The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Welcoming Party at the Japanese Church Headquarters

Hyun Jin Moon
May 2, 2000
Unofficial Notes by Peter Zoehrer
Tokyo Japan

The history of the Japanese Church has been a history of a mother taking care of worldwide movement. The heart of mother is placing all of your attention and energy to that child in the womb. When that child reaches 9 months and when is born into the world, the mother places so much care and effort to make sure the environment is safe and the child is well. Isn't that the heart of a mother? A mother's heart is always looking for that child. 100% of her investment is given to that child.

The minute child is born, suckles that child through every stage and development of child, so too she finds hope, joy and sorrow. She vicariously lives through her child. Regardless of joy and sorrow, her heart remains the same. Isn't that the heart of mother? The bond she has is absolute and eternal Even if a mother brings criminal to the world, she still has the same heart. So is achieving motherhood the greatest blessing or is it a curse? When you bring a child to this world, your heart is filled with grief many times. Do you still think it is the greatest to be mother of a child? It is so crucial for life itself as well as for future

Japan took the burden of a mother in cultivating all that is in the world. She rejoiced when mission countries did well and suffered when they struggled.. Japan has been walking the path of mother. As a mother, the heart of Japanese church should also be absolute and eternal.

When I went to Korea I gave a different message because I know the situation is different. The minute I arrived there was a welcoming reception. I talked for one hour on why I came to Korea. I was encouraging, but I also went right to the nerve of what needed to said. I spoke very frankly. I did not have time to beat around the bush. I had to go right to the matter, fix it and move on. I had to be very clear of my objective of why I came to Korea. I told them very clearly "I am not a politician, I will tell you what I think". That is how I started in Korea, and I intend to do the same in Japan. Instead of wasting time, let me get right to the point of why I am here.

As I have explained, we have entered into a new age, settlement age. Why do we call it the settlement age, instead of the restoration age? Why do we make the distinction? To answer this question, we need to reflect on whether True Father's purpose and mission was to walk the suffering course of 40 years in the wilderness and create the Unification Church. Was it original prescribed course? No.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, God spent 4000 years to prepare for the coming of Jesus with a parental heart, like the heart of mother, and the same concern and care she has in bringing a new child to the world. But because the chosen people of Israel and religious house of Judaism didn't unite with Jesus, the 4000 years of preparation for the national foundation was lost. Had Jesus fulfilled his mission, we would not need 2000 years of preparation of Christianity for Lord of the Second Advent.

In the same way, the foundation that was prepared for True Parents, the worldwide foundation was lost. Yet Father could not stop. He had to restore the mission of messiah-elder sonship, True parentship and Kingship on the worldwide level. That is how the course of Unification Church began. All the prepared foundation was lost and Father alone had to build the foundation from the individual all the way to the worldwide level, in 40 years. Trying to compress 6000 years into 40 years; how many different conditions would Father need to accomplish?

Because of this course of restoration, our organization was often apparently very shortsighted but it was necessary. Now, after the indemnity has been paid, our movement came full circle upon the victorious foundation restored through True Parent's victorious foundation and the efforts of our movement. We are standing in zero point once again where we can build God's kingdom, at the point where Father could have begun building God's kingdom. In that sense our movement has come in full circle.

But to enter into the new era, we can't carry all the baggage of the past. Our position is analogous to that of the Israelites when they entered into Canaan. The first generation, who had suffered in Egypt and endured 40 years of wilderness course, could not enter the promised land. Why? Because they carried so much baggage, dissention and bickering. So God brought forth the Second Generation to build God's nation.

Does that mean today that only the Second Generation can enter into new age? No. What it means is that at the end of restoration era, we have to start new, willing to see from new perspective. But many of you still carry the pessimism and doubt, the baggage of restorational era.

What was the focus of the restorational era? It was on individual level. If you look at the 6000 years of restoration history, the focus was on man's individual relationship with God and the Lord. Why? Because Adam and Eve fell before becoming perfected individuals. If they had been perfected, they would have consummated the blessing and fulfilled the ideal of God, the ideal family. God, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel would have fulfilled the 3 kingships That was the Original Ideal.

What was the original purpose of God in creating? The ideal family. Until the settlement era , True Father didn't mention about 4 realms of heart and the 3 kingships. If you relate to God as an individual your relationship it is only linear and one dimensional. But the ideal family captures the 3 dimensions of love. The center of all those points meet is where True Love dwells and God dwells.

The point of restoration was to restore the ideal family. That is why Father said you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by yourself but only with your family. Even if you are in heaven, if your daughter, wife is in the dungeon it is not heaven. All these teachings came now, because paradigm has shifted

That is why we go through 3 stages of life. As a baby in our mothers womb, the essence of life is water, amniotic fluid. During life on this world, the essence is air, and our body is the capsule. In the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spirit World, the essence is love. What captures this life is the family. That is why you need a family.

So if you want to prepare yourself to enter into settlement era, you have to change the way you think. If you still carry all the baggage and difficulties of the past, you will not be able to see the hope and possibility of Settlement Age. Isn't that why members struggled over Father giving blessing so freely? That struggle recaps the debate in Christian history between the Donatists and St. Augustine; about what makes for saints and sinners. Why are we giving blessing so freely to these people who do not deserve it? Just to fulfill a number? No!. Because the new era has come. What is the heart of God, our parent? To save just a few? Absolutely not. Abel lives for Cain, to bring Cain back to God. Through the early disciples, Father was indemnifying the foundation so that a time when the Blessing can be freely given could come.

The first generation of our movement tends only to see from their organizational or individual perspective, and to be only concerned about relationship with Parents and not with members. This has created a lot of friction. What happened is that our movement became very political. If you have a political orientation, then you see all others as political. Frankly, we have not been able to manifest ideal of living for sake of others. That is why we need to change in this new age.

When I talk with First Generation members for the first time I tend to give them a bitter pill. Same with the Second Generation too. I could never understand why the issue of generations was such an issue. The only reason is that each saw purely from their own point of view. I saw this first hand at the University of Bridgeport when I invited representatives of the 2nd Generation to comment on the situation of the movement. Some of them were like machine gun, constantly shooting out bullets of criticism. I looked at my watch as 10, 20 minutes went by!

Finally I said "Stop, this is not time for that. It is not time to look at from only from your own point of view. Whether or not the First Generation did a lot of bad things is beside the point. The fact of matter is that the First Generation and the Second Generation's destiny is tied together. It's a parent and child relationship. If you are critical of others you are critical of yourself, your root. These little conflicts are so unhealthy, and happen because we see from individual perspective.

That is why I advise members that we are entering into a new era, so we should strip ourselves of all the baggage. Second, we should recognize that we are the problem. Instead of blaming everyone else, we must conquer ourselves. If you can do that you will automatically become the center, because you will pull everyone in to it naturally. But ff you enter an organization and blame everyone else, you will push everyone out and break the organization. It is such a deep advice because it captures the fundamental truth. If we can do this we will develop new culture, new way of doing things.

If we look at our movement we have everything. In terms of content, there is no other religion that is better than us. But we haven't grown because of our weak organization. We are the problem. We didn't work together! All of us are moving separately. One of the important things I did in Korea was to bring all groups and give everyone common vision. I don't look at myself as just the President of CARP. I am Father's son, and so everything concerns me.

Your interest should not lie only with your own organization. You should constantly look to enlarge the pie, not about how you can take a better piece. Even though my percentage is same, as the pie grows we get larger. I am not here only as CARP leader.

I could easily use Father's authority, but that is not my style. If I do that and a person really doesn't understand, then that person will not have ownership of the idea or the vision. That is why I have tried to persuade everyone to become the owners of the new age. For example, Father already made it clear that this whole movement should support CARP. So why am I making this tour? Although I am CARP leader, I see this as a fundamental component in building our overall foundation. That is why I spent so much time not only with young people and CARP leaders but all different constituencies, getting them buy into it, to agree to work together as a family.

I know many first generation have a heartistic connection to True Parents, but not necessarily to the True Family. On the other hand, many Second Generation have more of a connection with True Family but not with True Parents. That is not right, because parents and children are one. The heart of parents is constantly looking forward with the children. Don't you want the same thing for your kids? That is the same for everyone, whether you are a King or a pauper. Your children are your extension. If your children, grand children, great grandchildren do well, then you are doing well.

That is why you have to bring the perspective of a family to our movement. If you look at it this way, you give value to everyone. This is the time to walk and work together. Instead of fighting and bickering about whose time it is, all first generation should think, "These are my children, I want them to take more responsibility." Don't parents think that when they get older they will become like children again, and want to rely on their own children? The First Generation should have that kind of heart and connection to Second Generation. And the Second Generation should have same heart toward First Generation, and want to take care of them. The reason for past conflict was because they didn't see from this perspective.

Leave your baggage behind! This is a new time. People who are in the age group between the second generation and the older first generation sometime describe themselves as the "1.5 generation." But 1.5 is not whole number so it has no real home.. You should providentially be the bridge between the generations.

This is the family time. The focus is the family. How can we move our movement together? That is the question. I am glad many church leaders are working together. Through these events I want to bring different constituent bases together and build God's kingdom. You will have 18 days of opportunity for me to speak. General synopsis is that this is a time for a new paradigm and a new era. We have to work together.

I know Japan has tremendous burden. As an elder brother, I empathize deeply with Japan. I am not a politician, and I am ready to put my neck on the line. I do not give care about position or power. I see this as Father's work. As a son I have to take the ownership.. You should do it too. As a leader you should realize you are the problem; put your neck on the line and do whatever it takes. Then there is nothing our movement cannot do.

In some ways this message is a bitter pill. If I come and give you bitter pill, you may want me to leave as soon as I can. In Korea, when they came to realize why I said these things, many people admitted their past mistakes and agreed with the need to work together. My goal in Korea was not only to ignite the fire but to change the mindset so that Korea could truly position itself to have a new beginning. Do you want me to do this in Japan?. Don't you think that this is a time when we as a movement should reflect and change the way we think as a family, and really move together into the settlement age? That is why I am here.

Father has explained that throughout the restorational era he was moving through the absolute vertical axis. But in the settlement age, the time has come for expanding to the horizontal centering on and absolute 90 degree. In the family you need 3 positions: the Father, the Mother and the elder son. That is why the Messiah has to restore the elder brother, the parent and the kingship. The Elder brother has the mission of connecting the vertical foundation to the horizontal foundation.

That is why I came to Japan. I want the Second Generation to be excited about who they are and what they are. CARP will change to focus on its mission of witnessing. The overall result will be the strengthening of all of our foundation. So please pray and support, then we can change the foundation together.

Thank you very much!

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