The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Japan Tour Keynote Speech

Hyun Jin Moon

This is the speech given in Kobe, Japan on July 3, 2001.

A mighty whirlwind is beginning that is resonating in its swirls. Do you think it will lose its gusto or get higher and wilder every minute and hour!

Before I begin, I would like to break some conventions, but since I am your guest, I will do it only if you will permit me. As you know it is very difficult for me to stand still. I feel confined. If you permit me, I would like to use the whole stage as my podium.

I see many young people here in the front! It seems like only yesterday that I saw only old people in the front row [at last yearís rally] I wonder, am I at the right rally? I cam to light a fire here in Kobe! Do you want to make it really hot today?

You have spirit of young people. It is so contagious that I get more and more excited. The topic for todayís rally is Service for Peace: a New Paradigm for Ideal Youth and Family. In the past, we heard much talk about the need to establish peace. However, up until this point, no one ever found the root of establishing lasting peace. Peace has eluded humanity ever since beginning of human history when Eve seduced Adam. Ever since then, we see the remnants of the problems that made peace an elusive dream.

For this tour, I gave direction to CARP leaders that we have to bring young people of every background, every walk of life. We have to bring VIPs, from areas of academia, politics, religion, etc., so that we can bring all factions under one roof and build an everlasting peace.

So many times the word peace has been banged around. Many brilliant people thought of it from political, religious economic points of view but none found the solution. If they had we would be already be living in a peaceful world.

Today we are standing in the dawn of new era. It is third millennium since the birth of Christ, and the 7th Millennium of biblical history. We have entered into the 21st Century. Number three is the number of perfection; number seven is number of completion. It was on the 7th day, after God finishing his most divine creation, humankind, that he rested on the Sabbath. We have entered into a special time, when number 3 and number 7 have combined. We have entered into the 21st Century and of course 21 is 3 multiples of 7. The concurrence of all these conditions and factors is not just by chance but is a condition set by Divine Providence. We are at an inflection point where the course of humanity can change.

As you may know, True Parents held Godís Coronation Ceremony at the beginning of this year. In that ceremony, they were enthroning God as King. If God were already our king, then a word such as peace would not be a foreign term, or have remained elusive for ages. It would have been the reality. The world would have been very different. The question is, where is that kingdom in which peace truly exists, where Godís sovereignty exists?

I love these large questions because I just graduated from UTS, where we spent a lot of time dealing with these big theological issues. From the theological point of view, where is Godís kingdom? Many people will say many different things! In the world of confusion you have many opinions. Even if the truth exists, it is dimmed by the impact of many other opinions.

How did God move throughout history? In the providential history, God tested the individual and shook the bedrock of his or her faith, to make that faith and conviction so strong, that if God invested more it would not falter and it will not shake. In history, we can learn of the lives of men and women who have been tested by God. Regardless of all the persecution, tests, and challenges that were thrown upon them, their conviction and faith in God did not shake or falter.

Throughout history, whose voice came out loud and clear over time? It was those men and women those who were truly chosen. Godís providence didnít develop by happenstance, but by the power Godís blood sweat and tears and the efforts of those who wanted to live for the sake of God, who wanted to bring about Godís providence despite all suffering.

What was the purpose of God for humanity? Was Godís purpose for us division -- ethnic, national, racial and even religious divisions? Was that the purpose for God? When God looks at humanity, with what eyes does God look at humanity? Our original mind tells us that God is our original parent! Then with what eye would God look at us? Of course, the heart of the parent!

Let me ask the young people sitting here in the front row, do you know the heart of parent? Yes or No? You say yes, but is that really true? Many times, you would rather play Nintendo more than studying, wouldnít you? Do you really know your identity?

What about my identity? Am I Korean or American? Most Korean people are a little short, yet I am six foot tall, a little bit taller than even some Americans. When I go to Korea, I stand out. People ask, what kind of mix is that kid? Where did he come from? Koreans have round faces and shallow noses, but my nose is high. Even Koreans donít know what I am! On the other hand, when I go to America, even though I can speak language fully, I am another yellow face. Do I look like an American?

My character is so Korean and in one sense, I donít even have a home. But donít feel pity or sadness for me. Because I do not define my home based on national geography. My home is where God is, my home is where True Parents are, where the True Family is.

So, you smart young people. Do you really understand the heart of parents? No, not really. Many young people donít understand heart of parents. When parents tell you to do something, you donít always understand it. Yet, would a parent ask you something because he or she wanted to do to harm you or to help you? Of course, they want to give good counsel.

One of the reason why Jun Sook Nim couldnít come this time is because she is already nine months pregnant. Her stomach is getting bigger and bigger. The amount of attention that goes into the heart of a mother is so great. Another gift from God is her breast, so that she can feed baby. The very essence of mother is going to that child. As a parent, all your attention, all your hopes, all your dreams are invested in the child. There is no other relationship where so much sacrifice is made.

A couple of minutes ago, I explained that God has the heart of parents. Donít you think God had that kind of attention to the creation of man? Doesnít God have as much hope and aspiration for his children that human parents have for their child? Absolutely he did.

What was that dream? What was that aspiration?

You here at Kobe are lucky than the people in Fukuoka because I am going into more details here. Fukuoka is the door by which all major religions came in. Buddhism and Christianity came through there. How about Kansai region? What does this represent in history of Japan? This is very important location. Here in the middle of this region, Japan was united under one leadership. It was here that Japanís vision to conquer the rest of Asia began. What resonates here is not only for Japan but goes throughout the whole of Asia. Kobe is sometimes called the US Airport, because all western culture comes through here. This area of Japan has tremendous importance.

Do you want me to give a special message for Kobe or the same message I gave in Fukuoka? If you want a special message, that means I have to speak differently at every rally! Yet I have no written text. I have no outline! So that must mean this message must be coming from somewhere profound and mysterious, not just from the top of my head. So listen carefully!

Heavenly Father stands in the position of parents. Like parents he invested everything, sacrificed everything. Parents through their sacrifice learn the first experience of love. What makes the parent/ child relationship so unique? Both the child and the parent must both make total investment. It is love of absolute investment.

If I truly want to talk about world peace and service, then we have to understand the root and the origin that these things come from. We have to understand the root and origin of where peace comes from! Amen!

It is through the vertical relationship that one first learns the true meaning of love. When we go back and back all the way to the beginning of human history, we realize that we ultimately end up in front of God. The vertical love that our parents had is divinely touched by God, because God is at the end and pinnacle of that vertical point.

In all major religions, there is the idea of individual salvation based on individual relationship with God. Their concept of spirituality is rooted in a personís individual relationship with God. But was that Adam and Eveís purpose? No, they were to inherit divine love together, not as individuals.

We have so much divorce in the world today. In America, the rate is around 50%. How can marriages and relationships stay together? If the relationship is based on physical attraction, do you think that a couple would stay together into old age? No matter how much makeup you put on and cosmetic surgery you undergo, eventually age catches up with you and the beauty fades.

Many young people donít understand this. I was driving down here and I saw one boy who had a yellow hair. I thought oh, I can go and talk to that American tourist, so I approached that person. But as I got closer, I saw that the roots were black. When he turned around the face I saw was a yellow Japanese face! Many are also piercing themselves because it looks very cool. Young people are into physical attraction and stimulation. What happens when that physical attraction fades?

How about you young people? There has to be a root. Where is the root? The love that keeps husband and wife for all eternity can only be qualified as being true love. The fact that we have to qualify a relationship as Ďtrue,í indicates that there are also false loves. True love is the love that one learns in vertical connection to God! When that love between husband and wife is united based on God, it will be everlasting.

What about brotherhood? Japanese want to make a brotherhood relationship with Americans, Koreans and others, donít they? Why hasnít it been possible? True everlasting brotherhood has to be established based on a vertical axis, based on the vertical relationship of divine Heavenly Father. That is why a family without Parents is a divided home. Only with the presence of parents can all children can unite tightly. Without parents and their tradition, there would only be constant bickering and struggle.

Look at all these international politicians jockeying position for greater influence! That kind of horizontal relationship will not go beyond even one generation. For this reason, superficial means to establish peace do not last long. It is only with a divine relationship with God, based on True Parents, that a relationship of true brotherhood can be established. The position of True Parents has to be established first. Those of you who were here on last yearís tour will remember that this was not the easy process.

Once Adam and Eve fell away from God, a new true family had to be established. Only in the True Family is there a substantial solution for peace. Instead of going into theological explanation as to the reason why peace eluded humankind for 7000 years, we can reach the simple answer that it was because Godís original ideal was not established in the beginning of human history.

Adam and Eve were to establish a true relationship as a son and daughter of God. After they matured, they should have been able to complete the three blessings to be fruitful multiply and dominate all things. What happened?

What is the glue that can hold the divine family together? It is True Love. The impulse of True Love is to live for the sake of others. A genuine love of service comes directly from divine parents. In a true and absolute investment for service, a true family, true love, true life, and true lineage would have been established.

Last year I explained that we had entered the Settlement Age. The Completed Testament Age, the era of the 4th Adam, the time to build Godís substantial kingdom. Where is Godís kingdom? What is it? Is it some physical kingdom with geographic boarder? No, the infinite, eternal and unique God would not limit his kingdom in that way. The kingdom is the ideal family. It is in there infinite scope and depth of love can be expressed, and it is there that God can dwell. It is there, that one world and one family one world under God can be built up. Amen! Amen!

This is the kingdom where God can dwell. Therefore, it is appropriate that in this year 2001, after Coronation of God on January 13th, that the young people are gathered here to carry forth this divine tradition, this divine dream, not only in the island of Japan but throughout the world! Can you young people carry the dream? [YES.] Can you carry the mantle of faith and conviction? Then God can commit his eternal foundation upon you. The foundation you build would be so steady and strong that God can come and dwell in you. You can build Godís kingdom on you!

Truly, a whirlwind is brewing. It is being started by this message of Service for Peace. Those two words should be like husband and wife. In the past, when people talked about peace they didnít talk about service. Yet in that sentence service should exist. Because in service, the eternal ideal of true love exists. The person who is willing to live more for the sake of the other person than himself cannot be opposed. Even if convention holds us back, people want to feel close to those who serve. Isnít that why we feel so close to those who love us? Isnít it why we feel so indebted to those who invest to us?

We must break down all different barriers that divide us. When man or woman stands naked before God and before heaven, he or she is no different, whether Korean, Japanese, American, etc. Who created all these different conventions and barriers, that made humankind unable to see true commonality between us? It was not God.

It is time to shed the past and stand anew before God. There is only one Master, one Will, and one Dream that is worth committing oneself to. That is to build one world and one family under God. Amen. Amen. Amen. This is the powerful message of service for peace.

Why service? When we look at world today what are young people doing? Can we see a true filial son, true patriot, true saint, and true holy son? No. We do not see the world that is in true alignment with Godís original will.

In Fukuoka, I said that Japan is wealthy nation, rich in material resources. Japan has received tremendous blessing, but look at the young people. All the economic wealth in the world has not brought a solution to your young people. On the contrary, you are now seeing crimes that were unheard of before. You are seeing immorality in young people that was never seen in the past.

Is economic material wealth the solution to the problem of young people? No. If I ask people what they care for more, children or your job, they will probably say that they love people more. But when we see young people they are getting more lost. This phenomenon is not exclusive to America. It is the same situation in Japan and other countries too.

Although our children have a roof over their heads, are going to school and living comfortably, we are living in the age more urgent than before. We are losing our children at the altar of selfish individualism. Under that circumstance where can ideal family exist? Where can God dwell? Where are Godís kingdom, Godís church, and Godís love? None of that can exist.

Young people are the future of the world. If we are able to move the young people then we can move the future. When we look at the young people today, what future can we see? That is why the message of Service for Peace, and the promotion of service activity that is rooted not only in ideas but in substance is exactly the truth that Japan and the world needs, Amen!

This message today is Service for Peace. We are bringing those two words together as if they were a representative of husband and wife. You can never establish true peace without true service, and there is no true service without true peace. If you are someone who inherits the true sprit of service, then you can establish a true family where true love, life and lineage exists and from which a true filial son, patriot, saints and holy son can come out.

When I talked with VIPs, they often say, "Your father always talk about peace! But what is the solution for peace? One has to be true peace maker to establish true peace. And where does one learn to become a true peace maker? In the family.

True Peace comes from the four realms of heart and three kingships, and the three generations representing a continuum of past, present, and future. All of these things come from the family. The four realms of heart represent relationships between parents and child, different sexes, between brother and sisters. If you learn to become the peace maker in your family where 4 realms of heart and 3 kingships exist, you can become the people of true peace. This knowledge is not cognitive, abstract knowledge but rooted in substance and experience. How much more practical can you get?

This is the true formula for peace! Building an ideal God Centered family where true love, life, lineage exists. The impulse and glue that holds the true family together is true love. True Love is living for the sake of other, living in service to others. We gathered here today to hear the message of peace that will resonate throughout Japan, rooted in the ideal of service for others and living for the sake of others.

Think about it, how great will it be for young people here to go to their communities, for sake of their nation, or even leave their nation and go to developing nations and help? Those experiences of service will lay the foundation for young people to be the true peacemakers. Amen!

People of Kobe! Are you ready for that challenge? Yes or No? [YES.] You know you canít come to rally and not be challenged by someone from Moon family! Therefore, I will challenge you today. This dream of creating one world, one family under God is not just my dream. It should be a dream for all of humanity that is aspiring to build one true peace that transcends all generations, all different divisions between sexes, all existing divisions between nations and cultures. This is the vision given by True Parents, to create one family under God, and live the ideal of Service for Peace.

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