The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Speech at the European CARP Convention

Hyun Jin Moon
August 5, 2000

This is a message for young people, so we have to think and be united as young people. Those of us over 25 who want to participate have to first strip ourselves of the baggage and cynicism that come with old age. You have to revisit the young person you were 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago. Then we can begin this theme of hope and possibility, of our movement standing erect and tall, able to dream and look to the stars. This is a gift of God, to see the possibilities the future could bring. We have to revisit that youthful, dreamlike state, to reinvigorate our movement.

However, before we look at the future we have to look at the root from which we came. After all it has been the hope and dream of every young person to have a better world, but it has always been beyond the grasp of each generation. All young people, including those who are now in their 30s, 40s, 50s, have had the same dreams. They could not sustain the dream because it did not have a root; it was only on a horizontal basis and could not transcend time. It must be rooted in something so deep that eventually that root goes all the way to the beginning of human history, to creation, when the world was a concept in the mind of God.

So what was that dream that God had for humanity? What was God's hope? Divine Principle clearly tells us that man was not created randomly but to bring joy to God. But how do you do that? Whoever you ask, people will say that what they want is love. Whether in Africa or Siberia, the answer will always be love, because it is love that people strive for to find value. And what about God? He strives for love too. He created man and woman to be the object of his love, to be able to transcend time and establish an eternal foundation through the ideal family.

That is why at this time when we are entering the settlement age, we have to fulfil what God wanted at the beginning. It is in the ideal family where you have three kingships, the four realms of heart, where you can build the substantial kingdom of God. The three kingships represent three generations. The grandparents represent the past, the parents the present and the third generation the future. There is always a past, present and future, and in three generations you encapsulate the whole continuum of human experience. In the ideal family that God wanted to establish through Adam and Eve, God would have been the grandparent, Adam and Eve the parents, and Cain, Abel and Seth the future.

Why are the four realms of heart important? How do we learn about love, how do we know that it exists? Not by thinking about it, but by experiencing it directly. Even newborn babies, and animals respond to loving gestures. The language of love is the language of heart and feeling. The first love we experience is parents' love for us, then brother's and sister's love, husband and wife conjugal love and finally as parents for our own children. In the family we can experience it all for ourselves.

Divine Principle teaches us that Adam and Eve fell away from God in their teenage years, when they were immature individuals. The restoration age therefore focused on finding restored individuals, but the settlement age is the time to establish the original family. Father just recently started teaching about the three kingships and the four great realms of heart. Why did he wait? This revelation was not pertinent to the restoration era, but had to be declared in the settlement era.

Inheritance and Development means you receive a tradition that predates you, and then you build more upon it. So we have to understand what the tradition is and why it applies to us. This applies to both first and second generation. The reason I am holding this CARP convention is to explain about what the settlement era really is. Do you want to do that or not? YES! You are well trained! How many of you are from the PLA tour?

What is the settlement era? To answer that we have to ask whether God's plan for True Parents was to walk the course of wilderness and build the Unification Movement. The answer is no, it was not. That was a side product. Father absolutely did not have to go this course. Many of you are parents, or if you ask your parents then you will know that the heart of the parent is to sacrifice everything, even her own body, to nurture the child. The father will do everything to provide safety and protection. That is the parental heart to prepare everything in advance.

Then what about God, the absolute parent? Could he prepare any less for his son and daughter? No. Then ask, what is the role of the Lord of the Second Advent, or the Messiah, to die on the cross and walk the way of suffering for humanity? Or to come on a prepared foundation of glory on which the kingdom of heaven could be built?

Of course there was preparation before God would send his son. Divine Principle explains that God does 95% of the responsibility and only 5% is left to be fulfilled by man. That was true in Eden, and is true today. When Jesus came, could God as a loving parent really have sent his son to suffer and die? No parent can ever say that they want their child to suffer and bear the cross of human history. And yet the path of history has been a thorny path because of the failure of the responsibility of man.

This is my 20th CARP Convention rally, and the final rally for this year. Talking to young people from every corner of the world, from Asia to Russia to Europe, I learned one thing: young people have an attention deficit disorder. Are you any different? If you are then I can talk for hours and explain everything. Beware of what you say, because you might just get it. As I told you I am the son of the greatest preacher, speaker, lecturer in the world, right? Father holds the record of 22 hours speaking continuously. Even the translator had to use his pants as a toilet. It was that much of marathon. Will you do the same today, following the tradition of that translator?

In my experience up to now, I found that young people have an attention disorder beyond 30 minutes or an hour. Are you going to do that today? You must be the young people who want to commit themselves to God's providence, to fulfil the dream of every generation! If that is the spirit of the young people here today then the kingdom of heaven is surely at hand. You have to prove it to me. I tell you the Moon clan knows the fine art, passed down from generation, of talking for a long, long time. Do you want to learn that secret?

The history of God's providence is covered with blood sweat and tears. Think of the history of Israel, whether people knew it or not, God never left mankind. He worked through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, taking them out of Egypt and building the nation of Israel until sending Jesus. God was working his providence, whether the people of that time realized it or not. His divine hand was moving through the history that they were creating. And not just the in the Old Testament Age, but the New Testament also tells the same story. We are a co-creator in building Gods kingdom. The 5% responsibility means everything will be fulfilled or not through our response.

God built a foundation for Jesus throughout the world, but it was all lost when the prepared people did not unite with Jesus. Then he was crucified and another 2000 years were involved. This history would take many hours to explain, but for the purpose of this conference I will make it quick.

You know Father spoke many times about the failure of Adam and Eve and the failure of John the Baptist. We have to reflect whether God's providence can move through us any better. Are we fulfilling our 5%? We might be like ants on a lawn that only see blades of grass in all directions, but not how far we have come. Then we think we have not come anywhere with our movement and things are still the same.

We have to take a larger vertical view to find out where we really are. We have to know how our lives, our families and our nations really stand. We are historical people whether we realize it or not. What we do today, will come out in the future. Are we doing our 5% or not? When we hear Father's words, we sometimes wonder, "Is this is just Father's words or is this real history?" However, God's providence is not abstract but intimately connected to human history.

If you look at it from a human viewpoint, Israel seemed such a backward, remote and unimportant country. Yet, it was also the crossroads of trade in the Mediterranean area. It was the bridge to the East. Not only that, the Jewish population numbered around 30% of the Roman Empire. Rome was a democratic state, with senators. Any political scientists will tell you that if you control 30% of the vote you control the people. But the Jews were disunited and could not exert that power. They needed the Davidic throne to unite them, to create one unified nation and world.

God's foundation was substantial and physical. Everything was already in place. John the Baptist held the key. When you were on the tour, some representatives came to give you the key of the city, right? That is a symbolic acceptance of your role. But the failure of John was much more than a failure of that kind of symbolic gesture.

When Adam and Eve fell, the position of elder brother, parent and king was lost. When Adam and Eve fell God tried to restore them through Cain and Abel, but they too failed. The positions were all lost. The family that would have been the substantial ideal of God was lost.

Who was to restore the position of elder brother, true parents and king? Who could ascend the Jewish throne? Jesus. It was John the Baptist who held the key. Jesus' bride should have been John's young sister. John held not only the national key, but also the key for Jesus to become a True Parent. John had to let Jesus restore the position of elder brother. For this reason, God raised up John to great prominence through his divine grace and blessing.

Christians believe that John the Baptist was a great saint, but our movement knows differently. Only we really understand how much was lost when Jesus was crucified. The nation was lost. True Parents were lost. True elder brother was lost. So God's providence had to extend 2000 more years. It is a sad and long history. God's providential history is littered with blood, sweat and tears because of this missed chance. 2000 years of suffering became necessary.

Think of this from a parental viewpoint. Imagine you had a long lost friend who you can meet for just a few minutes but lost. Or a parent who has a chance to meet a child for a few minutes and the window closes. Is the feeling of pain of missing a loved one something you can see or touch? No, but it affects you most deeply. You young people have to understand the heart of God, his heart of suffering, as not only he lost his son and the 4000-year foundation.

God moves with purpose, intimately engaged in how the Lord should come so that humanity could once again have a chance. We know that Father was to come on the foundation of Christian history left by Jesus. But what happened?

Are you ready for a long tale, yes or no? Are you really young people here? Only old boring people like this content. Young people want to hear things short, sweet and exciting. True or not? What happens if some people from the German government are here to see what we do? They banned our True Parents from coming into this nation. What is that?

I have met with many world leaders at the Hoon Dok Hae conferences. It is a good time for them to know what we do. I tell them, "You want to know the secret of brainwashing? It is this, love others more than yourself, then you will touch their heart." At certain points in time, the truth of this revelation was understood. But as the world became more modern, people forgot.

How did the Christian foundation move to Korea? How was the timing so perfect? If one looks closely at the historical record one, cannot say that God is not walking with us. After the crucifixion, Christianity moved west to Rome, then Germany, then later divided into the Catholic and Lutheran traditions. The Abel type of Christianity, Protestantism, went to England where it divided again. The Abel camp, the Puritans, went to America to found the new nation of God.

If you study the history of the USA you will see that it has always revered the notion of religious freedom. Denominations that faced persecution had to send representatives to America. The earlier settlers, moving to the USA, spread westward with the idea of Manifest Destiny.

Did they stop on the West Coast? No, they did not. They took the Christian message to the far corners of Asia by the end of the 19th century. Among those Asian nations which one inherited Christianity? It was Korea. If you look at Christianity in Japan, it is still not even 3%. China is even less. But in Korea, more than 50% became Christian.

Providence is not something detached from our human history. Whether we realize it or not, we are the agents of God's history. In the early part of the 1900s there were great revivals going on in North Korea. Pyongyang, not many miles from Father's home, was the site of the greatest revivals. When was Father born? 1920. All the foundation was being laid before True Parents were born.

With so much foundation, what went wrong? The Israelites had the view that the Messiah would start his universal mission in Israel and raise that nation over all others. The struggle was the same in Korea; they wanted to build national sovereignty rather than reach to the world. American Christians and others were supposed to unite with the Korean Christians.

Was this random or the divine hand of God, or just coincidence? When one understands the providential course and sees how God has worked, the validity of his claim to this world cannot be denied. Who has revealed that? True Parents.

In 1945, there was a switch from a European to American-centered world. America was the only great power. Americanisation was everywhere. What if Korea had united with True Parents? What if America had fulfilled God's will back in 1945? Then the world would have been absolute different. The threat of thermonuclear destruction would not have plagued man for the past half a century.

The history of Christianity in Korea is important. There was still a 5% responsibility. Jesus stood rejected by the very people that he came to save. Father was in the same position. Think about the obstacles at that time, knowing that 6000 years of biblical history was all lost. Knowing that in order to once again come to that point, how much suffering and condition would have to be paid.

When I spoke to the young people in Korea I told them that life is not easy. Challenges are the way in which I grow, I become more mature. Then I grow, rather than run away from challenges of life. But instead of rising to the challenge, these days young people are even giving up their lives meaninglessly.

Although I am second generation, I know your parents and the first generation well. The whole restoration era, and the burden of restoration conditions was not God's ideal. It was only necessary to restore what was lost. Today we can see the promise of the land of Canaan. At Moses time, the 1st generation was left behind but don't worry. You won't be left behind.

If that were the only message I gave, then there would not be the response to the Inheritance and Development tour that there has been around the world. Every hall was jam-packed, and people were coming up to a whole day before. It was great. And the 1st generation responded as well as the 2nd Generation.

No one could enter without a ticket. In fact a secondary market in tickets arose. Who has money in the family? Not the students, so they complained. Then we made an age limit cut-off but that was deeply unpopular too. So halfway through we decided to do a larger conference and invite them. We did not want to leave the parents in isolation behind us.

When you want to reach the ideal of the settlement age, the first condition is that you have to be ready to leave behind the baggage. All the bad things from the past stopped a whole generation. Those who can see the positive side to this realize it is very simple. The 2nd Generation, the people who enter Canaan should carry no baggage.

In the settlement age, the focus is the family. Why? God wanted to create the ideal family where true love, life and lineage could dwell. The settlement age brings that promise, and the focus is to build the ideal families. The three kingships represent past, present and future. Did God only want to save Adam and Eve, and not Abel and Cain? No. God wanted to restore brothers to restore the parents, to restore the first generation. The first generation today represents the parents, the 2nd generation the children. As a family with God, we now have to move into the kingdom of heaven. Amen!

The settlement age means that the family can be the center. The kingdom of heaven is going to be built through the creation of ideal families. I told you that it is not something conceptual and far away, but a reality.

Everyone wants love. It is the ultimate impulse, is it not? As you love your parents, don't they reciprocate it back to you? The foundation is getting larger and larger. If you build a true love relationship between husband and wife, don't you give value to each other? If you live for the sake of others, don't you give value to brothers and sister, who might not be the same as you? Love is something that everyone wants, that gives value and meaning to life. Where do we learn this knowledge? In the family.

In every nation I visited, in every forum, I told people that they were getting so consumed with current circumstances that they don't se the big picture. Youth purity, AIDS growth etc. are getting worse, but we don't agree on any of the remedies because we are focusing on the symptoms, not the root of the problem. The root is in the family.

What are universal issues? Not money - some have it some not. Not education. There will always be some people more educated and wealthier than the others. But what is it that every single person holds in common? The family. We all have a father and mother, brothers and sisters, etc.

If there is a society, a nation that comes from True Love, what have you built? The Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The kingdom of heaven starts within us. If we do not learn how to love others first, then how can we build a true marriage? How can we build a true marriage, family society, nation and world?

My advice to you is to never think that everyone else is the problem. Think that, "I am the problem. I find difficulties now, let me learn how to digest them and become stronger." If a young person lives with that kind of commitment, that person will eventually make those ideals substantial. They will serve others not only in their family but also in society as well.

Every advancement in history starts with a dream. Recently I was in Russia and I went to see Lenin's tomb, where he is embalmed for all history to see. I was surprised to see this man who changed the destiny of billions of people for half the century. He was a very small, unimpressive little man but his influence was enormous. So don't tell me that one person cannot make a difference, that a dream cannot be fulfilled, that a vision so far away cannot be grasped and made a reality. History was built on such dreams!

Through the Hoon Dok Hae conferences and my tour, I have spoken to many world leaders. Do you think I am passive and apologetic? Or do I grab those thick-headed, Ph.D.-holding individuals and kick them in the butt? They need a kick in the butt because they understand so little about what true knowledge really is. How do you learn? Experience or cognition? Do you have to understand everything logically, or you learn it through real life experience? True knowledge is like love, we know it because we feel it.

When Father asked intellectuals what is the most important organ, everyone said the brain, that's what allowed us to make the world the way it is. But Father said, you people are like children who don't know anything. The most important organ is the sexual organ! Why? If you think greatness comes from power, knowledge or money, then indeed the brain is great for all that. You absolutely need it. But if true value comes from True Love, which organ allows us to experience that as a substantial reality?

Even in our movement people are different. Some members are simple older Korean sisters who know nothing except how to serve and follow True Parents. There are others who came from the best university. Of the two, whom do I want to emulate when I grow up? Is it the person who needs to have everything explained first, or the one who truly feels the truth and goes ahead in faith love and obedience? Isn't that the way that God wanted humanity?

If value is from True Love, who is setting the better example? It is those uneducated 'ignorant' people who yet have an absolute relationship of filial piety, not those who decide based on whether it makes sense or not. Many relationships of love don't really make sense but you still know you will not quit. Heartistic knowing is not ignorance; it is another way of knowing. That one person could make the absolute relationship on which they could never give up, and that is what true love is about.

I could go on but I am already at the 2-hour stage. [Go on!] You young people must really be different. Are you wolves in sheep's clothing? You must be more mature that your innocent faces suggest.

We learn how to live a public life starting with our family. That is why it is the school of love, where we live for the sake of others beyond ourselves. This is why ideal families must be substantially created on the face of the earth.

I know especially here in Germany and Europe a lot of things need to be done. A lot of baggage and history has to be left behind. Don't you think we need to create a whirlwind? It uproots everything and turns it round. Don't you think Europe needs a remodeling? Are you ready to go out and remodel the face of Europe, yes or no?

In this city of Frankfurt a storm is brewing that will echo through out Europe. Calm down now. I have violated German time. I am way, way beyond schedule here. I'm a guest here. This is a nation that won't even let True Parents in. We have to change this.

We have to teach the Germans about Filipino time. Do you know what that is? On my tour I realized that different countries have different ideas about time. First of all I learned about Japanese time. Everything must start on exact schedule. A bell rings, and the person starts talking right on time. There is no deviation at all.

After Japan, I went to the Philippines. I saw the schedule sheet and it looked even more precise than Japan. It said 9.05 start, 9.07 introduction and at 9.18 you will speak. I thought this is great. And I wanted to see what would happen. Well, 9.05, 9.07, 9.18 came and went and we hadn't even started. More than one hour later it all began. But no one got upset. I love Filipino time. They will stay there all night if necessary.

Let me make a long story short, so you can focus on the content. If we keep on going, you will forget it. We have entered a new age the age of settlement. Our movement should dream and look at possibilities as we make God's kingdom through ideal families. If we want to commit to this mission we should look forward, not back. We should leave the baggage behind and have a mind of gratitude! Amen!

I came here wearing many different hats. The banner says 'World CARP President Inaugural Tour,' how stuffy is that? I came here as your older brother. An old fashioned one who likes to preach and teach. You know that side well. But an older brother knows how to have fun too! The most fun place is the Unification Church, right here. Let's have fun and celebrate!

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