The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

No Pain, No Gain

Hyo Jin Moon
Wednesday, January 3rd 1993
Unofficial Notes
Speaks (1hr 30min)

Before I get into my topic I just want to share some of my thoughts about the structure of government in the Ideal World. Some one wrote me and asked me about it.

Ideal Government Structure

This structure will include a Sovereign, President, Prime Minister. The structure of the government would reflect the structure and life within the Ideal Family. The Father is the Sovereign, the Mother the President, the Elder Son the Prime Minister.

The role of True Mother is very important. The first president of this nation, George Washington, is most revered today. The Ideal government would be somewhat of a democracy coupled with Theocracy. This is not the official position of our Church, just something I have thought about.

Now on to the topic. When you are doing something creative, there has to be a form and with the form a system.. Form exists because of a structure that supports your life. The Give and Take of love created your form.

Understand Basic System

Without understanding of the basic system you can not do anything. You can not write music or become an ideal Being. Joy is the byproduct of a particular formula, the formula of love.

When I go into my "Music Writing Mode", I hate everybody. I guess it is similar the feeling pregnant women have. To write music takes my complete intellectual and physical investment. This is necessary to create good music.

I have a tape recorder in my car to catch an inspiration I might receive as I am driving along. If I hear a noise driving by a construction site and it sounds interesting I reproduce it and put it on tape for possible later use.

Lyrics give new definitions to things that already exist. For example the night. The Darkness of night has humility. Darkness revolts because of mistreatment. Evil things are mostly committed in the dark. Take a model of humanity and apply it to the night. Give the night new life.

Forget Yourself

If we want to re-create America it will take more effort and it will be more difficult than writing a song. You have to totally forget yourself to the point were you no longer exist.

The life of a pregnant woman totally revolves around the child in her womb. She can not act the way she did before her pregnancy. Restoring America will take a similar effort, attitude, determination and sacrifice. Through your sacrifice, however, you will gain true happiness. Happiness comes through sacrifice.

Drugs give you an easy high but the price and suffering from the withdrawal is a high price to pay. When you create something you go through hardships, suffering and pain. But when the moment of completion comes, the natural high you feel is so sweet that you feel worthy of having created something.

My dedication is to God and True Parents and to all of you. This is why I write and play music. When your music is accepted you experience an incredibly uplifting feeling which is beyond description (perfection). Getting there is the challenge (growth period).

Prayer Not Enough

The restoration of the world will not take place by you sitting around praying. During a band change at our concert in China all the wires got tangled up very badly. Just by prayer we would not have been able to resolve that.

Many people in the past prayed, fasted and even died for their belief but still the ideal world is not here. You must take initiative. Look around and find something that you can dedicate yourself to. Find something it hat is interesting to you and build on it. Invest time and become an expert. Loose yourself in that interest and accomplish something valuable. This, of course, has to be something that Heavenly Father needs. What do you think about this? Amen!

We Need Heroes In Our Church

It is not easy to live a suffering life, it can be very painful. So what are you going to do today? Are you going out hurting yourself today? I do not want you to kill yourselves but to get hurt for a good cause is good.

I did not see any heroes when I grew up in the Church. I was looking for an idol but I could not find one in the Church. We need heroes who will have an impact in the world. There none in the Church now but the Second Generation will have them.

I made a few detours but I am OK now. I took care of myself but I do not want the Second Generation to make the same detour I did.

I know that I can change the world. I will make ten bands like ancestors. The Eastern World is longing for the culture of the Western World. We will go there but the culture we will bring will be God centered. Nine Korean and 12 Japanese engineers are coming to help us out. More will come in the future.

I Have Chosen To Be Humble

I am very subjective but I have chosen to be humble. I hate arrogant people. I also hate to make music at times. I would rather go hunting and travel all over the world to kill game. I am a very emotional person and I had difficulties in the past to cut off from certain situations. Hunting helped me to overcome that and be a little more decisive. Whatever it takes to make myself better, I will do it.

You should do the same thing! But do not go around fornicating or hurting anyone. The time may come when Father will say "go ahead and get drunk!" In an intoxicated state you can write much better music. Of course, you can never get plastered. I know what I am talking about, I have experienced it.

Most of all I want you to be confident! That's it!

Thank You.

God Bless You!

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