The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

The Lifeline for Entering the New Age

Hyun Jin Moon
March 30, 2001
Quebec, Canada

Remember that there are two types of knowledge. Itís the experiential knowledge that will give you the deep insight into that knowledge. Thatís why Iíve said, you have to have the foundation of absolute love, faith and obedience to God and True Parents. That will be the lifeline for you as we enter the new age. You do not stray. So I want you to make that deep commitment, that whatever you do, wherever you go, you will have absolute unity with the mission given by God, True Parents, and True Family. You are the first class of this special 21-day workshop. Do you feel that this workshop was absolutely necessary at this time? I explained that this workshop has to be a reorientation for leadership in the settlement age. Therefore, as leaders without knowing this, how could you be connected to Providence? One thing that I noticed is that institutions like UTS are one, two, three years behind. Remember when in the 1990ís after the 30,000 couple blessing, how the standards was loosened to include more and more couples. Many members complained that the standard was degrading, that we are getting sinners instead of saints. Just like in Jesusí time. And this was the attitude of many leaders too. Weíre facing this issue now with the Blessing.

What was Godís original providence? Was it to save only a portion of humanity, or all of it? If you look at principle, we look at all the historical things that need to be restored. Do we not talk about Cain and Abel, about the position of True Parents?

If you look at the history of all religious groups, this has been an issue. Itís a struggle of Cain and Abel in the religious community. Do you think that God wanted to just save the Abel type religious people, or was it that he wanted the Abel type to save the Cain type in order to restore His whole family? Our mission was not only to save ourselves, to secure our own lineage, but it was to restore all mankind. This was the true mission of a True Abel. Therefore I told you that youíre totally missing the point. Itís an issue of the saints, the Abels, to bring the whole family together centered on Godís Will.

You should be proud, and set the tradition in which other Blessed couples can follow, a tradition of heart, of sacrifice. This has been the tradition of our True Parents. Look at our family pledgeÖ they all end with "centered on true love." True love is the tradition of loving others first, to live for the sake of others, sacrificial love. When we look at the outside world, the traditional way of thinking is self-centered.

Why do I emphasize witnessing? The more our movement only thinks about ourselves, the more weíll be further away from the tradition of God, True Parents and True Family. Isnít that why I explained in the first day, the more I give warning to the leaders of our church, the more we look at our responsibilities from an institutional viewpoint, and not from a heartistic one.

If you do not adhere to the tradition of God and True Parents, then you will be added to the dustbin of humanity of another religious denomination. This institutionalized mentality I really do not like. This means that the organization or movement is static, not moving. Not progressing, but if you look at Godís providence, it has always been progressing. Until that ultimate goal is reached, we should always be moving forward. Because religions were institutionalized, it became the impediment to Godís new vision. They thought that they were the chosen people, without realizing that the reason that they were chosen was for the purpose of saving all of humanity, not just themselves. Itís the same thing with you Unification Church members. You have the tendency to make the same mistake. To not realize the new providence, which is SOOO important in the eyes of God and True Parents. Before this workshop, you would have thought only about your family, the Unification Church family, without thinking about all of humanity. True Parents have been toiling on this earth not just for your sake. Up until this point you would not have had this awareness.

All of you say that you believe in God and True Parents, yet you do not truly understand what God has been hoping for since the beginning of human history. I know that you did not know just by the way you reacted when I called this workshop. These are the people that Father has been training for 40, 50 years, and they still did not know the importance of this workshop. Because they didnít understand Godís original desire. They saw True Parents and True Family as being separate. When I think about this, this blows my mind, because it goes against every single universal law. Even animals understand this better than you. Their whole purpose of existence was to pass down the genes to the next generation. What do the family represent, it represents blood lineage.

Even the top leaders in the movement did not know this. They were struggling with their own problems, trying to interpret Godís providence in their own eyes. You have to get rid of all the baggage from the past so that you can be aligned with Godís providence. Thatís why as we enter this Settlement age, I realized how important it was for us to shed our old skin. That we stand naked in front of God, True Parents, True Family as well as our own conscience. So that we can be true recipients of Godís Will.

If this providence of rebirth does not happen you will not be in the position to usher in this new age. I would have to find someone else. Second generation understand this. Thatís why I called them together. Special grace is given not for your sake, itís for the sake of salvation and restoration of Godís entire family. Thatís the reason why men and women that work for God always must be living by the principle of living for the sake of others. Secular humanism and atheistic communism taught the exact opposite. Do you think these were agents of God, or Satan. This is why we have 182 nations in the world. The formula that Satan has always been using throughout history of selfish love Ö what is the ultimate result? It brings destruction to family, to society, to the world. It is the paradigm of fallen families. I am moved when I see the structure of the Korean familial model. Iíve traveled all around the world, and I found that although itís not ideal it most represents the realm of three kingships and four Great Realms of Heart. Even in that model, if that family only thinks of itself, itís own, the most ugly model comes about, to the point that you even want to run away from it. Self-centered individualism destroys everything that should be held valuable. Up to this point what Christianity cannot understand is our understanding of love. Agape love is held as the highest form of love in Christianity, an individual internalization of understanding God. So, when Father says that True Love can only be manifested through subject and object partnership, they canít understand it.

True love is putting others before your own self. This is the age that all that we aspire to build should be brought to this world. In other words, the Principle that we say we study, should not be just a conceptual reality, but should be felt, experienced and lived. Just like a child cannot deny his identity came from his parents, you have to have that concept of God, True Parents and True Family. If you have this attitude, you will be able to respond to Godís providence. I know that each and every one of you are at a different level. But from this time, if you truly commit, and unite with the mission that I give you, you'd be setting the condition to understand more completely that this is "my" providence. The reason why you donít feel like this, is because you are not yet part of True Family. The reason why we pray in our own name is to truly inherit the blessing of being a substantial member of True Family. And you will have ownership over the providence. If you dedicate your life to this goal, you will be a true saint, a true filial son. If youíre a woman, you will be a true holy daughter. This is the tradition that defines who we are. Unless this tradition becomes your tradition, you are not a member of the family.

Iím going to end with what I told the Continental directors yesterday. I also mentioned this to the second generation blessed children yesterday. Things like power position moneyÖ how many times has Father said that these are not important. I know that people might come to the conclusion that the higher you are in position the closer you are to True Parents. Physically the way you are born are different. Some people are born, smart, some stupid, short, some tall, some with talent, some without, but if you ask any parent, they will say that they love their child more than any other. If parents feel that way, how about God? When we talk about true equality, it cannot exist unless itís in the realm of True Love. I asked them what do you think the true responsibility of first generation was? I know you aspired to be recognized in front of True Parents as a leader, to be used by Parents. Did you do that to be used by True Parents, or loved by True Parents? If youíre desire was to be used by True Parents, then position would be important to you. Recognition by our movement would become very important. And you become very political focusing on things like power, and position. But is that truly what Parents value most. Yes, if thereís a very capable talented person, they will be used, but unless the heart is pure, they will not be moved. For the sake of the expedience of providence you need to use people with capability, but it does not mean that you look at them highly.

Letís look at Sang Hun Lee, among the 36 blessed couple, he wasnít recognized highly in our movement. Even when I look at Unification Thought, I see many things wrong, even in his intellectual understanding. The reason why heís a great man, that even God recognizes him in spirit world, was because of his level of attendance to True Parents. To this day, whenever Father thinks about Dr. Sang Hun Lee, he is very moved by him. Father is now 81 years old and he told me that as he gets older he thinks more about those who touched him heartistically.

So, what is it that you should aspire for? You should be aspiring to be that man or woman, whose level of attendance is such that you move God, you move True Parents, you move True Family. But I know that many well known 36 blessed couples are not thought highly of by Father. Although in the history of our movement, they will be recognized, wait till they go to spirit world. How many historical people do you know? Theyíve all accomplished amazing things, yet what position are they in spirit world?

We will make an imprint on other peopleís lives. Imprints especially on God, True Parents, and True Family. Those of you, after making the pledge who aspire to follow this kind of standard will do great things. When I say great things, Iím not only talking about things in substantial physical form, but the greatness that comes from Godís perspective, True Parents, and True Fatherís perspective. Just because you might not get the recognition now, donít think that that is the end. Eventually, blessing will come. Especially those that move on a more selfish course, although they might shine now, their end is not good. Those who try to live on the principle of living for the sake of others, though their star might be dim now, eventually they will shine brighter than all the stars in heaven. You are young, and I tell you this because you have the whole future ahead of you. Therefore, follow the warning the advice that I give you today. If you commit to this, I tell you great blessing will come. If you do not, your end will not be good. That means your whole tribe and lineage. Thatís why in history you constantly see ups and downs. America was at its highest prestige in mid 20th century. Although they claim that they defeated Communism, did they really win the war? They are losing their family, their society, their nation. The salvation of America can only come not with the model of one nation under God, but rather one world under God. America is a chosen nation of God. The more selfish it becomes, the more America will decay.

Thatís why I want you to make a clear commitment today, before you go out to your mission. The 21-day is over, youíve already made your pledge, this is the day that your mission begins. Those of you that are willing to take on this mission raise your hand. AMEN!!!

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