The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Hyun Jin Nim - A Short Biography


Hyun Jin Moon was born on May 25, 1969, the third son and sixth child of the True Parents.

His name means 'Manifestation of Light'. We know that light is a symbol of the truth, understanding. This name fits Hyun Jin Nim's character - he has a very powerful spiritual perception and intellect.

The heartistic situation of the True Family

True Parents came to the USA in 1971 and Hyun Jin Nim came two years later, when he was 4. As blessed children, if your parents were very dedicated for the public mission, you may have some feeling for how Hyun Jin Nim's life was. True Children often felt very lonely. They even sometimes felt they have no parents at all. For example, when Kook Jin Nim was 10 years old, he asked True Father: "Are you really my father?"

True Parents are parents for all mankind. Therefore, their heart is always being pulled into the world. They are always thinking of the millions of mankind who are waiting to be touched by the love of God.

Only if we ourselves are truly dedicated to the public mission can we really begin to grasp the incredibly painful heart of True Parents, whose heart for their own children is more devoted than any parents, but who cannot express their love before first saving their 'other' children - mankind. That heart full of tragedy and pain is beyond our understanding. If you have children and dedicate yourself to the public mission, you can begin to understand that heart a little bit.

True Parents are the wisest and most loving people in history. Don't you think they would have been the most incredibly devoted, loving and successful parents if they had had the chance? When we think of True Parents situation, we can only feel humbled.

Hyun Jin Nim's mentality

As mentioned, Hyun Jin Nim came to live in the USA when he was 4 years old. When Hyun Jin Nim is meeting with Korean leaders, you can realize that his Korean language is not very fluent. When Hyun Jin Nim came to Germany, he was asked what was his mother tongue. Hyun Jin Nim replied that until the age of 4, he learnt Korean, but after he arrived in the USA, the True Children's tutor did not allow them to speak Korean.

Therefore, Hyun Jin Nim lost his fluency in Korean, and English became his best language.

Because Hyun Jin Nim was raised mainly in the USA, he has adopted the values of western culture, such as the emphasis on respect for human rights, personal accomplishment, and organizational and communication skills. Nevertheless, his root is Korean and so he is able to blend very well both eastern and western value systems. For example, while very much respecting individual rights and relationships among equals (brothers and sisters), he never loses sight of the more fundamental principle of parent-child and the importance of the unity among generations.

Studies and business activities

In his teenage years, Hyun Jin Nim showed a lot of ability in both school work and sport. He wanted to do further studies at university.

True Father recommended him to study theology, philosophy or history. He chose history and graduated from Columbia University in 1995 with honors. Having gained a deep understanding of human affairs, he wanted to master economics, so he decided to do business studies. He graduated from Harvard Business School MBA, which is the leading business school in the USA, with a first-class degree, completing a two year course in a year and a half. Hyun Jin Nim graduated from UTS in 2002, according to True Parents expectation that all leaders in the Unification Movement should graduate from UTS. He also graduated for UTS with a first-class degree.

Hyun Jin Nim is very talented in business. He took over several church businesses, which he re-named 'UVG' in the 1992, when he was still a student at Columbia. Since then, their market value has been increasing at a rapid rate.


Hyun Jin Nim excels in sport as well as studies. He was even in the South Korean equestrian team in both the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, as well as the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. He is a very skilled hunter and strong hiker. He once said that his favorite place, where he feels most at home, is Alaska.


Hyun Jin Nim's character in personal relationships is very warm and sympathetic. In public situations when he is speaking on the heavenly principle, Hyun Jin Nim sometimes has to speak strongly and strictly. He is a passionate family man and loves to go hiking in nature with his family.

Hyun Jin Moon was inaugurated as Vice-President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) in 1998, and President of World CARP in March 2000.

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