The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Speech to the Second Generation

Hyun Jin Moon
May 29, 1996

What do you want me to talk about today? Let me see your hand. For those who have seen me for the first time, raise your hand. For those who have seen the member of True Family for the first time, raise your hand. What shall I speak about today? [About the True Parents.] Really? I will also have to speak about that. [Laughter.] Which subject would you like me to speak about the most? Those who gathered here today, how many are the high school students? Raise your hand. The rest are college students? How many are blessed? Raise your hand.

I'll talk about inheriting vertical tradition. Being Koreans you must understand the vertical tradition. Yes or no? [Yes.] So what exactly is the vertical tradition? What is the vertical tradition? [It is Heavenly Father's Tradition.] [It is the victorious realm of the True Parents.] [It is the relationship between parents and children.] Yes, all of that is the vertical tradition. But what I want to speak about today the most is the context of the vertical tradition within the context of the restorational providence. To understand the meaning of the vertical tradition within the context of the restorational providence, you have to go back to the beginning of the human history. We have to examine the first human family. I know most of you study the principle very hard, so you must know chapter one by heart. The Principle of Creation.

If we didn't have the fall, the human fall, you wouldn't really have a need for any other lesson than the chapter one, that which is taught in the chapter one, the principle of the creation. Because in that chapter we realize what is Gods expectation for mankind. If you cannot understand this concept, then you can understand it in terms of your relationship with your parents. When we are born in this world, they have so much expectation of what you should accomplish or what you should do in your future. Just as is the case with our parents, God also had expectations. God also had that much expectation for mankind.

Of course now we face many challenges in our lives because history has progressed for more than the 6.000 biblical years. But back then it was very simple. All Adam and Eve had to do was to maintain the life of absolute faith, absolute obedience and absolute love to Heaven Father. But in the bible we have learned that Adam and Eve had strayed away from Heavenly Father. What is the condition in which we can say: Oh Adam and Eve did not follow expectation of God and strayed away from the heaven father? In the Garden of Eden God gave Adam and Eve only one command: Do not eat of that fruit of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. Of course you realize, because of the principle, because of the education that you've received as blessed children and as members of the Unification Church. We realized that the fruit was a symbolic fruit that meant sexual relationship between a man and a woman. Within the Garden there was freedom, but do not eat the fruit of tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, that was just one command that God has given to mankind at that time. Of course Adam and Eve did not follow that command, yes? And they fell. So what does that mean for Adam and Eve? We can come to some conclusions.

Adam and Eve were not perfect. If they were perfect, then they would not have fallen. It is the logical conclusion. Is it or not? If you were a perfect being, then you're under the absolute dominion of God. Then how can you be in the position to fall? So they must have been in the developmental stage. That's why we can come to the conclusion that Adam and Eve must have been in the growth period. They must have been in their teenage years, just developing, just beginning to understand Heavenly Father. Think about it. Right now True father is talking about, especially for membership, also 2nd generation, the importance of the foundation of absolute faith, the importance of absolute obedience and the importance of absolute love. In that time of development if Adam and Eve had maintained that kind of foundation of absolute faith in God, even though they did not know any better, they would not have fallen. Even if they had not known all things, they would not have fallen. If they had maintained the foundation of absolute faith, maintained the foundation of absolute obedience and maintained the foundation of true love, they would not have fallen. So we can see that even in the beginning of human history that there was flaw there. It was because they didn't have this kind of foundation that we see failure over and over and over again all throughout human history. Think about that.

When you were growing up, many of you had your parents and your parents told you to study hard, to take care of your brothers and sisters, and to listen to your parents' word. Why do they educate you like this? Why do they have all this type of expectations for you? At that time, when you were still teenagers you didn't understand why your parents were telling to do all these things. Think about it. If you want to go out with your friends and you have to stay at home and take care of your younger brother or sister, how much pain in the butt that is. Or how about study? All your friends want to go out and play but your parents told you to stay home and study. You didn't know why your parents told you to do these things, did you? As you grew up you realized they were telling you these things because of your well being. They recognized that for you to do bigger things you need to have a foundation. You need to have a foundation for preparation. As you grow up you start to realise these things. Think about the children in the United State. They don't listen to their parents. They don't listen to their elders. They only listen to their peers. And look what type of people they are becoming. America has a really sad future because of the younger generation now. Is that true or not? I have lived in America for a long time, so I know this very well. Those kids have no desire. Because they have no roots, they are continually being shaken back and forth. Root, or that kind of vertical tradition, is that important. You know this very well, do you not? Should I continue at this point? You are all smart people, so you will know these things very well. Right?

As you grow older you realize why your parents have raised you that way, why your parents have emphasized to study hard, why your parents have emphasized to take care of your younger brothers and sisters, and why your parents have emphasized why you have to do certain things. But at that time you did not understand. But because you're Korean kids and in Korea we value the vertical tradition, you followed your parents anyway. Isn't that right? Think about Adam and Eve. At that time Heavenly Father only gave one commandment. Maybe in your household you have many different kind of commandments your parents have given you. But Heavenly Father gave only one commandment to Adam and Eve. Why did they fall? But we already came to the conclusion that they did not substantiate the foundation of absolute faith, they did not substantiate the foundation of absolute obedience, and they did not substantiate the foundation of absolute love or true love. With whom? With Heavenly Father.

At that time we realized Adam and Eve and Heavenly Father were not alone, that there was a third party, that tempted Adam and Eve away from Heavenly Father. That was an archangel. If you read Genesis story very carefully, it goes like this: God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But then, what Lucifer did was he tempted Eve by saying: No. What God said is not true. What Heavenly Father said was if you eat of that fruit, then you shall die. But because Adam and Eve were still very young, they did not understand what Heavenly Father meant by death. They thought that death was physical death. They did not realize that death was spiritual death. Just like in many ways you're very naive to a way of heaven. The spirit world is out there. To you what seems the most scary? What seems the most unknown? It's the end of your physical life. In the same way they were very naive to the way of spirit world. That's why we can say that Adam and Eve were immature. They were too naive. So they believed that Heavenly Father talked about physical death, not spiritual death. So Satan said: No, you shall not die even if you eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You shall live and you'll have the power to know all things. So what Satan said to Adam and Eve, is that lying to Adam and Eve? He was saying the truth. It was enough. But what did Satan know? He knew what God's expectation was for Adam and Eve. And he purposely utilized their naivete to tempt them away from Heavenly Father. In other words Satan knew when God said: "You shall die." Satan knew that God was talking about spiritual death. But he also knew that Adam and Eve did not know that God was talking about spiritual death. Adam and Eve thought that God was talking about physical death. From this relationship did Satan lie to Adam and Eve? No. But he knew the expectation of God and purposely connived to make things so Adam and Eve could not follow Heavenly Father, would not follow Heavenly Father. So that is the history of temptation. One of the reasons why the religious side has always walked the very difficult course and in many ways they were persecuted: Oh you're liars, you don't really care about human beings, it is because of this. There is some truth element to that. But these accusations are coming without an understanding of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Fathers Will. Because of this the history of restoration has been complicated and difficult.

In the beginning of human history all the elements that we see today had already been initiated. So many times you hear Parents talking about what God's tactic is, what God's strategy for restoration is always to be hit first and then to have dominion. Yes? But Satan's strategy is always to attack first and then lose his foundation. Why does God's strategy have to be like that? Restorational providence is not something that happens immediately. It's progression in time. You hear Parents talk about investment, investment and investment. The meaning of investment is that you are doing something now for the sake of the future. So if you see the restorational providence as the progression in time, then you recognize what happens now will have some repercussion later on. God's strategy has always to be hit first. Why? Because eventually the truth will come out through time and through history. Why? Because Satan is so smart he knows God's expectation well and he knows how to manipulate facts at this point. So you cannot argue with him at this time. You have to let history flow. But through history you cannot run away. The truth is always revealed through history. So think about it. Adam and Eve fell in the beginning of history. Was that the end of human history? Answer. It wasn't the end of human history. It was the beginning of restorational history. So we can see how Heavenly Father uses history to re-indemnify the failures of the past. In this usage of history the strategy of being hit first and then restoring based upon being hit first is what works. Is that the truth or not?

So why I am talking about this. Why did I talk about the first family and how Satan tempted Adam and Eve away from God. Why did I focus on those three elements that Father has been emphasizing so much nowadays, the foundation of absolute faith, the foundation of absolute obedience and true love. Why? All of you are very smart. I'm sure that you can start to see the connection. You cannot see the connection? Can you see the connection? You cannot see the connection? The foundation of the absolute faith as I emphasized in the beginning was the condition that Adam and Eve should have had. If they had reinforced that foundation within themselves, they would not have fallen. In many ways in your life of faith you get tempted a lot. Do you not? Your friends tell you. Oh. You can drink. You can smoke. Oh, there is nothing wrong with it. It is not a sin. You won't go to hell if you smoke or drink. What they are saying is true. In other words if we judge what we should do or should not do based upon what we perceived to be the truth at this point and some of things that they say you should do, you can justify your own mind you should do, right? Or let's talk about the blessing. This time, 3.6 million couple Blessing, many of you're probably going to go, those who are not blessed here today. But you've seen your older brothers and sisters not go to Blessing or you've seen them break their Blessing. So in your mind you say, oh since I've seen that kind of example and because there was no harsh repercussion on those individual, maybe that is OK. In other words there is many kind of condition that you can see in your lives that eat away your life of faith. When you see that, you say: Oh they did it, so maybe I can do it. Or what Father says here and that kind of standards he says is so high and it doesn't fit with reality. So, maybe I don't have to listen to everything. Or True Parents are superman and superwoman and I am me, so I don't have to really live up to that kind of standard that they trying to live up to in their whole life. All those things you are saying, are true, are they not? Why? There are no breaks in blessed couple marriages? It exists. There are no blessed children that have difficulties? There are blessed children that have difficulties. Our Church doesn't have any difficulties? There are difficulties. So all of these comments you say is true. Our movement is going through difficulty. Well, that's true too. So what am I getting at here? What's the point that I am trying to make here? Whether that is true or not, that is not what matters. The way that you have to see things is: Do I want to live in accordance to Gods ideal or do I want to follow whatever I perceive to be the case right now? Even though the reality around me might not be perfect, you have to make that kind of determination to want to follow or live up the ideal set by True Parents. In order to do that you have to have the foundation of absolute faith, you have to have the foundation of absolute obedience; you have to have the foundation of absolute love.

All those things that you might see that tempt you away not to follow are exactly like the temptation that the Satan gave Adam and Eve. What Satan said to Adam and Eve was true too, right? The difference was he knew what God expected and he purposely brought Adam and Eve away from Gods expectation. So now to what you might see, all the thoughts you might have all the difficulty that you might see not to follow absolutely the path that Parents have laid out for you. All that kind of different temptation and many of that kind false you see are true, are they not? They do exist. But then you still have to maintain that kind of foundation within yourself. Through that Satan is trying to tempt you to not follow the course prescribed by Parents. Through all those different type of things you might perceive, all the difficulties and all the different kind of things Satan is using that as a tool to make you not follow absolutely Parents direction. Just like Adam and Eve Satan also knows expectation that parents have for each and every one of you. That is why you have to have the foundation of absolute faith, the foundation of absolute obedience the foundation of true love. Even though I tell you this I know it is not easy for you to believe. Especially when you see your friends go to work in a company and maybe living a little better life than you, seeing your parents live a life as ministers in a church, living a very poor life, a life of poverty for 40 years, and then eventually being told to go to the tribal messiahship with no foundation of their own, when you see your parents go through that, you might think: Oh what has Unification Church done for me and my family with 20 years or 30 years investment of my parents life? I am sure that some of you think like that. I am sure your parents think like that too. That is the self-pity.

All these kind of complaints that you might have might be true. But then you have to ask yourself, are these complaints leading me to follow absolutely the direction of Parents have said or is it leading me away. You have to ask yourself that question. One thing that you did not realise is that the investment that your parents have made, the investment that you should make will not be wasted. If your parents did not understand this, then they don't know what they are talking about. From a restorational providential viewpoint nothing was wasted. Look at the principle of the universe. There is no waste in the universe. Every time there is a force, there is a counteracting force that creates a balance. If you have low pressure, then air will come to that low pressure and fill it up. If you have slope, then water will flow down the slope. In other words, the principles of the universe are such that nothing is wasted. How about the restorational providence?

Do you think the effort and the investment that you made would ever be wasted? No. Yet if you do not value the importance of the investment that you make, then whatever great riches, and I am not talking about monetary, but the riches in Heaven that your family is bound to receive you will not receive, if you do not value the investments. Why? I explained that Heavenly Father moves through time and history. The restorational providence is the movement in time and history. That is why especially when I look at the Korean Church today we are at a crossroad. We are at the crossroad. In many ways this movement, the Church in Korea, is being shaken and rattled. Yet how are you going to receive this changes? Well, that is not a question that I only ask you but I ask every single member in Korea. That means I even ask this question to your parents. You have conscience too. If you have been trained and educated by Parents, then you should have a conscience that truly knows what is right.

If you cannot see the value of the investment that you have made in your life's work of sacrificing everything, that you have made for the sake of God's providence, if you cannot see the value in that, then you are not in the position to receive whatever riches befall upon your family in the future. Think about it in these terms. Maybe you can understand. Maybe somebody gives you stock of a small little company, you think, oh, look at that company. This is worth nothing. I have other friends who have stock in a bigger company. You threw that away but eventually that company becomes, let say it was Apple computer company. 20 years ago it was nothing. The person that threw that away is the biggest stupid person in the world because that eventually became the most expensive stock in the stock market. 20 years ago did you think about the computers? Did you have a dream? Did you even have a concept that you will have portable computers in every single home? Did you have that kind of concept? Did you have the idea of Internet? The reason why that technology exists is because there were several crazy people who said that in the future 20 years from now you will have a computer in every single home and they will all be connected by the World Wide Web. 20 years ago who would have believed that. The idiots! Personal computers now have more memory and more power than some of the computers about 20 years ago that the military used. They were several million dollars. Now you can buy them for two thousand dollars that have more power and more memory. Who would believe that? Think about it. If you look at history you will realise all the different kind of changes, technological advancements happen because people made investments. Do you understand me? Time, energy, blood, sweat and tears. Do you understand me? Many times they were ridiculed as being crazy, stupid. Shouldn't go that kind of route. You think those people who engineer the growth of computer industry should not have made that investment? Was their investment wasted?

Those people who pioneered that industry, they did not received the fruits of the computer ages that we are receiving the fruit right now. They couldn't receive the fruit, but we've received the fruit, have we not? Through this example you can understand the meaning of the work that we are doing now, and this is ten times, a 100 times, a 1,000 times more important than let's say the computer industry. Do you think that all the effort that has been made will not be remembered in heaven? Of course it will be remembered. No investment that you make is wasted. So if your parents are that type of parents that complain and basically come to you and say: Oh, have pity on me. I've done all those kinds of things but what has the Church done for me? So what I want you to do is not to work for the Church anymore. I want you to go find your own business and make a good living for yourself. Those types of parents are no good.

If your parents are like that, then you should be in the position to educate them. You can talk to them clearly and look them straight into eyes and say: Think about what you are saying now. Are you willing to throw away all the years that you invested in this movement? With that comment you are making right now, be careful what you are saying. I can understand you might have some type of judge or resentment, but remember that investments are not wasted. Remember that the fruit for your soul eventually will have harvest. So wait for that harvest and that harvest will be the most valuable in all of history. Do you have the confidence to do this? Is what I am saying true or is it not true? Think about it. Please think about it carefully. I meet many people who are bosses in companies. They have money, they have power and position, but it's all empty. They are not happy. Really they are not happy people.

You cannot find happiness through money, through power, through position, through authority. You cannot find happiness through these things. You cannot find happiness there. You can only find happiness when you live up to your responsibilities in the eyes of God. When is the person in the most miserable situation? When he or she was alone. When they are alone, they are in the most miserable situation. You always want some type of give and take. Where do you find the most satisfaction that kind of give and take that you have let's say comparatively do you find as much satisfaction as let's say give and take with a dog as you with another human being. How about husband and wife? Do you find that you find more satisfaction when having give and take with let's say dog than lets say your spouse? Why is that? Because human being have an infinite desire to embrace the biggest thing. We want to find an object that is on an equal level to us. You find satisfaction with an object that is on an equal level. That's why, if you go to university, professors only like those students that are very bright. They always talk to those students. Especially those who always challenge the professor. Why is that? Because among the students that professor realises, this person is the closest to me in my knowledge and in my erudition. The same is true for Heavenly Father. He finds the most satisfaction in those people that are closest to Him. They can understand Him the most. Just like that student that has a relationship with that professor, when you have that kind of stimulating relationship with the professor, let's say you are all students, you have that kind of stimulating relationship with the professor, you find happiness, you find pleasure in that moment, do you not? But think about Heavenly Father. He has all the infinite wisdom, all the infinite knowledge. He is the king of everything. So if you have that kind of give and take relationship with Heavenly Father, how much more fulfilling, how much more great that kind of foundation will be. That is why true happiness comes when you live in the course of God's Will and fulfil His expectation. Do you think so? Yes or no? Or are you just saying that? It looks like all of you want to go to sleep. Understanding this is important!

So it is very important to have the foundation of absolute faith, the foundation of absolute obedience, the foundation of true love. Those are the tools you will have to fight off all different kinds of temptation and walk the correct, right path. Your life will not be easy. I am not here to come and tell you that your life will be easy. Your life will be difficult. You will face many challenges. You will face many challenges in your life, but it's the decision that you make which will define what type of person you will become. With those three tools you should, you will not fall away. Remember there are always things you'll need to learn more about. You always want to gain more knowledge. You always want to have more position. You always want to have more money. You always want to have more authority. You always want to have more of those types of things. The thing that will be the most important and something that should be consistent in your life should be the life of absolute faith, the life of absolute obedience and the life of true love, and eventually if those things come to you, if you are blessed with those things, position, power, authority or not, then you will be in the position to really live up to the expectation of those blessings and use those blessings for the sake of Heavenly Father.

Being 2nd generation especially in Korea, many times you probably think that you are abandoned here in Korea. Do you feel like that? Please don't think like that. Everything that Father has been creating is for the sake of 2nd Generation. The time of 2nd generation is coming soon. That is why you have to start preparing yourself. But when I say preparation, I am not talking about going off and getting an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, doing things on your own, not being involved in Church activities. That's not what I'm talking about. I am talking about internal foundation. If you have the internal foundation, the physical blessing will naturally come. If you do not have the internal foundation, then blessing will not come to you. Regardless of how well you study, regardless of how well you perform and whatever secular activity blessing will not come to you. That's why I'm really emphasizing right now at this point, the foundation of absolute faith, the foundation of absolute obedience, the foundation of true love.

So all of you, who make a pledge to live up to those three qualities, raise your hand. Okay. So should I finish here or should I continue? [Please continue.] This is it. This is the essence that what I want to talk about today. That's it. It's that simple. If you have this kind of foundation, all the different kinds of knowledge that you want, the theological knowledge that you want, you will naturally start understanding it. Why? Because this is the true foundation that one has to have in order to gain inheritance. Think about Adam and Eve. They were not able to inherit all the blessing that Heavenly Father wanted to bestow upon them because they did not have this kind of foundation and eventually they passed away from Heavenly Father. So today we are talking about inheriting the vertical tradition. If you want to inherit the foundation that was set for you by the first generation, then you have to have these qualities, and truly you can be in the position to inherit. Without it you cannot. Since I don't know many of you and I don't know many of your concerns and worries, the thing that occupy you, I think I should stop here. Remember that those three things are very important.

So what should I talk about now? I have to leave tomorrow. Right now the reason why I came to Korea was to recruit several blessed children to work in UVG. Why did I come to recruit these 2nd generation blessed kids? If I had forgotten about you then I wouldn't have come here to Korea.

In the future you will have many of these kinds of opportunity. Don't listen to what you parents are saying. They tell you not to go to the Church course because it's a dead-end course; it's just a life of difficulty. Don't listen to them. Because the future is going to be different. The reason why they are saying that is because they don't know anything. You just wait ten years or twenty years from now. The Unification Church, you should be proud to say you are a Unification member, not only you should be proud, you will be proud. Those who have followed faithfully you'll be even more proud, you should be even more proud that you've followed faithfully even at that time of difficulty. You will see. You can hold me to that word. It will be like this in the future.

So in preparation for that kind of time you have to have the right kind of foundation of your own. Satan is going to do so many things to make you lose hope, lose faith, to go your own individual kind of course. Many times your parents will be your enemies, your brothers and sisters, your friends all will try to make you not go that kind of course. That's why you have to have these kinds of characteristics.

Anyway the reason why I came here was to recruit several Blessed kids to UVG. They will pioneer the course for the 2nd Generation in other types of organizations outside of Korea, organizations such as UVG. We have Seilo in America. We have many different kinds of organizations that Father has created. We have a worldwide foundation many of you probably don't know about. You'll have many different opportunities to be involved in these types of activities. The kids who will be given those kind of opportunities will only be those kids that live a life of faith, that have participated in Church activities. So even this time when I told those candidates to be picked to be interviewed I told specifically those kids who went through some level of formula course. That means right after college being involved in CARP or some type of Church activity. I wasn't impressed about kids who just went off to school to do their own thing and stuff like that. I wasn't impressed by that because I can find better people. The way I see it I don't need those kind of people. Going out into the world I can find more qualified people to work for me.

The reason why I make that kind of exception for blessed children is because you should be the people that live up to the ideals that Parents have set. That's why I make an exception for you kids. But if you don't live up to the ideals that Parents have set, then in my eyes you are no different from outside kids. Really there is no difference. So if there is no difference then I can find more qualified people in the outside world. Because of this you understand what I am telling you today. That kind of a time will come. If you and your parents are not able to have absolute faith, then blessing will not come to you. Especially, at the this time, when our movement is being accepted on a world-wide level you'll see quickly, you'll start seeing the changes in the world. Even all of our business organizations that we've started will be very successful, will be very prosperous. Think about how it looks like robbery, if you are one of those who always criticize, and all starts to be prosperous and you want to be involved in it, you'll be like a robber. That is why you need to lay a foundation at this time in your life.

Even my small little foundation such as the UVG, this company will become very prosperous. We've already been recognized in United States but we'll be recognized in the world soon. In ten years I've no doubt in my mind that it'll be one of the largest companies in the whole movement. But unlike any kind of company president, I don't really like business. If I were in charge of the UVG just for the sake of money, then I would not do it. Think about it regardless of how big I make these organizations, there is always going to be some organizations in the outside world just as big. Regardless of what type of profit I may be able to achieve there will always be some company that does better.

What's the only thing that makes UVG different from all the other companies in the outside world? That's because we want to play the providential restorational role. Without that then the UVG is just like any other company. That's one of reason why I especially developed the corporate culture, although 80% of people are outside people. I emphasize principle. So even outside people, they have some understanding of principle because our corporate culture is set up that way. 80% of the people are outside people, and only 20% are members. But our corporate philosophy is centered around the principle, so everybody has to accept that. The UVG is not going to be the only organization that turns out like this. All of Father's organizations are going to be like that. And you are going to be proud to be Unification Church members representing the Unification Church, representing Father. Do you want to be a participator or a spectator? [A participator.] Then build your own foundation. [Yes.] Because you are all smart people you will do this, right? This is the reason that I came to Korea. To meet everyone here. And tomorrow I am going to Japan to meet the Assistant Minister of Agriculture.

So please understand what I have told you today and prepare yourselves. The time of Second Generation is coming. But you have to build a good foundation. I don't need the kind of people who come and go and just do as they please. I don't need those who do not believe in the Unification Church. Think about it. Those people are so pitiful. In the eyes of Heavenly Father they are so pitiful. Just going back and forth without knowing where they are heading. Especially at this time, after all that kind of foundation Father has made, especially at this time, this is not good. We are just at the gates of Promised Land, so to speak. So you have to prepare yourselves. And if your parents tell you not to do Church work, then don't listen to them, okay? [Yes.]

So what time is it now? [It is ten minutes past nine.] Oh, I'm late. [Laughter.] I have to know you more, if I want give you more content. I don't know you so well. And you don't know me so well. Even with this, this is good enough to digest. Okay, so let's finish here. [Thank you very much.]

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