The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

World CARP President Hyun Jin Moon Speaks to the New York Rally

This speech was given at the rally at the Manhattan Center, Saturday, July 14 2001. The event was a great success, with a packed Manhattan Center responding eagerly to Hyun Jin Nimís message, which was tailored toward youth and especially second Generation. These are unofficial notes taken by Mike Balcomb during the speech.

Young people have enough energy to move the world and stir the cosmos. Do you have enough energy to do that, yes or no? Are you going to be victorious, yes or no?

Before I begin, as you all know this is more of an internal event. As Iím Fatherís son it is hard for me to be confined by this little podium here, so I want permission from all of you to use the whole stage and even the whole auditorium as my podium. Will you give me permission to do that? And a second question, since I have been speaking constantly for 3 weeks and I am a little hoarse, please allow me to carry this cup of water.

From now on, I will not come and speak at rallies that have only 1500 or 2000 people, but I will make an exception here because I feel the energy. You loud call has just rung in my ears! In Japan and Korea I had ten or twenty thousand people, with 2000 VIPS alone. Will speaking to you be more or less exciting than that?

I sometimes think of VIPs as being really VUPsóVery Unimportant People. Why? A True VIP has only one master, and that is God. There should be a vertical line to God. But most VIPs are political or religious leaders who end up being slaves to many causes. They have to constantly kowtow to public opinion. Well, how about you today? Are you VIPs or VUPs? VIPs! Then how many masters do you follow? There can only be One.

I see many young people in the front row here. In Japan, I tried to keep my message within one hour and thirty minutes because there were many VIPS. My experience with young people is that after one hour your attention span is wavering! Yet, if you are VIPS and not VUPS, and have only one master, then you should know what that Master wants even if it takes the whole day!

The Beginning of a New Age

This yearís theme is Service for Peace. This is not a motto that just came lightly. We have entered the 7th millennium from a historical biblical perspective, the third millennium after Jesus and the 21st century. You can say that all these important numbers converging like this coincidence and happenstance, but it is not. Providence is working whether we realize it or not.

What is the meaning of the numbers 3, 7 and 21? 3 is a number of perfection, as in the 3 stages of growth. 7 represents completion, as when God rested on the 7th day, the Sabbath after creating man. And 21 is 3 times 7. These numbers reappearing indicate that we have entered an inflection point in history, the beginning of a new era when Godís providence is moving in human history.

What is Service for Peace? This is a message for a new generation, for a new era and a new history. Yet it is rooted deeply in the providential timetable of this age. On Godís Day, Father said that a foundation of faith in True Parents alone is no longer enough for Blessed families. This is a time when True Parents bequeathed to us the ability to pray in our own names. With that responsibility comes accountability. What is that we must do? To live in accordance with True Parentsí teaching, and the fundamental part of that teaching is to live for the sake of others.

Until this point, Father and Mother took responsibility for the whole movement on their shoulders. As a movement, we have enjoyed the course of providence up to this point but now a new age has come where we must take responsibility by living for the sake of others, by offering service for the sake of others.

Hence the first word of the theme, Service. What about the second word, peace? This is the time when the original ideal of God must be realized. And what was this ideal? The original ideal that God had was to create an ideal family with the 3 kingships and the 4 realms of heart. It was to be the model family from which the ideal kingdom would arise. Heaven and earth would not have been two separate worlds but one.

Had Adam not fallen away, God would have been grandparents, Adam and Eve the True parents and their children, Cain, Abel and Seth would have been the grandchildren. This would have been the building block of the substantial kingdom. What is that kingdom? Is it just a geographical boundary? No. Is it just in our hearts? No, it is in the family. In Adamís family God wanted to build the foundation for his kingdom in three generations.

But what happened? The fall happened and sowed the seeds for the world of conflict and destruction that we see today? It is a world of struggle, conflict, war, plague and disease and self-destruction. The world of peace is the antithesis of this world we see today.

Our Legacy and Destiny

Stay with me now, for this content is very important. You have to know your legacy as blessed children. How and where you stand now is not just as an individual alone, but also as a historical person who is carrying on the providence of God.

How can you do that if you do not understand what God did through history, what True Parents did in 40 years? Without that, how can you mold your identity? Without that understanding, the blessed families will be a people without an identity, without a home. That is not what should happen to the fruit of our True Parents. The harvest should encompass the whole world. Then you must understand this content well.

Today I am going to challenge you as blessed children. I did not gather you here just to have a fun time, but to prod you, wake you and enlighten you as to what you should be. I may even kick your butt, is that OK? In America that might be grounds for a lawsuit, but if the purpose is to wake someone up to what they should do, then it is OK.

When you visit any country, you see in the young people what the country may be like in 20 years time. America has a disease, a cancer that shows most clearly in the young people. They do not have a high vision. How many do you know yourselves that are involved in drugs or promiscuity, playing Russian roulette with their own lives and those of others? How many do you know who are tied up in gang violence? All American leaders realize that there is more than just an image problem for young people of this nation.

A person who lives for their own sake alone will destroy the family, tribe, society, nation and even the world and Godís ideal. Weíve entered an age in which a greater enemy is threatening us than ever before. Do not think that just because communism fell, we have entered into an age of hope. There is greater and greater ethnic strife. Young people in the developed nations are going to the altar of secular humanism and of materialism with religious fervor. They are not unreligious people. They directed their whole life course towards that mistaken path.

Today we are going to start a new alternative, a counterproposal that surpasses any selfish individual dream, family dream or national dream. And what is that vision? It is a time to create a counter-counterculture revolution, new vision of living for the sake of others.

In the world, people are living for themselves and going destructively. But living for the sake of others is the course of true love. The mind has a quality of public interest and the body wants self-interest. We should not just understand living for others, but live that way and practice, live and practice. That kind of individual will be prosperous, not destructive.

Learning through Doing

Why should we be a person who lives in a family that is living for the sake of others? Such a person can start a new revolution offering a new way to young people of this world Do you want to be foot soldiers who embody this message in spirit and truth? Do you want to be an ambassador to the nation, world and cosmos? Yes! This is what I like to hear.

I am starting to "brainwash" you to live for the sake of others, to clean up your thinking. Let me ask you a question, do you want to be brainwashed or not? Think about it! True Parents have been called the king of brainwashers for 30 years. As the son of True Parents then, I must be the prince of brainwashers! Maybe your grandparents accused your parents of being brainwashed. Now here I am to inspire you to walk the course of public mission.

What is the secret of true "brainwashing?" I will tell you, so that you can become an expert yourselves. The secret is to live for the sake of others. If there is any spy that wants to write this up, I gave it to you. I dare you to write that in the New York Times!

Should we be on the offensive or defensive? Should we shake and rock America, yes or no? If you can build that kind of conviction, things can happen. Just because your parents are blessed couples, you still have to find your own faith and conviction. Do you want to have the opportunity to do so? The secret lies in action and experience.

Letís think about the way we learn. If I gave you all a Divine Principle test right now, I would bet that almost all of you would pass. You have had the full dose of Divine Principle lectures, havenít you? But are you living Divine Principle in your daily life and in your home? If not, you nay not pass the real test.

I mentioned before that there are two main schools of epistemology. One is learning through reason, through concept and abstraction. The other is learning through experience. This is the real learning. Only when you experience something can you truly learn it. Even in the scientific method, this is true. Theory can only become scientific fact when there is direct evidence to support that theory.

Experience-based knowledge is the most important component of learning, but it has not been stressed in the education of our young people. That is why I told everyone in Japan that I will directly teach them what it means to live for the sake of others. I mean changing your life course, not just doing a 2 Ė3 year stint. Being an owner means making a lifelong commitment, not just for a moment!

This is why our young people have to have their own faith and conviction that will allow them to have confidence enough to pass it on to others. Do you have that kind of conviction? Do you mean to do it, even if you have to sacrifice your own school, and your dreams, the life you wanted to aspire to? If young people can do this, then there is hope. Young people have a lot of energy. If it is focused and directed it can bring about a world of change.

Peace has been a dream that people have longed for from the beginning but they were never able to catch it. Will it come from an Einstein, a genius? No History is full of those kind of people but there is no peace. How about military power, or political power? Again, there has been no shortage of politicians and soldiers, but there has been no substantial peace on earth. If there were, we would be enjoying the fruit of peace.

Peace is something that has to be passed down through the generations. Where do we go to find the starting point of peace? We have to go back to God, and the original ideal of God. That is Chapter 1 of Divine Principle. The Principle of Creation outlines the original ideal of God which is where we can find true peace. This is what God has been preparing for consistently throughout human history, and especially in the time of the Second Advent.

The Foundation God Prepared

In the Old Testament Age, God prepared the foundation to build a mighty nation of religious faith. Think about that foundation being built for 2000 years! When Jesus came there was supposed to be a new world based on God, yet the people of the day failed to recognize the central importance of Godís providence.

When Jesus went on the cross it meant that another 2000 years until Father appeared onto the world stage. As you know, we have entered the settlement age, the era of the Fourth Adam. It marks a new period in providential history. It should have already started many years ago.

When True Parents lost the foundation of Christianity in 1945, they had to walk a course of re-indemnification to restore the lost hope of God. To explain all of this would take many hours, but you should understand how much God prepared Christianity and America for his Will.

World War II had adjusted the international political structure of the Europe. Among the victorious allies, this nation stood in the position of Abel. America was founded by the most Abel type Christians. This is the only nation that writes on its money, In God We Trust. The Declaration of Independence recognized the Christian foundation and the Christian inheritance.

God had already prepared a deep connection between America and Korea. American missionaries opened up Korea. Christianity came first to Korea in the 16th century, with the Catholic church, but it did not really blossom until the American missionaries came at the end of the nineteenth century. Soon, Korea became world renowned for the fervor of its Christian revivals. The missionaries at that time said that this is the most prepared nation in Asia for the message of Christianity. When True Father was born in 1920, Christianity had already made deep inroads.

Where was the apex of these revivals? It happened to be in the Northern Capital of Pyongyang, not many miles away from Fathers hometown. It is not by chance that the Moon family turned to Christianity. The noble families of Korea were the first to be missionized in Korea.

The environment of the last days started erupting. It was like the time of Jesus, with all the apocalyptic sects arising among Judaism. Among the fervent sectors of Korean Christianity, there were many apocalyptic sects. This was the age and environment in which Father was born and grew up. God was preparing everything for the coming of the Lord of Second Advent. You see how even when it looks like nothing is moving, in fact history is moving ahead in accordance with Gods vision?

After World War II, the geopolitical focus of the world shifted away from Europe to America. The world was forming into Cain and Abel camps and Korea was quickly in the center of it. While I was in Columbia I studied the inter-war years in Korea (1920 - 1950) which show that the geopolitics of the world were in fact being greatly defined by what was happening in Korea, even though it was a small obscure nation. This is more than coincidence. Then what was happening?

The foundation of Korean Christianity was connected deeply to America. If Korean Christianity had accepted Father, then that would have spread quickly to America. The 20th century would have gone in a very different direction from that time on. But Father was rejected and Christianity did not unite.

Then Satan began to invade Christian society. In the last 50 years such concepts as homosexuality and free sex became legitimized. 100 years ago, these were not acceptable. Self-centered individualism was not acceptable. But with the rejection of Godís providential Will, we saw the rise of a secular humanism that has ignored God and arrogantly credited all progress to man alone. People moved toward a goal of material satisfaction rather than spiritual happiness, more so each year than ever before.

The Lost Generation

And where did these anti-God sentiments develop? In the Christian democracies of America and Europe. During my inauguration as the President of YFWP, I spoke of the importance of creating a counter-counterrevolution. Satan poisoned the ideals of the Christian youth who should have responded to Father, based on false seeds of false love.

The young people born after World War II were 20 years old in the 1960s. They were the ones who made the counter cultural revolution. These were the baby boomers, the second generation Christians who should have been born as blessed children in the Kingdom of God! They should never have ended up the way they did! If Christians had accepted Father, he could have given them the blessing. They would have been like you are 30 to 40 years ago!

However, the foundation was lost and the second generation was not offered to God. Instead it was lost in the abyss that Satan created to destroy Godís culture, the abyss of self-centered individualism that is the opposite of true love and living for the sake of others. Instead of creating one united family under God, this lost second generation went to attack the ideal of the family through the lineage. Materialism, drugs and free sex took these children away from the spiritual path and put the body above the mind.

All the things that lead to destruction emerged from this lost second generation. This is why the age in which we stand today is so important, and why the challenges that Father faced in 1945 still have to be overcome today.

Jesus had to go to the cross in similar circumstances of betrayal and rejection. Yet Father knew that if he walked the course of the cross, Godís providence would be delayed once again, so instead he created our movement through the suffering and indemnity of prison. It is on that foundation that the Unification Church came into existence and that is the reason why during the last 40 years there have been so many trials.

If True Parents had wavered, we would not have come to this point. Yet donít you think that at every step of the way they were severely tested? To restore and re-indemnify the 6000 years lost, they had just 40 years! That is why the course of our movement has been one of sacrifice.

If you do not know this content, you may look at the past and ask, "Why did we do things that way?" During the Inheritance and Development tour last year, I talked about this history. I told our older members to shed all their baggage, if they have any, and to rise anew based on the new age of settlement and Fourth Adam that has just begun. Yet at this time, many parents and first generation became tired. Instead of looking up to the future, they started looking down, down, down instead of realizing that this is an age in which we should be liberated, the start of a new age!

Do you want to talk about the past or the future? I want to rise and see the stars again. True Parents practiced absolute faith, love and obedience, not only to Godís Will and providence, but also to humanity itself. True Parents overcame all the impossible barriers and walls to stand victorious, and to launch a new age of settlement through the coronation of Godís kingship. This is how we come to stand at the crossroads of history. This is the history and legacy that you all belong to. Amen!

True Families and True Peace

What does it mean for you as blessed families and blessed children? During the Old Testament Era, the covenant was written through the law. During the New Testament Era, it was based on faith. Now in the Completed Testament Age, it is based on blood lineage. What does this mean?

As blessed families, what special gift did you receive? The change of blood lineage. This means that the ownership has changed. A "covenant written in blood" means a vertical line from God, True Parents and True Family. It is upon this foundation that blessed couples were engrafted, representing the extended true family. We must all work together!

Which relationships are the most absolute and unchanging? Not friendships, not work relations, but the family. Family relations. Blood relationships. The family is where God lost humanity and where He can claim humanity back again.

On his 50-state tour, Father often asked the ministers, "Which is more important, true love or true lineage?" They answered true love, but that is not enough. From Godís perspective it is the lineage. The children are more important than the spouse. True Love is the glue that holds the relationships together. That is why we talk about the 3 Kingships and the 4 great realms of heart. True love is the glue that keeps parents and children, husband and wife brothers and sisters together. This brings all the different parts together to make up the ideal family.

When we talk about World Peace we will find the solution not in politics or economics but in the true family where the 3 Kingships and the 4 great realms of heart are substantiated. This is the place that represents the continuum of past present and future. The true family is where the relationships between generations and sexes come together.

That is why the person who comes from the true family will become a true peacemaker. If you can make true peace in your family, then you have already learned how to go beyond your family to the society, nation and cosmos, not in an abstract belief but in reality.

The Service for Peace themes summarize the cosmic age we have entered, and what we as Blessed Families we need to know. We as blessed families should know this, for it is the way we connect with God, True Parents and True Family. True Love is the glue the bridge that races, generations, sexes. Going back to Fatherís message, this is not the time to only believe, but to go and live for the sake of others.

What can you do for the World?

Will you take this message to your families, your community, your school, the society and the nation of America, then to the world and the cosmos? It was in the 1960s, with the new presidency of John F Kennedy that a new movement of volunteers began, the Peace Corps. It did not, however, contain the term service for peace. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" I come to you today to say, "Ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world!"

This is the time of a new counter-counter cultural revolution, to set things straight. This is the task of the second generation of this age. Those of you who want to take the challenges, who want to be the foot soldiers, raise your hands! Are you going to be future CARP members? Do you want to lead or follow? Who will lead Service for Peace? You will! I want you to be not a CARP member just serving time, but a CARP member who has committed his or her whole life to building Godís kingdom on earth.

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