The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Individuality and the Course of Restoration - Hyun Jin Moon

"This is an excerpt from an unofficial transcript of the speech given on Parents' Day, 1992."

As I stand up here before you, please don't see me as Hyun Jin, I come as a representative of True Parents and True Family and my message is not mine, but the message of my family.

In order to understand our purpose, the purpose of man, we have to go back to the time of creation, the first impulse of creation was true love. God created man for the sake of love, therefore just like an artist, when he tries to create something, he has to devote every ounce of himself to create a piece of art.

I'm sure some of you are musicians; some of you have artistic ability, some of you have literary ability, and when you are trying to create something, you have to totally devote yourself to that object of creation. That is the principle of love, total conviction, total giving for the sake of the object, therefore, the first impulse of creation was that of love.

God created man for the sake of love. For the sake of love, but, in order to substantiate that love, upon that high level, eternal absolute level of God needed to give man the capacity to be able to deal as an equal, therefore, God gave man free will, upon free will, man should have been able to take free action, in order to substantiate and to reciprocate that love of God, as a true object to God. Do you understand?

But what is the truest expression of God's being? When we say, "We want to be a true object," What do we mean, being a true object? When you are an artist, you have a vision of what you want to draw. When you bring that vision into reality, if that reality is closest to that vision, then you can say: "Oh, that is an ideal word", right? Because it fulfills the truest expectation that you have as an artist.

What is the expectation that God has of man? God wants man to be a truest expression of God. That's why throughout the restoration course of history, we've always come with the understanding that man can also fulfill divinity, to be like God, to share in God's truest impulse, which is that of love. That is the meaning of man's creation, true love.

Original intent

Ideally, if Adam and Eve did not fall, in the book Divine Principle, chapter 2 wouldn't have been a problem. It's chapter 1, the Principle of Creation, that is what we would have understood, and truly that love that God intended man to receive, would have, perpetuated, and multiplied within man, and there would have been no confusion, there would have been no divergence, no separation, no disunity, why? Because true love is a truest harmonizing factor. When I look upon you,

I see many individuals. God made you to be different, you can only be a subject when you recognize an object that it different from you, do you understand? In that same way, love can only be substantiated when you recognize something or somebody beyond yourself, therefore, that is the principle. It's through Principle that all of you are different. It's through Principle that all of you have your own perspectives, your own ways of doing things, characteristics.

If true love have been our tradition that would have been the true unifying factor. And upon that foundation, you can dwell in freedom, and you can be the truest expression of God, in your own. When we look at nature we have the principle in a blade of grass, yet there are so many expression of blade of grass out there. Within the concept of love, you truly can stand as individuals, that's why, in principle, we have this understanding of the concept of the whole, but also concept of the individual.

When you look at the human body, you are made of many, many individual cells that have to interact together, that have to unite for the sake of sustaining life. In the same way, when you look at the animal kingdom, you have a food chain. In that food chain, if you take one element of it, let's say a micro-organism, away the whole chain collapses. If there were no deer for the lions to eat, then the lions themselves would die, if there were no grass for the deer to eat, then the deer and the lion would die, if there were no micro organisms to break down the dead flesh of the deer and lions, there would be no life for deer and lion to live on.

In a way, everything in God's creation is meant for unity and its truest expression of unity and how individual parts are working together in a harmonious whole. So, lets go back to the principle of creation. We said that the first impulse of creation was that of love, if Adam and Eve did not fall, what would have happened, what would have been the product, what would have been the outcome? If Adam and Eve did not fall, they would have grown up and understood that they had to be a true object of God, and in order to be a true object of God, they had to truly be the truest expression of God.

How do you become the truest expression of God? If you have the truest form of God, as we understand, we realize that God is made of dual existence, both subjectivity-objectivity, masculinity- femininity, therefore the truest expression of God is that of husband and wife, that is time of perfection. When we look at Divine Principle, we understand, indirect and direct dominion. The time of growth is the time of indirect dominion. That is the time when you have to fulfill your own responsibilities to give your life for the sake of God, just like Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve, as son and daughter of God, had to follow God's principle, follow God's direction, totally, 100% without any understanding of themselves, they had to go beyond themselves. That had to be their initial step.

Follow the way

That's why I say, "Let's get rid of all our fallen standards and truly unite with True Parents. "That is the foundation that you have to make, just like Adam and Eve had to do. Upon and only upon that foundation, could they be able to stand as husband and wife, only upon fulfilling that portion of responsibility that they had, as brother and sister. If they had fulfilled that, then the fall would have never have happened because it would have been against their nature to go against God's will.

So, that's why all throughout the restoration course of man, the restoration of True Parenthood has been crucial, because the meaning of True Parenthood is the most perfect expression of God. The meaning behind the position True Parenthood, and the creation of True Parenthood here on earth is that important, because that is the truest expression of God. God is made of dual characteristics, and therefore, mankind, which is made of male and female to be the truest expression of God, has to be united as man and wife, as an expression of God. Upon that unity, you also share in the creative nature of God by bearing fruit, children. Children are a product of love that exists between husband and wife.

Before you can really create something, you first have to have a concept, and the concept dwells within the mind. To bring it into reality, my body has to unite with my mind, which holds that concept, and bring that ideal, bring that image into reality. Same thing with music, you get inspiration; where do you think inspiration dwells? Within the level of mind, within the inner aspect of man. Upon that inspiration, you utilize, through unity of mind and body, and try to bring about that type of music that came to you as an inspiration.

Same thing, even within the position of husband and wife, there has to be that unity of love, that reciprocation of love, in order to bear that fruit. That is the Principle, that is what God had intended to be, had intended to create. But what happened? In the time of the growth stage, Adam and Eve fell, before they could fulfill their own individual perfection, before they could dedicate themselves to God, realize that their own individuality was for the sake of God's love, for the sake of God's will.

That is the Principle, that is the concept behind origin-division-union. Only upon seeing the distinction, do you realize the impulse to unite. Even while you are growing up, when we talk about a perfected self, this is what I mean, only when you realize your own individuality, and realize in the ideal sense.

This is what Adam and Eve ideally should have done, growing up together as brother and sister, they should have recognized their distinction, upon recognizing their distinction, they should have realized that they were created in order to substantiate love, in the ideal sense. Love, that is, not physical but sacrificial. Love, that in a way, initiates through sacrifice, that, as a son and daughter of God, they would have come to recognition, through God's example, do you understand? By God's creative impulse of love to create man.

Fallen inheritance

That is the meaning behind creation, that was what God intended before the fall. However, we stand here today as the children who have inherited man's fallen history. So, what happened during the fall? In Principle we find that the fall prompted by Lucifer was prompted by selfishness, greed and individuality which is not centered upon God's ideal. As I said, upon recognizing your individuality, you should be living for the sake of another object.

Only upon understanding your own individuality can you recognize the fact that you have to live for another, but instead of doing that, Lucifer, as a servant of God, who was in the position to raise Adam and Eve, looked at Adam and Eve with selfishness, seeing that God's love for Adam and Eve was truly and better, in his eyes, better than his.

Many times, as I came here in front of you, I talked to you about love, and I said: "Love is absolutely eternal", then it itself cannot come under a form of measurement, it cannot be measured, because if it is measurable, by any standard that human beings or the angelic world can conceive of, then it's not absolute eternal, love because you can see the distinction of love or the expression of love based upon position.

That is why position has been so crucial in the course of restoration, because that first act was that of a servant, going against the will of the master and initiating what God hated the most, to take away God's son and daughter from Him so he cannot fulfill that tradition of love.

Upon that failure, Eve, once again, went out of the position of the ideal being in the objective role as a woman, she subjugated Adam and as a result we see the perpetuation of that fallen act. That is what happen and as a result, the tradition of fallen man has been that of fear and guilt. That's why the most precious gift of human connection, which is the sexual organ has been lost, it has been the most vile thing, of the most hideous crimes committed by them, breaking every type of relationship that man and woman should be able to uphold.

So, what happened? God lost the subjective position, the position of subject. Because of the fall, God lost the position of subject, God lost True Parenthood, God lost the position of a true husband, God lost the position a true man, in relationship to his wife as a husband. God lost all the subjective positions, upon the loss of True Parents.

Because of the fall, the four position foundation was centered upon Satan who in a way initiated the fall through his own individuality. That has been the legacy of man's love: selfish love, that's why we call fallen man's love selfish love. Selfish love, love that fulfills only your own desire, your own wishes, for your own aggrandizement, that is what we define as selfish love. That has been the tradition of fallen mankind, because it was that act, that first impulse of Satan, that fallen impulse of Satan of individuality, selfishness, has been the tradition of mankind.

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