The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Substantiating the Culture of Heart through the Embodiment of the Core Values! YunKwon Yoo

Hyun Jin Moon
January 1, 2004

As we entered the 4th year of Cheonilguk, True Parents gave us the motto of "Proclamation of Godís Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom" on the 37th True Godís Day. True Parents also added that "proclamation" is different from declaration. The age that they "proclaimed" does not mean that it will come in the future, but that it has already begun -- the new age has started as of midnight of January 1st, in the 4th year of Cheonilguk.

So what is the era of Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom that True Parents proclaimed? According to the New Yearís Day midnight prayer of True Parents, this 4th year of Cheonilguk is a year of great transition. Until the 3rd year of Cheonilguk, True Parents have completely restored all the ideals that God lost from the individual level to the cosmic level since the Fall of Adam and Eve through setting up all historical indemnity conditions with their blood, and then returned those original ideals back to God. Upon this foundation, True Parents can now proclaim Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom where God stands in the position as the original parent, teacher and owner, and reign over the entire cosmos with the absolute authority of the king of kings. This is the era of Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom which has just begun with the beginning of the 4th year of Cheonilguk.

Since the commencement of the Completed Testament Age in 1993, True Parents have already shown the coming of this age -- in which Godís original ideal would be substantiated -- through various age-defining proclamations, such as the age of the Fourth Adam, the age of Cheonilguk, the age of the Nation of the Fourth Israel, etc., and have prepared for this age through final indemnity conditions. Based on this providential progress, the age of Godís Kingdom on earth and in heaven, the age of Godís ideal world has finally opened, not in a conceptual or conditional sense but in a substantial or real sense -- that is the era of Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom.

Owners of Cheonilguk

Then, how should I live in this time and age? Even though Godís Fatherland has been launched, if I donít transform myself and become a completely new person reflecting the ideal of Godís Fatherland, then the "Proclamation of Godís Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom" will end up being just another proclamation which has nothing to do with myself. Now, what can I do to transform myself, my family and my organization that would fit in this original time and age?

Normally, the process of transformation takes two steps. The first is the transformation of mindset and the second is the transformation of life itself. These two steps are obviously not separate, but feed off of each other and occur simultaneously. First, the transformation of mindset, in other words, means a paradigm shift. What we need is our clear understanding and perception of which providential time we are living in and our new identity of who we are and what we are in this time and age -- not from my own eyes but from Godís eyes.

In the New Year speech, True Parents have strongly stated that as we are in the era of Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom, we should completely deny, even forget all the things that were conducted during the Restoration Era and bear the traces of Satan, and now must go forth to build everything anew on the basis of Godís Fatherland as the owners of Cheonilguk. Ever since the beginning of his public mission in 1998, Hyun Jin Nim has also emphasized a new paradigm in the Settlement Age. He has always taught us that now is the time of accomplishing Godís original dream -- the ideal of Godís creation. In order to do so, we have to throw out all the baggage accumulated during the Restoration Era or the Wilderness Age, and stand as the true owners of the Settlement Age.

Therefore, as we enter the 4th year of Cheonilguk, we all must first have the new mindset of "I am living in the original age of Godís creation and I am the owners of building Cheonilguk, aligning ourselves to the Vertical Axial Line of God, True Parents and True Family."

Creating the Culture of Heart

Next, with that transformation of our mindset, we need to bring transformation to our life itself. As the owners of this original age we must relentlessly strive to fulfill our responsibility and to substantiate the original culture in our daily lives. Then, what is our responsibility? What is the original culture?

On the Day of Victory of Love on Jan. 2nd and on the commemoration day of Jesusí birth on the 3rd, True Parents strongly emphasized that this is the time of going beyond the revolution of indemnity and the revolution of the conscience, and creating the revolution of heart, so that we all become the owners of the revolution of heart. True Parents also stated that we have to bring about the safe settlement of the three generations of the family which represents the Four Realms of Heart and Three Kingships in order to create this revolution of heart. In other words, as we enter the era of Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom, we must substantiate Godís true love -- that is, the four realms of heart or love -- in our lives.

The 2004 motto for W-CARP as "Substantiating Core Values through the Embodiment of Culture of Heart." Last year, I proclaimed that the most important battle that we have to fight and win is the cultural war in order to fulfill Godís final providence. He has strongly taught us that we all -- from leaders down to the members -- must substantially own the original Culture of Heart; it should not just be a concept or word. Then, I established the Core Values as a kind of specific code of conduct, which systematize the core teachings of True Parents based upon the Principle of Creation. If we practice and embody the four Core Values of living for the greater good, ownership, teamwork and dream big centered on the vertical tradition of God, True Parents and True Family, then we will be able to create the revolution of heart, to substantiate the original Culture of Heart. Especially, the most important among these four Core Values is the first one which is living for the greater good or living for the sake of others. This true love of living for the sake of others should be the motivation behind everything we do because this is the original impulse of Godís creation and the tradition of True Parentsí whole life. Upon this foundation of living for the sake of others, we can naturally substantiate the life of ownership, teamwork and dreaming big.

We are now living in the providential kairos. In other words, all of history ever since the Fall of humankind came to naught, and Godís original ideal world, Godís Fatherland has just begun with the beginning of the 4th year of Cheonilguk. Like the verse from the Bible, "New wine must be poured into new wineskins," we must first realize our new identity of who we are and then transform our lives to fit this new time and age.

As we enter upon the era of Godís Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom, following the teachings of our True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim, we should become the forerunners of substantiating the Culture of Heart as the owners of the revolution of heart embodying the Core Values centered on true love of living for the sake of others -- in ourselves, in our families, in our organizations. Just like how darkness disappears with the wake of the dawn, we have no doubt in our minds that when the light of the Culture of Heart is lit up through our lives, the darkness will disappear and the bright light of Godís true love shall only shine the whole world.

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