The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

Restoring America

Hyo Jin Moon
Sunday, October 4th 1992
Unofficial Notes
Speaks (1 hr 30 min)

The Messiah's mission and responsibility is to restore the World. He is the ideal model that all must emulate. You must walk in His way, you must walk in His foot steps.

Emulate The Messiah

The Messiah manifests God's ideal, the ideal that Adam and Eve should have accomplished. The Messiah comes to accomplish exactly what Adam and Eve were supposed to have accomplished.

Now Father has brought victory and all is accomplished. Father said that He has completed His course of indemnity on all levels.

Out of the fallen human society Father has representatives from all walks of life who understand the value of True Parents. Father's indemnity course was only necessary because all the people who were prepared to receive Him failed.

Spiritual Groups on many different levels received deep revelations about Father, still they failed.

The Messiah's main responsibility was to become a True Parent and bring True Parentship to all levels of society. now Mother is becoming more and more active based on the foundation Father has laid.

Mother, Savior Of Mankind

As a True Parent Father is now celebrating His 33rd anniversary. Father is now putting Mother in the role of the Savior of mankind. Mother fulfills a role and condition that has to be accomplished physically. Now more and more satan's true identity will be exposed.

Father has completed the course of indemnity and now He is sending Mother out into this world to represent God's voice.

Many outside people think that Father is very ignorant. They think that many things we did caused the movement problems could have been avoided. But Father knew what He was doing at all times. Even up to the late 70's, if Father had not done certain things in a certain way, He could have been killed. Still this threat exists but with communism gone it is not as serious anymore.

Millions of people commit unthinkable things. Fornication, Abortion Homosexuality, Incest etc. Abortion is a form of sacrifice which the Old Testament says one should not do. Don't sacrifice to strange gods. The Israelites sacrificed their children to their gods and God told them not to do it.

Abortion is something like that, a sacrifice of life to the god of lust. American people are influenced and persuaded by the homosexuals that their life style should be socially acceptable. This situation is absolutely disgusting. However, on the flip side of the coin this means that Father's life is becoming safer now.

You Are The Offering

You are the people Heavenly Father has chosen as the offering to save this nation. God chose Isaac to become an offering. Lets look at Isaac's situation. He could have just walked off and not be obedient to Abraham. It was not Isaac's failure but Abraham's. But because he united, God could intervene.

Look at America. If you take something, you must give back. Even the Christians know that. You must pay for every mistake you have made in the past. A lot of greedy and selfish people have killed many in America (American Indians?). All that has to be paid back and restored.

As long as God has a living model, mankind can be restored. Adam and Eve's perfection could only take place through the fulfillment of responsibility. The same is true for everyone else otherwise there is no restoration. Thus, everyone must follow Father's example. Unless people do that, there is no way the world will be restored. Every man and woman must make this a reality in their lives. The USA represents all the lineage's of the World. You must bear the responsibility of your lineage and follow Father's model. You must be responsible for history and your lineage. Restoration can not come without a Foundation of Substance and you are that foundation.

Perfection Through Obedience

By you following what Father is saying you can achieve perfection. You must recreate the ideal God had in the Garden of Eden in your own lineage. Don't forget the past. You are the offering to restore it and as an offering you have no mouth and no right to say anything. Only God can decide your course.

You are the sacrifice to save the USA. There are many problems in America but the most serious one is the racial problem. The racial tension here can only be resolved when you take responsibility for your mistakes and put yourselves in the position to set the wrong things right.

You must be the sacrifice until the offering is accepted. God has a certain standard and you must accept that. Within a decade, the minority will be the majority. We must do something now, before it is too late. Our situation is really serious.

I am collecting all documentaries that are race related. Even the planning of buildings are determined by race. In Chicago Ghettos were built in the North and South of the city. They made sure that them minorities were separated from the majorities. There are so many wrong things, I can't even remember all of them.

Become Ideal Living Models

We must become the ideal living models and restore the hatred and resentment of the minorities. You have no right to preach until you have laid a condition of indemnity. Only through indemnity will the USA be restored. If you are not willing to pay this indemnity there will be no restoration in a million years. You must do something if you care about America. I am caring more and more. This is a beautiful nation which God has blessed. I would hate to loose this nation and there is also a lot of deer here.

I did not gain many good experiences from the US but that is besides the point. We must all be responsible to save this nation especially the white European American members. I want to raise up more and more black people to be leaders and have them work with me.

Put yourself in the position of Kings who are faced with meeting the Messiah.

They must surrender their position to the Messiah. Only through their own cognition and by freely surrendering their authority can the Messiah stand in His position. Based on those conditions can God intervene and the True Kingdom can be established. However, that can only come after the completion of indemnity on every level. Father did all that and on that foundation He made you Tribal Messiahs. From now on you must go Father's way.

You Take It From Here

Just because God anointed the Messiah does not mean that the world will be restored. The Messiah has a responsibility to fulfill. Father installed you now as Tribal Messiahs and you must follow and fulfill, you take it form here. Father can't do it for you, it will never happen.

Am I heaving you out? Compared to Father's mission, yours is much easier. You have so many foundations already and soon we will take over the air waves. It will take a lot of work but that is no problem.

This is the first time we are exclusively using our own equipment to broadcast the evening entertainment via satellite to several other cities. We have that ability now. All we need is more money now. We will be stronger and more powerful with every day that passes by.

We will not have to witness in the future, people will be able to make their own conclusions of who we are by what we are doing. Now we have the platform to defeat satan. Before this day we had not means to do that and satan had total control.

The Washington Times should only be run by Moonies in the future. Ron Godwin got Blessed in Korea this time and all the reporters must go the same way.

Don't we all want to have an ideal place for our children to grow up? To accomplish that we have a lot of ground to cover but we can absolutely do it.

In Japan there was a lot of negativity after the Blessing but Mother changed all that through speaking there in several cities. She spoke in Japanese and that melted the hearts of many people and the negativity has stopped.

During Father's early years in America He held many speaking tours. Members worked very hard for twenty hours a day and they were very tired. When the media interviewed them they said we were brainwashed. But when people are tired they look like that. There many reasons and many ways to explain why a person may act in a certain way.

The media chose the worst way and Moonies became monsters. However, now we will reverse the process and become more powerful on the physical level as well. We will squish our opponents and we will have a good time doing so. We deserve a little de-stressing and God will not mind if we do it. We will take it to an acceptable limit.

Pray until you get inspiration. You must gain more control over your physical environment.

Let's pray.

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