The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Thirty-Third Anniversary of Parents' Day - Hyun Jin Moon

World Mission Center, Grand Ballroom
Friday, April 3rd 1992, 9:00 am
Unofficial Notes
Hyun Jin Speaks, (third Son of True Parents)
(2 Hrs. 05 min.)
Parents Day 1992
(Thirty-third Anniversary)

David Eaton leads songs and encourages those present to look alive and filled with the spirit since the morning speech and the evening entertainment will be beamed via satellite to Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those two programs could also be viewed by anyone who happens to tune in this particular Cable Channel (didn't catch the name).

How are you all? It's beautiful outside, a little cool but beautiful. This is the 33rd anniversary of Parents Day. I really do not feel adequate enough to explain the meaning of this day and what I should say. I talked to Parents yesterday and they suggested for me to just speak from the heart.

What is so precious about this day? We have substantial True Parents. We are not living by some vague concept but have a clear standard and tradition that we can follow.

In the Fallen World men and women fight so much every day. There is so much disunity, crime, immorality and struggle. You must have asked yourself even before meeting the church why this world could be like this. There is constant chaos and struggle on every level between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters. To resolve this we must go back to the Fall of Man.

When you are young children you do not care so much for the opposite sex. Boys are not so interested in girls and girls are not so interested in boys. "Get away form me" is the general attitude of pre-teenage boys and girls. However, as teenagers you recognize the difference and attraction of the opposite sex.

The Four Position Foundation is the blueprint of the Creation as well as the Re-Creation of Heavenly Father. You Blessed Couples have fulfilled that.

(Here Hyun Jin Nim hesitates and struggles for a few moments with what he is trying to say)

I have so many things that I want to share with you but I am worried how you will receive it. (he is quiet her for a few moments until a voice from the audience shouts "Talk to us!")

I want so much to reach and inspire all of you but I feel so unworthy to do that. I very much feel my imperfection and shortcomings.

However, the bottom line is to sacrifice yourself for all. When you do that all can be restored.

We must go back to Adam and Eve. True Adam and Eve are here now and have established a pure lineage. I want to speak with much more uummph to you as I did when I talked to you the last two times. However, I am hesitating because some of you took it in the wrong way.

You absolutely must be more open to receive what I am saying than you can have a much better relationship with the True Family. You must be engaged in a constant struggle to break down barriers. We in the True Family are walking on eggshells feeling that we can not speak our minds because if we do, we might offend you and we do not want to do that.

I have had the chance to talk to you many times before (??I did not because??) but you have a wrong perception of us. You look at us with skepticism and cynicism. You compare us with people you know from the outside world. We do not come here for our own aggrandizement. If you continue in this way with this attitude, you, your children and your ancestors will suffer. Let us unite on one ideal standard.

As a True Child I feel like you! I feel pain and have emotions. I am here not because I want to be here. It certainly is no fun to stand here. I am doing it for you, so that you can come closer to us.

You have to earn to be children of True Parents. Just because you joined the church and call yourself a member is not enough. What does it mean to earn the right to be True Parents children? You are not a robot!

Children learn from their parents and parents instil values in their children. You must be the reflection of True Parents. But you have been programmed to think, feel and perceive in the ways of the fallen world. You must throw all of that away and be like a newborn baby, an empty vessel. Your thinking must become broader and not solely be focus on the physical.

If you perceive us True Children to be aggressive and are offended by this, you must go beyond this! Am I getting Through to you? Then let me start now and please try to receive what I have to say. I may not be able to express it properly but please listen to my heart.

God created man the way He is! Why? So True Love could be shared. That is the reason why everything exist in male and female and positive and negative. There are two polarities and that means parents. There is a distinct difference between the two but not for a selfish purpose but for the sake and purpose of love. We as members of the Unification Church cherish our Parents.

I would like to share with you some rough notes of Father's speech in Korea. The title of His speech was: What is so special about this day? Not the day itself but the True Parents. This is the 33rd Parents Day and that reminds us of Jesus' life. Because Israel failed, True Love and peace was postponed. In our daily lives we tend to forget about True Love and God. Don't seek for material value but for True Love. Those who seek for True Love will be in the subject position in the future. You are not robots, you can choose to love God.

Vertical love has no strings attached, it means to give all. People thought Father was crazy with His high ideals when He started His mission. But look at the world now, Communism is go on! None has denied Himself more than Father. We must emulate True Parents. The path of love is established through a Heavenly Order and satan was soundly defeated.

Israel lost it's position as the chosen nation and Christianity has lost it's position as well. Where is the True Home Town? It is the place where True Parents are.

Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany should have united with Father. Because they did not, Father had to go the course of the wilderness from 1945 to 1985 plus 7 years = 1992.

This is the year of the culmination of Father's course! Now the foundation to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth has been successfully established. Only good things can happen to us now. Father restored everything.

Right and Left wing started at the crucifixion of Christ with the two thieves. The right is America and the left is Russia. Barabas is represented by Islam and the Middle East.

America must really unite with True Parents. Father sent the former enemies of America, the Germans and Japanese to help this nation.

North Korea has a false father and South Korea has the True Father. North Korea and the Middle East can only be restored through True Parents and True Love. Great blessings will now come to us and True Parents will be received every where and people will bow down to them.

(Here end the notes of Father's speech)

I had my speech all laid out and had my points to make. But I did not feel like rattling them down, get my applause say good by and go my way.

I am offering my son to Heung Jin Nim. It is so hard to give up your son. It is so final. But that is what Father and Mother wanted. My love for my three children is so strong. Now I understand the love that Father has for us. How does Heung Jin Nim feel? He needs a son. It is hard for me and I am overwhelmed by the whole situation.

I ask for your forgiveness, please forgive me. I want to dedicate my life to Parents and I want you to do the same. All throughout history God has been sacrificing His children to lay a foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Father also sacrificed and neglected His own children for the same purpose.

Here I stand before you and feel great heaviness because I feel inadequate and unable to inspire you. You can not separate your physical reality from the providence. You should feel the same inadequacy. Get up and judge yourself by the standard of the True Parents. Father gave absolutely everything and that must have hurt like hell. Father had no perception of the self. Satan always accused Father with every step He made.

I am filled with heaviness and I can't think straight. I feel that I am failing you, my younger brothers and sisters. I want to make a dedication to you that is not just words and false promises. I don't care what you think of me, I just dedicate my life to my Parents. I don't care for money, power and riches.

I sincerely hope that you can make such a dedication as well. That is all I want and I that is all you want to do as well. I am offering myself to you. I do not care what you think of me.

Many times I think about God's pain. I can personalize this pain through my own. However, my pain is nothing compared to the pain of God. I am sorry, I must sound depressing to you but I want you to take an honest look at yourself. I am not here to judge you and neither are True Parents.

Some of you are especially arrogant and critical. If I ask you to do something for True Parents, you will say "Yes I will do it" but start complaining after two months.

You have incredible power, start using it. To change the world, you must change first. If you can't be an ideal person you can't establish an ideal family. If you can't establish an ideal family, you can't establish an ideal tribe, nation and world.

But Father has accomplished all of this for us. We have to make a change now, we must have a stronger conviction beginning now! Don't you agree? Maybe I am to idealistic. But the bottom line is the restoration of mankind. We must begin with our own restoration.

Sometimes I give Father a massage. I can see the scars that Father received when He was tortured. The circulation in Father's legs is not so good and His feet are swollen after He speaks to you for hours and hours.

We must try our best to become the reflection of our True Parents. Father has made God's Ideal and Heavenly Tradition a reality. What about you? You must Grow up! Take the burden of restoration upon your own shoulders

I am frank and honest with you here, if you do not like it, "sorry"! I want to make a change and I want you to follow me. You say "yes", but is that it?

(Here Hyun Jin Nim steps down from the stage and stands amongst the brothers in the first row)

I spoke in Belvedere on April 1st and I recognize some of you here today. I talked about having the right perspective. If I walked out amongst you and sat down with you I would be deluged by too many perspectives and be hopelessly lost. But if you can with me centered on the one True Standard, we could make a difference and accomplish much.

How can I draw you to me? I can't force you. You are the lord of your own destiny. If you make a pledge to follow True Parents, it would have to be a 100% pledge with no strings attached. You would want to give yourself up for God's will, would you not? Ask yourself that question. Father is expecting much form us.

I feel unworthy to be Father's son but I can't deny my sonship. Thus I must fulfil my responsibility. How about you? Do you feel like that? I am not satisfied with myself. How about you? You must die to yourself a 1000 times and be unconditional about it. Do you understand?

We (True Children) can't be with you all the time. You must have that kind of sense, commitment and standard within yourself. The foundation we are laying now must last for eternity. You are the future leaders and the Tribal Messiahs. We must emulate True Parents.

Let's make that conviction today on this special Parents Day. Let us be able to say before God and True Parents "I am your True Son (Daughter)"

Man has been shackled by satan for too long. Those who have fought for God in the passed have been perceived as evil and eventually they failed their missions. We must go over that and be more aggressive. Even now satan has a hold of you.

I truly wish that today can make a difference in your life. This year,1992, is a historic year. Please make a pledge with me to have deeper commitment, conviction and determination to follow True Parents. god and the whole Spirit World are watching. Don't raise your hands if you do not plan to fulfil this pledge. Thank You, lets pray. (After the prayer Hyun Jin Nim continues)

I am sorry that I gave you this kind of serious message on this joyous day. Father told me some time ago that all He really wanted to see is His children to grow up. Father's dream is to see ourselves mature. That is His joy. Let's get rid of the barriers that separate my family and your family and you from the families of brothers and sisters.

If you could see the hearts of my brothers and sisters, you would be amazed. I do not want to leave you but I know you and I have things to do. Moon Shim Chan my son was born on March 31st 1992. I have made him an offering to my most sacrificial brother Heung Jin Nim.

Let me tell you a story about Heung Jin Nim. A year before He passed away Father asked me to start riding and studying. That became my focus and I had not much time to do anything else. Heung Jin Nim liked to create a heartistic bond with everyone He met. He came to me and totally gave His heart to me. I was so shocked. He totally subjugated me with His love and sacrificial giving.

If you want to be in the subject position, you must totally give with no strings attached. He was truly committed and He gave that legacy to us. This can be perpetuated only through the blood lineage. You can do that too. Then the next time we meet there will not be so many barriers to separate us and we can relate more easily together. End of speech. Hyun Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim as representatives of True Parents received cards, flowers and gifts and cut the cake on their behalf and left shortly after.

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