The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Completion of the First 21-Day Special Training Workshop

Hyun Jin Moon
March 29, 2001
Quebec, Canada

I want to congratulate all of you for completing the 21-day special training workshop. You are the first class of this special training workshop in the seventh millennium in providential history, third millennium after the coming of Christ, and the 21st century, ushering in the new age of the realm of the fourth Adam and the settlement age. We have entered a historical milestone in the movement. My hope is that you have learned a lot during this workshop. That which you learned I hope, will change the rest of your life: as a blessed couple, as a true family, and as a true leader. Because from that point on, Godís substantial kingdom can be manifested on earth.

Why did I create this workshop in such a manner that you would be tested in every single respect? Physically, spiritually mentally etc. You have to be the bedrock upon which Godís kingdom stands, because if the bedrock is loose then everything on top will tumble. My original intention was to test you to such an extent that even 50% could not graduate. I wanted it to be that much of a test, a trial, a time in which one is shedding oneself of oneís own skin and being reborn. Do you think a rebirth process is an easy process, or is it a difficult and grueling process? You think about a baby that lived nine months comfortably in the world of fluids in its motherís womb. When you think about that baby being born into this world, his birth is a death and a rebirth. The life in the womb ended, so it was the death of that life. But in the process of being born into this world, one could say that it was reborn. Now you think how excruciating that process is, when that baby comes through the motherís birth canal, a very small hole that the baby has to come through. Is that easy or difficult? It is an excruciating process.

So too should it be the process of being reborn in a spiritual and internal sense. I wanted to test you and try you in every single respect, so that you struggle physically, internally, emotionally, intellectually, so that you struggle even with your faith. Because I know that if you struggle with your faith and you make the resolution after searching through everything, the commitment that you then make is one of absolute faith, love, and obedience. Although you have graduated from my 21-day workshop your tests are not over. From the moment you make the pledge Ö how many of you reviewed it internally? That pledge that you sign will be the covenant that you create with God, True Parents, True Family, and especially with me. Therefore I gave you the pledge yesterday so that you can review it thoroughly, reflect on it and pray on it. That decision is going to be only your own, but if you make that commitment that pledge will be binding in an absolute and eternal way. That will be the standard by which you not only judge yourself, not only as a blessed couple or blessed family, but also as a leader. This pledge will also be the standard by which I will judge whether you are a true leader or not.

Do you understand, yes or no? That is why although this day is a day of celebration; this day is also a day of solemn promise, because it will be the first day of your true ministerial life. How you embark from this day forward is up to you. Do you understand? Those who cannot make that kind of commitment do not sign it. Iím going to make that very clear right now: those of you, upon reviewing the pledge, that cannot sign the pledge, leave. I give you permission. Please leave now. I will not give you a second chance like this. So if you cannot make that pledge, leave now. Remember that if you make the pledge the commitment that you make will be absolute, eternal and binding. Okay, then I will go on.

Why is this so important? All throughout human history never was there such a time as this. Remember that all 6000 years of biblical history has been a history of restoration. If you think about all those thousands of generations before their effort of restoration from the old to the new to the completed testament age of sacrifice has been for this time to come that has now come. Where the expectation, the ideal expectation that God had of humanity, could be manifested. Where Godís promise to mankind could be fulfilled.

Therefore the first steps are the most crucial steps, for they set the precedent for the next steps to come. Our mission and our goal as the second generation is to create Godís substantial kingdom on earth. As a representative of God, True Parents, and True Father. How fearful this is, you have to know. Right now, heavenly fortune awaits us. Whether you realize it or not, I know it. Yet in order for us to receive this heavenly fortune there is still the 5% condition that we have to set. If you cannot fulfill those 5% then however much heaven wants to bless you, that blessing will not come. Therefore I clearly explain; donít think that I need any of you. That goes the same for the 1st generation. Please donít think that I need you. Godís heavenly fortune moves through a direct vertical center, and that center in this generation is here with me. Iím a very bright person. I know what the situation is in our movement. I know that members are connected to their leaders and how political things can be, but if they cannot connect to that center then nothing can be established. We cannot be so arrogant as to think that we alone are the ones that are moving Godís providence. Yesterday I gave the example of Christianity as the most influential religion in the world today and how it developed to that position, do you think that that came about through human effort alone, or due to Godís divine providence?

Father was kicked out by Christianity and had to go to the lowest dregs of hell. Do you not think that Fatherís life has been tattered by those who constantly failed him, and those who purposely tried to destroy his ministry? In spite of all of this, Father was able to establish the foundation that we stand upon today. Why? Because it was Godís Will and Providence. What was the end for each and every one of those who persecuted our True Parents? In Korea I explained in front of the leaders, Iím not a politician and this is not a democracy. We are here because we want to establish Godís will and there is only one Will and one Providence. The question is whether you are in alignment with that Will.

So even telling me to treat the second generation in such and such a way. Be quiet. Iíll kick their butt. My decisions were not political. Those decisions are the lowest on my totem pole of priorities. Mike, what was it that I told you when I came to World CARP? I said that it was the blind leading the blind. You had the attitude that we are so happy etc. You look at universal law. What choice did we have in who we are? The question is not how happy a life I live, but how I live my life in accordance to the will of God. So especially in America I know what the situation is. Iím not a stupid guy. Initially it is not going to be popular, but do you think that it matters to me. If I can communicate it to a handful then I can show to the rest that there is a future in this movement. You were so blind by your own personal ambitions and histories that your original minds could not be lifted to the possibility of realizing Godís dream at this time on this earth.

One thing that you donít realize, even though when I look at you and you are lacking in so many ways, you are all that God has. How did our True Parents establish this foundation? Who do they have at this time? Who do they have? The true son or the true daughter is the one who makes his parentís dream his own. So think about it. Especially those who only want to follow if it is done their way. Are you truly living like a true son or true daughter?

What you donít know is that the dream came first from Heaven, for seven millenniums of providential history, one day his sons and daughters would come under his direct dominion. Over and over again in history even upon meticulous preparation that foundation eluded God over and over again. It was only that time of the True Parents where Godís dream was able to be realized. All of restoration providence has been a providence to build a condition of restoration of indemnity, so that this age can be ushered in. That is why, whether you are working or not, you are standing in the position of inheriting that dream from God and True Parents. That is why I say that this day is the first day in our new life as a true leader in our movement. You have to know this clearly.

Japanese vice presidents, stand up. I will ask you, please answer me honestly. The reason that I ask you to stand is that you are the most unworthy to be here. So you have to prove to me now that you are worthy to graduate. I know what is going on in Japan, donít lie to me. The fact that you are here and are given this special grace is a great honor to you. Originally you should not be allowed to come. But what I care about is what kind of a person you become from now. I will take it upon myself to make true men out of each and every one of you. If you still have a resentful mind now, then you do not have the condition to graduate from this workshop. Iím sure that some of you were thinking up to this point that you have done nothing wrong. If a person cannot see himself his reflection truly in the mirror then he is blind as a man and he will be blind as a leader. You have to know yourself clearly in order to become a leader. Even though there were four, five, six of you who did wrong, then as far as Iím concerned you are all implicated. Do you know what it means to represent the True Parents and True Family to the members? The members in Japan may have a shallow faith, and they may not have a deep understanding of Divine Principle, but they gave everything that they had. You show me one Korean that did the same thing. They may have a deeper faith and better understanding of Divine Principle, but you show me one Korean who did the same. Can you think about your own financial situation when ministering to these people? Iím thinking that you were not mature enough to take on such a great responsibility. So I ask you again, do you think that you did well. (I made a mistake). You donít know how blind you were. I want each of you to give a financial contribution back to the Japanese church. I will use this fund for the second generation in Japan.

You are all the same, even though I made an example here of the Japanese vice presidents. Forget everything, I will forget everything too, as long as you leave the past behind and create your new self. Do you understand? I know that many of you are interested in new missions, but you should have the attitude that whatever mission it will be, no problem. You should be proud to be engaged in Godís providence and work to develop the providence and also yourself. Like I said, you will all be asked to sign a pledge. I will reiterate: that pledge is an absolute eternal commitment that you are making. Not only as a man or woman, but as a leader; not only as a blessed couple, but also as a blessed family. If you break any of the pledges the certificate will be taken back. So it is really up to you. So today is your first day as a leader in our movement in the settlement age. For those who really live up to this pledge I will use them to build a new culture of heart as we are building Godís kingdom on this earth.

So I do not have to talk so long today. It is all in that pledge. Those who make your commitment to me now today, raise your hand.

Jin Man, explain about that pledge and the background for creating it.

Jin Man Kwak:

Hyun Jin Nim took a long time to prepare this pledge, a long time before the workshop started. Hyun Jin Nim prepared it during the leaders meeting and he reviewed it many times. Looking at this pledge, you will feel that after the coronation ceremony True Parents emphasized four points for leaders, and as an addition, Hyun Jin Nim has prepared this pledge for you.

I will read it.

Originally written in English, then translated into Korean, Japanese, Hyun Jin Nim selected each pledge by himself.

Sovereignty, our responsibility is in substantiating Godís will and building Godís country.

True Parents have emphasized this point of absolute faith, love, and obedience for a long time.

How to serve and support, attend our True Family is the key, so that we can eventually inherit the blood lineage, this is important as a family.

This is the attitude that the True Abel should have. What is the true Abel? It is to sacrifice for others, not to live for personal gain. Not to abuse this entrusted authority for a selfish purpose. This is entrusted to us by God and True Parents, so you should not use this authority for yourself but for the establishment of Godís will.

True Steward means that once you have gained the trust of the master you must do what the master has dictated. It is important that public assets are entrusted by God and true parents, so you must be very careful with these and be responsible and accountable

As a leader, not only the second generation in our church, but the second generation in the whole world. Of course the second generation in our church, but more than that you are responsible for the second generation in the whole world, and you need to lead and guide them.

As a leader you need to lead in order to change the culture. What to do in order to liberate God, True Parents, True Family; you need to change the whole culture. We need to guide the whole world towards that new culture.

This is the pledge to accomplish all of the other pledges, especially during this crucially important time of the settlement age and the era of the realm of the 4th Adam. We need to keep and uphold the laws of heaven, this is vitally important.

The point is that this is not something that we pledge this once and finish, but we need to pledge this every day, and we should always remind ourselves of our pledge. You pledge to work to become a true child that can finally be admitted to the True Family. You must clearly understand the important content of this pledge. This text reflects Hyun Jin Nimís heart and the content of his direction to us.

Now we do the pledge.

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