The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Build A New Culture of Heart

Hyun Jin Moon
March 28, 2001
Quebec, Canada

Letís open those windows. Please sit down.

So what should I talk about today? Have you learned many things here? What did I talk about yesterday? What explanation did I give you yesterday? I gave you an explanation of what the new paradigm means. And what is the new paradigm? It is to build a new culture of heart. When I talk about a new leadership paradigm, what am I talking about? Iím talking about what it means to be a true Abel. The individual that stands in that position does not just stand in a position of grace, but it is a position of tremendous responsibility. So you have to know very well what this responsibility is, what the meaning of this responsibility is. Do you think that I as Moon Hyun Jin can ever change my identity? If I do not like who I am, can I ever change my own identity? There are so many young people today that think they can change their identity in this world today. Because the outside society thinks that they can change their identity, does that mean that I can change my identity? Everybody else seems to think so? Why not, do we not believe in democracy? You all are privileged to know that there is something that goes beyond the dictates of men, and that is the Will of God. Godís will is made up of unchangeable and immutable principles. In other words, even if I wanted to change who I was, to deny who I was, irregardless of what I do, the fact of the matter is I can never, ever change who I am.

Can parents change their position, siblings change their position, or children change their position? Those identities and relationships are absolute, eternal and unchanging. Therefore, the kids in the outside world saying: "I can change my own destiny, I can marry who I want"; thinking they can decide everything they want. Are they smart or are they stupid? You are the ones that are smart. You are the ones that recognize that in order to be fulfilled men and women you need to realize what your responsibility is and fulfill that responsibility in front of heaven. So you have to know very well: who am I, what am I, what is my responsibility?

There are two ways in which you have to look at this: First, who are you? Are you a blessed couple? You have to understand what it means to be a blessed couple. Second, you stand here as representative leaders of those under 40, therefore I am looking to you to lead the Age of the second generation. So you have to know what it means to be a true Abel. These two points are absolutely fundamental. You have to know these two points, what it means to be a blessed couple and a true Abel. Until now you have realized that, through being a blessed couple, you have been engrafted unto the true lineage. Do you consider the True Parents to be your own parents or not? But now you have to take it one step further. If we are truly a blessed couple, if the true blessed family is a building block of heaven, then the kingdom of heaven will be the creation of a true family, that is, the collection, the construction of all these families. Right? The next thing that you have to understand is that I am a member of Godís true family. Up until this point you have understood the first two points that I mentioned, being cut off from Satanís lineage and that the True Parents are your parents. But you have to realize that being blessed couples means that you have been engrafted into a true family. When I look at the audience today, it is mostly Asian, but I see many different faces, like white and black. I also see many Korean and Japanese faces. Do Koreans think: "Japanese are my enemy", or do they think: "They are my brothers". How do the Koreans here think about foreign nations? This is a problem, when we look at this world, there is not a concept of one family. When you come from Korea, you represent the Korean perspective, when you come from Japan you represent the Japanese perspective, and when you come from Europe you represent the European perspective, there is no concept of one family under God.

This concept of one global family under God does not exist in this world. How about in our church, does that kind of a concept exist? The concept may exist, but how about in reality? Is the reality the same as our concept? The fact that it is not is a real problem. That is why father developed the international blessing. How do you bring this type of division and separation together, how do you resolve these divisions and separations? The only way is through love. What is the most intimate and deepest relationship that a man and woman can engage in? It is the relationship between husband and wife. When receiving the blessing, did you think: "I am a representative couple of the world, and when I get blessed I will resolve the conflict that exists between my respective two nations and cultures."

Some people might have thought this way, some people may not have thought this way. Think of it this way. How do you bring about ideal citizenship and world peace? Do you think that it can be found in the corridors of the best universities in the world? Or is it that you can put the best professors of the world into a room and tell them to find the solution to world peace? Is it to get all the greatest economists in the world into one place and tell them to give equity to all people in the world? How about gathering all the political leaders in the UN and say: "You devise a solution to world peace!" Do you think world peace will come about? I donít know. Many times youíve heard Father say: "Principle is not a concept. It is reality." To stress my point I want to give you a story. You all know about Hoon Dok Hae conferences, right? Iíve been involved in them from the first one. I went to the first seven or eight conferences. In those audiences are political, economic, and social leaders, and the one thing they want to hear is concrete solutions to the ever-degrading societies of their nations. They are more demanding than you for concrete solutions. What do you think I spoke about? I gave them a 30-minute speech which captivated them. The theme was: the solution for world peace is rooted in the creation of ideal families. When I talk about an ideal family it is a family centered upon God. Why is it that the substantial solution to the problems of the world is rooted in the family? It is because it is in the family that people develop their social conscience. What does that mean? Is it not in a family that all the different relations that one experiences in oneís life are represented and manifested? When one talks about the intergenerational gap, does this not come from the fact that there was no good relationship between parents and children in the family? The reason that we see one nation hating another and one race hating another is that we have not resolved this between brothers in the family. The reason that we have men and women wanting to kill each other is that we have not established any true husband and wife relationships. If you follow this premise, that the relationships in the family carry over to all other aspects in life, then you can see how the distortions in the family can manifest themselves in the greater society and world.

So I told them, donít think what I tell you is dogma, theory, concepts. It is the substantial reality that we experience directly in the family and the lives that extend from them. Do you think what I am saying is right or wrong?

So going back to my original question about blessed families. Do you think that in the relationship that you create substantially in your couple that you have found a solution to world peace? This is truly great to think about. It is this knowledge that you acquire in your relationship between husband and wife, that if you truly love each other, you are able to go beyond all the historical conflict that existed between your two respective nations and create substantial solutions. That is why I explained that those who have received international blessings, you are the agents of world peace. If you are able to achieve true love then you have found the substantial solution to overcome the two different worlds. Especially Korea and Japan, two nations that hate each other historically. Can a child that comes from a Korean / Japanese marriage hate either Korea or Japan? How could it? So is it a good thing to arrange such international blessing or not? The knowledge that you gain in your couple is more valuable than anything a professor could write on such a topic of world peace. This is because the Ph.D.ís knowledge is just conceptual, but the fact that you are an international couple means that you have found the substantial solution to these problems.

So is your blessing important or not? If you look at it from this perspective, you come to realize how important international blessings are. It is not just a man and a woman living together, but it is a man and a woman at the forefront of creating world peace by bridging two different cultures. Now that True Parents do not match anymore, do the second generation like this or not? Do you want to find your own husband/wife? If you want to find your own wife, will you go look for your enemy or your best friend? (Enemy) Donít lie! True Parentsí concept is to go find the enemy. If you want to undo all those barriers, you have to find substantial solutions. The way to do this is in the relational context of the family. That is why if you look at some of the married couples, they find someone who is just a close friend and think: "How great it will be to be with this person" Then often after two or three years they just separate. There is a lot of that, right? Even in the outside world, they say "opposites attract" and talk about "complementary pairs" A couple should be the great uniter. The further the worlds of that couple are apart, the greater a span they will cover in their unity. If Korea and Japan want to create a good relationship, who will be the best ambassador to bring about peace between Korean and Japan?: A Korean/Korean or Japanese/Japanese couple or a Korean/Japanese couple?

How can we break down the barriers that exist between enemy nations such as Germany and France? Is it just by communications, and thatís it? Donít be so naïve. Just because you dialogue doesnít mean anything. Just because you talk a lot doesnít mean that you solve anything. Will the EU be able to solve all historical bitter differences, rivalries and hatreds of its member states? If you are French and your wife is German and you develop a loving relationship, will your children be able to say, Iím only a French or Iím only a German. The historical divisions that have been entrenched within these cultural and national barriers will be overcome. So what are we doing through the international blessing? We are creating a new world order. We are developing a world in which those who have participated in the international blessing have the substantial solutions to creating a world of peace. Until now many have criticized our international blessings, right? At the Hoon Dok Hae conferences I said: "If you truly understand our concept, how can you be against our international blessings?" More important than the UN summits of the world, we are creating a grass roots movement to substantially bridge the divisions of the past and create a movement for true world peace. Whether you realize it or not, the activities that we engage in with blessed families, we are bringing about a new world order, a new kingdom which is not just conceptual, but substantial.

That is why those blessed couples that are able to overcome all those difficulties and have truly loving relationships are those ambassadors who can overcome national boundaries. It is difficult enough to understand the world of the other sex. How much more difficult is it to do that when at the same time you must overcome national differences? Iíve gotten kind of sidetracked, but your families have this kind of value in being agents for world peace, because you carry the substantial solutions to creating world peace. How great is that!

So this comes back to the question of how one learns. Why do I keep on mentioning substantial, why do I keep on focusing on that versus just concept? Who knows the theory of epistemology? (Mike Balcomb explains: Epistemology is the study of how one learns. The two schools are one the one hand that one learns through study and understanding, on the other that one learns through direct experience.) This debate has been going on for centuries. Why do I, as a religious leader, go into this kind of philosophical questions? As Mike explained, one is that one learns through understanding, and the other is that one learns through direct experience. Iíll make it very simple. You need both types of learning. However, what do you think stands in the subject role, and what stands in the object role? Have you ever thought about this? How is it that I as an individual really learn something?

Letís say that I want to know about motherhood. Rather, letís say a woman wants to know about motherhood. That woman may get married and have 12 children. And lets say another woman also wants to know about motherhood, and she goes to the university and gets 20 Ph.D.s on the subject. Who do you think knows more about the subject? Letís say that she was totally uneducated, and she was not even pretty. But this other girl at the university was pretty and read every book that there is about motherhood? So which one is it? (The mother of 12.) So you have created a verdict then.

You are saying that it is experiential knowledge, something that you have direct ownership over, that should stand in the subject position. Scientist also believe that knowledge is only certain when we can experience it in reality; everything else is relegated to the area of theory. This theory of knowledge is very important in defining our value systems of where our greatest value is derived. Lets go back to that example of international blessed couples. Thinking about the husband, through his marriage to someone from an enemy nation, do you not think that he will have more knowledge about overcoming substantially the difficulties than any ambassador ever could? Why am I badgering this point?

How do you know that love exists? Through experience. If love were relegated to theory, then it would not be real. Because men were meant to be the object of love, is it not through experience that man really learns? If you were just in a container cut off from the rest of the world, could you learn experiential knowledge? Why? Because it is through having give and take that you learn something. This is what the Christians did not know; they thought that the highest love was so called agape love. You must realize that true learning comes from experiential learning. How does a child know not to touch fire? Do you explain the process of combustion to this child, or does it touch the fire and realize: "Ouch that hurts, I better not touch that again." That is why understanding what is in the subject role in the theory of epistemology is so important to our mission. If theory is so important, then it means that the individual is overemphasized, and that reason, intellect, the brain becomes the highest form of humanity.

That is why to make a long story short; the true learning process is experienced based and abstraction is in the object position. It is not institution of higher learning that one truly learns, but in the family and through experience.

Because of that the family is so important. That is why all of restorational providence was to restore the ideal family, where the Three Great Kingships and the Four Great Realms of heart are represented. In the course of one hour, we have found the solution that philosophers have been searching for many millennia! First we outlined or mapped two philosophical schools, then we established what their proper relationship should be, and then we established how man learns. So we learn through experience. Therefore what I want to emphasize to you is that the message that Father gives is not something theoretical but is something that was gained from substantial experience.

What implication does this have for the new leadership paradigm? What is the settlement age? It is the time when Godís substantial kingdom is established on earth. Godís substantial kingdom is built on the earth. That is why you have to realize more so than ever before how important your blessed family is as a building block for this kingdom. The blessed family is the building block for the kingdom of heaven. It is within the family that you, your husband and wife, parents and children, will have the substantial knowledge to unlock all the relationships that you face in the greater world around you.

Yesterday I talked about expectation. We do not define our role or our purpose in life, but we have to rise up to the expectation that God has of each and every one of us. Didnít I start off today by explaining just that? What in our life did we truly choose? Did we choose our parents, our brothers or sisters? If you look at the things that were the most defining in your life, which of them did you have any choice in? The reason why we have free will is that we must choose to align ourselves to the universal law and to what Heavenís expectation of us is. There is not much that we choose in who and what we are. But the question is: how do I choose to live my life according to Godís will and purpose, to universal law? That is why I have been talking about this yesterday and today, as you have to understand this in order to fulfill your responsibility as a blessed couple.

In our movement, when I see the second generation growing up in America, Korea, Japan, just as the other people in that nation, with the same cultural and historical traits and bitterness then I think: "Oh, our blessed couples did not get the point." Even though these international blessed couples were meant to bridge these gaps, their kids have just inherited these differences directly from their parents. I take the education of the second generation very seriously, but I realize that it is not jut a matter of educating the children, but also the parents. Somewhere along the way that message was lost. How then can we build a substantial kingdom of God, a substantial true global family? We need to take that principle which our True Parents have taught us and substantiate it in our families. There has to be consistency in your thinking and your actions. Do you think that as a leader you need to know this or not? If I talk about what it means to be a true blessed family it has implications for what it means to be a true leader.

As a leader you have to put God, True Parents and the members before yourself, that is the standard by which you should judge yourself. You have to live first for others. Why? Can you have a loving relationship if you just want the love to come to you or do you have to sacrifice? The only way that a love relationship can be established is by constantly investing and eventually that will be reciprocated. As a leader, representing God and True Parents, you need to invest in your members in the same way that you learned in your family. If you had really become a true couple, you would have felt this. If you truly understood this, do you think that position, money, power, and so on would have been on the criteria of things that we want to accomplish or acquire? These things are secondary. The most important would be: how do I fulfill my responsibility in front of God, True Parents, True Family, the members, and my own family.

Therefore I told you yesterday, I hate position, because I know the responsibility that comes with it, and the sacrifice that comes with it. So I asked you in my speech at the beginning of this workshop: "Now that I became YFWP president, do you think that I have more responsibility, or that it is the same?" You said more but I told you that it is the same. True Parents have already asked me to take responsibility for the whole movement. This was the weakest point, our youth, coming into the settlement age, and therefore I had to focus first on CARP. Before I came here I talked to the Continental Directors about the importance of building up the youth movement of our movement.

Iíve heard many people say that when I was just vice president of the movement I seemed to care for the whole movement, but now that I became CARP president, I just care about CARP. Do you understand how Godís providence is moving? Two years ago, as these Continental Directors will testify, Father said that even if we have to sacrifice the Unification Church we need to resurrect CARP, the young people movement. Why? Because now is the time of the second generation. Why did Father say this? All his life Father lived first for Godís Will and sacrificed his family over and over again. Do you think he would say this just because his son is now responsible for CARP?

What is the greatest challenge to Godís kingdom on earth and to the establishment of ideal families? If the blessed couple is the building block of the kingdom of heaven, what stands in the way of the building of such ideal families? What is it in this world that stands in the way as an impediment to the creation of ideal families? What led to the erosion and the degradation of the families and societies and nations in the Christian realm? Was it not all the seeds planted during the counter cultural revolution by the Christian second generation after World War II? Was it not the acceptance of free sex, homosexuality, atheism, materialism, drugs, feminism, etc? Who brought this forward? You reap what you sow. Is not what was sown the satanic culture, the antithesis of Godís culture, that is brining about such decadence today? In Nations that have previously been considered the bastion of Christianity. What is the greatest impediment then to the creation of Godís kingdom? It is the new satanic culture that was spread to the world after World War II by the Christian second generation. That is the irony of it all. That is why this is a time and an age now that weíve entered the period of renewal, the period of perfection, that we bring about a new world culture, a counter-counter revolution, to build Godís substantial kingdom centered on blessed families. You need to have that kind of conviction! This is a period and time that we have to right all of the wrongs that were done during the last 40 years. We have to bring about the fulfillment of what was not achieved during the last 40 years. We have to start planting the seeds that will bring a total revolution. This is a task that we are about to undertake. Do you want to undertake this task? Yes or no? (Yes!)

If we undertake this task with the level of sincerity with which you said yes, then truly we can bring about substantial change. Purposefully, I have avoided any comments about my substantial vision on how to bring this about. Why have I avoided this, why havenít I explained that to you yet? Even though I do not explain it, do you think that I am not thinking about it now? If I explain the concrete vision then you will all get up and start working right away because you will realize that eventually we will win. The workshop is about understanding the new leadership paradigm, about the new culture of heart, the heart of a leader and the heart of Abel, so you need to understand this background first in order to be able to unite with the external vision later on. Otherwise you may interpret the external vision in many different ways. So I wanted to see whether or not you will be able to follow my direction absolutely first. (Yes, we will follow!) We will have to see whether you will be able to do this.

So the onus is up to you. What you make of this workshop is really up to you. You have no one to blame but yourself. Do not think that the tests have been in this workshop alone. The real test will be what kind of leader you will be from now on. Remember that it is the internal base, or foundation, that is the most important. Each and every one of you has to be a person that I can trust intimately with my life. Only if you can be that kind of a person can you have the right to stand as a leader in the time of the second generation. Donít think that once this workshop is over, everything is done, and therefore you can resort back to your old self again. You need to make a break from your old self and from this point forward lead a totally new life based upon the standard of the new leadership paradigm. If you can do that, please raise your hand.

All of the people gathered here hold a lot of responsibility in our movement. I was told that in Asian nations, if you are a president, you can never hold a position beneath that for the rest of your life. Is that right or wrong? (Koreans answer right.) Thatís true right? Thatís a totally new concept for me. A totally new concept for me. Is that the case also in Japan? (Answer not clear.) My first question is: who made this stupid rule up? Who made it? What is True Fatherís way? If someone is in the highest place, he also needs to be able to come down to the lowest point. Is that true from a Divine Principle point of view?

Lets say that you become president at the age of 36. But because naturally you have not developed to the full extent of your abilities yet, you would still need to learn many things. But because of this stupid rule, from then on you stop growing. That means you stop developing yourself at the age of 36.

Where did I come from before I got to UTS? Harvard Business School is the hardest school to get into in Harvard University. I met some people at that school. Top politicians, top business people, people who ran not for profit organizations, generally just the most successful people in the world. Do you not think that they ask you questions like what made you so successful? What did they all say? Do you think that those people would have been that successful, that capable, if they followed this stupid rule based upon positions? They had different positions in a company, and sometimes they went down and then back up again, so from the age of 36 to 46, they became even more capable then they were when they started. I really love Korea, and especially the Korean familial model, but when I look at Korean companies they are a laughing stock. This is because you do not develop your people. The only way to do that is to constantly challenge them. Once you master one thing you go do something else. So you constantly grow and develop your ability. So with this stupid rule, there is no recognition of the need to develop. I had a few Korean friends at Harvard Business School. None of them wanted to go work for a Korean company. Not one person. You want to talk about creating change? This is where it starts. You have to change the culture of leadership. Who made this stupid rule?

When I came to UVG, Ken Bates was the president. But because he was used to working a certain way, he just didnít get it when I was talking so I constantly demoted him to learn more and more about the company. But eventually I sent him to Columbia Business School and now look at him. When I started he probably could not have gotten a job in the outside world at all but now he can get any job that he wants.

I do not believe in that stupid rule. With that rule you cannot make a person like Ken. The first generation may have acted like this, but how about the second generation? You cannot develop under that structure. You cannot learn under that structure. A true leader has a certain level of humility. He can assess what level he is at.

Mike Balcomb, what did I first say when I came to CARP? You would not listen to what I had to say, and you just gave me the same reports that I had already heard before. Your attitude was: I donít need your help. But did you ever think that the CARP organization could be like this? You used to be the president of World CARP, but where are you know? (Mike answers: I am the General Secretary and it is much better this way.) My philosophy is not based upon right now; it is based upon what could be. When I came to UVG, who had heard of UVG 8 years ago? Nobody. It was a small insignificant group of companies. But I did not mind that. Because I knew that it would change in the future. Just wait and see where UVG is going the next 10 years. You should not be so concerned about where you are right now but where you could be.

I donít put any emphasis on position; it means nothing to me. Do you think that when I meet someone with a Ph.D., that I am necessarily so impressed? Iím 32, but Iím not moved by whatever credentials that politicians have. Iíll tell you one thing right now. Someone with a position now who is not willing to learn will be surpassed by someone with no position now but who is willing to learn, and that within 10 years. When I look at young people I look at their potential development over time. In our movement we seem to think that we can turn a person into a leader within one or two years. Thatís total BS. It takes at least 7 years. From now on we should have the tradition that my own desire to have a certain position is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that I learn and develop so that in future I can become a great leader. The best leaders are those that are the most rounded. That means that you need to have many different kinds of experiences and knowledge. Do you think Iím right about this or not? Iím sure that there are people who do not believe amongst you, but just wait and see. Watch those who follow my direction and see in 5 or 10 years. I wanted to make this workshop far more rigorous originally, so that 50% of the class would not graduate, so that I could pick the best ones, so that in 5, 10 years they would be able to do greater things. Do you understand what Iím saying?

Do you know what is the most important? It is a personís conviction and determination. Only that one individual can decide that what kind of conviction he has. That is your 5% of responsibility. You have to realize that your coming here is a tremendous grace, the fact that you are able to participate in this workshop. To come within my radar screen. You have to know how precious that is. It is from this workshop that I was thinking to choose the future leaders for the settlement age. What have you done to be in this kind of position? That is why I created the condition that you rid yourself of your past life before you came to this workshop, you throw that past slate away, and that you re-determine what kind of a person you become.

When it comes to your responsibility in this movement, think about how you can grow and develop the most in this movement. Especially this stupid rule, throw that out the freaking window. Do you Koreans understand this? It goes for all of our movement, unfortunately that kind of thinking has existed within our western movement as well. We have to know and find humility. Let me tell you my honest feeling and observation. For me it is easier to work with outside people than with members. Did you know that? Remember what I told you, we have to have humility and be honest with ourselves. In the outside world, people take you at face value, and so they know where they are at. You donít even need to talk about all of these other issues. Our members do not accept it when we tell them that we make mistakes. It is more difficult to accept criticism from your family than from members outside your family. In the outside world, do you think that a person will listen to his president or not? If he doesnít he will be fired! But what about between brothers? The brother will answer to criticism that there is nothing that heís doing wrong, because it is someone from within the family that is criticizing him. That kind of criticism is more difficult to accept. Why am I giving you this example? Because you are like this. That is the advantage that outside people have.

If one of the siblings is much more qualified than the others, will his brothers and sisters follow him or be jealous of him? In the same way, if we set up capable people as leaders and they expand the total foundation of our church, is that good or bad? Through the brother that can do great work, benefit comes to the whole family. Why is it that America is still at the forefront of everyone else amongst nations, looking at the United States as a large family. What kind of a system do they have in the development of their people that allows them to excel economically? Do you think that it was good that Microsoft developed software or not? What happened as a result? The economy grew at a tremendous rate, bringing benefit to all Americans and also beyond that to Asia and Europe. Why is it that America constantly produces these kinds of people like Bill Gates? Or Intel and the microchip. Why? Without America, would that come from Japan? Because America recognized that by allowing people with ability to take responsibility that the whole pie would be enlarged. Is it not ironic that a nation that celebrates equality also values individual achievement?

That is one of the reasons why I have always told leaders: they are always concerned about what piece of the pie that they are going to get. They are thinking: how can they get a bigger piece? People, money etc. All that is, is just a reallocation of resources. Iíve never cared about this, because that is not the point. The point is not how you reallocate the pie; the point is how to make it bigger. Right now there is an emphasis on witnessing in our movement. This follows a period where there was an emphasis on Blessing up until 1998? Why is this? Mike, did you even think about witnessing? (No Hyun Jin Nim, hardly at all.) I can tell you what World CARP was back then, which was just PLA and STF. So what did I explain? The process of the CARP organization just focusing on second generation education will lead to the eventual decline of the whole organization.

Was our church continually doing witnessing or not? Just look at the age gap in our members, and you can see that we have not been doing that. We had no concept as leaders on how to enlarge the pie, how to spread parents movement as a movement around the world, but we just focused on the institutions that we were in charge of. So especially when I visited Europe, in Hungary, you can see at which point the witnessing stopped, because the age of the members just capped off. I can tell you by the age of the members when the witnessing stopped. If you look at the Unification Church as an institution, as leaders you will be fighting for every single crumb of the pie. However, if you look at the Unification Church as a vehicle with which we will bring about substantial change, then you will be positioning yourself to contribute towards that change in the future. That is what changed in CARP, and that is what is going to change in YFWP.

I took an organization that was focused totally inward and turned it around to look outward within one year. I look at CARP as my frontline soldiers to conquer the whole world. They are the ones that should take our message to young people on the campuses and young people around the world, so that in 10 years time they can bring about substantial change in this world. I created two goals for CARP last year. The first was to create A-type members who can inherit the tradition. The second was to create a mass movement that will create political, economic, and social change in the world. Our leaders have been struggling with these two very goals because they saw them as contradictions. How do you make a mass movement to follow the strict standard that we expect of Unification Church members? It seemed like a contradiction. I said it is not because you do not understand what Iím talking about. That is why I created this thing called different membership categories that will give us the numbers as well as the people that will be able to inherit our True Parents traditions. When I think of outreach I do not see it just in terms of video centers. We need to develop specific programs for specific targeted groups. First because we recognize that we have niche markets, not everyone is the same. In the past we used to just copy our models all over the world. It is very difficult to implement such a thing because people from different parts of the world are different. So we need to recognize that there are different markets and that we will develop programs to cater to each of them in time. We will use CARP as an evangelizing organization, you just wait and see. There are different types of people; just as in the family all brothers and sisters are different from one another.

So we are developing several different programs that will connect with these different types of groups. All of these are new ideas that will transform the CARP organization. These are all things that were done in one year. Another thing is the CARP convention and conference. We need to have the educational material as close to the frontline work as possible. Many of you donít realize this, but I am a very practical person. I can make practical solutions. The problem with the educational systems we have until now is that they are too far removed from the frontline work. So, the whole idea of the CARP educational system is to make the education as close to the frontline activity as possible. Once again, this goes back to the fundamental principle that education should be the support system of our activities in order to make our leaders more efficient and productive. For this continuous education in CARP I created the 3 pillars of education based on the model of a tree. The three are first of all the root, which is the Divine Principle and Settlement Age Hoon Dok Hae. Secondly the trunk, which is existing materials, programs, and best-practices that can be adopted within our movement. Thirdly, the branches and the buds, which is existing programs and technology from the outside that we can develop.

That is why when I look at all the different organizations in our movement, wait and see, not only because of the providential viewpoint, but from a substantial, practical viewpoint, for what CARP will be. In one sense when I look at CARP, although there are a lot of things that I donít like, for example I think that the leadership of CARP in Korea is still young and inexperienced, I know that the seeds that are being planted now will all go in the right direction. I know that for a fact. Because all the conditions have been set until now. All of this was accomplished in less than one year. Remember, when I first took responsibility over World CARP, it was just America CARP, not World CARP. Now there is a worldwide structure. In other words an organization exists. Just wait and see. Especially all of you that gathered here, some of you will receive a new mission, some will continue their previous mission. But irregardless I want to you to have the mindset that whatever youíre doing you are learning to do more in the future. Remember position doesnít matter, what matters is what type of person and what type of leader you become. Those of you who willingly want to participate in this new culture of heart, raise your hands.

Letís have three cheers of Mansei. 

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