The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

HDH at Taipei Westin Hotel

Hyun Jin Moon
June 6, 2006

Mother spoke about the importance of island nations.

Hyun Jin Nim said: "Congratulations on a great victory yesterday. How much victory was it? The future is what you make it, if you really inherit and own the message from yesterday. We can be the authors of that future. It depends on how you invest. I like to speak to younger people because they dream more, since they have more time remaining in their lives. Therefore the dreams they have are related to a longer remaining life span. My father is the youngest person I know and has the greatest dream. What is the greatest dream? It is the dream that God had from the beginning of time. Will you take on God's dream?" Then he sang a song.

Quick Departure for Airport. Next Stop Mongolia on June 16.

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