The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Fukuoka Rally

Hyun Jin Moon
June 29, 2001
Fukuoka, Japan


We live in the age of the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship. Heavenly Father has aspired to this since the beginning of creation. Heavenly Father couldnít liberate himself; only through the power of True Parents could He be liberated. You must understand the many conditions that had to be set to make this possible. To explain this fully, I need to give you a sermon, but Iíll try to explain it briefly and in simple terms.

Simple terms are best, because Godís expectation at the beginning of creation as very simple Ö the ideal family, the Three Kingships, and the Four Great Realms of Heart. God wanted to participate in the ideal family. He needed an ideal man and woman, ideal parents and children, and ideal brothers and sisters in order to express his original ideal. The first family was lost, however, and all of human history has been a process of restoring the mistakes of the first family. That resulted in 6000 years of indemnity. Could God take responsibility for this? No, only the restored, ideal Adam and Eve could fulfill the original will of God; this can only be done by True Parents.

As you know, the course of the Unification Church was not originally meant to be one of suffering, but we have gone his way because of the failure of Christianity to receive True Parents in 1945. The Coronation Ceremony was a substantial offering of dominion to God over both Heaven and Earth. True Love, True Life, and True Lineage were finally fulfilled.

All Blessed couples should realize this, but many do not. Because of this, I held 21-day workshops to educate all members under 40 about Godís Kingship, the Settlement Age, and the Realm of the Fourth Adam. In the Old Testament age, the Hebrews established a covenant based on law. The New Testament is built on a covenant that is based on faith. The chosen people have always been the ones who are responsible for the covenant. This is the age when the covenant is not legal or faith based, but is etched in blood. Finally God has dominion over the blood lineage, and thus the Kingdom of Heaven is built through Blessed Families. You must understand the responsibility and blessing that Blessed couples have in this age.

During the Inheritance and Development Tour, the message was clear. I gave the vision of a new era, with a core of spirituality rooted in family. The bond is not just a superficial legal one, or one of only internal faith, but one that includes the whole person, and allows for the establishment of God, True Parents and True Family. Here begins a new human history that can expand in both space and time. The first and second generations must work together. I donít know how many heard this message and took it to heart, and how many were deaf to it. The family must now move forward as Godís ideal.

Why Inheritance and Development? I know the way young people think! They always want to look forward and think about the future, but they donít like to consider the past. Thatís why I started with inheritance, and recognizing the value of the past. Development suggests the promise of the future. Godís work and effort has been substantially etched in history, and it was the past conditions that prepared for the present stage. Iíve heard many stories about the sacrifice and suffering of our members, but that must be placed in the correct context. True Parents and True Family have always been the final recipients of criticism or ridicule because of the failures in our movement.

Father has always lived for Cain. At this time, more than ever, he wants to rejoice in an ideal family, and stand together with his children and grandchildren. But True Parentsí commitment has always been to love Cain, in the belief that Cain would then support and love their Abel children. To be honest, however, Cain not only stole my parents, but also misunderstood the True Family rather than providing love and support. The hurdles needed in order for me to take a position of leadership are not easy. I take this position not out of rejoicing or happiness; it requires constant death and rebirth.

The responsibility of True Children is great. We stand on the great legacy that True Parents have liberated God, but who will liberate True Parents? God couldnít liberate himselfÖ can True Parents? No. Only the children can liberate True Parents. Because of the fall, Godís dream was not realized. Donít True Parents have a dream and expectations as well? The call I made to members and families was to go back to the root and the essence. Put aside all else, and go back to the root. Why are we here? What are we meant to fulfill? What are True Parentsí expectations? The parents can never be liberated if the household is divided. The parent of a divided household is bound to hell and turmoil. The Unification Church family must unite as one to bring blessing the world. This is not an exclusive vision, but is meant to include all people. This is the meaning of Service for Peace.

Now that the first and second generations are reconnected, the Unification Church family must stand united as Abel to the Cain world to bring about restoration. We must send our young people out to serve. This will start with CARP. We go out to restore the elder sonship, and bring Cain back to Godís bosom under God and True Parents. So much has to be done. This is the most desperate age in history, even more so than the time of the Cold War threat. Why do I say this? Is it just because Iím and idealistic youth? I say this because everything sacred is being dismantled by youth today. Every country has a youth problem today. Why? Itís because their focus is on self-centered individualism and materialism. How can you make God-centered families in that environment? How can you make a true husband and wife, or true family? Even our own second generation has to have this clarified. Thereís rampant family breakdown because of the free sex disease. The responsibility of young people is great in this age. You older people here must take interest in the youth. To change the world or change a culture or paradigm, you need young people. There needs to be cooperation between three generations. This represents the past, present, and future, and the continuum of humanity.

The works of the first generation, second generation, and third generation are all crucial; especially the second generation, as they prepare the way for the third generation. The transition time is always the most critical. Now more than ever we need to stand as one, and live for the whole purpose. We need to have a public mind that symbolizes the expectation that God has.

Tomorrow will be the first rally in the Service for Peace tour. Japan has carried much burden in the providence, but still her role is crucial for the future. The spirit world is not some distant place, but is right here with us. How should we live in preparation for spirit world? What conditions should we set? We must set conditions not only in preparation for our own passing to spirit world, but for the sake of our legacy. Young people need o understand about the spirit world, not just the material reality.

Maybe you expect this kind of talk form me because Iím True Parents son, but my training is from the material realm of Harvard Business School. Iím very aware of the temptations and lure of the material world, but can you take that with you to the spirit world? The Hyundais and Dae Woos of Korea are now in bankruptcy. They thought they had a lot of value, but was it eternal? No, it can easily be lost. What is it that is absolute and eternal? What can you take to spirit world as well as pass on to your children? True Love, True life, and True Lineage. Ideal Family.

How many blessed couples really know this? As parents, many blessed couples donít want their children to suffer. I have always sent the young people out to witness and fundraise. You can always go to school later, the colleges will eagerly accept you later in life. But your own faith and conviction can only be earned through your own activities and sacrifice. Youth is the time to accomplish this. As they grow, young people must realize that they are historical agents to further Godís providence. The tragedy is that they often have to face the hurdle of heir on parents holding them back. Ironically, this is the same situation as the first generation faced. They received opposition from their parents to following Godís will. What would happen if True Parents had guided me in that way? Should I have just gone the individual way? Do you think Iíd be here today if that was the case? Clearly not.

Lineage means a covenant in blood. You donít choose most of the most important things in life. You merely have the choice to make the best of the opportunities that youíve been given. Heavenís expectation is only one: create an ideal family. This way you learn how True Love, True Life, and True Lineage really exist. This is the kingdom where God can dwell. A continuum of service to God is necessary. You must have the conviction of faith to substantiate Godís kingdom. Thatís why Iím here.

I will initiate service projects in Japan, Philippines, China, and finally Korea. Service for Peace is a worldwide concept. Our Abel youth can go into Cainís world to serve and restore Cain. Cain can recognize Abel as the rightful elder. I will establish a foundation that will support these international service projects. Local and national CARP can initiate service projects and get support. All the projects donít have to come out of World CARP HQ. We will send Japanese college students to African villages to live or the sake of others, and to experience and own that understanding. We can send Koreans to the CIS. After 5 years of this interaction, those people who have learned the lesson of true service will be the peacemakers. First, we need to overcome nationalism. When you really see the needs of others, you want to serve. What better way to establish one world of peace?

Please take this seriously. Iím a youth leader, but I always end up talking to older people. Thatís not fair! Maybe youíre not so old that you donít remember your youth? This is a new age. You have no choice but to enter that new age. Therefore, shed your skin, and become a new person. They say that older means wiser, but wiser in what? In fallen ways? Cynicism? Doubt? Loss of hope and vision for Godís ideal? Iíve faced those trials. I found that hope is all we have. This dream Iíve spoken of will be alive. Hope will always be alive as we enter the settlement age.


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