The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Three Generation Tour - Spain

Hyun Jin Moon
September 13, 2006

Madrid Main Event

Over 250 people, among them diplomats, religious leaders, university professors, and NGO representatives gathered yesterday in the Hotel Velazquez of Madrid to hear the speech of Mr. Hyun Jin Moon and participate in a program of support for the family as way to reach world peace. Our FFWPU family in Madrid took seriously the incredible task of organizing 6 events in one day. We wanted to welcome this wonderful tour into our country and not miss the providential train stopping at our door. We had a Bulgarian opera singer with one of our 2nd generation talents at the piano warming up the audience. This was followed by remarks from Professor Tomas Zamora of Madrid University, a former Secretary General of the National Ombudsman. For the blessing, we had a married Jesuit priest with his wife and the Lawyer who is pursuing our case for True Parents entry to Spain. It was beautiful to see the participation in the Holy Offering (burning ceremony) of Elizabet Cardona, a Baptist Church leader coming from one of the most famous Protestant families in Spain.

Hyun Jin Nim spoke strongly and heartistically such deep and amazing content. Our guests were glued to their seats and showed their appreciation by their good attention. In the audience there were catholic priests and nuns, some of them with very high positions in their congregations. There were also Jewish and Muslim participants and quite a few university professors and professionals. It was a sophisticated audience but they enjoyed the program and just said wonderful things at the end about the event. Hyun Jin Nim returned to the stage for the Ok Mansei and asked as many people as possible to go to the front to take the final picture altogether. There was so much joy in the air. It was the perfect ending.

Lisbon, Portugal

Two Ambassadors for Peace, Dr. Miguel Boieiro and Prof. Delmar went to the airport to receive Ji Yea Nim. They were very interested to receive Rev. Moon's Family. The event was held in Hotel Zurique in Lisbon and around 200 people attended the conference.

Mrs. Ji Yea Park Moon was the main speaker. Everyone admired her beautiful appearance and she gave such inspiration and sincere heart to them. VIPs representing the Lisbon city mayor, university and inter-religious associations attended the event. All of them commented that this event was very exciting and different. The environment was uplifting and full of participation. People were pleased with content of the speech. After the event Ji Yea Nim and Jin Hwa Nim went to a typical Portuguese Restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine. They went sightseeing where True Mother visited last time, Belem tower, discovering monuments and Jeronimo Church. The following morning Ji Yea Nim led Hoon Dok Hae and gave an inspiring speech about True Mother's guidance to members. Ji Yea Nim and Jin Hwa Nim both graciously signed the world tour speech booklet for our members. All members were so grateful their love and care!

Barcelona, Spain

Over 100 people gathered in the Montblanc Hotel of Barcelona to the call of a celebration of the family and a new era of peace. The climax of the event being the reading of the speech of Father Moon given by Mr. In Sup Park. The tour presented three generations united for God's Will and in our audience also three generations were present with elder friends and relatives and young 2nd generation. Mr. In Sup Park, son in law of Rev. Moon, won the heart of all participants of Barcelona at the conference. His spirit embraced everyone with words of true love and the audience responded to it, making a step forward in the providence of Chong Il Guk in Spain. It was a historical day for our land and for Andorra just one day away from the National Day of Catalonia. We had a good variety of participants from different religions and appointed a number of new Peace Ambassadors: among them the National President of Theosophy Society and the President of the Buddhist Dojo Zen Nalanda. Fr. Jose Apeles Santolaria, a nationally famous Catholic priest and media figure came to the meeting.

We wanted to offer Mr.. In Sup Pak a taste of our Catalan music and asked a local group of musicians to perform in the program. Thanks to the good team work of blessed couples in Barcelona and Andorra, first and second generation members, and the presence of In Sup Nim we could achieve a success for True Family's Tour. Besides the event, we went to visit before the program the holy ground of Barcelona located on a beautiful mountain. The following day, we had Hoon Dok Hae at our local FFWPU center and before his departure we went to see the impressive Sagrada Familia, the unfinished cathedral built by the architect Antonio Gaudi. That was In Sup Park's personal wish.

Malaga, Spain

Mr. Shin Bok Moon came at lunch time to the Hotel Cervantes in Torremolinos, Malaga in the heart of Costa del Sol. From his room he had a nice view of the sea. He wanted to have Spanish food so we took him to a restaurant nearby to have the typical fried fish. The program started at 5:15 p.m. Two thirds of the audience were our precious tribe and community contacts. We started with a Spanish dance by two groups of young girls and a joyful song. After the ceremonies and the video, Shin Bok Nim read the main speech very clearly and with all his heart. Members and participants liked him very much.

We appointed five new ambassadors for peace including the local secretary of UNICEF and the President of the Youth Association for Peace and Solidarity. We ended the program with the contribution of the Krishna Consciousness musical group and a picture of the group. Four of our second generation worked hard to putting posters and passing out flyers. Two ladies came because of the posters they saw. One of them, knows us from Argentina and already has very good understanding of True Father's work. She was very happy to meet us and wants to continue coming to our events. Many people were very impressed by the video presentation. Three young people students (17 and 18 years old), friends of our local 2ndG came and were very impressed by the program. They really like it! After the event, our local church of about 20 members, including children, went with Shin Bok Nim to have dinner near the sea, paella -- he really liked it.

Colmenar Viejo, Spain

We organized our program at 12:00 o'clock in the morning in the Hotel El Chiscon of Colmenar Viejo, the town where our Ginseng company is located and therefore the area where quite a few of the our families are working and living. Our main speaker was Mrs Shiori Kunitoki. She did a wonderful job delivering her father-in law's message of peace. There was a lot of unity in the program and it flow smoothly. After the program ended Shiori Nim wanted to talk with the 2nd generation of the area and get to know them. That was very moving for us all. Some of our new guests were brought by an Ambassador of Peace of the town and were in turn given their own award.

Cuatro Caminos, Madrid, Spain

In the Cuatro Caminos area of Madrid we were in the beautiful Metropolitan Garden Hotel. We had the honor to have as our guest speaker the True Grandson Mr. Shin Il Moon. Although he mentioned to the audience that he is very shy and is not used to speaking in public, he showed a lot of charm and heart, making a very friendly atmosphere with the audience. His message was clear and profound, stopping several times and showing his heart and testimony, his passion for cars, and how he likes the soccer team Real Madrid. In this way he made a lot of effort to be close to the audience, and the audience responded very well. Everyone was very much uplifted by his heart and example. We were about 100 participants among friends, ambassadors for peace and many catholic nuns. All responded very well. The guest VIP was Madrid University professor Alfonso Ojeda. He is an expert on North and South Korea reunification and a close friend of our movement. He truly loved True Father's talk when he had the chance to hear it in Korea and Geneva. We had a Bolivian folk music group. This area of Madrid is quite intercultural, so it was interesting to see in the audience the combination of a strong catholic religious presence and many Latin American guests.

Madrid, Spain

UPF HQ in Madrid - The VIP words were given by the distinguished Catholic Nun, Sister Elena Oyarzabal, a real expert in inter-religious matters. Her words were very warm and she expressed her deep appreciation for the activities developed by UPF and WFWP in Spain. The main speaker was Mr. Hirotaka Otsuka who managed to create a very nice give and take with the audience while expounding Father Moon's message of philosophy of peace. During the Holy Offering Ceremony three guests stood up spontaneously and joined three FFWPU members in burning their visiting cards. An intercultural couple, constituted by a member of the Gnostic Christian Church and his wife, who belongs to the Sikh Movement, received the Blessing as a representative of other religions. The atmosphere was very family-like and joyful, very respectful towards True Parents and True Family, all as brother and sisters under our common Father-Mother, God.

Pamplona, Spain

In Pamplona we are two blessed families. So it was a challenge to organize the event and welcome Mr. Young Jun Kim with some level of success. For the last year and a half we have done several interfaith programs but this was our first UPF, open declaration of True Parents, in a city that is the heart of conservative and traditional Catholicism in Spain, the national stronghold of Opus Dei. At the Blanca de Navarra Hotel seven of our guest were Catholic Religion Teachers (mostly nuns), and we also had one of the top leaders of the Kiko Arg·llo group, a charismatic Catholic lay group which is growing very fast in the world. The program was advertised by Catholic Radio in Pamplona. The guests were very impressed by the speech and the ceremonies. They were asking about future programs in the city. The religious teachers wanted to know more about the Divine Principle. Everybody left their contact information so that we can invite them to future events. Young Jun Kim's coming representing the Three Generations of True Family helped us to gain hope and to work harder to establish a better foundation here. He spoke with dynamism and heart which was a key factor in our guests' good response. We showed him the city and went thought the streets were the bulls run in July, a festivity that attracts tourists to Pamplona by the thousands every year. Our family and members here receive a lot of inspiration and spiritual guidance from Mr. Kim and we are so grateful for the efforts of the True Family.

Cascias, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal is a holiday town on the Atlantic Ocean about 30 kilometers west of the capital, Lisbon. There is a large harbor for yachts and beautiful sandy beaches. Today another page in Casais' history opened with the visit of the third UPF World Peace Tour. Mrs. Jin Hwa Yoshida was greeted by an excited audience of one hundred in one of the city halls. Her presence brought a purity and sincerity which inspired a younger sister of one of the Peace Ambassadors to spontaneously offer to sing her a song in gratitude for her heart for God and world peace. It was a beautiful finale to the whole event. Six new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed among them a Roman Catholic nun.

Porto, Portugal

Porto is the capital of northern Portugal and the second city of the nation, famous for its football clubs and its hard working people. We were very grateful to be one of the European Cities to host the third generation of our True Parents' family in this historic World Peace Tour.

Mr. Hyung Jin Lee delivered the Founder's message with dignity and a growing authority. What an amazing experience to travel 40 nations sharing God and True Parents' heart! We had gathered a substantial audience of family and friends and among them four were appointed Ambassadors for Peace in recognition of their good example of living for others.

San Lorenzo del Escoral, Madrid, Spain

San Lorenzo del Escoral - we held our event at 12:00 o'clock in the church of the Religious Residence (Convent) of the Sacred Heart. In the past we held a UPF European Symposium and several Inter-religious seminars and programs in this same convent. It is a place close to our heart and we thought it will be wonderful to offer it to True Family in this tour. Mrs. Yeon Sun Yu won the heart of the audience saying a few words of greeting in Spanish. She was spontaneous and close to the audience. Esperanza Bautista, a top catholic theologian and professor at the Jesuit College of Madrid, shared some opening remarks about her many years working with our movement. We finish the program sharing some refreshments with our guests. Later on Yeon Sun Nim wanted to visit this historic town and ended having lunch and a deep sharing together.

We are very grateful for this event and will take the grace of this event as the foundation on which to continue and strengthen our foundation.

Medieval Madrid, Spain

Our event started at 12:00 o'clock in Santo Domingo in the heart of the medieval Madrid.

Our main speaker was Shin Sook Moon. We had a Jewish rabbi, David Elzami, offering some songs before the main part of the program and a Jewish Ambassador of Peace, Matilde Barnatan, director of Sephardic Programming in the National Radio of Spain giving the speech as guest VIP.

Miss Shin Sook Moon did a wonderful reading, warm and clear. At the end of the event she wanted to talk with the guests and take pictures with them, something they appreciated very much.

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