The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Vice Presidential Inauguration

Hyun Jin Moon
July 19, 2000

Beloved True Parents, distinguished guests, members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, family, friends, ladies and gentlemen. It is a distinctly humbling experience as well as a great honor to stand here before to receive this appointment as vice president of this world-renowned organization.

This appointment is all the more significant to me since the Family Federation represents the culmination of my father's lifelong efforts. It has always been my life's goal to ultimately aid my parents in building God's kingdom here on earth through the formation of God-centered families and, with this appointment, I can finally join them in their crusade.

Before I begin, I would like to extend my appreciation to all of you gathered here today to celebrate this day with me. I am deeply touched by this warm reception, your best wishes, and your vote of confidence. Thank you very much.

Fellow members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, we stand today at a crossroads as we welcome the new millennium. Although your efforts over the past three years have laid the seeds for positive change throughout the world, the world is still plagued with its historical problems of war, social and moral decline and, most importantly, the disintegration of the family. Every day we are bombarded with images and news of regional, racial, ethnic and even religious conflict around the world, in our communities, and even in our homes, flaming the sparks of cynicism and defeatism in the human condition. The alarming statistics of high divorce rates, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, youth related crimes, and AIDS attest to this sate state.

The true casualty of this onslaught is the family. That is why the mission of the Family Federation for World Peace to establish God-centered families working to bring about world peace is so important in addressing the many problems of the world today.

My father, from a very young age, knew that the key to unlocking God's misery as well as the suffering of mankind lay in the formation of a God-centered ideal family a true family. According to his teachings, the family in its perfected form is the highest expression of God's ideal. Within this basic social unit, the purpose of an individual man and woman is fulfilled when upon their union as husband and wife, they bring forth children as a product of their love. In addition, all the realms of heart expressed in the form of son and daughter, brother and sister, husband and wife and father and mother relationships are fulfilled within the family.

Regardless of who we are or what station we hold in life, are we not the son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife and father or mother of someone else? It is within the family then that we find all the essential relationships of heart that teaches us about faith, trust, obedience, compassion, forgiveness, humility, vulnerability and most of all true, unconditional love. It is within the family that our social consciousness is formed and our worldview molded.

If this essential social unit were flawed, then, would it not affect the whole of human society and even the world? I think the answer is clear. Problems stemming from the first human family have infected tribes, nations and ultimately the world throughout the course of human history. My father has been working tirelessly over the past 60 years to restore man's first family so than once again mankind could rest in the bosom of God.

The cross my parents had to bear to bring forth the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International just three years ago was fraught with unspeakable, and often unseen suffering. As a son, I understand the sacrifices they made all too well. My parents had to endure ridicule, false accusations, and even imprisonment from the hands of those they were trying desperately to help.

I still vividly remember the day my father had to leave our home in East Garden to enter Danbury prison. I was only fourteen years old then and I remember how much anger I felt towards America in first humiliating and then incarcerating my father. However I remember how my father consoled me and my brothers and sisters, reminding us that through this sacrifice God will bless America even more.

I do not think any man or woman has endured the level of persecution that my parents have faced throughout their ministry, yet they hold no bitter feelings or ill will towards anyone. Walking the course of pioneers, they faithfully and unflinchingly paved a path for us here today This path, unfortunately, has been paid for in blood, sweat and tears.

Recognizing the immense suffering endured to erect the Family Federation for World Peace, I cannot but feel unworthy in receiving my appointment. As a young man, who has yet to be tested by life's trials, I still have much to learn and prepare. However, what I might lack in experience, I hope to make up for in youthful vigor and deep-seated desire to aid my parents in their life's mission.

I believe there are two areas in which I could make a positive contribution to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International. The first area is in the field of education. As a son, I have been very fortunate to intimately witness the extraordinary lives of my parents. Although I have been constantly impressed with the level of dedication and faith that many early as well as current disciples have exhibited, I could not help but notice the difficulty many have faced in trying to live up to the standard of faith, love and obedience maintained by my parents. Intimately knowing the standards by which my parents live as well as struggling myself to live by them, I feel I am in a unique position to offer guidance and assistance to those in need.

Secondly as a young man, I believe I have a clear obligation to revive the second generation of our movement as well as offer a fresh new vision for the world's youth. I firmly believe that the second generation carries the hope of our movement as well as the world, for they are the direct heirs of my parents' work. Up until now, however a systematic course of education and development was not laid out to prepare these youths to rightfully inherit their birthright as the heirs of our movement. As a result, many have become disillusioned and have fallen astray I pledge to alter this current state by reinvigorating them to recognize their value as historical figures in bringing about a world of peace and love. By raising these young people to represent God's ideal, they will offer an alternative standard of life to the young people of the world.

Over the last three years, the Family Federation for World Peace has touched the lives of hundreds of millions through its mass blessings and rededication ceremonies as well as through its countless peace initiatives to spawn co-operation and understanding in the fields of academia, religion, politics and the media. Clearly, it has been unprecedented that an organization with such a short history could have made such an impact in addressing the world's many problems.

The success of the Family Federation is rooted in its statement of purpose: to create God-centered families as the cornerstone of building a New World of Peace and Harmony. I ask all of you to embrace this motto and move forward with me in spreading this message throughout the world, thereby fulfilling my parents' lifelong mission.

Dear members of the Family Federation, we stand in the springtime of a new era. What we sow today we shall harvest in the future. Since we are standing at a crossroads in history, please rise with me and face the challenge of redirecting a world of decay into a world of hope and life. As we enter the new millennium, let us move forward with confidence that the day will come when all the 6 billion people of the world may shout with joy for their liberation from the heavy yoke of sin, hatred and conflict. May the year 2000 represent a new era in man's history where he may live once again in the bosom of God's heart.

Thank you very much.

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