The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Transforming the World with the Culture of Heart

Hyun Jin Moon
November 25, 2004

You have to know how to dream. When we think about the founding of CARP, the founding of the Unification Church and the Family Federation for World Peace, there was nothing in the beginning. If we were transported back forty years and we stood looking at the things around us, we would see nothing except a handful of people. All the things that materialized as time progressed were in the heart, the spirit, the imagination, conviction and dedication of those few that had gathered.

From a providential standpoint, we have entered the stage in which we need to build a nation of Cheon Il Guk. We need to substantiate that ideal on earth, so that it no longer is a concept but becomes a reality for the world to see. Amen? No-men? How many people are in this auditorium today? Twelve hundred? If that was the dream of all of us, why couldn't that come to pass?

When we talk about one world - when we talk about one Korea - based on the culture of heart, true love, why couldn't that happen? Unimagining minds, those who are not willing to dream, who are not willing to risk themselves for something larger than themselves, will never realize this dream. Yet if you want to be a leader, if you want to be somebody who can transform history and rewrite the pages of history as we move forward, you must stimulate your hopes, stimulate your dreams, stimulate your aspirations and aspire for great things. At the CARP convention, I spoke of the greatest dream of all. We all have aspirations on many different levels. It all leads to one apex goal. What is that one apex goal? That one apex goal is the one that resonates with God. I explained that that goal is to create one world under God.

Difference Between the UC and Other Religions

What is the difference between the Unification Church and Family Federation for World Peace and all the different denominations of the world? If all the religions are professing the existence of one divine being or one divine source of humanity, what is the difference? I will tell you what the difference is: Our perspective of Heavenly Father is very intimate. God truly is the parent of humankind, not some omnipotent being who does not want to have a relationship with humanity but wants just to wallow in His glory. God is not some being looking at how human history is unfolding in some detached manner. He is intimately involved in humanity. God wants to be reunited with humanity in a relationship that is more intimate.

If we look at all the different kinds of relationships that we have with others, those relationships that are closest we usually describe using a familial term, do we not? When we have a good friend, we say, "He's like a real brother," or "That guy is like a real older brother." When we look at someone older, we say, "He's like a father to me" or "She's like my mother." We sometimes say, "That kid is like my own child," right? You see the people who are closest to you as your family. Why? Because those are the deepest among human relationships. They're the hottest relationships, right? Don't we use familial terms to represent the closest relationships? Why is that? In our experience of love in interacting with others, those familial relationships are rooted in true love and rooted in blood. Therefore, they embody the closest form of relationship that we experience in our lives.

Now, think about God. If human beings were designed by God in the image of God to be the love partners of God, what type of relationship do you think God desires? Do you think God desires a master-servant relationship? A teacher-pupil relationship? Or a friendly relationship? God wants to experience the joy, the fulfillment and the love that can only be experienced in the deepest of all relationships, which is familial. That is the intimacy of relationship that God desires. That is why those who carry the culture of heart are those who embody the character of God, because that is God's nature; that is the spark of the Divine that separates humans from animals. That you can share in that divinity only comes from possessing the dignity of being able to embody that character of true love.

Young People Are Those Who Like Dream and Challenge

I love climbing mountains. Do you like that? Have you ever slept up there? Without a tent? Without a sleeping bag? When it's snowing? Don't do that. I did that a couple of times, but that was crazy. When I look at young people - as a father - doing crazy things, I become worried. When I think of it, because I've had that experience - it is so cold that you can't sit. That's why you have to sit like this, crouching. And you have to sleep like that. It was so cold that my feet and hands started freezing, but because I was so stubborn, I didn't make a fire. I'm so stubborn that it doesn't matter if I die. It is such a challenge. It's so challenging that I can't even begin to talk about it to you young people. STF, fundraising, how hard is that? It's meeting total strangers and talking to them. What's so hard about that, compared to survival?

So everything comes into perspective. No matter how much a person suffers, if the mind can find something fun or interesting in that, it is not suffering. It's fun. You young kids, have you ever thought that way? Or is suffering just suffering to you? Try it. Don't think it is hard. Change your attitude. Then your suffering is not be suffering. Try it. That is mind over body. The mind is subject and the body is the object. That's why, when I see young people, I think it's great that they go through challenges. If I want to designate a number one person, that person has to go through challenges. Am I right, or are you just listening to a crazy man?

Wow, we are crazy. One more time: Amen? No-men? (Amen!) Oh, good energy, very good. Try it. When you face a challenge in life, don't think about that challenge as being difficult, but think of it as fun. It's exciting; it's stimulating. And then you know what? That challenge is no longer a challenge; it becomes a friend.

You young people must answer this way if you are asked, "Do you want to suffer again?": You have to say, "Yes, I want to go through that suffering again!" Even though you might be old, if your heart is young, I'd say you are a young person. Whether you are a young person or an old person, in my definition, has nothing to do with age. Young people are people who like to dream, who like to grow through challenge, and so forth, because that is how you grow. Old people are those who do not like challenge, who do not want to grow, who do not want to be stimulated. I know many people young in age whom I would classify as old.

So to only the young people out there - if I put you through a challenge, would you want to go and face that challenge over and over again? Yes or no? I cannot hear you. (Yes!) Really? You want to face challenge again? That is why I like young people.

I've deviated from my subject. What were we talking about? One world, one Korea, and transforming the world through the culture of heart. What have we accomplished to this point? We've established that to dream, to have passion and conviction for something greater than one's self, is something that one should aspire to. In essence, this is what CARP is about. Yet, CARP is not an organization that is merely inspirational. No, no, no. We have a purpose. We want to aspire to fulfill the greatest dream of all, yes or no? What is that greatest dream? To build one world under God. How do we build that one world under God? Through the power of true love. How do we harness the power of true love? Through the individual transformation of all of you, where you become true subjects that inspire true objects, be it an individual, group, campus or the world. And you will harness the power of true love through living for the sake of others.

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