The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

God's Day Midnight Address - Hyun Jin Moon

"This is a short excerpt from the midnight address given on Jan. 1, 1993 in the Grand Ballroom of the World Mission Center in New York City."

This is truly a great period in the history of our movement and also in the history of humanity. As you know, Father has shown us, through his untiring dedication and sacrifice, a testament to the devotion he has for Heavenly Father, the devotion he has to fulfilling his responsibility as True Parents of all mankind. Now we, as their sons and daughters, have to inherit that type of commitment, that type of dedication to mission, to our purpose.

As you know, life is nothing without purpose. If you had no purpose in life, what would you do? What value would your life have? Because man has purpose and that purpose has been ordained and given by God, we have to be responsible. We have to be responsible to fulfill that purpose. Now what was that purpose which God ordained for man? What is that purpose for humanity which is given by God? It's time for a Divine Principle lecture. (Laughter)

When God first created Adam and Eve, He must have had a purpose. For everything that we see in creation, there is a reason for it to exist. Everything in creation is interconnected and is working in harmony. If you take one piece of the creation out, it causes an imbalance. So through creation, we can realize that God always has a purpose for everything He creates.

The same is true for human beings: God had a purpose. What was that purpose? That purpose was to be a receptacle of love, to be an object of love. When you observe the creation, everything exists in the pair system. Why is it created that way? We see male and female animals, we see male and female parts on plants, we see positive and negative charges on the atomic level. Always we see this type of pair system. Why is the pair system necessary?

Just by talking?

Let me ask you a question: can you consummate an act of love by talking to yourself? Can you say, "I love myself," and then just feel fulfilled through reciprocal action? Maybe your two hands can say, "I love you" to each other. But will you find true fulfillment from that type of give and take action? No, and that is why God created everything in the pair system, where one side represents this aspect [the man's side] and the other side which represents this aspect [the women's side] and they are totally different.

Through the reciprocal action which exists between those totally different entities, you can find a formula for love. Therefore, when we see the creation, it is based on the pair system. Even within our own individual selves, we see the pair system, don't we? We have subjective and objective characteristics. We have spirit and body, which is another type of subject and object relationship.

Why did God create the whole universe according to this pair system? It was for the consummation of love. Everything, all of creation, can be a reflection of love.

So from the creation, we can see that everything was made in the pair system. Why did God create all the creation that way? It was so that everything could be a reflection of love. As our Parents have come here many times and have testified to you, it is very hard to consummate love unless you have an object which can reciprocate that love.

So from the beginning of creation, God wanted to consummate this love. Even though His being also had pair systems, our Heavenly Father needed an object. Within yourself, you are a reflection of love because you are built on the pair system concept. You have positive and negative atoms that make up your whole body, you have positive and negative aspects of your character. You might have passionate aspects, and at other times you might be very quiet and reticent, even you men. And you also have aggressive, assertive qualities. These are positive and negative kinds of qualities. Your aggressive qualities symbolize and reflect the subjective characteristics, that which is more domineering.

Then those reticent, more quiet characteristics represent the objective characteristics. So even within human beings, if you look at the whole spectrum of qualities within human existence, we see the concept of a pair system being displayed.

God made us so that we can become a reflection of His love. However, even though you have those kinds of qualities, it is very hard for you to reciprocate those qualities within yourself alone. As an individual entity, you need some object to relate with. Therefore, God also has his individual nature and even though He was the reflection or essence of love, He also needed an object with which to relate. Therefore, the purpose of man's creation was for man to become the true inheritor or the object of love. That's why God created Adam and Eve.

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