take the leaders to learn horse riding at a ranch. Once, a very large CARP center leader was trembling with fear as he mounted a horse. Because he was shaking, this had the effect of spurring the horse on. The more he trembled, the more the horse was spurred on until it eventually began to gallop! As the horse began to gallop, the center leader became tense with fear. Now, a horse is urged to gallop even faster when the person riding it tenses himself. Well, you can imagine how funny that scene was. Because the person riding the horse could not control himself, he could not control the horse. Those people who can master themselves can therefore deal more successfully with the creation. Horse riding is very good Divine Principle education. On another occasion when I was training some leaders at a ranch, while my back was turned to help someone, a horse actually lay down and fell asleep with a CARP leader still on his back! That is the first time in thirty years I have witnessed such a phenomenon.

Obviously, the horse thought he was the subject and not the man on his back.

The feeling I get in nature is that it is yearning for a true subject who can take dominion over it. True Father has said to me, "You should take leaders hunting." However, they all found excuses not to go hunting. Even though your physical body is tired, if you are focused God blesses that tired individual. While hunting, you are deprived physically, mentally and emotionally, but this becomes a condition for your blessing. You become connected to the eternal forces and you are blessed by nature.

The Providence will move whether you are go with it or not, so you have to be one with it and ride it. You have to know the way God's Providence is moving, then match with it. Then tremendous blessing will be given. A new chapter in history is now opening up and young people will open up the age of Cheon Il Guk. Be the people who create the axial line of God, True Parents and True Family with purity of spirit and heart, then a new age can dawn! You can be part of it. A truly young person is not affected by physical age.

Award ceremony

Example text on the plaque awarded to former CARP Presidents of Korea, Japan, USA and Europe:

World CARP Meritorious Service Award

W-CARP Europe 5th Former President Rev. Mark St. John Bramwell

In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of W-CARP, this award is presented to Rev. Mark St. John Bramwell in recognition of his devotion and leadership in restoring campuses and raising providential leaders during his tenure as president (1997-2002). The gratitude within us toward all our colleagues, leaders and frontline members, who took part in True Parents' majestic sacrificial course, will forever remain.

Thus, on behalf of all CARP members, I proudly present this award to Rev. Mark St. John Bramwell.

October 21, 6th year of Cheon Il Guk

Hyun Jin Moon
International President

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