The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Creating a Model of Youthful Passion

Hyun Jin Moon
October 2006
STF International Assembly
Seoul, Korea

As my father's son, I know my father well, and he doesn't really care it your brain is smart. He cares more about the heart. Some negative people may say that he is a brainwasher, but more than a champion brainwasher, he is a champion heart washer. If my parents are champion heart washers, then I am also champion heart washer. There are many young people gathered here today. And even though I have come as the SIT founder and asked what the meaning of the Special Task Force is, and there are blank faces, that's okay; just the fact that you are here and you are in the Special Task Force and you are working hard is very good. This is the power of true love.

The reason I came to the back is to see if there are young people back here. I want to see if there are young people here or just old people. Let's see ... Because if you are not a young person, you will not understand the meaning. the power, the passion, the hope and the dream of this place!

I had some time to visit some small churches after I came to Japan. I was curious as to how our members were doing there, but the impressive thing was the elder members; the spirit of the members changed from fatigued, old members to young members with strength and power, all of a sudden. You are all around nineteen-teenagers I know. But I asked them how old they are and they responded, "'teenagers!" So I told them that if you are all teenagers, you should all go to STF.

The funny thing is that the reason my voice is hoarse is because they were so excited that I had to speak over them. They said, "Ahh... This is holy baptism!" .Although they were in their forties and fifties, they went crazy, so I had to speak very loud. Think about it. When those who had come to observe saw this, what did they think? "The Unification Church is so crazy!" A little old lady would push others just to come to the front and call me elder brother. How crazy is that? When God sees something like that, how does He feel? I'm sure He feels good. Jesus said it like this: if you want to go to heaven, you have to be as a child...

How old are the kids gathered here today? Thirteen to sixteen years old? Then you should go to Junior STF. You must challenge that and make it. The reason young people are good is because they can dream big. So don't think you cannot do it. Think, "I can do it." Mindset is very important.

So if you want to test for STF, you have to run and study the Principle and many other things, right? Is it difficult? You must make effort in order to get in, right? As a person gets bigger, he or she has growing pains. When your bones grow bigger, does it hurt or not? When you exercise, trying to build muscles, does it hurt or not? If you want to grow, everything goes through a challenge. You need challenge; that's why having a standard is important. It you have a high standard; people aspire to reach that standard and raise their own standard. So you need to have hope and confidence behind it all. You must dream big. Even if you fail the STF test, will you keep on trying? Can you do that?

When I think about character, when a person always has it easy, the character becomes like a paper towel, but if you go through a lot of challenges, you become strong. That is why young people need more challenges. Should I raise the standard of STF? Should I raise it or lower it? When I raise the standard, it is because I trust you. If I lower the standard, it means that I don't have that trust.

When we look at the history of humanity; how many times did people make mistakes? Because God had absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience, His hope toward humanity did not vanish. He has always believed that even the worst person could be His true child. How high was His standard? When God looks at you, do you think His dream for you is big or small? Would it be the biggest or the smallest? Then who makes it small? Usually it is the individual that makes it small, or at times the parents make the dream small. When I started the STF program, parents thought that fund raising and witnessing would be too difficult for their child. The mind of a parent who thinks like that has been blocked already. Does that child have hope? The funny thing is, through the STF participants, parents became our friends because they see the 180 degree change in their own children. Although the child was at a lower level, they came back with a standard that the parents didn't believe was possible. The parents were surprised that a child who had had a difficult time even taking care of himself could take care of others and become a team leader.

So it is not God who sets a low standard, but you, because individually, you cannot open up your mind. If you want to he liberated, you must open your mind centered on love, then there is hope. From a loving parent's perspective, a newborn baby has all the hopes and dreams of the parent. And as the baby grows, the parent will think that the baby can even become the president or a saint. Aren't there such big dreams for the child? The funny thing is that the parents of even the worst criminal say that their child is a good child. That is the parental heart. God is the root of all creation. How can we understand Gods mind? When God looks at you, do you think He has lots of hope, or little hope? Do you think my dream is big or small?

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