The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Leaders Meeting on July 16

Sun Myung Moon
July 16, 2002
East Garden
Irvington, New York
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong and Mrs. Hee Hun Standard

We opened with True Parents by watching a web cast of Hyun Jin Nim's speech and concert in Mongolia.

Hyun An Nim:

Are you the leaders of the American movement? What is the meaning of leadership? [Living for the sake of others. Ownership.] It means to build teams and bring the best out of other people.

We need to create the right culture, beginning with our leaders. The problem is with our leaders. I tell you again and again, but it falls on deaf ears. We need alignment between God, True Parents, True Family and leaders. Then great victory can come.

You have to have high expectations. Look at the founder of Starbucks. He created a paradigm by which he could sell coffee for $4, which sold for $1. His father-in-law told him he was crazy. But he's very successful. All the old hands never believed it could happen. He had a new paradigm. Sometimes, old experiences can blind us to new opportunities.

We are in the era of the 4" Adam, the settlement age. There are so many ages we've entered, including the era of Chun 11 Guk, and the Completed Testament. We are in the process of finding a nation. This is a new paradigm. So we need to throw away the baggage of the past. Starbuck's chairman's past experience had no relevance in his new paradigm.

So I'm advocating the CARP culture. Our leadership likes structure, but should structure drive culture, or culture determine structure? Our leaders care about structure, and don't care about culture. That's why you are so fixed on having clear responsibilities. You have to wear many hats and do many different things. That structure defined our culture. But in fact, culture should determine structure.

Three Core Values

During our quarterly meetings, I've given examples of how in the real world, the business world, institutions study this, and find that the ones that focus on culture over structure grow the best. Culture is like the internal nature, or mind, and the social structure is the body. The culture determines how the organization works, its values and aspirations.

So we have created a culture for World CARP, based on the core teachings of our movement. What is the legacy of True Parents? Is he the founder of many organizations? No; their legacy is that they substantiate the ultimate ideal of God, the True Family. They have planted the true love, life and lineage, which is a substantial foundation for all humanity. What is it that drives that family? True love, living for the sake of others, is the driving force. That's the motivation, the first value.

Second, in order to inherit, you have to have ownership. You all are renters, not owners. I asked one leader if he would invest in his organization, at the cost of mortgaging his house and investing all he has. If you can do that, you are an owner. He couldn't answer, but he is using the assets of our movement, from Japan. If someone else is going to do it for you, how can you be an owner? The fundamental meaning of ownership is: will I invest my assets into it? Are you willing to invest?

Third is teamwork. I don't see a lot of teamwork. The three major leaders in DC didn't know what the others were doing. There's a great foundation, but no coordination. Think of the amount of duplication and wasted effort. And each of these guys was thinking they were doing a good job.

Teamwork is not a social relationship, but it is sharing assets, erasing the boundaries between organizations, such as the Washington Times Foundation and FFWPU. Maybe there's some level of coordination, but there is no synergy that is enough to enlarge the pie.

We will not compromise on our core values, but the structure can change. You are not the judge of this, nor are your peers; rather, I'm the judge. In my judgment, the right paradigm of culture to structure does not exist.

Are you in the movement so that you can get to a higher place in spirit world? What really gets you out of Satan's accusation? It's your shimjung, heart, and your motivation to live for others. This is where liberation begins. But I've seen this not to be the case, over and over again. How many of you have your own personal agenda? You be the judge; I won't judge that, but I know most of you.

The culture should have emanated from the True Family. Then what is the structure? Why do these World CARP events have so much effect? I resent you trying to patronize me. I demand that you speak frankly. What is the paradigm shift that we have established in events at World CARP? Are the results real or fictitious?

The New Paradigm: (for an event)

Mobilization - HUMAN RESOURCES - This means numbers, but we don't give a flap about numbers; bringing warm bodies is not the goal. The new paradigm focuses on owners. That means people who believe in the vision and ideals of the event. In this case, it is service for peace, a movement that was created to change satanic culture, to create a divine culture of living for others. Our focus is owners.

VIPs. Leaders always focus on VIPs who attended. I met our "VIPs" and determined that many are not VIPs, but VUPs, which means that they don't believe in what we are doing. They are like dead weights here to get something from us. They are leeches that suck our marrow. So we don't care their name value; if they aren't owners, they are VUPs. A VIP is an owner of the vision, except that he has more authority and influence in society. This is the arena of PARTNERSHIPS. These are our partners.

IMAGE. One of the objectives of the event in Korea was to build the image of SfP. I questioned a leader there on it. He said that we focus on our creating our image, but I don't react well to this. What is the the substance behind the image? Image means perception, whether good or bad. That's old paradigm; new paradigm is that image follows substance. Image naturally follows if you create something of value. Otherwise, you are creating smoke and mirrors. It is not enduring, and those whom you attract will end up being resentful. This is marketing. OWP is growing at 30% - 40% because I changed their paradigm, from the "wow factor" (impulse buying). I reject it, because it soon turns off the customer, and you have to build long-term relationships with the customer. We changed the model, because the focus is the long-term relationships, with products of substance.

BUDGET. I asked for the value-creation model with the Washington Times Foundation, and a leader said his model is, "save money, spend as little as possible." I told him to look at it from a budget point of view versus an investment point of view. Budget means allocation, how you slice your pie. That's just bureaucracy. Investment is the question of return on the assets. It begins with the perception of management, of how you utilize the resources. So CARP's focus is not allocation, but investment in order to grow the organization.

EVENT. Each event was looked at as an end. But if you look at a graph, and look at an event as an end, you see that you use resources and time, but if you see it as an end, there is no follow-up plan, and the foundation you built starts to decline. Then one event follows another without growth. But each event uses up resources, so your resources are declining and you have fewer resources to invest each time. So the trend is downward. The way we should look at it is as a process. When you make the initial investment, you are planning to build off the first event to grow to the next one, gaining a return on your assets. Then over time, your foundation will increase. Your money, people, image and VIPs are all increasing through your events.

GOALS. Leaders care about the immediate results instead of long-term, regarding how all these factors are affected by each event and lead us to the overall goal.

PROVIDENTIAL CONDITIONS. We used to look at them as obligations, but we should be looking at them strategically.

Old Versus New

So, to build a model, start with culture. Goal: attract owners, true VIPs, build substance, it is an investment, long-term, a process, not an end in itself, and strategic. Look at these key words. The old versus the new: old, numbers, VUP, perception, allocation, end, immediate, obligation. This will fail over time. The true model, centered on parents teaching and culture, is owner, not renter (the owner takes care of the property; a renter calls the owner and has no personal investment, and has to be told what to do; this is the difference of ownership). So we are focusing on the new paradigms.

So we are doing this with SfP, and why is it so successful? We are in the business of teaching fallen humanity about God's tradition and culture to bring about transformation, not through force but through love. So, how does one learn? Not in the old way, by giving information, conceptually. Look at our workshop models. Our church members have big heads, but we need to move the heart. The heart is not moved by information, knowledge. Knowledge is neutral; it does not know right from wrong. It is passive. What leads people to righteousness? Not just information, but heart.

So when True Father says the family is the school of love, what are you learning there? True love. If you look at my 21-day workshop model-Rev. Hwang didn't want to print my speeches because he thought they were different from Father-the four realms of heart align you with God, through the foundation of heart, true love. How do we learn about love? Do we learn it in a classroom? Or do we learn it through give and take action, through experience?

So the natural mechanics of learning that determine the kind of person you are would have been designed naturally in the true family, had there been one. [Hyun Jin Nim explains that the core education takes place in the family, and how.]

Making New Members

Here is the CARP epistemology: the subjective motive of education is the experience of heart through love, living for others in practice. The secondary component is cognitive. They are subject-object. This epistemology is used for SfP. It is not a service organization. Why do leaders think it is a service organization? It's an educational organization. The effect is powerful, because it teaches the whole being. If you see those who are involved in SfP, without a Divine Principle lecture even, they almost become members in the process. And when they hear do hear Divine Principle, they get it,

What we are about is to build the ideal culture, centered on the model of the true family, and they come into that and then they can learn. They get it without us telling them. They draw the conclusions by participating. They come to own it. It becomes theirs. So what happens? They think that it is their activity. They want to commit to it. We don't need to use coercion of force, for them to be in alignment with the course of providential history.

I know the baggage you are carrying; you don't need to believe me, just wait and see. The ones who open the door for us are not our members, speaking of the report you'll hear on Mongolia. I ask leaders first, what do you believe? I challenge them because if their belief is not aligned with mine, we can't work together. Then I explain what I believe. Things start with belief. Mine is: based on Parents' teaching, core values, we are to build one family of humankind. So the blessing is not for your sake, but so you can be Abel to the world, for the salvation of the world. So our responsibility is to connect to the world, to build one ideal family under God. I tell this to outside people, and they are more receptive to it than you are.

The guy who has been selling coffee for $1 will not believe the guy who says we can sell it for $4. The Starbucks guy did not work with the old paradigm. So when I talk to SfP to outside people, they see the future, but the Unification Church leadership sees the past. The younger the member, the more receptive they are. The leadership are turned off to the new paradigm. It falls out of your experience, so you reject it.

I'm giving you opportunities, but it has been a personal test for me, because you are rejecting it. This is where my beliefs and convictions come in. I started with True Father's core values, what we are really about. This is the success cycle. Belief and conviction create expectation, which energizes performance. Enhanced performance build confidence, and that strengthens belief. It is documented that people in successful organizations are not arrogant, but are confident. The cycle turns into an upward spiral.

Belief and Conviction

Belief and conviction drive performance. You have a new circumstance and environment, so you have to throw your baggage away, to enter the settlement age. It is our belief that allows us to shed our baggage and look forward. This has been documented: faith allows you to go over the hump. You will be tested.

The opposite cycle: weak belief creates low expectations, and with these in your mind you naturally fail. This leads to a loss of confidence and strengthens your disbelief. Old CARP leaders had already made up their mind that it couldn't happen. What if I declared that SfP is going to change the world? What if I showed you the results? Then how many would believe it? So, how many of you are owners? Ownership is membership blind, is blessing-blind.

What motivates you? Do you need someone behind you, pushing you? Ownership gives alignment with God's providence and the overall direction given to us.

The tale of the tape: When I see our entire Unification Church movement, if we were all united, we can do anything. All the events we've done were by CARP with the reluctant help of the FFWPU. They were all done by kids in their 20s, in the movement for 2 or 3 years. Mongolia took place without money or members. It is not so; it has to do with owners, and the ability to make owners.

[Jin Man Kwak gave a report following Hyun Jin Nim's explanation.]

Owners. Impact and influence by substantial change and transformation in the community and society. He spoke about the financial side, our investment and result. We started with 2,000 members and brought 4,000 attending the event (?). We spent more money than we expected. This was 2001. Now in 2002 we had 13,000 participants. $5 ticket, but monthly salary average is $30. We sold tickets; it was not easy. How to motivate sales? Do you do it by bringing a popular entertainer? By giving a door prize? We considered, but if people come for that reason, are they owners? 400 full-time members mobilized the 13,000.

They had confidence. The members took ownership; that this will save Mongolia and Mongolia will be the leading country in Asia. We brought the VIPs to work with the SfP project in a very poor area, and they really enjoyed working with the young people. They were overjoyed, thinking this will really save Mongolia. They ended up cheering "Hyun Jin Moon! Hyun Jin Moon!" at the airport. The 13,000 were not all Unification Church members, but were SfP members, shouting "Hyun tin Moon!" The CARP staff couldn't even believe it.

Hyun Jin Nim:

The fruit is what kind of people result from the event. The congressman was such a pure young man. They respect my parents through me, That congressman said he is owner of SfP and will change Mongolia. Our goal for next year is 130,000. They made a 30 second television ad and broadcast it 8 times a day for free for a week.

The 130,000 represents a substantial part of the voting power, so by next we will be able to influence the government substantially. SfP: True love in Action. Mongolia can influence China, Russia, North Korea and so forth. It will lead to the unification of Korea.

True Father:

This is very simple, but it's good.

Hyun Jin Nim:

This is Mongolia, and we used the same paradigm in the Philippines and it brought the same result. The problems with the three providential nations is that the leaders have too much old paradigm thinking and memory.

True Father:

Heaven and earth want ... and this is not just God's desire and True Parents' desire, but your desire. The basic important thing is the settlement of the family, God should visit all families and see no difference of culture worldwide. Now it is fallen and all are different and there is no balance.

Centered on American Christianity, we can mobilize a couple of million in Mongolia. There are 193 embassies in America, and if the UN supports, maybe Korea and Japan can give formula education to everyone through an educational system. The victory of Mongolia, bring it here to America and not just America, but to the spirit world, the four saints and communist leaders, who testified that they want to unite with the earthly world. Then good, unbelievable things will happen not just in Mongolia, but also worldwide.

We need to change the society, so in spirit world they proclaimed a resolution that they appreciate and want to unite with True Parents and True Parents' ideas and traditions. Those top religious leaders will support and get resolution to support what the True Parents are doing on the earth.

The King of SfP

The last settlement is the ideal family, your blessed central family. How important it is. Who is the king of SfP? God is the king in Heaven, and on earth it is the True Parents. Centered on true love, sacrifice and serve, share and sacrifice for others. That is one, unique idea, connected with God. All people should raise this flag, at their capital and congress. They should stand up and support it. We are going to set up the place of the king of the SfP. Going step by step from the small nation, and bringing all into balance.

You bring back the original attitude, what you believed two decades ago. It's not going well. That's why I brought you today. You are abusing such a precious time. If you do not do the right action, you are a liar. Even the spirit world gives the idea: Rev. Moon, you are the Messiah. I know it without them telling me, but they are testifying to the foundation I have made.

The whole world is the reciprocal environment for the Messiah. You should develop your thinking as a Unification Church family. If you do not, you are a devil, against the will of God. The Coronation of God's Kingship took place 18 months and three days ago. This was a turning point. The significance of the Chun Il Guk is that we have to save the country of Korea. Whatever we have to sacrifice, we have to do it, but we do not have this determination. Father is looking at you and doubting you can do it.

You are being critical. Check yourselves. What is the meaning of the blessed central family? God is looking for the blessed central family. Do you really mean the Family Pledge when you recite it? How can you sleep without sharing this with your neighborhood? You don't even spread these ideas. You have no strong confidence. You should explain and declare. The people will receive the benefit of heaven, but if you don't share it, they cannot benefit. If you don't act, nothing will happen.

Spread It in Your Neighborhood

It is simple: True Parents are Messiah, and how to gain recognition of it, on eight stages. We understand the teachings of Rev. Moon, and yes, you are Messiah, spread that out. In spirit world it is spread, but we have to in the physical world. As a blessed central family, you are the center of the universe. You don't need to follow the salary. Repent, you are rebellious. Even America should do better than Mongolia, and Russia should, and North Korea. The UN and America influence all others.

Recall the Lasting Love conference. I gave this idea to Dr. Yang. Did I do that so that I could become the king of America? No; I did it to help save the world and to equalize the value of all parts of the world. True Parents have given so much to save humankind. We are over 80; do you young people take a rest? You will perish if you do. I will go to Korea, and I want to give to America what I accomplished here, the media and educational foundations. Should I give it to you? Who is prepared to receive it and inherit it? Are you going to? Do you have the quality to do so, eternally, to support God and True Parents? Is there a person of such quality here?

It is upside down in America. True Parents invested for the last 30 years, even with the media trying to destroy me. But you are standing, If I were white, would I have had to endure this? You white people should support, or if not, repent. You should recognize yourself how important it is. From 36 couples to 360,000 and beyond, for who is the blessing? For you: this foundation is for you, and to liberate God. But how much are you interested and how much do you connect to it?

Before I leave America, should I curse America? So I need to see you make a new pledge and determination, so I can leave this country. Your children have to stand up and connect with Hyun Jin Nim. The 15` generation is not good enough, even if you are the leader of some organization. So I lifted up Hyun Jin Nim to lead the second-generation. The family is connected with the tribe and nation. You have to educate your tribe. On the foundation of Christianity, the Messiah comes to give the final idea.

What is the goal? You are an unfallen Adam position, a blessed central family. You can prepare the whole globe as mine, and with this kind of ownership, you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. True Parents prepared this foundation their whole life. Heavenly Father supported me, so even though the society is against me, I am supported by the seminar in spirit world, who made oneness, with absolute faith, love and obedience to the Principle. When God created the universe, that was His standard, and True Parents are one with it.

Does your family have absolute faith? Did you prepare for True Parents in your house? Will you give up your family life for this? If you don't think about that, you are a false family. How much do you attend the parents of Heaven and Earth? Do you attend them more than you do your spouse and children? Do you think about it at every meal? You don't, so I spew you out. We need to bring unity of spirit world and physical world centered on this idea, and unite the world that way.

Prepare the Resolution

If America fails, we can replace it. I spent all my resources and power again and again, and what is the result? I thought you'd stand up higher than me, and not persecute me. Korea's unification will take longer without American and Japanese support. Because of American missionary opposition, I lost all kinds of foundation in

Korea. Don't think that I will help you. As surely as the sun sets after it rises, America will go down someday. How will you embrace the Muslims? With weapons? No, with the way of unification of the four saints, who are following the True Parents. So the Americans should go to the 193 embassies and share these ideas, and to the White House and Congress.

Mobilize all American leaders and members to go to the embassies. Prepare the content and resolution. Then the blessed central family can become an owner. The responsibility for the unification of Korea is with Japan and America, but they are my enemies. So are Germany and France, but I love and help them. But now the time has come, because the resolution is here. If you avoid it, spirit world will pick you up. When I go to spirit world, we can set all this up in a short time. The spirit world is waiting for me to come.

Who knows the heart of God? Spirit world is ready and they are totally supportive. Spread it to the world. As a pioneer, recognize it clearly and make a special determination. I can make much more powerful media than we have created thus far. America should appreciate what I've done. Do you seriously consider my direction? This is the last time, the last battle.

We can invite the billionaires from throughout the world, 500 of them from the world over, and also the MacArthur, Reagan and Bush families can support a scholarship foundation. Maybe they will support it. I expected the media to bring better results.

We are bringing all Christianity and religions into oneness. Nuclear or chemical warfare could happen and those are beyond American military power to deal with. Biological warfare can kill millions in seconds. People will cry out to God to save them. In paradise, the top religious leaders made a resolution to come to help me, so anyone who opposes these ideas will be picked up. I will not save you in spirit world, even if 36 couples intercede for you. I cannot forgive you.

Young Church Leaders

Did you truly welcome the Korean and Japanese leaders? Usually you said, "We don't need you." What does that mean? I sent them for the sake of America, to give you a hard time for the sake of America. You have to bet your life. We need a new resolution to open the door and survive. Now is the time to clean things up.

Go to your hometown, invite your tribe, educate them and maybe some of the children will become ambassadors for peace. Ambassadors for Peace are representatives of Jesus' age.

Your children don't need to go to college; high school is enough, then they can become church leaders. Japan has 360,000 churches; how many do we have in America? We will make tribal/family churches, and give them education. Then you can become a king of the family, digesting your relatives.

[Hoon Dok Hae text, about 144,000.]

This is the measure of the family. We need a competition to see who will be the core blessed central family. Each time, teach your children the core essential messages. Connect to your tribe and make the kingdom of your family. I found the secret of heaven. I don't know how serious you are about this principle. If you ignore it, you are a sinner and must repent. Repent and recognize, no matter how big a leader you are.

What you learned 10 years ago is not enough. Your intellect is not enough; your heart has to be burning. It is not a matter of graduating from Harvard; it is being willing to witness to people. If we keep our mouth closed and say nothing about True Parents, it is like a conspiracy in support of what is wrong.

Settle in the family and enter the realm of the royal family. If you white people do not fulfill your responsibility, blacks will take your position away. You are like enemies, like the Romans. England failed to fulfill Eve's role, so Japan took that position. If Christianity doesn't fulfill, then they will lose their position, and... Japan, America and Germany are the ones professing their technological foundation. They have those things. Basically, those things are happening because of God's providence. What am I trying to say? It is the reason that Russia perished. When I did that, do you know how many Americans opposed me? I would like to curse them, but it is not right and God would feel sorrow if I were do it. It is not because of you that you are living well, but because of what I did for you. You should be determined to become foreigners. When you resolve to fulfill your responsibility on behalf of True Parents, then whether a president or embassy blocks you, you will be able to overcome any obstacle.

How I Stand as the Messiah

Kajong chongchak. Family settlement. We should be able to attend God and True Parents in our family. Our entire tribe should be able to come together, restored. I have made conditions for three years for that, and unless you do the same, you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a principle we have to follow. You need to bring the Heaven and Earth parents into your family, to get into the same lineage as true Adam and Eve and that is they way to be saved. That is Principle, not a lie. We have to attend the Heaven and Earth parents.

The country that does that will become the fatherland. We have to live for others, serving others. It is where the cosmic parents, the Heaven and Earth parents, live and that is the idea of a blessed central family. We are not to be living well by ourselves, but to save our tribe. We need to serve the devil's children. You might wonder why I suddenly called you. Yesterday, some people just suddenly departed, and today's gathering is to pay indemnity for that. You came here and should resolve yourself, as a blessed central family. You need to establish the family in which parents can settle down. That is the life I have been living over 80 years, and is how I could stand in the position of Messiah and True Parents.

Jesus and other saints pray in the name of the blessed central family. You should listen to their reports, from all the religions. They should be guiding you and opening the door for you. You have to recognize them as the elder brothers and sisters to you. In our family, the 36 couples have been here the longest, but they didn't fulfill their responsibility, so I have to pay indemnity for them. You all must repent; that is the point you are at right now.

Cham kajong ideal chongchak. You have to dedicate three years of your life for this purpose. Listen to this Hoon Dok Hae well. This is the speech given at the banquet for the 144,000 clergy blessing. The title is "Blessed Family and Ideal Family."

[After Hoon Dok Hae:]

We needed a nation, but now we need to be registered in a tribe, and the head of the tribe restores the original land. It should be interracial and inter-religious; then Satan cannot accuse us and there is no Satan there. It will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In spirit world they are waiting for me to come. There are many people grieving over their past life, so they are anxious to see me there.

But, if I am not in the physical world, can you lay the foundation for the original fatherland? Otherwise you will face serious problems here. You should not live the individualistic way you have until now. The question is: how can we build an ideal family as a blessed central family? We'll talk about this tomorrow. I'll talk about the details, and if you cannot fulfill it, it is not my responsibility anymore. After that, we have to say goodbye. I have to make sure you understand it.

Michael Jenkins, pray now. Be sure to attend Hoon Dok Hae tomorrow morning.

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