The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

Strength Lies In Our Differences

Hyo Jin Moon
World Mission Center, Grand Ballroom
Wednesday, January 1st 1993
Unofficial Notes
Speaks (1hr 30min)
God's Day Address

Please use your uniqueness for the betterment of the whole. Align you intellect with your heart, this is the best way to become a stable person. The intellect is neutral and must be directed by the heart. During the growth stage this is most important.

The intellect came very strongly into play during the Fall. Lucifer overwhelmed Adam and Eve intellectually. We must have clear dominion over the intellect. Only while you are on earth can you use your intellect in a creative way.

Different races (this is my own idea) represent different aspects of man's attributes...

The Yellow Race - Spiritual The Black Race - Physical The White Race - Intellect

Intellect controls the physical world. The white people have contributed a lot to the building of this world. Black people are strong physically. Yellow people are more internal.

Father has said everything. Our responsibility is to accept Father's words, follow them and put them into practice. Do not demand anything, just try to understand Father's words. We must start giving to True Parents.

For Father to experience total joy, He needs give and take with three generations of His family. Hyo Jin Nim's children must grow up to bring total joy to Father. The same is true for your children as well.

Rock and Roll Salvation

We are going to save the youth of this world through Heavenly Rock and Roll. While playing this music we show pictures on a big screen relating to the lyrics as well as the lyrics themselves. Japan members have committed One Million Dollars per month to Hyo Jin Nim's projects.

We can not be arrogant about anything. Dedicate yourself in humility. Take initiative, accomplish and offer your accomplishments to True Parents. Let's get out there and act, I am sick of words.

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