The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Become the Owners of the Dream

Hyun Jin Moon
September 4, 2006
Washington, DC
Personal notes taken by Angelika Selle

After the Hoon Dok Hae Readings

This is a time of dramatic change. Soon a Palace of Peace will be erected in Switzerland. How can we live to become God's partner? Through living for the sake of others, through the spirit of public service, giving joyfully, voluntarily and sacrificially.

This is the time to digest and win the Cain realm with love. God will no longer tolerate separation and division. There is no perfection in ignorance. It is time to attend God.

Was yesterday was a tremendous victory? (Yes) Why? God will remember that event for all eternity. What was the dream God had? An ideal family of His lineage. Adam and Eve falling away from God is figuratively to be understood. Their love centered on Satan. God's essence is true love, and it was that innate quality that initiated creation, it was the impulse to create true love.

The Fall was the Fall because God's children should have inherited this love of God. The worst part of the Fall was that Adam and Eve lost the connection to God's essence and heart. Once they would have reached absolute vertical love, perfected love, with Him, they could have been the absolute love partner with God. But instead they inherited self-centered love. That self-centered love prevented them from inheriting God's love. Love is the most powerful force, and Satan used their love.

What is the difference between true love and false love? What is true love? True love focuses on uplifting the whole, not one individual. God's nature (character) is true love. Good and evil are determined by whether the motivation is selfish or unselfish. The Original Sin affected everyone. Thus, most importantly, Adam and Eve separated from God in heart and nature (character) - they became strangers to God and strangers to each other. The spirit of that kind of love was then expressed and passed on to their children. They were planting seeds of conflict among brothers throughout history. The structure of the family was not centered on God but on Satan.

God, through his plan of restoration, had to reverse it. His parental love is the impulse behind this history of restoration. The prodigal son story in the Bible is a story of hope. Concerning our movement, there is a need to live a certain way in the age of Cheon Il Guk - according to the original intention. That's why we need CHANGE.

What is the role of Adam? To fulfill the dream of God. The role of the Second Adam could not be fulfilled. Why? Because Jesus could not make God's dream of a family a reality with 3 generations living as one. That is what we call the Palace. Three generations represent the past, present and future - that is, all of humanity. When 3 generations of God's lineage work as one, God can settle on the Earth and the Tree of Life can spread to the world, and all can be engrafted as His extended family. That is the core meaning of this age.

At this time, 3 generations of the True Family are proclaiming this simple message, but a message with profound roots! The spirit world is rejoicing at this time, because it is the AGE OF LIBERATION, when the chains of fallen history are being broken on the Earth and in the spirit world.

It is the time to intimately knowing and being a member of His family. The age of damnation is lifted away and the age of HOPE FOR ALL, the time of liberation and hope for humanity has come.

On August 20, 1985 my Father was released from Danbury prison and on October 14, 1950 he was liberated from Heung Nam Prison in North Korea. He had to go there because of Christianity not accepting him. The 40-city tour is occurring during this time period to symbolically release Father from Danbury and from Hung Nam.

Now the dream of God is being substantiated.

What does it mean to be a blessed central family at this time?

First we need to shed all baggage and liberate yourself. Be like children again. Jesus said in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you need to become like children.

Imagine if there was a Muslim and a Jewish boy playing in a sandbox, would they kill each other? No they probably would play together. Only later if they learn all about the fallen history, and what injustices their parents and people have done to each other they change. When seeds of hatred are planted in their hearts, they begin to see each other as enemies. Truly the history began from the fall.

Now we need to become like a child again and plant and nourish the original seed in you, which is True Love, not bitterness, but love and living for the sake of others. Jesus' ministry was one of True Love. In his Sermon on the Mount he must have ticked off many of the Jewish leaders, who believed in an eye for an eye. God was preparing the Israelites not for themselves, but for the coming of His son. Jesus came in order to plant True Love.

All blessed children are born without original sin, but who teaches them? Since True Parents invested in us through practicing witnessing and fundraising, learning to live for others on the frontline, we now need to in calculate living for others as well. How does one do that?

I accompanied True Mother for half of the world tour. It is a grueling experience.(HJN explains the schedule going from city to city and because of time zone differences getting almost no sleep) There is no way but to feel constantly fatigued. Now the entire family is helping. You know what it means when we all have to drop everything just to do this tour? I hope that the second generation as they get blessed will inherit that mantle of spreading the word. Our True Parents are creating a model.

What is the meaning of the blessing? Just to keep purity. It is more than that! It means the inheritance of truth as the Able and the root of True Love. It means being loyal to fulfill the expectations of God, becoming the inheritors to True Father (?) we need to inherit God's dream and have a mission focus. This is the time when not only God's dream is being realized on earth, but also our movement should be rejuvenated with a new sense of mission extending the Blessing as filial sons and daughters of God.

Again we all need to shed our past and become a teenager in spirit. Remember the spirit when you dedicated your life to God and True Parents, now we need to rededicated ourselves not as followers but as an OWNER OF GOD'S DREAM. We need to find our original self.

I am and educator of young people not only in age but young people in heart. What form of spirit do you want to take into the spirit world? Old and depressed or full of hope, vigor, inspiration and determination, absolutely committed.

Become like a youthful, vibrant, hopeful teenager. This is a time of your life to mold your spirit, it begins in your heart, not in your mind! It beings in your HEART! That is where the impulse of love lies. There are some children who are old in spirit.

Satan is working tirelessly to bring this world and the people down. Based on this message we will make young people become truly young people, leaders who have hope and inspiration. When that happens, then the second generation will secure the future. Let us educate the next generation to become the owner of this vision

As parents even, become the owner of junior STF! Education should start in Kindergarten, then the children will not go in the wrong direction. Then they can join the youth federation. Your whole life could be a mission-focused life to build God's dream, even if it means to make a tremendous sacrifice. It is easy to say "yes" to sacrifice, but are you willing to become a missionary let's say in the 3rd world country, where there are no 7/11. Living in a hut and ministering to people with lots of boils and disease. But it is beautiful to invest a chunk of your youth this way.

When you think what is truly precious over time it is living and sacrificing for the sake of others. Especially our Japanese members have sacrificed and given so much over the years. But right now, in Japan, many are in tears of joy, because 3 members of the True Family were blessed with Japanese spouses. [Pointing out the tremendous blessing that comes from genuine sacrifice] In your short time on earth, build up your eternal heart. It is a great blessing to sacrifice.

I became known as a brainwasher myself, but in reality this has nothing to do with brain washing, but rather "heart-washing". It is because you felt the heart of God is why you do things. That makes your connection to god and True Parents.

Thus rejoice in the culture of heart.

Be in a constant mode of witnessing. This movement at this time has tremendous hope. This is a new age! Become the owners of it!

At the breakfast table

There was a very relaxed atmosphere in the room when Hyun Jin Nim came in and we all began to eat after a prayer by Rev. Francis. Hyun Jin Nim then asked Rev. Francis to introduce each person at the table. After that he asked what is happening within the DC church. Rev. Francis explained our local churches situations and how we are too big as a community for the Col. Rd church and that we have 4 area churches. Hyun Jin Nim then began to comment. He said that in too large of an organization/church people can't feel connected. Fathers vision is all BCF establish Hoon Dok Family Churches. This way each member and family can be ministered to directly by each other.

In your HDFC you can read this speech and give life to your neighbors. How about doing your own speaking tour after ours is finished, for example in the Christian Churches. Get the ministers to read it and to teach the DP. I always believe that after we educate Christian churches they will teach the young people in this nation and the nation will change. It is the time of new beginnings. It is the time for churches and their congregations to go beyond denomination and work together and spread the vision.

ACLC should not just reach out to Christians but to people of all faiths, to let them see that because of our common cause (God) we are all brothers and sisters) Doctrines will always separate them, but our vision will liberate even religion.

Everyone is searching for the/an ideal. THIS IS A NEW TIME! This is the time we need to "get on message and stay on message!" (Getting the message / vision out) our message is that all religions have a common origin, god. And all religions emphasize the same things to live for the sake of others. Peace can only come when there are ideal families centered on God who is the root for the palace of peace. The future is sovereignty governed by the Divine law, Not God will be the judge, but each individual is judged by his or her own conscience. Who can argue with that?

When we spread this simple message, then the doors open up and the light shines. It will bring about the unity of Christianity and all world religions.

The main problem or lack in all religions is that they have lost (don't know about) the vertical axis: God's original idea.

All of our blessed central families need to take ownership of that vision, make it yours, and spread it to the world. Shed all baggage and spread this message.

2006 is the year of RE-Creation of a new history. 2007 should be the year of the Sabbath, when God rests. Father's mind set right now is that he would like to finish the providence within this year. That's his heart. In 2008 is his 88th birthday. Three numbers eight are in line, which signifies a new beginning. I hope that within these two years our movement will take ownership, then the 2008 Blessing will rock the fundamentals of the world

By then our children and grandchildren would take over. We need to teach the through example. Therefore it is good to become like a teenager again. Naturally our original mind wants to go where there is youth, inspiration and energy. All get attracted to that kind of spirit.

Do you know who is the #1 teenager in spirit? True Father himself! He is 86 years old but in his spirit he is like a young teenager, always excited and hopeful. I have never seen anyone like that! Even God is attracted to him. God is the eternal optimist about human salvation

A spiritual God-centered person therefore embodies the characteristics of God and carries that optimism that God has. Centering on True Life, love and lineage salvation of humankind will naturally come.

Father one time told me, don't be afraid of obstacles. Because the higher you go, the harder you fall down. Father fell badly many times himself. He said to me: "Every time God promised me a great blessing, he would send me to prison. The reason for that is that he needed to accomplish a victory in the most difficult situation no one could accuse him. That has been God's strategy in order to move the history of restoration. There cannot be any room for accusation. During those difficult times Father was comforted by the immense love of God in solace.

Do you know that our movement was the reason God's providence could move forward? We have gone through so much! Now it is time to go higher, but those who want to be lifted up higher need to cut off [from Satan's ways] There is deep meaning in the word indemnity,

At this point I asked Hyun Jin Nim: "What is the meaning of indemnity for this time and age?" He replied. Everyone still has to fulfill their 5% responsibility on the individual level, family level and tribal level. That's what Tribal Messiah means, taking ownership [also of indemnity] We need to educate others through our example.

There must be an experiential component of education as well as teaching content. The most important institution is the family. When something goes wrong and children have hurtful experiences of heart, the family can heal their heart.

How do you understand god? Nothing in the providence of restoration is rational. Theologians try to reason and explain things, but they cannot. Only through the realm of heart not theology can we understand God.

Also in order to understand about True Father can we just observe him? No way? Only through a relationship of heart can we comprehend him better.

Don't be afraid of challenge. We need challenge to increase our determination and break through any given situation. Challenge is not bad it is good! Think about Michael Jordan who is a rather short person for playing basket ball. But that didn't discourage him from practicing and from working hard, and he became a world champion.

The same is true for Bill Gates. He dropped out of Harvard University and his father was very upset, but that didn't stop him from fiddling around with computers it was his passion. So now he is a billionaire the richest dropout in America through his passion his computers.

When I applied for Harvard University, I had to fill out a questionnaire. One of the first questions in there was: What was the failure you learned from the most?

All great people experience failure at one point or another and overcome it. There is tremendous hope for all of us at this time! Let us take ownership of the DREAM!

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