The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Substantiating Culture Of Heart Through The Embodiment Of Core Values

Hyun Jin Moon
January 1, 2004
Chung Pyung, Korea
World CARP Headquarters
W-CARP President

Special Speech to the Leaders and Core Members of W-CARP Korea

I have already outlined that the war which I have committed myself to fighting and winning is a cultural one. This is a battle that I have been fighting ever since I began my public ministry; and still I have to fight every single day. Why have I announced that this cultural war is a battle that we are fighting and a battle that we must win? Within the Unification Church, as I travel around the world and visit all of our national churches, this reality that we need to win this cultural battle in order to have one identity -- who we are and what we are -- becomes more apparent to me.

Godís Original Purpose of Creation: Creating an Ideal Family

For me to contextualize this we have to once again ask the question: What is the purpose of Godís providence? In other words, how did I come to this conclusion that the cultural war is a battle that we must fight and win? Iím not a fool. For me to come to this conclusion there must be a reason. Where can we find that reason? Where can we find the answer to that question? We can find it only when we go back to Godís original purpose in creating man. Many times we forget this. What is it that God wanted to create in the Garden of Eden with the original first human ancestors of Adam and Eve? This was the garden where the ancestors of humanity existed -- a man and a woman, the first potential parent of mankind. What did God want to fulfill through these two agents?

The Bible tells us that God wanted to substantiate the Three Blessings through Adam and Eve. What were those Three Blessings? To be fruitful, to multiply children of goodness and to have dominion over the earth! The Principle teaches us that these represent the ideal paradigm of the Four Position Foundation, which is the ideal relationship of a family under God. Thus what God wanted to create is very clear from the Principle perspective -- it was to create an ideal family through Adam and Eve.

This family would have substantiated ideal positions through the natural process of fulfilling Godís purpose and will of creating an ideal family. What are the positions? First of all, the position of elder brother -- in other words, the relationship between Adam and Eve would have been that of Adam being in the position of elder brother to Eve. Next, the position of husband and wife -- in other words, the position of parenthood. Then, what would happen? As the first ancestors of humanity they would have been standing in the position of king and queen of humanity. Therefore, the three positions of elder-son-ship, parent-ship and kingship would have been substantiated in that family.

Self-Centered Love as the Root Cause of the Fall

So the original purpose of Godís reason for creating humanity was to create the ideal family. There would have been the seed for all of Godís hopes and dreams for humanity in that family. Yet, in the Garden of Eden, Godís dream of creating this ideal family was not fulfilled. Thus humanity entered the long road of the Providence of Restoration.

From the Principle perspective, as True Parents articulate it, what is the root cause of the Fall? What is it that you need to change to bring about the restoration of humanity? It was blood lineage, was it not? Blood lineage represents ownership, does it not? In other words, this ownership is a type of blood relationship that is absolute, eternal and unchanging. From the Principle perspective, therefore, since humanity had an absolute, eternal relationship with Satan through blood lineage -- regardless of how much that individual or humanity itself try to come to God, without the absolute omission of this blood lineage and the transferring of this blood lineage under Godís direct dominion -- humanity can never fully stand as the absolute object of God.

The absolute relationship of blood lineage is not conceptual. Letís say here we have a pretty young female. Yet she was raped by a thief, and that union produced a child. Would that child be able to negate that relationship with his mother or his father? Could he do that? That is why it is absolute. That kind of relationship is absolute. Through this blood relationship, Satan could plant his seed of ownership and dominion over humanity, invading Godís plan and instead creating a Four Position Foundation centered upon humanity.

Yet what was the impulse that pushed Satan to take away from God that which was most precious to Him? Remember, Satan was Godís servant, Godís helper from the very beginning. He knew Godís plan, intention and desire to create humanity centered upon His absolute dominion. And he knew that Adam and Eve were the son and daughter that He cherished the most. Then, what prompted Satan to totally undermine Godís plan and take dominion over humanity for himself? It was self-centered love. In other words, Satan could not go beyond his own selfishness and align himself to Godís larger plan.

The resentment and feeling motivated by self-centered love that he had toward Adam and Eve -- for Adam and Eve receiving love and attention from God -- initiated this process. Therefore, that root has been the root of human relationship ever since the beginning of that first family. The same way that Satan seduced and tempted Eve, so did Eve seduce and tempt Adam, thereby reversing the position. Adam should have been standing in the position of elder son, but he was seduced into submission by Eve who stood in the position of his younger sister. In other words, it was a chain effect of self-centered love starting from Satan to Eve to Adam. Then, once Adam and Eve had children centered upon that love, it also infiltrated their children, Cain and Abel. Thatís why Cain killed Abel out of jealousy, not aligning with Godís plan for the Providence of Restoration. Isnít that right?

So we see the seeds of false love or self-centered love planted ever since the beginning of human creation and we see that seeds being compounded throughout the course of human history. That reality exists around us, in our world around us, does it not?

Demarcation Line of Good and Evil

But what was Godís motive? What was the impulse that God had when He created humanity in the first place? Was it a self-centered motivation to gratify His divine power and greatness? Or was it prompted by a desire to substantiate a love partner who He could invest and raise? Godís impulse behind the creation of humanity was true love, sacrificial love -- love of living for the sake of others. When Adam and Eve fell away from God, what prompted God to start the Providence of Restoration? What do you think that was? Once again, it was true love -- to find His love partner.

If I have to clearly illustrate the two different impulses that brought about what destroyed all of Godís dream and plan versus what motivated God to create humanity in the first place, it was "false love" on one side and it was "true love" on the other side. Throughout the course of history the demarcation line of good and evil stood on those polar realms. That is why if you look at the Core Values that I outlined, the first Core Value is living for the greater good. This is the demarcation line: What is the motivation?

I know especially in the past that among the Second Generation many people thought they wanted to go to the public mission. But, when I looked at them, I sensed their motivation -- in other words, I knew that they would not walk in the public course in the proper way. They would say, "Okay, if I go and do the public mission, what can I get out of it?"

When I first started speaking publicly within the Unification Church -- especially, at that time there was a lot of criticism toward True Family -- I came across the leaders and members of our movement. They were very critical with venomous tongues saying, "I gave 20 years of my life to this movement but what did I get out of it?" Oftentimes, I heard this kind of things. I remember at that moment I made a decision that when I looked at that type of people, I would say, "If you do not make up your mind to go to the public mission according to the right motivation and impulse that is in alignment with God and His providence, you have no business worth walking the public course. In other words, you do not walk this course because you calculate that you will get something in return."

You have to know this very clearly. Even today, when I look at some leaders and members of our movement, I know what their motivation is and I find that their motivation is not in alignment with Godís motivation. That is why the cultural war is the battle that we must win. What are the values of the Unification Church? What are the values of the Second Generation? What is that which holds us together? It has to be in alignment with God and His providence.

Win the Cultural Battle!

Um Ö Iím a very strong person. Once I make up my mind to do something, even if there is such a big enemy in front of me, Iím not be intimidated by that big enemy. Whenever I speak in front of the leaders and members of our movement, you donít know how many times I have to fight the internal battle of why Iím walking this course in which so many people that I see around me disappoint me! But, do you know what motivates me to do what Iím doing? Regardless of how many battles that I have to fight, why do I take on this mantle of leadership and relentlessly explain that we need to win this cultural war? If your motivation for doing things are not correct, you will not be the type of person that will lead the Unification Church to be a victorious instrument to bring about Godís will on earth. So you must win this cultural battle, or else I donít care what you do now.

I have to be honest with you, especially in Korea. I donít like coming to Korea. Thereís too much baggage here. I feel suffocated. We have to change this culture. Especially you Second Generation kids, STF members, Soonjeondan members and 120-day mobilization team, if you want to become leaders, you must take that responsibility. You must win the cultural battle! You have to set a new standard. You must have the right motivation of why you take on the public mission. Only then do we have a future. However, if you just go on like now -- even if you bow down to True Parents many times -- it will be meaningless. It is just hollow lip service -- no substance.

Iím not a politician. If I ever decide to become a politician, I will probably become the best politician. But I will feel really bad if my mind works like a politician. People should live heartistically. What your heart tells you -- not what your head tells you -- should be the way that you go. That is a language in which God speaks and all of spirit world speaks.

This revolution of heart should happen especially in Korea. If the Korean Second Generation cannot fulfill this mission, then I will ask the Japanese Second Generation. If the Japanese Second Generation cannot do it, then I will ask the American Second Generation. If the American Second Generation cannot do it, then I will go to South America or Africa. In other words, I will win this cultural battle no matter what I have to do to fulfill it. We must win this cultural battle! Amen!

Core Values as the Qualities of True Leadership

Then, what is the first component of our Core Values? Living for the sake of others or living for the greater good! You cannot go on a public mission with a self-centered motivation. The reason why you go on a public mission should be because you want to live for the sake of others. Whatís the second component? You have to become an owner.

Iím sure you are thinking, "Hyun Jin Nim is a member of the True Family, so he hasnít suffered any hardship." But that is not true. I have gone through all sorts of hardships. So I know what hardship is. Yet it is not a bad thing. The more hardships you go through, the stronger you become because you have to overcome it. And at the same time, God raise you through it. In other words, if you can be victorious in your hardship, then you will go up. Thatís why you should have ownership. Especially, when you look at a vision or a goal, then you canít think that that is someone elseís. You have to make it yours, and then you have to focus 100%, 200% on that vision or goal.

I told you about Godís character once. God wants to live for the sake of others. Therefore, if your motivation is living for the sake of others, then you can say, "I have a character like God." And God is the owner of all things. So, when things donít work out, God Himself rolls up His sleeves and fixes the problem as the owner. Same thing with you guys -- if you want to become an owner like God, you should also have that ownership mentality. Thatís why I donít like to receive help from someone. I always think, "No matter how difficult it is, I have to do it myself." Now Iím 36 years old in Korean age. I think it is only because I have this kind of character that I have been able to accomplish this much up until now.

In the end the Core Values which Iím teaching you -- living for the greater good, ownership, teamwork, and dream big -- are the qualities of true leadership. In other words, if you want to become a leader, then you need these qualities. Especially here in this report, you saw the ownership. If you become an owner, you can accomplish things that are bigger than your dreams. Once you do that, you will have more confidence so you will be able to expand that even further. That is the ownership.

Think about it. You didnít believe me when you first heard me say, "CARP is going to grow really big and we are going to have a rally mobilizing 10,000 people here in Korea and 100,000 people in Japan." What did CARP have at the time? CARP in Korea was dismantled. But, three years later, how much did it change? Why do you think I had such confidence? Because I was an arrogant person? Because I thought I was smart enough to do that? No! Because I had such confidence through all the hardships I had gone through. Why am I sending you out to STF, fundraising or witnessing? Because I want to raise you as leaders through these kinds of training.

Importance of the Experience-Based Education

You have to pay your dues. And you have to pay your dues through "experience." Many times, I outline the CARP epistemology -- the way that people learn. The way that you take ownership over conceptual ideas is by experiencing it, by owning it! Although I recognize the importance of cognitive education or traditional forms of education, more important is the experience-based education.

When you go out witnessing and fundraising, you have to look at that experience from the lens of the Core Values to internalize it and to get the lessons from it for your own personal enrichment and growth. If youíre able to look at the experience from that perspective and internalize the lessons from it, then you will naturally grow. And in the process of naturally growing you will actually start to embody the Core Values. Once you embody them, you will be naturally a leader. In other words, you will naturally embody the qualities of leadership. Thatís why one of things Iím doing in CARP is actually changing the traditional forms of education.

I donít really believe in classroom lectures. I went to all the best universities in the world, but I still donít like classroom lectures. Itís not effective. Even when Iím training outside people, Iím finding out that itís actually more effective to give them an experience to teach them about values than to give them a course on values. In my consultation with many consulting groups that deal with Human Resource Development (HRD) and education, they all cite to the studies that are done in educating adults. The studies show that adults do not learn through didactic forms of education -- the type of traditional education that we have today; actually, the most effective way to teach adults is the experience-based education. Now, did I come to this conclusion of the CARP epistemology five years ago because I studied human behavior and organizational behavior in a classroom or because I learned it through my own experience and observation?

If you actually think about the mechanics of education, God had already instilled the mechanics of education within the original family. How do you learn about love? Can you know what love is by reading a book written by a Ph. D.? You have to experience it. You know that it exists because you experienced it. So the original way that people should have learned things that are broad in scope and deep in depth, things that affect our inner compass, such as values, love, etc., was through experience -- that is, direct give-and-take action.

If that is the case, how important then is "culture" in part of the education process? Think about it. Why is it that people in our movement are actually not living for the sake of others but are self-centered, although we advocate the values, such as living for the sake of others, sacrificing and forgetting, etc.? Why is it that in reality, our people covet position, power and money, although we talk about not coveting position, power and money? Why does that reality exist? I donít know. I would venture to say that this is a classical example of the cognition-based education taking precedence over the experience-based education. Even though the values are what youíre taught, if they are not being experienced within your community, you will pick up whatever negative culture exists within that community. In other words, your values will become empty words.

Set the Right Culture within the Unification Movement First

Think about it. When you witness to outside students teaching the Divine Principle, what will they learn if you yourselves donít live the Principle within the center? In other words, their only understanding of the Principle will be through how you within the center embody the Principle, will it not? If you embody a wrong culture, that is the first thing they will pick up on. So it doesnít necessarily matter what you say, but what is more important is what you are and what you represent. Does that sound right or wrong?

Now then, think about it again. Why do I say, "We need to win the cultural war first."? If I speak honestly, do you think thereís a right culture within our movement? I really donít know. Yet, when I look at our leadership, I donít feel we have the right culture within our movement. People I hate the most are politicians who have no strong conviction and values and that have no sense of righteousness. They are fallen in the heart, flip-flop like the wind. I hate those kinds of people. But I sometimes find myself surrounded by such people.

So, do I think that thereís the right culture within our movement, or not? If thereís going to be hope for the Second Generation, if thereís going to be anything that I can see to commit my life to, it will be this: "to set the right culture in the Unification Movement." If the culture is right, then in terms of moving the rest of the world, the Cain-type world, no problem! What you have to do is you have to align your word and deed. Then, when we go to the outside world, the outside world will recognize the value that we bring. No doubt about it in my mind. We cannot just say thing that sounds good if we cannot substantiate it. It has to be substantiated. That is why, focused on the Core Values initiative, I am waging this cultural war. Amen!

Can you become the owners of the Core Values? [Yes!] Iím gaining more and more energy now. Actually I wasnít quite inspired to give a speech today because I knew that I would speak about the same thing again. How many times have I given the speech about the Core Values? Yet, why is it still so important? If you really want to find a nation, everything has to be focused on that point. If the Unification Church is going to be the agent in which we find the nation, then that house has to be in order first -- where word and deed comes into alignment. If thereís any inconsistency, that is the place Satan will attack. Itís kind of like a star athlete trying to prepare for a game internally and externally -- everything has to be in alignment and in focus.

If weíre able to substantiate this culture in CARP first and show the rest of the Unification Movement what CARP can do, then they will change quickly. Once our movement changes completely and word and deed are in absolute alignment, then there will be no stopping what we can do. Itís like all the cells in your body -- although millions and billions of cells, they are all individual cells, theyíre all striving for one singular purpose in total, absolute alignment to maintain your life. Now, think about the potential power that can be generated if an organization is able to embody this culture. There is nothing that you cannot do. Of course, the spirit world also acknowledges you.

It seems like everything I get involved in somehow turns out okay. Do you think so? Why does this happen? What Iím teaching you now is the guiding principles that I have followed to come this far. In other words, everything that I was able to do up until this point, I guided myself based upon these principles. Alignment is key. In other words, the reason why Iím able to speak with such confidence is because I know we are moving the direction of history, Godís providence. Therefore, regardless of how much opposition I faced, Iím able to hold on to that confidence.

Letís Become the Owners of the Core Values!

If you really embody the Core Values, you can become a leader. You have to make the Core Values yours. No matter how often I teach you the Core Values, if you donít want to make them yours, then thereís no meaning. It all depends on you. Do you want to become the owners of the Core Values? Yes or no? [Yes!] Wow, then, we can change this nation of Korea.

Iím sure that when your parents see you, they will say, "Wow, my kid has changed so much through the STF program." Then they will think, "Well, I thought CARP or Hyun Jin Nim has been saying some strange words, but he is actually teaching good things to the kids." Then they are going to wonder, "What is he teaching?" My speech book which includes my public speeches of the past five years is coming out now and, if your parents are curious to know what I have been teaching, tell them to buy the book and to read it. Then you can change your parents. So, instead of thinking that we have to change the leaders of the Unification Church, change your parents first, change your family first. Can you do that?

We have the STF program in America too, right? I changed everything there -- kids are now going out on the frontline, doing fundraising and witnessing. In the beginning all the parents opposed, "Why does Hyun Jin Nim send our kids out fundraising? Itís so dangerous." But the kids wanted to go out! By the way, when the first class finished and the kids went back to see their parents, the parents were completely shocked at the transformation of their kids. So now the best supporters of the STF program in America are the parents. They are coming up to me to say, "Thank you for initiating this new STF program for my kids." When they come, I scold severely, "You thought that I would create this program to destroy your kids, did you not? You didnít trust me. I donít even want to see you!"

You may feel bad if I talk about your parents like this, right? But, from the Principle perspective, your parents are my younger brothers and sisters. Then, what is your relationship to me? You are my nieces and nephews. The elder brother scolds and punishes his younger brothers and sisters, does he not? Thatís the Korean tradition.

The reason why I created this STF program is for you. I know that I have to invest in people in order to raise them. And also itís not good to let them walk an easy path. I ask myself, "Whatís the most valuable thing that I can give to my children?" What would that be? Giving money? Giving my company? Giving positions? No! I think the most valuable thing that I can give to my children is to raise them as value creators -- in other words, for them to become leaders who have that kind of ability. Thatís why becoming a leader does not necessarily mean just getting a position. You have to earn it.

When I look at you, the young people and the Second Generation of our movement, whatís the most important thing that I can give you? Itís the same thing. If you are the children of my younger brothers and sisters, then you are like my own children. So whatís the most important? That is to raise you and make you leaders. Thatís why I created this STF program. Is it a good initiative or not? Iím sure in the future all the great leaders of our movement -- just like the person who Kyunghyo just reported of -- will come from STF. Not Kyunghyo, but the center leader. No, Iím just kidding. Kyunghyo, you are great too. How many years of missionary work did you do, Kyunghyo? [Five years] He also has a good story. Thatís why I like him. What was your mission country, Kyunghyo? [Ukraine] When he was there, True Mother was doing a speaking tour. At that time, his first child went to the spirit world. Yet, because he had to fulfill his public responsibility, he stayed and prepared for the event, not being able to attend his childís Seunghwa Ceremony. When I look at people like that, my heart is naturally drawn to them. Thatís why he is also great.

Now, I have to leave, although I want to stay with you more -- you are so cute and lovely in my eyes. You have to know this clearly: "I have to become the owners of the Core Values." So, STF, 120-day mobilization team and Soonjeondan, no matter what kind of program you do, do it in the Core Values perspective! And even if this program is over, continue to work in this Core Values perspective! Then you can become a true owner and a great leader. Amen!

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