The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

2003 World CARP Convention, "Breakthrough 2003 toward the Culture of Heart"

Hyun Jin Moon
July 9, 2003
Sun Moon University
Asan, Korea

Am I in the right room today? Which room am I in? The W-CARP convention? I guess I'm in the right room today. What is the motto for this year? Breakthrough 2003! What is the sub-motto? "Owning the Culture of Heart!" Highlight the word "owning."

Now all of you know that by now although I do not like to speak, somehow when I start speaking, it doesn't end. Do you want me to speak a long time, or maybe a medium time? Today the stadium is very hot. If I speak a long time, we might get very sweaty. Still it's OK? If I've observed young people, especially if you speak for a long time, go like this [falling asleep]. I think most people who've spoken in public know that their energy level is fed by the audience. That means the minute you start going like [falling asleep], the minute I start going like this [falling asleep]. So are you going to go like this [falling asleep] or have your eyes and ears open and absorb everything that is said? Then I guess I have my work cut out for myself.

What is it this year, the motto breakthrough 2003, owning the culture of heart? Owning the culture of heart! As we know, when we look at the world today we see a culture that does not necessarily reflect the ideals of our original mind and heart, right? Let me ask you a question. Do you like war? Do you like violence? Do you like hatred? Do you like disunity? Do you like misgivings and doubt? I can go on and on, yet when we look at the world today, it is not that difficult to say this world is filled with war, doubt, misgivings. Thus any conscientious person will come to a conclusion that this world really is not an ideal world. We see that throughout the course of history men and women have sought for something better that allows their original mind to find something better. They look for something better. The original mind longs for something better. So what is it that the original mind longs for?

I see today in the audience we have people from many, many different nationalities. We have people that represent many different cultures, yet we gather here today for one reason, to take ownership of the culture of heart. I would venture to say that the original mind that resides in all men regardless of race, creed, nationality, have the same common purpose and long for the same thing. If we talk about peace, isn't that the goal? If we talk about happiness, isn't that something that we all want around the world? If we talk about love, isn't that something we all want, irregardless of race, color, and creed? If we talk about harmony, unity, isn't that something we all desire? So those things that we all want, is something that is universal. It is not the province of one people, one race, but a longing of all human desire.

Then, how do we find those things such as peace, love, unity, harmony? That is one of the reasons why we have this year's motto "Breakthrough 2003: Owning the Culture of Heart." God originally intended from the beginning to substantiate a true culture. That was a reflection for God himself to touch the divinity within God's soul. What was the impulse that beckoned God to create in the first place? True love! It was a love of a parent that wanted to substantiate a tangible love relationship with his beloved son and daughter. God wanted Adam and Eve as the original parent of mankind, as the original ancestor of mankind to reciprocate this love as a son and to share this love between themselves as brothers and sisters. Then God wanted them to partake in the love between husband and wife, thereby creating a Four Position of Foundation, the fruit of that love, meaning the children of Adam and Eve, the future of mankind. Within that original model and blueprint, God wanted a substantiation of that true culture that resonated first within Him, within His bosom, which was true love. God wanted Adam and Eve as individual self bodies to resonate in this true love. And then God wanted Adam and Eve to pass on this love to their children, their children's children, on and on and on thus to all humanity. This selfless sacrificial love that lives for the sake of others should have been the bedrock of culture that humanity embodies, as generation and generations came to pass. Had that happened - the realization of God's dream, man's original mind and heart - we would have been living in a world of peace, harmony and unity. All those things that our original mind beckons for, longs for, we would have been living in that place.

Yet, what happened? Somehow this plan was spoiled or unrealized. Now, what was the impulse that prompted Satan, or Lucifer, the Devil, whatever you may want to call it to tempt man away from God's original ideal? What was the seductive tactics that he used to seduce Eve and Eve used later to seduce Adam, and that eventually Adam and Eve heartistically disconnected with God? It is so said that you shall reap what you sow. So too in the original history of making, going back to the ancestors, something was sown. What was it? God originally wanted to plant a seed of true love and through that seed and planting wanted to create a world of original ideal. But what else was sown? What was sown in the Garden of Eden was the total opposite of what God wanted. It was self-centered love! Still love, but the motivation is self-centered.

Love is such a powerful force that it's so hard not to react to its prodding. That's why the motivation has to be correct. Isn't that right? What was God's motivation when God created Adam and Eve in the first place? Was it self-centered love? I want to create these being Adam and Eve so that they can worship me and fear me. Or was it I am creating these beings as my son and daughter so that we can live in love that is rooted in living for the sake of others? Yet there was a helper in that original garden. He realize that although he helped God raise Adam and Eve, God's heart was drawn to his children Adam and Eve. Working in this mind?

Isn't it strange how usually when people fall into destructive act the first step is self-absorbed pity. In the same respect, the Archangel Lucifer started asking the question, "Why does God love Adam and Eve so much more than I when I have given so much to invest in His creation?" I have been God's helper from the very beginning, I have done this and that, yet look at Adam and Eve, these immature little brats. Whatever the case might have been, the seeds of that self-centered love that sprouts jealousy in all those negative things consuming, consuming, consuming, and consuming him, so that the motivation was self-centered love.

So the seed that was planted from the very beginning that prompted the fall of Adam and Eve was not true love, but substantiation of what God did not want, which was false love, self-centered love. Therefore, if we look at the world today, one of the reasons why nations fight is because nations are only thinking of themselves. Isn't that the root cause of why people fight because they only think about themselves? Races also, I can go on and on. The root cause of all these travesties has been the motivation of self-centered love. You can even see traces of this when young kids come up and say, "What have you done for me lately?" Isn't that right? In other words, these seeds have been planted so that it has become an accepted norm.

Unless we get rid of this seed and taint, true love, true peace cannot be realized. So what is the cure to get rid of this and to root out this self-centered love? It is living for the sake of others! This has to be the motivation behind the bedrock of CARP culture that is why I keep saying this is not something you understand conceptually or talk about, but something you have to embody. If you look at what CARP has done over the last 3 years there has been a tremendous consistency, although it is only recently that I talk to you about Core Values, everything we have done from the beginning of my inauguration up to this point has been about Core Values. Most important component of Core Values has been "living for the sake of others" or "living for the greater good." If you don't have that, ownership, teamwork and dream big mean nothing.

So, what does it mean to take ownership? I had many talks up to this point with CARP leaders, telling them constantly, "You have to take ownership of this." In the past they look up at me with confused faces. Does it mean that I just memorize and how quickly recite them? What do I mean by ownership? When I say ownership, I mean you have to embody Core Values. Core Values have to be you. Whatever you walk, speak, do, should be Core Values. Isn't that how culture is built, not by what we say or teach, but by who and what we are, how we do things. This is what I mean by owning Core Values.

Now, think about if you own Core Values? Don't you think you will be somebody who can lead others? I have had the opportunity to show Core Values to many, many people, especially those who consider themselves to be professionals in the leadership training field. Their reaction is "These qualities are qualities of leadership." In other words, if you embody the Core Values, you will understand the fundamentals of what a leader is all about. How does one lead? Do you lead because you have position? Resources? Money? Because you have charisma? It is because you are able to touch the heart and soul of man.

As a student of history, I see some older parents in this hall. During the 1960s all of you were moved to activism. Why? Because some Harvard professor in his ivory tower came up and gave you a lecture on why we should move to activation, communicating to your brain? Or was it that at that time you saw all the injustices that was being perpetrated by the whites on the blacks? What moved you to action was no great speech or argument - it was no judge or the supreme court that said this verdict, but what prompted you was your original mind and want to make a better world. Now granted when I look at those activists in 1960s were misguided. But what moved them to action was not this [mind], but this [heart].

What is the intrinsic quality for leadership? It is the ability to move one's heart that allows people to action that allows people to commit to something greater and grander than themselves. So is it the basic quality of living for the greater good, something that can move one's heart? If you follow that logic, you will come to the conclusion that living for the greater good is the first impulse to knowing the meaning of leadership. That is where leadership begins. Especially being CARP members, do you think we should be leaders or followers? I don't know. But I said in the last CARP Convention last year that I want to be a leader of leaders. So are you leaders, if I have set the paradigm as the leader of CARP to be a leader of leaders? Do you think you should become leaders or followers? If you want to become leaders what do you have to embody? I think somebody over here said it just right. Core Values! Because that is the framework of building a leader. If you want to be a leader you should embody Core Values.

Looks like I took a shower. It's really not in here. But shall I go on or shall I stop? Go on? You want to see who can outlast who? Especially these STF kids! I can't believe you. I think especially in the Unification Church, parents are surprised to see that all of a sudden kids come home in black T-shirts (STF shirt) and become transformed. I remember saying that I am going to change STF. If you want to be a leader you have to set the bar high. As the bar is set high then you raise all those who follow you up to that high bar, then eventually once you reach that bar, "Ok, who amongst us is going to raise the bar even higher?" Then raise the bar even higher. That is leadership.

Let's look at our current state of 2nd Generation. How are they like? Mostly kids fall into this average. We will make this average the standard. Well, that's the way our 2nd Generation education program was set up in the past. So if that's the new standard, what happens to the kids that are really excelling? They fall and that new average becomes the stop standard and then the average goes down, so it is the formula for disaster. So I said we are going to change this. I don't believe that young people want to settle for the second best. I don't believe that young people want to settle for mediocrity. I don't believe that young people are only consigned to the role of following. So, what we are going to do is raise the standard and we are going to raise the standard high.

Once we set that standard expectation for everybody, make the kids realize that we'll raise the bar again and again, then what happens? You raise the standard up here. There is going to be a few leaders who will reach that standard. By raising them up, all the middle guys will come up. And among them some will want to raise the bar even higher. In other words, you keep on going higher and higher and higher. So I said, instead of having our STF kids have their own STF program watered down, friends having fun together, let's create a more disciplined program. Let's have a training program as hard as initially the training program that the first generation has to go through. And then once they start exceeding and excelling that standard, what do you think my next directive will be? Let's raise the bar higher. Only then is there promise in the future. Are there going to be leaders coming out of the 2nd Generation that is worthy of being followed? That's where leadership begins.

I don't know how many times I have to tell people the most precious things you have to learn to define who you become are not things you learn in school. But those most precious learning experiences are those that you work for through experience, good experience, where you are making an effort practicing the very Core Values that I outlined, the very basis of leadership. Living for the sake of others, living for greater good, taking ownership, working teamwork, giving value to others, but owning it, experiencing it and making it your own, and the fourth component is dreaming big, thinking that anything is possible if I take ownership and build teamwork, anything is possible! How can you teach somebody these in the classroom? The only way you can teach these is by gaining your stripes by walking and living that course.

The philosophical background for this change in ways of thinking - CARP epistemology - recognizing that there are two components in the way in which we learn - the experiential and cognitive learning. Experiential is most profound. Isn't that why when we look at families those who come from good stable family are usually more stable. Yes or no? The strange thing has always been that - I sent many people to the top 5 MBA programs in America. Most of my top management team at UVG has gone to the top 5 MBA schools in America. None of what they learn has been something that I'm teaching here today. Yet when you ask them to the letter what is the most profound, they would say what is taught here because this is the fundamental of leadership. This is where everything begins. You don't learn it in the classroom. This is the power behind experiential component of learning. We put great, great importance on the experiential component. That's why I created STF so that you can experience it and make it your own. Of course it doesn't mean that we don't have classroom lectures but they framework the experiences that you have.

So, let me ask you the question here. How many records are you going to break this year? I bet if I was one of you kids. I will not stop until I break the past records and I will lead other to break that record. A constant push! Everybody starts to grow and take ownership. It just becomes a continuous cycle of value creation. Yes or no? Do you think anybody then can stop that momentum? No! Think about it. Leadership is the key. It has nothing to do with resources, how much money you have. It has everything to do with leadership.

I remember the kind of qualities I look for people who should become leaders. You have to have drive and passion, conviction, energy that is unquenchable. And then what I look for is "creativity." Because leadership is a creative process. It is easy to think linearly. There is no whiteboard here, so I cannot show you my graphs. But what I mean by think linearly is this. Most of the times when you are a leader you face issues and problems where you have to pioneer the course, it is very easy to resort back to the way you used to do things. It takes more effort for creative problem solving. If it takes that much effort, don't you think that what drives that is your passion and drive, your exuberant energy? Invest to find out a way. Now, where are those character traits formed? It is developed at your age. It doesn't mean you will have it all of a sudden. But it develops over time to become a part of who you are. Whenever you engage in something that is the way you operate. That is why the experiential component of what you learn becomes more important in what you do. Parents, you think what I'm saying is right or wrong? Just wait and see how these kids turn out.

Now think about it. Think about it. What happens if we start the STF program earlier than college? What happens if we start teaching Core Values even before they enter high school so that the learning process is a continuation. So that when they graduate high school and come into the program they are already well prepared to take on the STF challenge. I always believed that it takes at least a minimum of 7 years to raise somebody. Not one year. Not two years. Not three years. Not four years. Not five years. Not six years. It takes a minimum of seven years. Now those of you who say, "Oh, that's just HJN's opinion." Fine, think like that. But I am in good company. Especially those of who accomplished a lot, you know Jack Welch, he happens to be the most famous CEO in the corporate world. He said that a tenure of a CEO or chairman should be 20 years, that the first four years you are still trying to figure things out and that it takes not seven years, but ten years to make a leader. The reason why I mention Jack Welch is he is known as the CEO of GE, considered the training camp of business leaders. Japanese business leaders thought like that, Korean businessmen thought like that, American business leaders thought like that. Shall I give more examples or do you believe, yes or no? I can go on and on.

Education is not something that happens overnight, but a continual investment process. Especially if what you are trying to teach is as valuable as Core Values. This is learned and won through experience and through time. So let me ask you parents. Those parents who think, 'Uh, let me calculate this. Two years of STF program, one year of missionary work and four years of active work in college. What kind of job will my son or daughter have?' Even if that might be a perspective, it is quite short sighted. You ask anybody anywhere in the outside world, "Do you want conscientious young people who live for the greater good, understand ownership, teamwork, have big dreams vs. somebody who has a degree from this university or that university?" What do you think they will say? I remember when I was at Harvard Business School, Warren Buffet came to HBS and one of the kids asked him, "What type of person are you looking for to inherit your foundation once you pass away?" And he said, "I don't know what I'm looking for but I know what I'm NOT looking for." What I'm not looking for is a very smart, very well educated kid that has no character and only thinks about himself.

What you will find out especially when you get older, the world is going to start changing. CARP will change the world. Look at what's already happening all around the world. Even with all these scandals in corporate America. Issue after issue after issue. You think the world is not going to be looking for leadership? The kind of leadership that is being cultivated here at World CARP? Yes or no? Absolutely yes! The world will be looking for leadership. New breed of leaders!

Now that I've mentioned that and alleviated the fears of some of these parents, let me move on and talk about God's providence because that's why we are here. Strange thing has been that all the decisions I've made thus far the focal point has not necessarily been myself, irregardless of what I've done and what I've accomplished somehow have been turning out okay. I wonder why that is. The reason might be if I venture to guess that maybe what we are doing here is moving in "alignment" with God's providence. It is moving in alignment with the course of history. In other words, all of a sudden things start happening, opportunities start coming up even before we planned about it. So there's no doubt in the fact that there is some force behind clearing and opening the path. Because things always start to happen where even through we weren't expecting it, turned out to be even better. I had no idea. That is why I have been moving with such conviction because I know that the tide of history is behind us and that we're moving in alignment with God's providence.

I never believed that it was in resources or money. When we started out in CARP, CARP was bankrupt. Members were leaving. How about you 2nd Generation? Maybe you were 15, did you ever think about going on public mission? It probably never even crossed your mind and 2nd Generation were being lost in droves. That was the reality three years ago. You think that that reality affected my beliefs and convictions? Or that reality determined the goals that I set for World CARP and the expectations and standards that I set for those who will be part of CARP? Don't ever use the "R" world because reality can be changed by what we do today. In other words, to simply put by force of will, we change our future, we change our reality in which we live.

Think about it. It is usually harder to change those who carry baggage, is it not? Did you carry baggage in the past? How much easier do you think then is it to change those without baggage? Do you not think that other kids your age will be able to be transformed even faster? In other words, we are changing our reality, the future to fit the expectation of God. Amen no-men? So, are we the vanguard on the frontline making things happen? Are we going to sit on our butts and wait for things to happen or are we going to go out and make things happen? I am not the kind of person who will sit on my butt and wait for things to happen. I will be the one man that takes you and turns you around and kicks you on the butt and says, "Follow me!" But eventually don't you think it should get to the point where you should be the one that says, "Come on, follow me!"

Now think about it. If all members and leaders of CARP have the attitude of following me, do you not feel that the world will tremble in our wake? Yes or no? Absolutely yes! Don't you think that spirit of leadership will be infectious? They'll still follow us. Leadership moves not the mind, but the heart. If they feel it, they will come. If they feel it, they will be prompted to action, eventually they will believe. Amen no-men? I don't know. Egghead people need a swift kick in the butt, who just think too much.

How can you be a leader? Let's say we have American soldier fighting in Iraq. Let's say you are a soldier and your enemy is pinning down your squad. If you rationalize this process, 'My God, if I stay here maybe I'll be able to save my skin. If I go out, it might mean my certain death.' Machine guns are firing constantly. You keep on thinking, not acting. You and all your men die. In that situation, don't you think someone has to take leadership? Somebody that says, "Forget this. I need to charge that machine gun nest." Do you think that's a rational process? If somebody doesn't lead and inspire the men to charge, most likely several of you will die, but some of them will live. Do you think you have time to weigh all that in your head? You have to lead and what will prompt your other men to follow you is what moves their heart, their bravery to inspire and it's a split action. Isn't that where leadership begins? That's where leadership begins - the ability to move other person's heart so that they can make commitment to follow.

Many times people who just live in this realm don't understand this. That is why I like STF, because it forces you to get out of here [mind] and get in here [heart]. If we raise our kids to get out of here [mind] and get in here [heart], don't you think our kids will do great things. If I'm a betting man, I will bet on them. You may see great leadership come out of these crop of kids. Because they're learning the fundamental impulse of leadership. And they're learning it in the best classroom of all, which is the classroom of experience on the frontline. Amen no-men? So are you going to inspire other 2nd Generation kids to join STF, yes or no? When you go to the CARP chapters and do fundraising and witnessing, are you going to break every record? Are you going to show the highest standard? Then truly, truly our movement has a tremendous future. Amen!

This is the embodiment of what we talk about the owning of culture of heart. These kids are making a conscious decision to own Core Values, and own leadership and their belief and conviction. You have to understand this - the meaning of this conference is "Breakthrough 2003: Owning the Culture of Heart," because the first breakthrough has to come from the individual first. If we breakthrough in one person and that person becomes a leader, he or she can affect millions, hundreds of millions. But it starts on the individual level and the breakthrough has to happen in you. That breakthrough will happen when you own the culture of heart and you become embodiment of the culture of heart and you become the living testimony of God's providence at work, true love in action. Do you want to be a living embodiment of true love in action, yes or no? By being the living embodiment you will naturally by default become a leader.

People do not follow others because of what they have or say or what position they have, but they follow them because of what they embody. Let it be a great ideal and what they substantiate. That is why if you embody Core Values, Core Values no longer becomes a conceptual thing, but a living embodiment in you. When people see that what you believe is what you do, people will be moved. Up until now this has been the main reason why we have faced difficulty - the alignment between what we believe and what we do. That is why I told the CARP leaders that the first battle ground that we have to fight and win has to be on the cultural level. There is no room for second best here. We have to win. And the only way we can win is by every single CARP leader and member embodying the Core Values so that they can be a living testament to our beliefs.

Think about it. If that happens, how powerful that must be. To be able to see that type of CARP leader, that type of CARP member! Being a living testament, even if you can't speak the language! Just by seeing, "My God, that is a very unusual person." Eyes will open up. "I want to find your secret." You know these Core Values people when they hear it and read it they are naturally attached to it. Think of how they will feel when they see someone who lives it. Do you think they will want to go away? Let's say we have a CARP center with 6 or 7 members and all members embody these Core Values. Let's say guests come, do you think they'll want to leave or stick around? Why? Because their original mind longs for it.

Up until this point, especially when leaders were talking about how to increase witnessing, they were talking about educational content. There is no need to change educational content. But the most important thing is to address the cultural issue that allows us to align our beliefs and the way that people embody it. Amen, no-men? In other words, when words and deeds come together that is the greatest testament and witness, more so than what you say and what content you are able to generate. That is why I explained that the first battleground is cultural background. Everyone that is a parent, please raise your hand. It is the cultural battlefield that has to be won first. That is why this year's motto is "Breakthrough 2003: Owning the Culture of Heart."

I think this is a good time to conclude. Transformation has to happen first on the individual level. And that transformation comes about through owning these Core Values. The most important component of these Core Values is "living for the greater good." Why is this cultural battleground so important? Because this cultural battleground will allow us to fight directly with Satanic culture that was caused by fall of Adam and Eve. Remember the impulse behind the fall was false love. If the world really wants to find peace on the national, worldwide level, first has to address this issue. Instead of planting the seed of false love, you have to plant the seed of true love. Only then shall the world be able to reap. Only way is through living for the sake of others. Amen, no-men?

Those of you, who shall become the leaders in substantiating peace not only within yourself, but in your community, raise your hands!

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